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'tude to our revered and beloved Mo. Being chosen for the foundation of a narch, now.entering into the soth year of

Structure, which is to bear his Royal

Name ;his reign, whose valuable life may God

That a work of public utility, prolong, the Corporation of the city of

Founded amidst the universal thanksgiving Edinburgh name King George the III.'s

of a happy and grateful land, military Works. May the success of our uni'aunted sailors and brave soldier's Might commemorate, as the most suitable

memorial, long keep our enemies from our shores;

The Accesion of a Prince, and, if they dare to approach this porr, To whom, at all times, the most acceptable may these military works, manned with

homage British troops, not only detend, but drive

Is that which marks the encreasing prospe. the enemies of our country from our

rity of his people.

Inscription on the plate:
“. To me it affords much pleasure to
reflect, that the military character who Regi optimo, Parri Patria,

Pio, clementi, benefico,
suggested the idea of military works for

Virtutes ob insignes, the defence of these docks, should be

Tam privatas quam publicas, the same who has on this memorable

Populo suo semper carrissimo, day laid the foundation of them. May

Imperii Britannici
your Lordship's life be long preserved,

In rebus secundis decori,
this undertaking, under Ala

In arduis præsidio,
mighty God, be not only crowned with

GEORGIO TERTIO, success, but transmit to ages yet unborn Regni, quod, annuente Deo, sit longissithe events of this Jubilee.

mum, “ That our most gracious Sovereign,

Quinquagesimum annum jam ingresso, who has ever been the father and protec

Cives Edinburgeni, tor of a loyal people, may rule over us

Urbis præfecto iteruni

GULIELMO COULTER, armigero. for many years to come, is my most fer.

Hoc monumentum posuerunt uvantes, vent prayer and earnest wish.

VIII. Calendas Novembris,
' To you, most Worshipful and Right

Honourable Grand Master, to the No.
blemen, Gentemen, and Brethren, I beg
leave to return my unfeigned and sin.

“ To the best of Kings, the father of his cere thanks for your artendance upon

country, pious, mild, beneficent, by his this occasion, also the thanks of my Col

great private as well as publie virtues, alleagues the Magistrates and Council, and

ways endeared to his people, in prosperity to express a wish that this work, so hap

the ornament, in dangers and difficulties

the safeguard of the British empire, to pily begun, may be carried on without

GEORGE THE THIRD, just entering interruption, and prove beneficial to the the fiftieth year of his reign, which God. commercial interests of the country.” prolong, the citizens of Edinburgh, in the . Inscription deposited under the found.ition

second year of the Provo tship of WILLIAM COULTER, Esq. rejoicing with thanks,

giving, erected this monument, 25th OctoOn the 25th day of October,

ber 1809."
In the year of our Lord 1809, and of
Masonry 5809,

When the business was over,
The Right Hon. the EARL of MOIRA, planted on the west side of the bason,
Past Acting Grand Master of the Grand fired a grand salute of go rounds, which
Ludge of Scotland,

was answered by the ships in the Roads, In the absence of the

and the acclamations of twenty thou-. Hon, William Maule of Panmure, M.P. sand people. The procession moved Acting Grand Master,

back in nearly the same order, the juLaid The FIRST STONE of this BASTION,

rior lodges only marching of first, to a For

certain distance, and then forming a line The security of the extended Commerce of

inside of the soldiery, through which The PORT of LEITH;-

the procession passed in returning to The day

the Assembly Rooms. On passing one On which his Majesty

of the King's ships, now in the wei dusk, King GEORGE the THIRD the crew mounted the shrouds, and saEntered into the 50th year of his Reign, luted the Magistrates with three cheers.


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the guns

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The music which preceded the Magi. without the smallest confusion or dispostrates, in going and returning, played sition to riot; a circumstance highly cre. the King's Anthem.

ditable to the inhabitants, when we con. At twelve o'clock, the great guns sider how narrow are the limits between were fired from the Castle, followed by merriment and mischief. a feu de joye from the regiments of mili- MAGISTRATES OF EDINBURGH, tia drawn up on the Castlehill. At one

Elected October 3. 1809. o'clock, the two regiments of Edin

The Right. Hon. William Coulter, burgh volunteers, with the Mid. Lothian

Lord Provost, re-elected. and Trinity. house artillery, formed a

Bailies. line in Prince's Street, and fired a royal Arch. Campbell, Esq. John Gloag, Esq., salute, &c.

James Goldie, Esq. K: M.Kenzie, Esq. At two o'clock, divine service was William Tennant Esq Dean of Guild performed in the different churches and John Turnbull Esq. "Treasurer. chapels. The collections, which were William Calder, Esq. Old Provost.

Old Bailies. liberal, are to be applied to bencvolent

Peter Hill, Esq. Alex. Manners, Esq. purposes. At five o'clock a numerous body of

A. C. Younger, Esq. Wm. Gilchrist, Esq. noblemen and gentlemen dined toge.

William Trotter, Esq. Old Dean of Guild.

Robert Scott Moncrieff, jun. Esq. Old ther in the Assembly Rooms, George Treasurer. Street. The company consisted of a

Merchant Counsellors. bove 500; and a variety of toasts, ap- Messrs. Duncan Cowan -- Thomas Scott, propriate to the occasion, were given. -James Robertson, At seven in the evening, the illumi.

Irades Counsellors. nation of the public buildings and fire- John Auchterlonie,-- Alexander Spence. works began. The Merchants' Hall, Ordinary Council Deacons. his Majesty's printing office-Post Of. Andrew Gardner, Convener,- Andrew fice-Register Office Excise and Cus- Inglis -Matthew Martin,--James Brown, tom House, were most superbly illumina- -John Aird, - James Denholm. ted with variegated lamps, emblematical Extraordinary Council Deacons. devices, transparencies, &c. The Regis. Kennedy--- John Dickson,—William Gallo

William Auld, David Lindsay, William ter Office far exceeded anything ever exhibited in Edinburgh ; on the right way to Frederick M Laggan- John Heath,

. was an emblematical transparency of

A. C. Younger, Esq. Baron Baillie of Ca. Commerce, with appropriate ornaments

nongate and Calton.
---left, a sailor reclining on his arm--the Alexander Manners, Esq. Admiral of Leith.
centre transparency, very large, exhibia William Gilchrist, Esq. Baron Bailie of
ted his Majesty seated, crowned by an Easter and Wester Portsburgh.
angel, the enemies of his country falling Duncan Cowan, Esq. Captain of Orange
before him; behind the throne, of his

Majesty's left, was pictured a Highland

CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. Chieftain ; the drapery executed by Whitehall, August 26. —The King has lamps suspended from chains, the crown,

been pleased to grant the dignities of Ba&c. had a splendid effect. These paint- of Great Britain and Ireland, unto the Right

ron and Viscount of the United Kingdom ings were executed by Mr LIZARS; the

Hon. Sir A: Wellesley, Knight of the Most decorations of lamps, &c. by Mi SMITH.

Hon. Order of the Bath, and LieutenantExcise Office, under initials and crown, General of his Majesty's forces, and to the had Pater Patriæ in lamps; the Custom- heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, house, Anno Regni 50, beautifully exe- by the names, styles, and titles of Baron cuted. The inscription on the King's Douro of Weliesley, in the county of Soprinting office, in gigantic letters, form- merset, and Viscount Wellington of Talaed of lamps, was, Long live the King --- vera, and of Wellington, in the said counMr Trotter, Prince's Street, exhibited ty. two very beautiful transparencies.-

Whitehail, September 16, The King has The weather was most favourable.

has been pleased to nominate and appoint A more delightful day and night has sel. Major General John Cop: Sherbrooke to dom occurred. The streets were crow.

be one of the Knights Companions of the

most noble order of the Bach, ded by persons of all ranks and descrip

Whitehalt, September 2. The King has tions; and, we are happy to say, that been pleased to grant the dignity of a Bathe crowd dispersed at an early hour, ronet of the united kingdom of Great Brin

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tain and Ireland to the following gentle- Alexander Brodie, Esq. of Carey Street. men, and the respective heirs male of their 11. At Glendoick, Mr William Bell, bodies lawfully begotten, viz.

Writer to the Signet, Edinburgh, to MarPaulus Emilius Irving, of Woodhouse, garet Jane, youngest daughter of the late and Robgill Tower, in the county of Dum. John Craigie, Esq. of Glendoick. fries, Esq. Lieut.-General of his Majesty's 11. At Barachnie, Mr Anthony Hanforces. Thomas Roberts, of Robert's Cove, nay, merchant, Glasgow, to Douglass, el. Cork, Esq. James Shaw, of the city of dest daughter of Mr Peter Mann, of London, and of Kilmarnock, Ayr, Esq. Barachnie. Rowland Blennerhasset, of Blennerville, 12. At Coldstream, Thomas Douglass, Kerry, Esq. William Smith, of Eardiston, Alice, daughter of Mr Adam ThomWorcester, Esq. Charles Cockerell, of Sez, son, merchant in Coldstream. incot, Gloucester, Esq. Edwin Bayntun 13. At Niddry, John Spotriswoode, Esq. Sindys, of Misenden Castle, Gloucester, of Spottiswoode, to Helen, second daughter and of Chadlington Hall, Oxford, Esq. of Andrew Wauchope, Esq. of Niddry MaHenry Halford, Doctor of Physic, and one

rischal. of his Majesty's Physicians Extraordinary. 13. At Edinburgh, Alexander Munro, John Tyrell, of Boreham-House, Essex, Esq. of Livingstone, to Anne Jane, second Esq.

daughter of the late Patrick Brown, Esq. William Hamilton, Esq. (son of Dr Edinburgh. Hamilton) is appointed Under Secretary 14. Ac Bristol, Capt. Joseph Spear, of of State for Foreign Affairs, in the room of the Royal Navy, to Grace, youngest the Hon. Charles Bagot.

daughter of the late Capt. Ludowick Grant Downing Street, October 6. The King of Knockando, in Morayshire. has been pleased to appoint Alexander 14. At London, John Osborn, Esq. son Johnston, Esq. to be Chief Justice of the of Sir George Osborn, Bart. to Miss DaSupreme Court of Judicature in the island vers, daughter of Sir Charles Davers. of Ceylon, in the room of Edmund Henry 14 At Edinburgh, Mr Patrick Cockburn, Lushington, Esq. resigned.

accountant in Edinburgh, co Margaret, And Williani Coke, Esq. to be Puisne daughter of the deceased Mr Gilbert Don, Justice of the said Court in the room of Forfar. Mr Johnston.

15. At Alloa, Mr Alexander Bald, jun, The King has been pleased to issue a merchant, to Ann, daughter of Mr Wile warrant, under his Royal Sign Manual, to lian Geddes, Alloa Glassworks. Sir George Abercromby, Bart. Francis 18. Ac Edinburgh, J. W. Brougham, Garden Campbell, Esq. and Stewart Sou. Esq. to Margaret, third daughter of the ter, Esq. three of the Deputy Lieutenants late Patrick Rigg, nf Morton, Esq. of the country of Banff, as Commissioners 19. At ditco, Mr William Halbert, for executing the office of his Majesty's watchmaker in Glasgow, to Jane, young. Lieutenant in the said county, by granting est daughter of Mr Thomas Morton, ma. commissions in the militia, &c. during the nufacturer at Fountainbridge. vacancy of a Lieutenant.

20. Ac Aberdeen, Doctor Macpherson, to The Rev, Mr Alexander Brodie, M. A. Christiana, eldest daughter of Roderick Chaplain in Ordinary to his Royal High- Macleod, D.D. Principal of King's College. ness the Prince of Wales, is presented to 20. At St. Andrews, John Honey, Esq. the vicarage of East Boura.

Blairhall, to Miss Adamson.

20. At Gilmore Park, near Edinburgh, MARRIAG

Mr Robert Thomas, General Post Office, May 6. At Madras, Robert Alexander, Edinburgh, to Miss Walker, daughter of Esq. second Member of the Board of Re- the late Mr Wni. Walker, builder. venne, to Miss Grace Blacker, third daugh- 22. At Edinburgh, Mr James Weddell, ter of the Rev. Dr Blacker of Wells, in jun. confectioner, to Elizabeth, eldest Somersetshire.

daughter of Thomas Henderson, Esq. City Sept. 6. At Broonitown, near Fort Chaniberlain. George, Major Fortye, 6th Royal Veteran 27. Hudson Gurney of Norwich, Esq. Battalion, to Miss Jane Athale Gordon to Margaret, daughter of Robert Barclay Campbell, fifth daughter of che late John of Ury, Esq. deceased, late M. P. for KinCampbell, Esq. of Melford, Lieut. Gov. of cardineshire. Fort George.

27. At Bath, Mr Thomas Hamilton, 7. At Montrose, Alexander Duncan, bookseller, Paternoster-row, London, to Esq. of Park-hill, to Mrs Strachan, relict Miss Ann Macpherson of Fleet Street. of Alexander Strachan Esq. of Tarry.

28. At London, Henry Erskine, Esq. 9. At Streatham, Mr David Cock, army younger of Amondell, to Elizabeth, youngclothier, Loudon, to Miss Brodie, niece to est daughter of General Sir Charles Shipley.


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26. At Jamaica, Brigadier-General 30. Aug. 12. At Cranstown House, St seph French, second in command in the Kite's, West Indies, the Lady of the Right expedition against St Domingo. The GeHon. Lord Cranstown, a son and heir. neral was taken ill in consequence of the

Sept. 24. At London, the Lady of Dun- extrenie fatigue he underwent from thái can Campbell, Esq. a son

activity and exertion remarked by General 27. At ditco, the Lady of Charles H. Carmichael in his letter in the Gazette, Hall, Esq; a son and heir.

concerning the attack of the place, and, 29. At Montrose, the Lady of Thomas was carried back to Jamaicá as a measure Bruce, Esq. of Arnot, a daughter.

for his recovery, but he scarcely survived 30. At Edinburgh, the Lady of James his arrival there two days. Home Rigg, Esq. of Morton, a daughter. Aug. At Jamaica, James Grant, Esq. of

30. At ditto, the Lady of Patrick Miller, Pleasant Hill, near Spanish Town.
Esq. younger of Dalswinton, a daughter. 9% At Elvas, in Portugal, of a typhus

Oct. 2. At Bixley-hall, in Norfolk, the fever, owing to excessive fatigue, in his
Viscountess Primrose, a son.

20ch year, Lieut. Brockman, of the 430 3. At

Mrs Parker, the celebra- regiment, chird son of James Drake Brockted dancer and pantomine performer, a man, Esq. of Beachborough, in Kent. daughter.

Sept. Of a putrid fever, aged 23, his Im4. At Strathmartin, the Lady of Captain' perial Highness Charles Ambrose, Prince Warren, of the Royal Navy, a son.

Primate of Hungary, Archbishop of Gran, 5. The Lady of George Grant, Esq. of and brother of the Emperor of Austria. Waltham Place, Berks, a daughter.

5. At Pitchern, in Badenoch, Mrs Mac. 5. At Poultons, Hampshire, Lady Ger. pherson of that place, much regretted. trude Sloane, of twins, a son and daughter. 10. At Portsmouth, Major. General Du

7. The Lady of Colonel Pringle, a son. gald Campbell, of the Royal Marines.

7. At Edinburgh, the Lady of William 14. At Dundee, Mrs Sarah Williams, of Boswell, Esq. advocate, two sons, both the island of Grenada, aged 83, relict of since dead.

the Hon. Samuel Williams, many years 7. At London, the Lady of George President of that island. Simpson, Esq. of Cavendish Square, a son. 14. At the St Andrew Tavern, London,

9. At Eccles, the Lady of John Mait. where he arrived the preceding day, on his land, Esq. of Eccles, a son.

way to Scotland, for the recovery of his 9. At London, the Lady of Charles An- health, Lieut. D. Ross, Royal Marines. drew Caldwell, Esq. a son and heir.

16. "At Middleburgh, of a grape shot 10. At Scobs Castle, the Lady of Sir wound, which he received in the upper William Elliott, Bart. of Stobs, a daughter. part of his thigh, on the morning of the

10. At Edinburgh, the Lady of John 25th August, Lieut. Henry Maxwell, of Wardrop, Esq. a daughter.

the 26th regiment of foot, universally re12. Ai Torquay, Devonshire, the Right spected and lamented by his brother offiHon. Lady Sinclair, a son.

cers and numerous acquaintances. He re15. At Edinburgh, Mrs Murray of Mur- ceived the wound while gallantly encourayshall, a son.

raging the men to resist a determined at19. At Wilton Lodge, the Lady of James tack of the enemy on the outposts of the Anderson, Esq. a daughter.

army before Flushing.

16. At Wick, Mr Alexander Bowie, fish DEATHS.

curer, aged 50. March. At Blagodat, in Siberia, Mr 17. At Cork, aged 74, Sylverius MoriarJames Harley, engineer. He was an in- ty, Esq. Vice-Admiral of the White. genious and warm hearted man, and much 17. år Ochiltree, Mrs Edgar, widow of regretted by all who knew him.

the late Mr John Edgar, vintner, in the 21. At Madras, Charles Maxwell, Esq. 79ch year of her age. She had lived with First Judge of the Court of Appeal there. her husband near 50 years, and survived

May 1. At the Cape of Good Hope, Mr* him only eight days. Her character of a
Donald M.Donald, of his Majesty's Cus- discreet kind landlady will be long remem-
coms, son to Lieut.. Colonel M.Donald of bered.

19. At Castle Fraser, in Aberdeenshire, June 10. At Amherstsburgh, in Upper the Right Hon. Caroline Dowager Lady Canada, aged 38, Alexander Duff, Esq, Lyttleton, in the 64th year of her age. merchant, son of Mr Duff, minister of Fo. Her Ladyship was daughter of John Brisveran,

tow, Esq. of Quiddenham, in the county of July 10. At Curacoa, aged 21, Mr Jas. Norfolk, and was married, on the 16th of Laurie, eldest son of John Lauric, Esq. February 1774, to William Henry LyttleGlasgow.

gon, Esq. since created Baron Lyttleton,

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by by whom she had several children, of years. He could read without spectacles, whom only two survive her, viz. Caroline and retained his memory to the last. Anne, married to the Right Hon. Regi- 23. Dr Dowoman of Exeter, at a very adnald Pole C+rew of Antony, iv the county vanced age. He was esteemed for his proof Cornwall, and William Henry, Esq. fessional knowledge, and his learning in geM. P. for the county of Worcester. neral. He exerted his poetical and literary

Sept. 19. At London, Mr William Duff, powers upon various occasions, and uniwriter to the signet.

formly for the benefit of mankind. 21. At Flushing, Capt. Charles MʻIntosh, 23. At Cheltenham, Mrs Cunninghame, of the 77th regiment, deeply regretted by wife of W. Cunninghame, Esq. of Enterhis brother officers as a sincere friend and a kine, Ayrshire, and daughter of the late brave officer.-Captain M·Intosh served Major Gen. Alexander Stewart, M. P. nineteen years with reputation in India. 24. At Harwich, of a fever, after his reHe fe!) a sacrifice to the malignant fever turn from Walcheren, Lieutenant Duncan which has proved so fatal to our army in MacCorquodale of the 92d regiment. His Walcheren, and has left a widow, with correct and upright conduct, as an officer an infant child, to deplore their irreparable and a gentleman, endeared him to all his loss.

acquaintances, by whom, and his brother 21. At Falmouth, Mr Nathaniel Hings- officers in particular, he is deeply and sinton, a merchent and contractor of the first cerely regretted. respectability. This gentleman was of such 25. At London, John Travers, Esq. one great bulk and stature, that a part of his of the Directors of the East India Com. house was obliged to be pulled down, to pany, and an Elder Brocher of the Trinity permit him to be carried from his chamber. House. He was enclosed in three coffins-the ex- 25. At Lonehead, Denny, Mrs Elisabeth ternal one of lead, which was 6 feet 6 in. Moncrieff, spouse of the Rev. Mr James ches long, 21 feet deep, and 3 feet 2 inches Stark, and daughter of the late Rev. Me wide. He was drawn about ten miles, to Wm. Moncrieff, Allo-and, a fortnight the place of interment, on very strong after, her infant child. wheels (for no hearse could bear him,) and 26. At Cowie, Mrs Une Cameron Bar. put into the grave by tackles fixed to a clay, wife of John Innes, Esq. of Cowie, large tree, which over hung the spot. and daughter of the late Robert Barclay

22. At Middleton, William Power, Esq. of Ury, Esq. M. P. for Kincardineshire, a. who lived to the extraordinary age of 110 ged 31.

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Oct. 2.


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Pease and Oatmeal.

Barley Meal. Bolls. | Price. Bolls. | Price. 310 22 21. 60 250 23 224 40 17 250 23 22

Oct. S.


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28 35 54 58
28 35 48 54
28 34 46 52

17 16 370 23 22

17 350 22 211

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24. 31.

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