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tween 57. and 61. in money, with a knife. spectacle before them. ` Andrew Wa.
Two cards of lace, and a piece of silk; therston, also condemned at the same
were also found under a bench on Circuit Court for sheepstealing, has been
which the prisoner's wife 'sat. Arm- respited.
strong was then sent to prison, and the On Wednesday Nov. 8. pursuant to
witness, with others, proceeded to his the sentence of the last Circuit Court,
lodgings in the Cross-causeway, where George Stewart and John Gordon M'in-
they found some of the stolen aiticles. tush, for house breaking and theft, were

William Rae, Esq. Sheriff of Edin- executed in front of the jail at Glasgow, Burgh identified two declarations of They both acknowledged themselves the prisoner, which bore in substance, guilty of the crime for which they sufthat the prisoner had been tried in Glas- fered. They were decently dressed in gow a few months ago for house-break- black, and behaved as became persons ing, but had been acquitted; that after in so unfortunate a situation. They this he came to Edinburgh, where he embraced each other on the scaffold, and had resided with Brown, until he got a shook hands, after which the fatal drop remittance of money from England, fell. The crowd was immense. They where he afterwards intended to go, were attended in their devotions by the being his native place ; that he bought Rev. Dr William Taylor, jun. Dr John the watches, the edging, and silk fo- Lockhar:, the Rev. John Love, and the rentine, from a chapman whom he met

Rev. William Routledge. in Leith; that he parchased a cloth coat On the 21st of November, the new Freein an auction-room on one of the brid

masons Hall for Scotland, (formerly St Ceges, but could not say which of them cilia's Hall, Edinburgh, which has been pur. it was, or where the shop was situated; chased by the Grand Lodge) was consethat he had no cloth or silk fiorentine crated by the Right Hon. Earl Moira, aclying at his lodgings; that he was in ting Grand Master, under the Prince of · his lodgings during the whole of the Wales, in presence of a numerous and repight the robbery was committed, and spectable body of the brethren. did not leave that house till 7 o'clock

ST ANDREW's Day. next morning.

The Grand Lodge of Scotland, consiste After the examination of witnes- ing of the masters of Edinburgh lodges, and ses, the Lord Advocate summed up the representatives from the lodges in the counevidence for the Crown, and John Jar-try, assembled in the Free Masons Hall of dine, Esq. for the prisoner. The Lord Scotland, on Thursday the 30th November, Justice Clerk addressed the Jury, who and proceeded to the election of the Grand Tetired to a room off the Court, and in Officers for the ensuing year, when the folabout half an hour, returned with a ver

lowing were unanimously chosen, viz. dict, unanimously finding the prisoner

His Royal Highness George Prince of Guilty. After a very suitable and im- of the Order for Scotland.

Wales, Grand Master Mason, and Patron pressive speech from Lord Justice

The Hon. and Most Worshipful Wils
Clerk, he was sentenced to be hanged liam Maule of Panmure, M. P. acting
at the common place of execution on Grand Master under his Royal Highness.
Wednesday the 17th of January next. The Right Hon. and Right Worshipful

On Tuesday Oct. 10. Charles Stewart James Earl of Roslyn, acting Grand Master
Mercer was executed at Jedburgh, pur- Elect under his Royal Highness.
suant to his sentence at the late Circuit William Inglis, Esq. acting Substitute
Court. Af half past two o'clock, at.

Grand Master under his Royal Highness. tended by two clergymen, he mounted

John Clerk, Esq. younger of Eldin, Sew

nior Grand Warden,
the platform, seemingly resigned to his
fate, but at the same time exhibiting

The Hon. Major John Ramsay, Junior

Grand Warden. those signs of contrition for his crime

John Hay, Esq. younger of Hayston, which became his unhappy situation.

Grand Treasurer.
After some time spent in prayer, he

William Guthrie, Esq. Grand Secretary. gave the fatal signal, and was launched

James Bartram, Esq. Grand Clerk. into eternity. There was an immense

Alexander Cunningham, Esq. Grand concourse of spectators present, who ap- Jeweller. peared, from their orderly conduct, to Alexander Laurie, Esq. Grand Booksel be deeply struck with the melancholy ler and Stationer.

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cond daughter of the late John Campbell, Sept. 29. George Macpherson Grant, Esq.

seu. Esq. of Glasgow. of Ballendalloch, was unanimously elected 16. At Edinburgh, William Simpson, Member of Parliament for the county of Esq. en Margaret, eldest daughter of FrasSutherland, in the room of the late Major

cis Yates, merchant, Lerwick, Zetland. Gen. Mackenzie of Suddie.

16. At Hill House, by Bishop Sandford, Nov. 28. Hugh Innes, Esq. of Lochalsh,

John Norman Macleod of Macleod, Esq. was elected Member of Parliament for

to Ann, fourth daughter of John StephenRuss-shire, at Tain, after a warm contest.

son, Esq. London. The candidates were Sir Charles Ross of 17. At Edinburgh, Capt. Alexander Ro. Balnagown, proposed by Sir Hugh Munro

bertson, of the India ship Surat Castle, to of Fowlis, and seconded by Sir Roderick

Jane, eldest daughter of Alexander Laing, Mackenzie of Scatwell, Bart. and Hugh

Esq. architect, Edinburgh. Innes of Lochalsh, Esq. proposed by Mr

18. At London, Viscount Barnard, eldest M'Leod of Geanies, seconded by Colin

son of the Earl of Darlington, to Lady SoMackenzie, Esq. of Portmore, and support

phia Poulett, eldest daughter of Earl Poued by the Seaforth interest. Of the Free

lett. holders on the roll, 23 voted for Mr Innes,

19. At Lintlaw, Mr James Bell, Sheriffsix of whom had their qualifications on su.

clerk of Berwickshire, to Franees, second periorities; two of these were strongly ob- daughter of the late Lieut.-Colopel Caddy, jected to, one of them for refusing to take

of the Royal Engineers. the oath of trust and possession, but whom

20. At Hawick Manse, the Rev. G. J. the Preses, notwithstanding, did not ex

Hamilton, minister of Harbottle, lo Mary, punge from the roll. On the other hand,

only daughter of the late Mr James Walnineteen voted for Sir Charles Ross, all on

ker, Antigua.

25. At qualifications of real property ; in addition

Viscount Hamilton, son of to these, Sir John Leslie of Findrassie, Bart.

the Marquis of Abercorn, to Miss Douglas, Colonel Munro of Poyntzfield, and Mr

second daughter of the Hon. John Douglas, Cockburn Ross of Shandwick, who were

27. Henry Clive, Esq. M. P. for Ludclaimants, declared their votes for Sir

low, to Charlotte Jane, youngest daughter Charles, insisting that they were improper

of the late John Buller, Esq. ly excluded from the roil; so that the num.

27. At Tinwald Downs, Lever Legge, ber of votes for Sir Charles was 22. The

Esq. of the Scots Greys, to Miss Bushby, requisite protests were taken by him, and

daughter of the late John Bushby, Esq. the merits of the election may be discussed

Grant David Yeats, M. D. of Bedford, in a Committee of the House of Commons.

to Miss Jane Colquhoun, daughter of PaNov. 15. Archibalu Campbell of Blyths

trick Colquhoun, Esq. London. wood, Esq. was elected Lord Rector of the

BIRTHS. University of Glasgow. There was a very Nov. 6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Hamilton, hard concest on this occasion. Two 'voted

wife of James Hamilton, Esq. writer to the for Mr Campbell, and two for Lord Ar. signet, a daughter. chibaid Hamilton-the casting vote of the 11. At Dingwall, Mrs Patrick Hay, a Vice-Rector decided the election in favour of Mr Campbell.

16. At Kent, Lady Marsham, daughter of William Morton Pitt, Esq. a daughter.

22. At Southfod, Mrs Stenhouse, youngMARRIAGES.

er of Southfod, a son. Nov. 2. At Mvirhead of Gask, Robert 24. At London, Lady Popham, a son. Low, Esq. of Bracklý, to Mary, eldest 25. At Belville, the Lady of Colonel daughter of David Buchan, Esq. Muirhead Colquhoun, a son. of Gask.

27. At London, the Lady of Ebenezer 5. Mr George T. Sealy, son of Richard Gairdoer, Esq. Cannon Street, a son. Sealy, Esq. of Lisbon, to Sophia, eldest At Holland House, near London, Lady daughter of George Roach, Esq. of Liver. Holland, a daughter. pool, late of Lisbon,

DEATHS. 13. At Broxburn, Mr John Carnie, mer. Jan. 6. At Corntyne, Mrs Mary Ann chant in Glasgow, to Miss Agnes Galbreath. Hamilton, wife of Robert Gray, Esq. of

14. At Edinburgh, John Tennent, jun. Carneyne. Esq. merchant in Glasgow, to Jessy, only Aug. 14. At Demerara, Lieut. John M“. daughter of the late Capt. Thomas Jones, Arthur, of the Royals, much regretted. of Slaneypark, Wicklow, Ireland.

Sept. 9. At Fayeite Ville, North Caro14. Ai Liverpool, Mungo Nutter Camp: lina, Mr William Hattridge, merchant bell, Esq. merchant, Glasgow, to Helen, se- there, formerly of Glasgow.



Oct. 23. At Burlington-house, Piccadil- est son of the late Rev. Alexander Glen, Jy, London, aged 71, the most noble Wil- minister of Dirleton. liam Henry Cavendish Beneinck, Duke of 9. At St Andrew's, the Rev. Dr Tho. Portland, Marquis of Tirchfield, Knight of mas Masson, minister of the parish of Duthe Garter, Lord Lieutenant of the county nichen. of Nottingham, Chancellor of the Univer: U. At Tottenham Court Road, Mr sity of Oxford, and High Steward of Bris- James Wilson, watchmaker, late of Lomtol. His Grace haid been long severely af- bard Street, London. flicted with the stone, when he was indu- 11. At Glasgow, Mr Thomas Buchanan, ced to consent to have an operation per- second son of the late George Buchanan, formed. This was accordingly done, and a jun. Esq. merchant, Glasgow. large stone extracted; but his Grace only 11. At ditto, Mrs Isabella Thomson, wife survived the operation an hour. His Grace of Mr J. Monteith, merchant in Glasgow. was interred in the magnificent family 12. At Tenby, in South Wales, John vault, in St Mary-la-Bonne church-yard, on Henry Cochrane, Esq. one of the Commisthe 10th of Nov. the hearse richly adorn- sioners of the Customs for Scotland. ed with heraldic ornaments, and followed 12. The Hon. Mary Fraser, second daughby several state carriages, and seven coach. ter of the deceased George Lord Salioun. es, containing the relations and friends of the 12. At Bemersyde, William, third son of family. The St Janies's volunteers closed the Janies Haig, Esq. of Bemersyde. procession. He is succeeded in his honours 13. At London, in the 27th year of his and estates by his eldest son, William Hen- age, Mr John Park, of the house of Conry Cavendis now Duke of Portland, who stable, Hunter, Park, and Hunter, booksel. married Miss Scott, eldest daughter of the lers, Ludgate Street, much regretted. late General John Scott of Balcomie.

13. At Aberdeen, Mr John Irvine, mer. Nov. 2. At Craigover, near Edinburgh, chant, aged 54, very much regretted. Mr William Laing, farmer, aged 82.

14. At london, the Right Hon. John 3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Angelo Trema. George, Lord Monson, aged 24.

He sucmondo, widow of Mr Angelo Tremamon- ceeded his father, the late Lord, in 1806, do, late Master of the Royal Academy of and the following year married Lady SaExercises in this city.

rah Saville, eldest daughter to the Earl and 4. At Aberdeen, Willliam Henderson, Countess of Mexborough, by whom he has . Esq. late Captain in the 4th regiment of left a son, born in March last. foot.

14. At London, Sir Frederick Morton 4. At Barnacarry, Argyllshire, Captain Eden, Bart. Colin Campbell of Bragleen.

14. Ar Mossfennan, Mrs Welsh, relict of 4. At Dumfries, Miss Grace Gilchrist, Mr Alexander Welsh, late in Putervan. daughter of the late Dr Ebenezer Gilchrist. 15. At London, in the prime of life, Wil

6. At Glasgow, Miss Christian Fullarton, liam Wood, jun. Esq, an eminent artist, and eldest daughter of the late Rev. John Ful. President of the Society of Associated ArHarton, Dalry.

tists in Water Colours. 6. At Fisherrow, the day on which he 16. At Cumpston Castle, Mr John Gil. completed the 75th year of his age, Mr lone, land-surveyor, aged 57 years. Robert Vernor brewer, whose heart and 17. At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Crafuirit, hand were always open and ready to sup- widow of Mr John Binning of Machriply the wants of the distressed; he was a good husband, an indulgent facher, an a. 17. At Annan, Mrs Henrietta Irving of greeable companion, and an honest man. Gullylands, relict of Andrew Johnstone,

6. At Edinburgh, Miss Helen Ballantyne, Esq. of Johnstonefield. daughter of the late Thomas Ballantyne, 18. At Jedburgh, Mrs Jean Christie vineEsq. of Holylee.

6. At the Manse of Covington, Mrs Eu- 18. At Maxwellon Place, Mr Archibald phemia Cleghorn, spouse of the Rev. Bryce Maxwell, writer in Glasgow. Little.

18. At Edinburgh, Miss Susan Haig, 8. At Aberdeen, Mrs Marjory Paull, a- daughter of the late Mr John Haig, nierged 80.

chant, Alloa. 8. At Wormistone, Fife, Mrs Lindsay of 13. At dicen, Mrs Grace Millar, daughWormistone.

ter of the deceased Mr Artlur Millar, 8. At Leith, Mrs Elizabeth Ballantyne, West India nierchant. spouse of Mr John Menzies, merchant. 20. At Fulham, Sir Philip Stephens, Bart.

8. At Inverkeithing, Mrs Catharine Bon- aged 88, many years Secretary the Board thron, spouse of the late Mr William Mor. of Admiralty. ries of Brieryhill.

21. Ac Dumfries, Mr John Henderson, 9. At London, Mr Walter Glen, young- merchant there,

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Nov. 22. At Glasgow, Mr William Ste- luctu patriam implet.". Through the pare venson writer

tiality of his College friends, the members 22. At Auchray, aged 74, James Stew. of the Natural History and Chemical Socieart of Tar, Esq.

ty, Mr Forbes was selected in November 22. At Leith, William Buchanan, vintner. 1808, as their Secretary and Treasurer,

28. At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Hun- gratuitous offices, the duties of which he ter, second daughter of William Hunter, discharged with alacrity and assiduity, duEsq. of Ormistoun.

ring the remainder of his short life. When 23. At ditto, Miss Janet Ross, daughter on death-bed, he sent for his predecessor in of the deceased Alexander Ross, Esq. one those offices ( Mr P. Neill,) and, with the of the Depute Clerks of Session.

most engaging composure and fortitude, 24. At ditto, aged 20, William Cochran delivered over to him the Society's papers Brown, Esq. of Newton.

and accounts, in perfect order; with an ai. 24. At Auldgirth, Mr William Newall, fecting bequest of his best wishes for the eldest son of Captain William Newail at prosperity of the Society, and the happiness Furth-head.

of its individual members. At the fir: 25. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Dykes Smith, meeting of the Society after his funeral, minister of Polmont.

the members '

wore mourning, as a small, 25. At ditto, Mr William Forbes, student but sincere testimony of their regard for his of medicine, son of Mr William Forbes, memory. writer in Edinburgh, in the 21st year of 29. At Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella Grieve, his age; a young man, endeared to his re- spouse of Mr Francis Howden, jeweller. lat and acquaintances by most engaging 29. At Elgin, Mr Duff Grant, of the manners and pronrising abilities. He was Post office there, much regretted. cut off at the early age of 21, by pulmonary 27. Ac Edi,burgh, Miss Isabella Ford. consumption; that fatal scourge of this 30. At Perth, aged 96, Mr Mungo Dick, country, which has been so often remarked father of Mr Dick, rector of the Grammar 10 single out as its victims those young per

School. sons distinguished (as in this instance) for At Bath, aged 74, John Monck, Esq; amiable dispositions and superior intellect. he was nephew to the first Earl of Dareon Pauci suni," (to adopt the elegant and pa- ley. Mr Monck has left a fortune of thetic language of Dr Gregory,)--" Pauci 130,0001. Sterling, 100,0001. of which he sunt quibus cognati, familiares, aut amici, bas bequeathed to his second son, John hac peste abrepti, non sunt lugendi. Mi- Berkeley Monck, Esq. of Reading, to be sera hæc tabes, sæva, atrox et insensibilis, vested in landed estates, and to be strictly teneros et amabiles depascens, cæde et entailed.

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INDEX for 1809.



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of, 7

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report on, 576
683, 766, 842, 922

This Caledonia, 119
Accident, account of a Boothby, Sir Brooke, re- Charity schuoi, account
dreadful one at the Mei- view of his Fables and of one established in
kile ferry in Sutherland,
Satires, 919

Leith, 89

Botanic Garden at Edin- Charity workhouse of E-
Æina, Mount, account of burgh, suggestions for dinburgh, account of its

a great eruption of, 815 its improvement, 404, receipt and expenditures
Agriculture of Scotland, 485

account of its progress,

at Liver. Chemistry, memoirs of
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Alphabet, on the necessi- memoirs of, 655

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Alcohometer, account of him on the properties of Coffee, directions for the
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American States, picture Buchan, General, account

account of the
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of his defeat in 1690,903 trade of Arabia, 664
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the College of Edinburgh
sketch of his life, 184

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R. original let- stance of spontaneous,
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of his poem entitled Ger- Court of Session, report
Bank note, description of trude of Wyoming, 280 of the Commissioners on
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the administration of jus-
Barbary, account of curi. Cancer, observations on, tice, 407, 489
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by Dr Wardrop, 603 Covent garden, critical
Barometer, description of Canine madness, remarks survey of the new theatre
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the agriculture of, 677 Caucasus, Mount, mine- Davy, Professor, his ex-
Books, new, 46, 124, 203, ralogical view of, 277

December 1809.


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