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of, 409

of, 501

of, 409


planation of Galvanic Forfar Garden, account Highland Society of Scot.
combinations, 197

land, proceedings of the,
Davy, Professor, singu. France, account of its

Jar experiments to pro-
War Depot, 420

Highlands, journey thro',
duce a metallic substance -, view of its pre- by the Ettrick Shep-
sent state, 577

herd, 14, 99, 181
Distillation, address to the French bulletins, analysis Home, John, sketch of
landed interest of Scot-

his life, 329
land on, 433
Gaelic language, synopsis

additions and cor.
Dornoch, account of a with the Latin, 266

rections to, 403
dreadful accident neår Galvanic combinations, Horticultural Society,
that place, 670

explanation of, 196 plan for its establishment
Earthquake in Perthshire, Garden at Forfar, account at Edinburgh, 805.
account of one, 196

House of Industry in E.
Edinburgh, description of, Georgics, British, by Mr dinburgh, account of, 23
from the German of Grahame, review of, 337 Hugues, Victor, goveroor
Frank, 10, 94, 259

Germany, map of the seat of Cayenne,singular cha-
Edmonston, Mr, descrip-
of war in, 323

racter of, 582
tion of the Zetland isles, Germany, view of the Hume, David, curious
by, 908

changes in, by the trea- advertisement by, 23
Ednam, account of the ty of Vienna, 803 Hume, Sir Patrick, hisze.
village of, 723.

Gertrude of Wyoming, count of the Duke of Ar.
Education, sketch of Me review of, 281

gyle's descent upon Scot-
Lancaster's system of, 89 Gillespie, Mr, observa.

land, 411
Ellison, Mr, account of tions on his revolving
his singular escape
from battery, 567, 646

rious narrative of Lady
Verdun, 733

Ginger, curious process Murray concerning him,
Epidemic in Spain and for producing an acid 658
Barbary, account of it,
from, 726

Indian woman, account

Glasgow public library, of her burning herseli,
Epitaphs, 445, 728, 809, account of, 110


Glasgow, account of the Infirmary, Royal, account
Exhibition of Pictures in town and university, by of its establishment, 96
Edinburgh, criticism on, a German, 333

tbe Ionian Isles, descrip.
269, 326, 674, 729 Glass, crown, on its ma.

rion of, 915.
Expeditions, British, state nufacture in Scotland, Kennedy, Captain, 20-
of the result of those to 410.

count of his miraculous
the Continent, 827 Gow, Neil, biographical escape from shipwreck,
Eymouth, description of account of, 3

the town and harbour of, Graduation, form of, in Kerr, Robert, review of

the University of Edin- his agriculture of Ber-
Fables and Satires, by Sir burgh, 95

wickshire, 677
Brooke Boothby, review Grahame, Mr, review of Lancaster, Mr, sketch of

his British Georgics, 837 his system of education,
Fernihirst castle, account Grass, fiorin, account of 89
of, 83

its qualities, 356. Lancaster, Joseph, intel-
Ferries, betwixt Mid Lo. Greenock, account of the ligence concerning, 897
thian and Fife, reports ancient baronies of, 643 Lavater, his letters to the
on the plan for impro- Hall, James, his letter to Countess of Lichtenau,
ving them, 889

Lord Buchao on the 672
Fine arts, memoirs of the properties of ragwort, Leith, account of a cha-
progress of, 37,117, 196, 806

rity school established
273, 355, 430, 512, 594, Hamilton, Mrs, review

there, 89
647, 725, 829, 886 of her exercises in Reli. Lesghaes, in Tartary, ac.
Fine Arts, caution - gious Knowledge, 364 count of them, 337

gainst the excessive pur- Heriot's hospital, query Lifc-boat, description of
suit of the, 855
respecting, 403

a newly-invented one,
Fiorin grass, on its valu. Herring fishery at Wick,
able properties, 724, 808 account of, 904


of, 919

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tion of, 403

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Ligne, Prince de, extracts Miranda, Gen. account lege of Edinburgh, 24,
from his letters, 351

of his landing on the 902
Literary intelligence, 46, Spanish Main, 343 Porteus, Bishop, sketch
47, 125, 203, 204, 284, Mocha, description of,

of his life, 427
285, 364, 365, 441,442, 664

Potash, Galvanic experi-
524, 525, 604, 684, 706, Monastic antiquities, re- ments with, 197
843, 844, 922
view of, 359

Property Tax, payable by
Liverpool, account of its · Moore, Sir

John, memoirs tenants, review of Mr
Botanic garden, 580

of his life, 86, 167 Sherriff's pamphlet relat-
Loch Ness, causes of its

anothercharacter ing to, 916
never freezing, 115 of, 484

Prussia, King Frederick,
Lovat,Lord, curious letter Moore, James, review of interesting conversations

concerning his trial, 22 his narrative of the cam- with the Emp. of Ger-
Macbeth, history of, 121 paign in Spain, 748 many, 351
Mackenzie, Gen. Murray, Lady, her curi. Ragwort, letter to Lord
moirs of, 565

ous narrative relating Buchan on its properties,
Mackenzie, Sir George, to Sir Patrick Hume,

review of his treatise on 658

Ralphson, Mary, extraor-
the diseases and manage- Natural History, monthly dinary life of, 569
ment of sheep, 833 memoranda in, si 85, Rockets, the invention of,
Macneil, Hector, review 164, 244, 328, 408, 566, claimed by J. Weir, 270
of his Lyric Muse of 645,723, 807, 884 Rose, Mr, extract from
Scotland, 38

Nopal, on the use of, as his observations on Mr
Mail coaches, On their an antiscorbutic, 673

Fox's History, 411
destruction of the high. Nubilia in search of a Roseneath castle, descrip-
roads, 497

husband, review of, -595
Manufactures, memoirs Newhaven, plan for im- Royston, Lord, narrative
of the progress of, 37,
proving the harbour of,

of his shipwreck, 335
117, 196, 273, 355, 430, 883

Russian commerce, state
512, 594, 647, 725, 829, the Observer, No. I. 905

of, 488
Orphan Hospital, state-

military esta-
Martello towers, compa- ment respecting, 649

blishment, view of, 494
rative view of, 646 Osages, an Indian nation,

courts of justice,
Marble, on the formation curious account of, 651 procedure in, 495

Paintings, criticism Ruthven, John, his new
Medical school of Edin- their exhibition in Ed- invention for sign boards,
burgh, account of, by inburgh, 269, 326, 674,

&c. 198
Dr Frank, 10, 94

Saragossa, account of the
society in Edin. Party spirit, remarks on, siege of, 166
burgh, account of, 95 487

Scheldt, description of the
Meskle Ferry, in Suther. Pasley, Admiral Sir Thu- islands in it, 563
land, account of a dread. mas, sketch of his life, Science, memoirs of the
ful accident at, 670

progress of, 37,117, 196,
Melgund castle, descrip. Pettycur, plan for impro- 273, 355, 430, 512, 594,

ving the harbour of, 883 647, 725, 829,886
Melville, Gen. character Physicians, college of, in Scotland, recollectionsin,
of, 880

Edinburgh, account of, 9
Merino sheep, account of, 96


Physiognomical observa. Sheep, treatise on their
Mermaid, curious account

tions, 498

diseases and manage-
of one, 645, 734

Pitcairn, Dr, memoirs of, ment, review of, 833
Mineral veins, review of 504

Sherriff, Mr, review of his
Werner's new theory of on Poetical taste and cri- pamphlet on the proper-
their formation, 683
ticism, 17

ty tax payable by ten-
Mines, Swedish, descrip- Police of Aberdeen, re- ants, 916
tion of, 739
port on, 576

Smallholm tower, des.
Minto, Lord, his discourse the Pope, account of the scription of, 163
to the members of the burning of his effigy by Smith, Mr Alex. chat.
college of Fort William, the students at the col. acter of, 480
191, 249


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of, 355


tion of, 243

tion of, 739

of, 274

Snake, remarks on the effigy of the pope, 24,

Wasp, a new species dise
great sea one found off

covered, 117
Orkney, 507, 645 Swedish diet, account of Weather, prognostics of,
Socrates, explanation of a

its constitution, 354

saying at his death, 328 Swedish mines, descrip- Weber, Henry, review of
Spain, extrordinary es-

his poem, the Batile of
cape of a British officer Swift, Dr, original letter

Floddon-field, 42
from thence to Lisbon,

Weir, John, claims the

Surgeons, College of, ac- invention of Rockets,
Spain, review of Mr count of, 96

Moore's narrative of the Theatres on the construc- Werner, review of his
late campaign there, 748
tion of, 513

new theory of the forma-
Spanish Cortes, account

critical survey

tion of mineral veins,
of its ancient constiiu. of the new one in Co-

tion, 431

vent Garden, 736 Wernerian Natural His.
Steam Engine, on the Victor Hugues, governor tory Society, proceed-

early history of, 410 of Cayenne, singularcha- ings of, 5, 115, 163, 243;
Stewart, Professor Dug- racter of, 582

ald, character of, 96 Wahabees, account of the Western Isles, journey to,
Stone, artificial, method

rise and progress of their by the Ettrick Shepherd,
of making it, 573

power, 584
Stones, curious account of Wallace, Dr Robert, me- Whale, description of a
'their falling from the at-

moirs of, 591

remarkable one, 117
mosphere, 911

review of his Yeast powder, on the ad-
Storm, severe one in Eng- dissertation on the num- vantages of, 271
land, and in the north of bers of mankind, 599 Zealand, description of
Scotland, 85

War Depot in France, ac- the islands of, 563
Zba Siudents at the Col- count of, 420

Zetland islands, descrip-
lege of Edinburgh ba- Wardrop, Dr, review of tion of, by Mr Edmop-
nished for burning the his observarions on Can- ston, 908

cer, 603

14, 99, 181



mory, 26

ad. Amicum, 527

mory of Mrs Green, 848 Mary Queen of Scots,
Arthur, a sublime de. Elegy on the late MrB-- verses on, 446
scriptive piece, 447

Matrimony, 288
Arts, verses · on their Epitaph, Latin one on Mr. Moore, Gen. versés

growth in Scotland, 447 Alex. Cockburn, 49 his memory, 205, 445
Ballad, Lord Ruthven, -,curious ones,206,

on his intended
367, 444

monument at Glasgow,
the Battle of Talavera, Euphemia, 207

Fletcher, Mr John, verses

, dirge to his me.
B, Mr, elegy on, 288 to his memory; 926
Buccleuch, Duchess, on the Glasgow garland, 528

stanzas on, bv
visiting her grotto, 697
Glencoe massacre, 446

: Thomas Campbell, 286
Burns, Robert, verses on Green, Mrs, verses to her Monumental inscriptions,
his bidding farewell to memory, $48

"lines on an ingenious in-
Scotland, 845
Įmpromptu, to a young

yention for preserving
the Captive negro, 847

lady, 927

them, 927
Cockburn, Mr Alexander, Isabella, 288

Negro, the Captive, 847
epitaph on, 48

Johnston, John, pathetic Ode on. Winter, 128
Darwin, Dr, address to verses by, 848

for the New year
an antient oak, by, 606 the Jubilee, a song, 846,

1809, 206
Douglas, the tragedy of, Kisses, 447

to the violet, 288 -
lines on reading it, 927

Lord Ruthven, à ballad -- for his Majesty's birth-
Edwin and Amelia, 447 203

day, 526
Elegiac lines, 606 Macintosh, Mr, verses to, Ossian, to the shade of,
to the me- 127



on, 286

Scott, Mr Walter, lines Sonnet to Miss 687 Thomson who celebrat.
Spring, verses on, 448

ed his birth-day, 687
a fine youth, on his Talavera, the battle of, Verses on the death of
disastrous fate, 287 688

William Borthwick, 767
Songs, I'll prie your bon.

, by a private

to the memory of
ny mou', lassie, 203 soldier, ib.

Robert Bourne, 768
the waefu' want o' To-morrow, 287

on Robert Burns'
siller, 608

Verses on seeing a sea- taking leave of his na.
in the Mysterious gull fly up Annan water, native country, 845
Bride, 636

Wallace, or the Vale of
the Jubilee, 846

written on the banks Ellerslie, lines on, 206
Labradore, 846 of the Tay on a stormy Winter, ode on, 128
ibe Sailor's ghost, a ballad, night, 687

Wright, William, verses

to the admirers of

on his death, 527

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ADAM, Mr, defends the jesty to dismiss him, 536. quiry into the state of
Duke of York, 371.

Resolutions for acquit- the nation, 289. On the
Justifies his own con- ting him, 538. New mo- conduct of the war in
duct, 374

tion for another address, Portugal and Spain, 929.
America, motion of Lord 609. The Duke having On the appointment of
Selkirk respecting her resigned, a motion is

the Portugueze regency,
conduct to British de- carried for proceeding 930
serters, 930. Mr Rose's no further in the busi- Militia, local, bill for es.
statement of the exports
ness, 613

tablishing a permanent
and imports from it, 931 Court of Session, bill for one, 931
Appeals, Scots, 935 extending the time when Moore, Sir John, a monu.
Army, motion for its in- the commissioners shall ment to his memory vo.
crease, 213

give in their report on ted by the House of
Baird, Sir David, receives its further regulation, Commons, 212
the thanks of the House

Navy estimates voted,
of Lords, 209

Distillation from grain 293
Castlereagh, Lord, mo- further prohibited, 293 Newspapers, mction for
tion respecting his abuse Divorce bills, new order removing their restric.
of East India patronage,

of the House of Lords tion as to price, 934

respecting them, 930

Offices, bill for preventing
Clarke, Mrs, her extraor. Dutch commissioners, abuses in the sale of, 931
dinary evidence against motion respecting their Parliament opened, 129.
the Duke of York, 369.

abuse of their powers, prorogued, 934
Her letters to the Duke

Portugueze emigrants,
read, 373. Further ex- Frere, Mr, motion re- motion respecting the
amination, 450. More specting his letter to Sir assistance granted them,
curious letters, 531, 533.

John Moore, 933
Clavering, Gen. examin- Gordon, Col. examined Roxburgh, the Lord Chan-
ed on the charges againsi on the charges against cellor's opinion and ino-
the Duke of York, 451,

the Duke of York, 372, tion respecting the suc-
532. Fouud guilty of 375, 453

cession to the estate, 934
prevarication, and sent India directors, motion a. Sanden, Captain, examin.
to Newgate, 930
gainst the recal of writ-

edon the charges against
Commons, House of, de. ers and cadets appointed the Duke of York, 531.
bate on the address to clandestinely, 934

Committed to Newgate
his majesty, 133.
On Irish currency,

motion for

for prevarication, 532.
the correspondence with equalizing it, 932

Reprimanded by the
France, 290.

On the Hope, Sir John, receives Speaker, and released,
convention of Cintra, the thanks of the House 613
293. Long debate on
of Lords, 209

Spain, question respect.
the charges against the Lords, House of, debate ing the treaty with, 932
Duke of York, 534. Mo. on the address to his Waidle, Mr, his charges
son to address his ma- Majesty, 139. On an in. against the Duke of


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Of the Commons, 212..
Question on his being
Secretary of State of Ire-

York, 213. Examined
in support of them, 372.
His motion for reducing
the national expenditure,

Wellesley, Sir Arthur, re-
ceives the thanks of the
House of Lords, 209.

land, 293

in support of them, 369
449. His curious letters
to Mrs Clarke read, 452.
His letter to the Speak-
er, 533. Resigns his of-
fice of Commander in
Chief, 613

York, Duke of, charges
brought against him, 213
Defended by the Duke
of Kent, 289. Evidence

ACCIDENTS, distressing Austria. The Emperor The Archduke John al-
ones by a fuod, 234. Francis resolves on a so successful in Italy,
Dreadful one by gun- new war with France, ib. Comparative view
powder, 314
384. Makes great pre-

of the success of the
Adair, Mr, favourably re- parations, ib. The Arch- two belligerent powers,
ceived at Constantino- duke Charles appointed 467. Political reflec-
ple, 56

Generalissimo, 385. His tions, ib. Austrian cff.
the Alcmene, Capt. Trem- Proclamations to the cial reports of two desper.
lett, wrecked upon the Austrian States, ib. 386. ate battles fought near
coast of France, 393. Counter declaration of Aspern on the 21st and
America. Congressmeets,


the French General Da- 22d of May, 541, 617.
49. President's message, voust, 387. Preliminary Another severe battle
49. Motion for repeal. remarks on the conduct near Presburgh, 620.
ing the embargo laws, of the ruler of France to The French successful,
51. Lost 55. Corre- Austria, 457. Military ib. Decisive battle of
pondences betwixt the operations, 460. Speech Wagram, 627. Immense
English, French and A. of Bonaparte to his army, loss on both sides, ib.
merican ministers 52. ib. The Bavarian divi. An armistice concluded,
Resolutions of the Fede. sion defeated 461. De- 622. Negotiations for
ralists at New York a- claration of the King of peace protracted. 780.
gainst the embargo, 55. Bavaria against Austria, Preparations for the re-
A great number of their 461. A division of the newal of the war, 781.
ships taken by the French Austrian army enters General orders of the
ib. Bill for prohibiting the Tyrol, ib. The Ty. Emperor Francis, ib.
the commercial inter. rolese take up arms, ib. Proclamation of a French
course with Britain and Attack the Bavarians General relative to the
France, 217. Bill for and French, who are to. concealment of arms at
additional seamen rejec- tally defeated, and sur- Vienna, ib. The French
ted, ib. Violent resolu- render prisoners, ib. The fortify Vienna, ib. Levy
tions against the embar- Austrians also success- a heavy contribution on
go, ib. A new non-in- ful in the Palatinate, ib. Lower Austria, ib. And
tercourse bill brought The Archduke Charles on Trieste, 782. Change
into Congress, 294. Mr advances against the in the Austrian Com-
Maddison installed as mair rench army, 462. manders, ib. The Arch-
President, ib. His speech But is defeated in seve- duke Charles resigns, ib.
to the Senate, ib. Mr ral actions, ib. Again de- Definitive treaty of peace
Jackson, the British en- feated at Abensperg ånd with France, 852. Re-
voy, lands at Annapolis, Landshut with great flections on it, 955. See
851. Received by the loss, 463. Defeats the Germany, Tyrol, &c.
American Secretary, ib. French at Ratisbon, ib. Baird, Sir David, loses an
Insulted by the mob, ib, And at Abach, 464. arm at the battle of Co-
Question respecting Bri. Battle of Eckmuhl, 465. runna, 136. Arrives in
tish deserters, who are Proclamation of Bona. England, 144
released by the Ameri- parte at Ratisbon, ib. Balderston, Capt. murder.
can Chief Justice, ib. Gen. Jellachich's procla- ed by James Smith, 218
the Améthyst, Capt. Sey. mation to the Tyrolese, Beckwith Gen.commands
mour, takes the Niemen ib. The Archduke Fer. the expedition against
French frigate, after a dinand defeats the Polish Martinique, 307. His
severo action, 392
army at Warsaw, 466. account of its surrender,



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