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Like him upon the bran who fed, Bounding the passions and desires And powder'd with the flour his head. To what our natural state requires. The young are insulent and cold;

O happiest of the happy he, Frivolous, the unrespected old ; Favirite of fate, who, like a tree, Few matrons rules or models give, On the cool water's verdant side, To teach their daughters how to live ; Stands of his native fields the pride, Good-breeding, manners, polish'd wit, Free from factitious hopes and fears, Deportments for each stauon fit, Life's real ills alone he bears; Are out of date; all clad we see, A faithful and obedient wife, In selfish insipidity.

The friend and partner of his life; Quizzing, good lack ! is all the go; And mother of a biooming race, It what this be you want to know, Brought up in hunesty and grace. It is not easy to define

E'en things inanimate, around, What has nor object. nor design ; Dear to some sociate memory found; A foolish, impudent pretence,

Dear the known fields, and dear the Sword enemy to common sense.

grove, Passing thro' B ind-Street once alone, The witness of his only love ; I met a fellow I had known.

The aisles, his parent's bones i hạt keep; 'The usual salutations past,

And where his own will shortly sleep. “Where do you come from, Sir!"I ask'd; With mind at peace, and body strong, .« You've been abroad ?"-I have, by Years glide with even pace along ; God."

And when he, much lamented, dies, $ Were you amus'd?”—“ All seem’d Anutủier self his place supplies. damn'd odd;

Vol. II. p. 208. 'To rise at nine, and dine at two, For men of spirit would not do; fack Dumm and I surpris'd them much; Of life and fun we gave a touch ;

New Works published in Edinburgh. Where'er we went it was our sport To quix the prince and all bis court." ELEMENTS of Geometry, GeomeVol. ll. p. 184.

trical Analysis, and Plane Trigo

nometry. With an Appendix, Notes, To which we shall add the conclu- and Illustrations." By John Leslie

, sion, which is pleasing.

Professor of Mathematics in the UniSuch sunshine friends I can resign, yersity of Edinburgh, 8vo. 12s. And never for the loss repme,

Discourses by the Rev. R. MoreBut sure another side there is,

head. Third edition. 8vo. 9s. Less dark and comfortless than this. If we learn little to expect,

Philemon, or the Progress of Vir'The best that offers to select,

tue ; a poem in two volumes. By And patiently to bear with ili,

Wm. Laurence Brown, D. D. PrinExistence is a blessing still.

cipal of Marischal College and Uni'The jovs so fondly we regrei,

versity, Aberdeen, 2 vols. Svo. Its. The griefs we wish not to forget,

The Franciscan Friar, a Satire; and The loves and pleasures that are flown; the Marriage Ode of Francis of Valois Prove that these joys were once ourown. And the declining eve of age

and Mary, Sovereigns of France and Is not unwelcome to the sage.

Scotland.' Translated into English

. Like summer seas, the tranquil breas,

verse, from the Latin of George BuFrom passion's maddening storms at chanan. By George Provand. 8vo. 5s. resi,

The Monk and the Vine-dresser ; With face unruf'd and serene,

or the Emigrants of Bellesme, a moral Reflects the beauties of the scene.

Tale. By a Lady. 12mo. 3s. Long hopes no inore to entertain, Possessid, that rareiv pay the pain ;

Letters concerning the Diseases of Sul, in this short uncertain span,

the Urethra. By Charles Bell. Svo. To do the itile good we can ;

75. 6d. Innocuous, to pass along,

The Pastor Fido of Guarini. In Contending little with the throng; English blank verse. 8vo. 7s.


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Ścottish Literary Intelligence: sional: Messrs T. Dickson, J. Mac.

donald, E. Sang, T. Sommerville, WE E understand that the first vos J. Fletcher, and J. Hay. 2. Ama

lume of the Memoirs of the teurs : Dr Duncan, sen., „Dr James Wernerian Natural History Society is Home, R. Hodshon Cay, Esq. Geo. in the press, and will appear in the Bruce, Esq. J. Hutchison, Esq. and course of the ensuing season.

James Smith, Esq Dr Charles Anderson of Leith, the Mr T. Leybourn, of the Royal learned Translator of Werner's classi- Military College, has just published cal work on Veins, has now in the the ninth number of his periodical press a Translation of the celebrated work, entitled, the Mathematical ReVon Buck's Mineralogical description pository. It contains, besides varions of the country of Landeck in Silesia. articles, solutions to Mathematical

Daubisson, a distinguished pupil of questions, proposed in the seventh the illustrious professor of Freyberg, number, and a series of new questions, some time ago published an excellent to which he solicits answers from his description of the Flætz-trap forma correspondents, with a view to their tion of Bohemia; and it gives us plea- being inserted in the eleventh number. sure to announce, that a translation of In publishing this work, the Editor that work, by a member of the Wer- has in view to promote the study of nerian Society, is considerably advan- the various branches of the mathemaced, and will probably appear in the tics, by affording to the student an ensuing spring.

opportunity of cultivating his powers Werner has had the distinguished of invention in resolving problems honour conferred on him, of being e- whieh depend on its different theories ; lected one of the very limited number and also to collect together, and preof Honorary Fellows of the Royal So- serve the fruits of the studies of his ciety of Edinburgh ; and also Hono. ingenious correspondents, among whom rary Member of the Royal Medičal, he numbers some of the most skilful Royal Physical, Natural History and mathematicians in this country. The Chemical Societies of Edinburgh, and number here announced completes of the Literary and Philosophical So- the second vol. of the work : and as city of Manchester

some account of the contents of both We men ioned in our last Number, volumes may not be unacceptable to (p. 805,) the proposal to institute a ach of our readers as cultivate the Horticultural Society in this place on science of which they treat, we shall the plan of the English society. This briefly enumerate them. has now been accomplished; and we Vol. I. part 1st, consists of one hunaugur the best Scottish gar- dred and twenty questions, both in dening from the labours of the Cale- pure and mixt mathematics, almost all donian Horticultural Society. The of which are entirely new, and, in gefollowing office-bearers have been cho- neral, each is accompanied by several sen for ehe year 1810: The Right solutions by different Mathematicians. Hon. Earl of Dalkeith, President: Part 2. consisting of original essays, Sir J. Hell, Bart. M. P., Dr Ru- comprehends the following articles : therford, Dr Coventry, and Alex. 1. Demonstrations of some propositions G. Hunter, Esq. Vice-Presidents : relating to such portions of the surMr And Dickson, Treasurer: Messrs face, and solidity of a sphere, as may Walter Nicol and P. Neill, Secretari's. be exactly squared, and cubed, by Mr The Council consist of six professional Ivory. 2. Demonstration of a theogentlemen, and six amateurs. The fol. rem respecting prime numbers, by Mr lowing have been elected: 1. Profes Ivory. 3. Tagnanis theoremi, respec

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ting elliptic arches, rendered more Gough. 8. Solutions of some general, by Mr Ivory. 4. A geome-chanical problems, by A. B. 9. A trical Porism, with two examples of Diophantine problem, by Mr Cun. its application to the solution of pro-liffe. 10. The theory of amicable blems, by Scoticus. 5. Geometrical numbers, by John Gough. 11. A propositions, by Mr Ivory. 6. Solu- new solution of a “roblem in insurance tion of a dynamical question, by Mr of money on lives, by Philalethes Ivory. 7. Of the Equilibrium of a Cantabrigiensis. 12. To find the sums very long and slender cylinder float- of certain infinite series, by Mr Cuning in a fluid, by Jac. Rule. 8. Of liffe. 13. On the attraction of an inthe length of an arc of a circle infinite solid elliptic cylinder, by Mr. terms of the tangent, by Mr Benja- Knight. 14. Two indeterminate promin Gompertz. 9. Geometrical Po- blems, by Mr Cunliffe. 15. On the risms, by Mr Mark Noble. 10. Dio- proportionality of the force to the vephantine problems, by Mr James Cun- locity, and on the composition of forliffe. 11. Problems relating to the ces, by Mr Knight. 16. On the comtwilight of shortest duration, by As- position of rotatory motions, by Mr tronomicus. 12. Certain Fluents ex- Knight. 17. On the expansion of pressible by an elliptic arch, by Mr certain functions, by Mr Knight. 18. Cunliffe. Part 3. is. composed of On the expansiou of any function of mathematical memoirs, extracted from a multinomial, by Mr Knight. 19. works of eminence, and containing, Demonstration of a theorem in the 1. Solutions to some problems relative Diophantine Analysis, by Mr Barlow. to spherical triangles, together with a 20. Mr Knight on the binomial theocomplete analysis of these triangles, rem. 21. A dynamical principle, by by La Grange. From Journal de Mr Bazley. Part 3d, contains a l'ecole Polytechnique. 2. An essay of memoir on elliptic trancendentals, by numerical analysis on the transforma- Adrien Marie Legendre. Read to tion of fractions, by the same author, the ci-devant Academy of Sciences in and from the same work. 3. On the April 1792. inverse method of central forces, by Feeling; a desultory poem, with Mr John Dawson, from the Manches- other pieces, by the Author of “ The ter Memoirs.

Monk and the Vine-dresser, a moral Vol. II. part 1st. Consists of one tale,” is in the press. hundred and twenty questions, e ch with several answers. Part 2. contains the following original articles : Literary Intelligence, English and

: 1. Demonstration of a proposition in

FOREIGN. mechanics, by A. B. 2. On the mo- A

REPUBLICATION is announced of the tion of pendulums whose points of

works of Thomas Hearne, which suspension are moveable, by Mr John fetch at present enormous prices. The Gough. 3. An occular demonstra

works will be published in the order of tion of the forty-seventh proposition ter and Peter Langtoft's Chronicles, each

the following list : Robert uf Glouces. of the first book of Euclid, by Mr H. forming two volumes, are in great forDouglas. 4. and 5. On the sums of wardness, and will speedily be submitted certain infinite series, by means of cir- as a specimen of the style in which the çular arcs and hyperbolic logarithms, entire set will be executed. The price by Mr Cunliffe. 6. Solution of a

will be 15s. per volume on demy paper, dynamical question, by Mr John Bar and 11. 215. ód. on royal paper, tor Ro.

bert of Gloucester and Peter Langtoft's ry. 7. Some properties of parallelo- Chronicles; but to those who subscribe grams, with the application of them

for the entire set, a considerable reduc. to the moments of forces, by Mr John tion will be made.

List-Robert of Gloucester's Chroni. 'lume, royal quarto, with upwards of one sle.-Peter Langtoft's Chronicle, as il. hundred Plates of subjects_connected lustrated and improved by Robert of with the Mythology of the East Indies Brunne.--Chronicon sive Annales Pri- Taken from images, pictures, coins, exoratus de Dunstaple.---The History and cavations, and similar original sources. Antiquities of Glastonbury.- Joannis An Authentic Narrative of Four Years' Confratris et Monachi Glastoniensis Residence at Tungataboo, one of the Chronica sive Historia de Rebus Glas. Friendly Islands in the South Seas, by a toniensibuk.--Thomae de Elmham Vita Gentleman who went thither in the et Gesta Henrici Quinti, Anglorum Duff, under Captain Wilson, in the Regis.-Adami de Domerham Historia year 1796, faithfully composed from his de Rebus gestis Glastoniensibus.-Wal- own relation, by a Clergyman, is in the teri Hemingford, Canonici de Gisse- press, and will be published in a few burne, Historia de Rebus gestis Edwardi weeks. 1. Edwardi II. et Edwardi III.-Rober- A work on the Origin and Constitu. ti Avesbury Historia de mirabilis ges- tion of the Parliamentary Boroughs of tis Edwardi III. Benedictus Abbas England, has just been put to press. Petroburgensis de Vita et Gestis Hen- The intention of the writer is to show, rici II. and Richardi 1.-Duo Rerum that all the privileges and immunities Anglicarum Scriptores veteres, viz.- enjoyed at present, by the cities and boThomas Otterbourne et Johannis Wet- roughs of this part of the united kinghamstede, ab origine gentis Brittannicæ dom, are derived from the bounty of usque ad Edwardum IV.-Historia Vi. our ancient Kings. The contents of tæ et Regni Richardi II.-Gulielmi this work are founded on documents of Camdeni Annales Rerum Anglicarum. the highest authority, Domesday Book, et Hibernicarum, regnante Elizabethe. the charters of our early Kings, Public -Gulielmi Neubrigensis Historia sive Records, and the Rolls of Parliament. Chronica rerum Anglicarum.-Joan- Dr Smythe is printing a translation of nis Rossi Antiquarii Warwicensis His- Le Roy's instructions for Gouty and toria Regum Angliæ-Thomæ Sprotti Rheumátic Persons. Chronica.--Textus Proffensis.Thomæ Sir Richard Phillips announces the Caii Vindiciæ Antiquitatis Academæi completion of a series of new elemen. Oxoniensis, contra Joannem Caium Can- tary books, for the use of schools, upon tabrigiensem.-The Itinerary of John which he has expended upwards of a Leland the Antiquary.- Joannis Lelan. hundred thousnnd pounds, within the di Antiquarii de rebus Britannicis Col. last eight years. Their number is a. lectanea.-A Collection of curious Dis- bout one bundred, besides books of re. courses, written by eminent Antiqua- creation, and they include the clearest ries on several eras in our English An- introductions to the most useful brantiquities.- Joannis de Fordun Scoti- ches of knowledge, by able and approchronicum genuinum una cum ejusdem ved authors. As the books in schools supplemento ac Continuatione..Liber have in no degree kept pace with the Niger Scaccarii. Aluredi Beverlacen- general improvements in science, these sis Annales, sive Historia de gestis Re- new works may be expected to meet rum Britanniæ.-A New life of Hearne,' with extensive encouragement. by the Editor, Titi Livii Foro-Juliensis A Catalogue of Books, pablished in Vita Henrici Dodwelli de Parma Eques- London, between the first of June 1808, tri Woodwardiana Dissertatio.--Relic and the first of January 1810, will be quiæ Bodleianæ : or some genuine Re- published some time in the course of mains of Sir Thomas Bodley.-The Life the latter month. This Catalogue will of Ælfred the Great, by Sir John Spel- be digested in alphabetical order, acmán, Kt. from the original MS. in the cording to the names of the authors, and Bodleian Library. Johannis de Troke the subjects treated of in their works lowe Annales Edwardii II. Angliæ Re- respectively. It will also contain a regis, &c.--Guil. Roperi vita D. Thomæ ference to the different papers compriMori Equitis Aurati, lingua Anglicana sed in the transactions of Learned Socontexta.

cieties, published in the period aboveMajor Moore, of Bombay, has com- mentioned. It is proposed to continue pleted his Hindu Pantheon, and it will this Catalogue annually. be pnblished in a few days, in one vo- Mr James Savage, editor of the pub. lication called “ the Librarian,” pro- frivolous and unimportant objects? and poses publishing in the ensuing month, by what means may their genius and atan Essay on the Varieties observable in tention be drawn to things of higher the Structure of Parish Churches, from

consequence ? their Erection in the First Ages of The Jablonowski Society, at LeipChristianity in this Island, to the End zig, has proposed the following prizeof the Fifteenth Century ; by which a questions, for the year 1919:- In histocommon observer will be able to dis

ry, the origin of cities, and civil econotinguish the age of nearly every eccle- my in Poland: in mathematics, to ana. siastical building of the above descrip- lyze the various theories, on which, action now standing.

cording to Leibnitz, Newton, d'AlemDr Stokes has in considerable for: bert, la Grange, 'T'Huilier, and others, wardness, a Botanical Materia Medica, the infinitesimal calculus depends; and consisting of the generic and specific to determine which of them deserves the characters of the plants used in medio preference: in natural pliilosophy, a cine and diet, with synonyms and refer- comparative consideration of the grounds, ences to medical authors.

for and against admission of peculiar The author of the Refuge, has in the substances in light, heat, electricity, and press a piece on the sufferings of Christ. magnetism.

Mr Mortimer's new Dictionary of The new edition of Wincklemaro's Commerce, Trade, and Manufactures, works, commenced by the late Profeswill appear in a few days.

sor Fernow, of Weimar, will be contiMr Adams, Geographer to the King, nued by Professor Meyer, of the same has just produced a new and elegant pair place. 'All the smaller pieces, originalaf nine-inch Globes, to accompany the ly written in German, together with improved System of Geography of Dr M. Fernow's observations and additions, Smith.

occupy the two fir:t volumes, which Professor White will shortly publish, terminate with the Essay on Allegory. under the title of “ Synopsis Criseos The succeeding volumes will conse, Griesbachianæ," an explanation, in quently comprehend

Wincklemann's words at length, of the marks and ab. grand work, the History of the Arts, breviations used by Griesbach, in his e. and a translation of the Discorso prelims. dition of the New Testament.

nare to the Monumenti antichi inediti. A literary society, entitled the Ionic, M. Geislier, the engraver, of Liepzig, has been founded at Corfy, the princi is engaged on a new botanical work, by pal of the so-called Seven Islands re. the celebrated Pallas. It contains des. cently ceded by Russia to France. It criprions and delineations of 127 beautihas already proposed a prize of 600 ful, an, for the most part, new vegetafrancs, for the best treatise on the Sta. bles, of Russia and Siberia, on one huntistics of these islands. The president of dred folio plates, and forms an indispenthe senate of those islands has also of. sable supplement, or third volnme, to fered a prize of the like value, for the the Flora Rossica. The drawings were best answer to the following question: executed under Pallas's direction, by

Why do the inhabitants of the M. Geisler, the faithful companion of Ionian islands, though not deficient in his travels, and the descriptions are talents, occupy themselves only with from the masterly pen of the former.

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To the Memory of Mr John FLETCHER,

Surgeon; "who died of consumption in

the Hospital of Maltı, in June last, OH! lovely Queen of pensive Night,

Calm Conteniplation's hour is chine, Burst forth in thy unbounded light, While Silence worships at thy shrine:

For to the joyless, anguish'd heart,
Thy melancholy look is dear,
And, sympathizing with its smart,
Thy gloom and death-still scenes appear.
And thou, fair. beaning star of ev'n,
That fairest of Heaven's stars appears,
Adorner of the brow of Heaven !
Shine as if glittering thro' pure tears:


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