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second son of Mr Robert Forrester, Trea. 10. At London, of a bilious fever, Mr surer of the Bank of Scotland.

Barlow Macleod, only son of Colonel Joha, Sept. 29. At Archiestoun, parish of Knock- Macleod of Colbecks. ando, aged 88, Mrs Margaret Grant, relict 10. At Ayr, Miss Susan M.Clelland, of Lodovick Grant, late of Lettach, and daughter of Thomas M'Clelland, Esq. agent daughter of the Rev. Mr William Grant, for the Bank of Scotland there, aged 15. late minister of Abernethy, Strathspey. 10. At Seafield, near Greenock, Mr Poi.

30. At Talavera, Capt. Bryan, Adjutant' lock Campbell. of the 1st bat. of the Coldstream Guards. 10. At Sorrowlessfield, John Fisher, Esq.

30. At Badajos, Captain Charles Doyne 10. At Edinburgh, Mr James Simpson, Sillery, of the Royal Artillery.

clerk in the Royal Bank, 30. At Reston, the Lady of Lieut. Colo-, 10. At Kirkcudbright, Elizabeth, aged nel Glegg:

16, and onfthe 17th, Mary, aged 17, daugh-. 39. At Colchester Barracks, upon his re. ters of John M'Clure, Esq. turn from Walcheren, Lieut. Robert Selby 11. At Keppoch, Lieut. John MacDo. Cunningham of Pittarthie, of the 4th re- nald, of the 52d regiment of foot, eldest giment of foot.

son of Alex. MacDonald, Esq. of Glencoe. 30. At Edinburgh, Mr Henry Strabuck, 11. Mrs Paterson, mother of Dr Paterglass-cutter.

son, physician, Ayr, aged 69. At London, the Right Hon. Lady, 12, Ac . aged 90, Mr Richard Rey. Almeria Carpenter.

nolds, formerly butler of Caius College, Oct. 1. At Newick Park, Sussex, Sir Eli- Cambridge, an antiquary, and rather ecjah Impey, Bart. aged 77 years, formerly centric character.

His curious museum, Supreme Judge of India.

at his house on the Market Hill, he was i. At Dunfermline, Mr John Jesson, very proud of shewing to strangers. By, teacher, much regretted.

his will he directed that his coffin should 2. At Newcastle, on his way from Har. not be made in the usual shape, but like a rowgate tu Edinburgh, Edward Mercer, box, to which a lock is fixed, and the key Esq. formerly a Colonel in the army.

delivered to the care of the executor ; upon 2. At Edinburgh, aged 76, Mr James the cop, on a leaden plate, the letters R. R. Mackay, sen. jeweller.

are inscribed. 4. At Ferrypartoncraigs, Mrs Walker, 12. At Tain, Mrs Jane Miller, wife of wife of Mr George Waiker, schoolmaster Mr Benjamin Ross, merchant there. there.

13. Ač Borrowstounn:ss, David Rymer, 5. At Anstuurher, Alexander William- Esq. in the 81st year of his age. son, M. D. in the 34th year of his age, 16. At Kelso, Mrs Dickenson, relict of nuca and justly regretted.

Geerge Dickenson, Esq. Harriotfield. 6. At Glasgow, at an advanced age, Mre, 16. At Dingwall, Cape. Duncan Grant. Isabella Campbell, relict of George Logan, of Leith. Esq. merchant in Glasgow.

17. Ac Elgin, aged 82, Charles Leslie, 6. At Ruselee, in Ayrshire, of a very Esq. fifth son of the late John Leslie, Esq. short illness, the Right Hon. The Countess of Findrassie. of Crawford and Lindsay, aged 71.

20. At. Edinburgh, in his 76th year, Joba 6. At M, Capt. Allan Grant of In

Carruthers, Esq. of Holmains, Surveyor verwick.

General of Taxes for Scotland. 6. At Edinburgh, after a long and pain- 20. At Blairgowrie, Mr James M.Kay, ful illness, Jean, second daughter of Pa. surgeon there. trick Miller, Esq. younger of Dalswincon. 20. Ac Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Smith, Oct. 25. At Knutsford, Mary, younger "General Robert Melville, who lately died daughter of Hugo Arnot of Balcormo, Esq. in Edinburgh, was of an ancient and ho

6. At Jedburgh, Walter Riddell, Esq. spouse of Mr John Milne, ironmonger

7. Ac Edinburgh, Mr David Cleghorn, there. Jate brewer there.

22. Ae Haslar Hospital, a few days af. 7. At London, Benjamin Winthrop, Esq. ter his return from Flushing, John Marone of the Directors of the Bank of Eng. tio, Esq. Purser of his Majesty's ship Re. land, aged 72.

pulse, in the 42d year of his age, eldest son 8. AC Edinburgh, Mr George Haig, one of the late Mr William Martin, of the Cus. of the inspectors of Taxes for Scotland.

toms, Leich. 8. At Dublin, che Earl of Arran, one of 22. At Edinburgh, Mr Archibald Gilthe Knights of St Patrick.

christ, merchant there. 8. AL Dundie, Alexander Thoms, Esq. 22. At Salon, Mr Donald Darroch, 2. merchant, and late Chief Magistrate there. ged 15, son of Duncan Darroch, Esq. of

9. At East Wenyss, David Hutchison, Gourock. sen. aged 76 years.

24. At St Ninian's, near Stiiling, Mr 9. Ac Greenock, Mr Walter Buchanan, John Sawers, aged 88. merchant,


27. At Edinburgh, Mrs Euphan Graham, Bourable family of that name in the counwidow of the Rev. Mr Mathew Cleghorn, ty of Fife, and the oldest General now in late minister of Drysdale, aged 83. the British army, except one. He entered,

28. At Glasgow, Mr Mathew Robertson, into the army at an early period of life, bookseller.

and having acquitted himself to the satis 28. At Redshead, Lesmahagoe, Mr John' faction of his superior officers and comStruthers, formerly nierchant in Strathaven, manders, on different occasions, he was

- At Bogside, near Irvine, Charles soon preferred in rank, and afterwards far, Crookshanks, Esq. aged 87.

ther rewarded by his presenc Majesty, byer 29. At Dundee, Marion Helen, young- the Government of Dominica, and the other. est daughter of Janies Clayhills, Esq. of Carribbee Islands.

Soon after the peace Invergowrie.

of 1763, he had the pleasing task assigned, 29. At Dryden, Mrs Isabella Laidlaw, to him, of surveying, locting and settling relict of Mr Andrew Scott, Sandyhill, at the island of Tobago, now a most fertile, the advanced age of 83 years.

healthy, and productive colony. He was 31. At Peebles, Mrs Agnes Summers, a scholar, a philosopher, a soldier, and a wife of Mr Alexander Williamson, writer man of business, with an enlarged and there.

comprehensive mind. Being of a lively At Dublin, Mr John Magee, late of Col. disposition, he was in old age what he hair lege Green, proprietor of the Dublin Even- been in youth and riper years—the desia ing Post.

rable companion of men of science, busiAt Paisley, Alex. Gibson, Esq. town- ness, and pleasure, young and old. His clerk.

ear was ever open to the cry of the distres. At Bray, Colonel Smith, of the 3d Gar- sed widow and fatherless, and his hand rison Battalion.

ever ready to bestow liberally to the deAr Deal, on his return from Spain, Tho- serving poor. He is succeeded in his esz mas B. Paterson, son of the late Rev. Ro. tates and name, by his nephew, John Whyte bert Paterson, minister at Biggar.

Melville, Esq. of Benochie, in Fife.

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The valuable article on the Charity Work-house will appear in our next.
Mr Henderson's communication has, from want of room, been necessarily post-

poned till next month.
J. M. D.-W. M.W. will appear in our next, or an early Number,
Osiris.--Taylor Thimbleton.--G. M.-A. Baxter, are received.

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FOR DECEMBER 1809 : \Vith Plans of New and Improved. Harbours at NEWHAVEN, PETTYCUR, and


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Register of the Weather for Dec. . 882 11. Fables and Satires, by Sir Brooke
High Water at Leith for Jan. 1310, ib. Boothby,

9.19 Account of the Plans of New and

Improved Harbours at Newhaven,
Pettycur, and Burntisland,

New Works published in Edinburgh, 922
Proceedings of the Wernerian Natu.

Scottish Literary Intelligence, 923 ral History Society,

Literary Intelligence, English and Monthly Memoranda in Natural His- Foreign,


POETRY. tory,

884 Caution against the excessive pur

To the Memory of Mr Yohn Fletsuit of the Fine Arts,


cher, Surgeon ; who died of conMemoirs of the Progress of Manu.

sumption, in the Hospital at Malfactures, Chemistry, Science, and

ta, in June last,

926 the Fine Arts, .

Lines to a young Lady,

927 Plan for improving the Ferries be

Lines on Home's Tragedy of Douglas, 928 tween Mid-Lothian and Fife, with :

The Sailor's Ghost,

ib. Reports by Mr Rennie,

Intelligence concerning yoseph Lan- Proceedings of Parliament,

929 caster,

ib. 897

-House of Lords,

-House of Commons,

930 Advertisement issued by the Stu

-House of Lords,

934 dents of Edinburgh, in 1685, rela

Scots appeals,

935 tive to burning the Pope,

Account of the Defeat of Gen. Bu.

chan and Brigad. Cannon, at Cromb- Turkey and Russia,
dell, ist May 1690. In a letter Sweden,

from Sir Thomas Livingston, to War in Germany,
General Mackay,


940 Account of the Herring Fishery at Expedition to Holland, .

945 Wick, 904 Spain,

946 The Observer. No, I.,

90'5 Naval intelligence, Situation, General Appearance, and - Destruction of a French convoy,

ib, Climate of the Zetland Islands, · 908 Surrender of the Ionian Islands to Account of Stones falling from the the British forces,

950 Atmosphere,

911 Address of the City of London to Account of Receipt and Expendi- the King, .

953 ture of Edinburgh Charity WorkHouse, with Remarks,


Description of the Ionian Islands, · 915 Circuit Intelligence,

954 High Court of Justiciary,

955 Civil Appointments, Scottish Review..'


Marriages, Births and Deaths, ib. I. On the Property Tax, by . Sher- Stocks and Markets

960 rif

Index for 1309,





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