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April iv.


54. In Westminster Abbey. By

Dr Johnson. (Continued from p. 728.)


Poetae, Physici, Historici, 52. Virtuti Sacrum.

Qui nullum fere scribendi genus Johanni Rainoldo, S. Theologiae D.

Non tetigit. Eruditione, Pietate, Integritate, hujus

Nullum quod tegit non ornavit Collegii Pres. qui obiit Maii. 21. A.

Sive Risus essent movendi 1607. Aetatis suae 58. Johannes Spen.

Sive Lacrymae. cer, Auditor, Successor, Virtutum &

Affectuum potens at lenis Dominator Sanctitatis admirator, h. e. amoris ergo

Ingenio sublimis-Viridus Versatilis posuit.

Oratione grandis nitidus vedustus

Hoc Monumentum Memoriam coluit 53. On a monument erected by

Sodalium Amor two English Ladies (refugees) in the

Amicorum Fides parochial Church de Saint Andre at

Lectorum Veneratio. Anvers in Brabant.

Natus Hibernia Forniae Lonfordiensis

In loco cui Nomen Pallas Anno 1568. Angl. refugi causa de..

Nov. XXIX. MDCCXXXI. cendens cogna Elisb. Ibergna praevidia Eblanae Literis institutus ; senate. Haeret in vidia post xix. capti.

Obiit Londini vit, annos relig. Ergo capite optruilc

MDCCLXXIV. Martyrium consumavit anno Dom.

55. In the Cordeliers’ Church, at 1597. aeta Reg. 45.

Cologne. On Duns Scotus.

Scotia me genuit, Anglia me susce. Nobilis Duare Britania Matroner mo.

pit, Gallia me docuit, Colognia me

tenet. numentum viator spectas quae ad Regis Cathol. tutel.orthod. Religion. causa

56. By Cowper. à Patria profucae hic in spe resurrect My name my country--what are they quescunt in primus Barbara Moubray,

to thee? D. Joan Moubray, Baronis quae sereniss, What--whether base or proud, my pe. MARIA STUART, Regina Scot, à cubicu.

digree? Jis nuptui data Gilberto Curlé, qui ann.

Perhaps I far surpass'd all other menamplius xx à secretis Reg. fuerat unaq. Perhaps į fell below them all-what sine querela ann. xxiv. vixerunt liber..

then? osq. octo susturler, sex coelo transcrip. Suffice it, stranger that thou seest a tis Jacobus Socie. Jesu sesse Madriti

tomba aggregavit in Hispag. Hipolytus na.

Thou know'st its use-it hides no tu Minor in Gallo Belg. Societ. Jesu,

matter whom. Prov, ad scribi Christi militiae voluit

57. In Westminster Abbey. By Dr hic mvestus cum lacrymis optimae parenti P. C. quae prid. Kalend. Au

Mapletoft. pusti anno Domino cią. 19. cxvj aetat,

ISAACUS BARROW. Ivij. vitam caducam cum acterium

S. T. P. Regi Carolo II. A Sacris commutavit.

Vir prope Divinus et vere Magnus, si Item. Elisab. Curlae amitae ereadem Pietas, Probitas, Fides, summa Eruditio,

quid magni habent nob. Curleor stirpe Mariae quoq. Re

par Modestia, ginae a cubiculus octo annis vincurlo

Mores sanctissimi undequaque et suafidae Sociae qui moriens ultimum tulit

vissimi suavium perpetuo caelibi moribusq. cas.

Geometriae Professor Londini Gresha. tiss. ac pientissimae Hypolitus Curle Fa.

mensis, tris ejus F. hoc nonum grati animi

Graecae linguae es Matheseos apud pietatisq. ergo lib. mer posuit. Ha

Cantabrigiencis suos. ultimum vitae diem clausit anno Domi.

Cathedras omnes, Ecciesian, Gentem, OO M.DC.XX. aetat Lx, die xxix. Mai.

ornavit. Requiescant in pace. Amen. Collegium S. S. Trinitatis-Praeses illus,

travit, November 1809.


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Factis Bibliothecae vere Regiae funda. Aut in reconditis sapientiae studiis illo mentis auxit.

subtilior extitit Opes, Honores, et universum vitae am. Aut humanioribus literis limatior. bitum,

Egregiis cum dotibus naturae fum, Ad majora natus non contempsit, sed

doctrinae praeditus. reliquit seculo.

Insuper accedebant Deum quem a teneris coluit, cum pri. In sententiis, vera ac perfecta eloquen. mus imitatus et

tia, Paucissimis egendo, benefaciendo quam In sermone, facetiarum lepus, plurimus

Atticus, Etiam posteris, quibus vel mortous con- Ex gravitate insuper aspersa urbanitas; cionari nondesinit

In moribus singularis quaedam Cetera et pene majora ex scriptis peti

integritas et fides ; possunt

Vitae denique ratio constans sibi, et ad Abi, lector, et aemulare

virtutis normam diligenter Obiit 4 Die Maii. Ann. Dom.

severeque exacta,

Omnibus qui vel amico essent eo, Ætat suae XLVII.

vel magistro usi Monumentum hoc Amici possuere. Doctrinae, ingenii, virtutis justum 58. On Captain Grenville: by Lord

reliquit desiderium.

Lubita eheu, atque immatura morte Lyttleton.

correptus, Ye weeping Muses, Graces, Virtues !

Prid, Id. Septemb. tell

Anno Domini MDCCLXXI. If, since your all-accomplish'a Sidney

Aetat, suae 41. fell, You or afflicted Britain e'er deplor'd 60. On Claude Phillips, an itinerant A loss like that these plaintive lays re- musician: by Dr Johnson.

cord! Such spotless honour, such ingenuous

Phillips ! whose touch harmonious

could remove truth, Such ripen'd wisdom in the bloom of

The pangs of guilty pow'r and hapless youth !

love, So mild, so gentle, so compos’d a mind, Rest here, distrest by poverty no more, To such heroic warmth and courage

Find here that calm thou gav'st so oft

before ; join'd! He too, like Sidney,nurs'd in Learning's Sleep undisturbid within this peaceful

shrine, arms, For nobler war forsook her softer

Till angels wake thee with a note like

thine. charms; Like him, possess'd of ev'ry pleasing art, The secret wish of ev'ry female's heart;

61. On Rubens : by Chevalier Bal. Like him cut off in youthful glory's pride,

lust. He unrepining for his country dy'd.

Ipsa suos Iris, dedit ipsa Aurora colo59. At Harrow on the Hill, said to res, be written by Dr Parr,

Nox, umbras, Titan, lumina clara

tibi, H. S. E.

Das tu Rubenius vitam, mentemque fie ROBERTUS SUMNER, S. T. P.

guris, Col. Regal. apud Cantab, olim socius,

Et per te vivit lumen, & umbra, Scholae Harroviensis, haud ita pridem, color; Archididasculus.

Quid te, Rubeni, nigro mors funere Fuit buic praestantissimo viro

volvit? Ingenium natura peracre, optimarum

Vivit, victa tuo, picta colore rubet.
Disciplinis artium sedulo excultum,
Usu dituruno confirmatum, & Quodam 62. On Julius Scaliger.

modo subactum,
Nemo enim

Scaligeri quod Reliquum.


• 63. On Mary Q. of Scots.

Etiam, nvnc. tvetyr. atque. ornat.

Praestantissimum. hync, virvm. Regibus orta, auxi Reges, Reginaqu

Com, a. provincia. Bengala. vixi:

Vbi ivdicis. integevrimi. mvnvs. Ter nupta, et tribus orba viris, tria Reg.

Per. decennivm, obierat. na reliqui.

Reditvm. in. patriam. meditatvr Gallus opes, Scotus cunas, habet Angla

Ingrventis, morbi. vis. oppressit. sepulcrum.

IX. KAL. Iun. A. C. MDCCLXXXIII. 64. Written by Sir William Jones,

Vt. quibus, in. aedibus, and intended for himself.

Ipse. olim. socius, inclarvisset. Here was deposited,

In. iisdem, memoria. eivs. potissimum. the mortal part of a man,


Honorariym. hoc, monvmentvm. who feared GOD, but not death i and maintained independance ;

Anna. Maria. filia, Jonathan. Shipley.

Epis. Asaph.
but sought not riches;
who thought

Conivgi, suo. B.M.

nonę below him, but the base and un-

66. In the collegial church de Notre none above him, but the wise and vir

Dame, Courtray, Austrian Flanders. tuous : who loved

Monumentum his parents, kindred, friends, country,

Rogerii Braye with an ardour,

Hujus Ecclesiae Canonici which was the chief source of

Quem all his pleasures, and all his pains ;

Munificium Domus Domini cultoram and who having devoted

Archiva Capituli his life to their service,

Tabulaque huic altari doneta and to

testantur. the improvement of his mind,

Obiit XXVII Octobris M.D.Ç. XXXII. resigned it calmly,

R. J. P.
giving glory to his Creator, 67. In the cathedral, at I - Colm-
wishing peace on earth,

and with
good will to all creatures,

Hic: jacet: Johannes Macfingone :

Abbas de Li: qui obiit, anno M. on the in the year of our blessed Redeemer,

jus animo propicietur altissimus. AOne Thousand Seven Hundred


68. In the nunnery of I-Colm-Kill. 65. In the anti-chamber to the Uni.

Sancta Maria, ora prome. versity College, Oxford.

Hic jacet Domina Anna Donaldi Ferle. M. S.

ti filia, quondam prioressa de Jona, GULIELMI. JONES. EQVITIS. AVRATI quae obiit, anno modo. ximo. cujus aniQui. clarum, in. literis. nomen. a patre. mam (altissimo) commendamus. acceptum.

69. Magna. cymylavit. Gloria. Ingenivm. in. illo, erat. scientiarvm. Here lies Richard Howkins, who out omnium capax.

of his store Disciplinisque. optimis, diligentissime. Gave Twenty good shillings for the excyltum.

use of the poor, Erat. indoles, ad. virtvtem. eximia. Upon condition his body should ne'er Et, in. ivstitia. libertate, religione,

be removed, vindicanda,

Until the appearing of our dearly Be-
Maxime. probata.

Qvicqvid. autem, vtile. vel, honestvm.
Consiliis. exemplo. avctoritate, vivvs.

70. On the wall of the church of promoverat.

Earlstown, Berwickshire : On the Id. omne. scriptis. svis. immortalibys. family of Sir Thomas Learmont.


day of

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Auld Rhymer's race

And some that love her more, as if urLies in this place.


Bedew'd with tears the white wreath 71. In St. Mary Saviour's.

on their breast;

But she is gone, and dwells in that aHere lies William Emerson,

bode, Who lived and died an honest man.

Where some of every clime shall joy in 72.

God. Heré lie two loving brothers side by 16. In the chapel of St Louis, Genoa. side,

D. O. M. In one day buried, and in one died.

Josepho Duci de Bouffleris 73. On Wigandus, by himself.

Gallo-Belgii Gubernatori

Franciae Pari In Christo vixi, morior, vivoque : Wigandus,

Quod Do sordes morti, caetera, Christe, tibi.

A Ludovico xv. Regiae voluntati

arbiter 74. In the chancel church of Ingat

Genuam missus stone, Essex,

Exercitus diuturna obsidione cives

consilio fortitudine
Thomas Brand-Hollis, Esq.

of the Hyde,
F. R. S. and S. A.

Ingruentes Terra Marique hostes

Veteribus refectis novis adjectis Died Sept. ix. MDccciv. aged LXXXIV.

Propagnaculis continuerit In testimony of friendship and gratitude

Reipublicae Libertatem this monument is erected

Impensa inter labores vita by John Disney, D.D. F. S. A.

Sustinuerit 75. In Chesterton church-yard, by

Propugnatori amantissimo the ! e Alderman Ind, of Cam

quam vitae, non potuit

Nominis Immortalitatem bridge.


Near this place lies interred

77. In the church-yard, of St. DunDaughter of Gustavus Vasa, the Afri.

stan's, Stepney. She died July 21. 1807.

Here lieth the body of Daniel Saul, Aged 4 years.

Spitalfield's weaver; and that's all. Should simple village rhymes attract 68. On the Marquis of Granby. Stranger, as thoughtfully thou passest Of courage, honour, charity, the

by, Know that there lies below this humble

Was noble GRANBY—and though early A child of colour, haply not thine own. Though early mingled with the ho. Her father, born of Afric's sun-burnt

nour'd dead, race,

Each muse a tear upon his hearse shall Torn from his native fieldsmah! foul disgrace !

Shall strive the memory of his worth to Thru' various toils at length to Britain

save, came,

Shall paint with laurels his distinguish'd Espous’d, as heaven ordain'd, an Eng- grave. lish dame,

79. On an Irishman,-a Cornish And follow'd Christ; their hope two infants dear,

beggar, by Mr Carew of Cornwall. But one a hapless orphan slumbers here. Here Brawne, the quondam beggar, lies, -To bury her the village children came, who counted by his tale And dropp'd choice flowers, and lisp'd Some sixscore winters and above; her early fame;

Such virtue is in ale !



thine eye,




shed ;

gary, 1444.


Ale was his meat, his drink, his all, manded those squadrons that began the

Ale did his death reprieve, attack; in two several charges he re"And could he still have drank his ale mained unhurt, but in a third, aftermany He had been still alive.

wound received, still valiantly fighting, 80. On Ladislaus IV. King of Hun- he was shot through the head. His

dead body was brought off the field by

his brother, at the hazard of his own Romulidae Canras, ego Varnam elade life, and buried there. To his memory notavi

his mother erects this monument, plaDiscite, mortales, non temerare fidem, cing it near another which her son, Me nisi Pontifices jussissent rumpere when living, used to look upon with foedus,

pleasure, for the worthy meniion it Non ferret Scythium Pannonis ora ju- makes of that great man Edward Earl

of Sandwich, to whom he had the ho. 81. On a monument erected in 1795 nour to be related, and whose heroic at Chichester, to the

virtues he was ambitious to imitate.


memory Collins the poet : by Mr Hayley.

89. In Westminster Abbey. Ye who the merits of the dead revere, Reader, whoever thou art, let the Who hold misfortune sacred, genius sight of this tomb imprint on thy mind, dear,

that the young and old without distincRegard this tomb, where Collins, hap. tion, leave this world ; and therefore Jess name,

fail not to secure the next. This Lady Solicits kindness with a double claim. was only daughter and heiress to Hen: Tho' nature gave him, and though sci. ry Beaufoy of Guyscliffe, near Warence taught,

wick, by the Hon. Charlotte Lane, elThe fire of fancy, and the reach of dest daughter of George Viscount thought,

Lanesborough. She died July 12. 1705, He pass'd, in madd'ning pain, life's fe

84. In Westminster Abbey. verish dream, While rays of genius only serv'd to The province of Masachusets bay, in shew

New England, by an order of the great The thickening horror, and exalt his and general court, bearing vate Feb.

1, 1759, caused this montent to be Ye wails that echo'd to his frantic moan erected to the memory of George Au. Guard the due records of this grateful gustus, Lord Viscount Howe, brigadier stone ;

general of his Majesty's forces in Ame. Strangers to him, enamour'd of his lays, rica, who was slain July 6. 1758, on his This fond memorial to his talents raise; march to Ticonderago, in the 34th For this the ashes of a bard require, year of his age; in testimony of the Who touch'd the tenderest notes of pi. sense they had of his services and milie ty's lyre!

tary virtue, and of the affection their of. Who join'd pure faith to strong poetic ficers and soldiers bore to his compowers,

mand. He lived respected and beloved, Who, in reviewing Reason'slucid hours, the public regretted his loss; to his faSought on one book his troubled-mind mily it is irreparable.

to rest, And rightly deem'd the Book of God 85. In the Church-yard at Uxbridge. best.

Sacred to the memory of 82. In Westminster Abbey.

John Rich, Esq,

Who died, Nov. 26. 1761,
To the memory of the honoured Ma-

aged 69 years.
jor Richard Creed, who attended his In him were united the various virtues
Majesty King William the Third in that could endear him to his
all his wars, every where signaliz. Family, friends, and acquaintance,
ing himself, and never more himself Distress never failed to find relief n
than when he looked an enemy in

his bounty, the face. At the glorious battle of Unfortunate inerit a Refuge in his Blenheim, Ann. Dom. 1704, he com




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