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escape, ib.

Beresford, Gen. appoint- Collingwood, Lord, de- Gambier, Lord, destroys
ed Generalissimo of the
stroys a great French

a French fleet in Basque
Portugueze armies, 382. convoy in the Mediter-

Roads, 388.
Issues a sharp proclama- ranean, 947, 949

-, Lord, tried by
tion to them on their Convention of Cintra, a Court-martial and ac-
shameful behaviour at proceedings of a Board quitted, 865.
Oporto, ib.

of Inquiry respecting it, Graham, Gen. Tho. his
Bonaparte, addressed by 149, 225. Report to the gallant behaviour in
the citizens of Madrid, King, 227

Walcheren,629. see Hol-
219. His haughty an- Cradock, Sir John, arrives land.
swer ib. Leaves Spain at Lisbon, 69

Grant, Col, his gallant be-
suddenly, 221. Issues the Crescent frigate lost, haviour in Spain, in an
decrees, conciliatory to
with most of her crew,

action with the French,
the Americans, 306. Ar- 72

rives at Paris, 858. Sin- Cunningham, Capt. kille Harvey, Ad. Eliab, tried

gular indisposition, 859. led in storming the lines by a Court-martial, and
the Bonne Citoyenne car- of Travancore, 616

dismissed his Majesty's
tures the Furieuse fri, Denmark. Bornholm

service, 553•
gate, 789

bombarded by an En Holland. Decrees per-
Bornholm, bumbarded by glish fleet, 70. Relaxa- mi

ng exports and im-
an English Aleet, 70 tion in her commercial

ports, 306. Further de.
· Brunswick,Duke,escapes decrees, 787. The gar- crees conciliatory to A.

with a small force on rison of Christianhoe re- merica, ib.
board an English squad. volt and part of them Holland, British expedi-
ron, 940

tion to it commanded by
the Carnation sloop of war Drury-lane theatre de- the E. of Chatham, 623.
taken after a desperate stroyed by fire, 231. The troops land on Wal-
action, 72

Duel, Lord Falkland kil- cheren, ib. Take Mid.
Cayenne,surrenders to the led by Mr Powell, 233. dleburgh, Ter Veer,&c.
-British forces, 311

Betwixt Lord Castle. 624. State of the loss
Ceylon, great dissensions reagli and Mr Canning, of the British army, 625.
among the natives, 851.

Sir Rich. Strachan's ac-
But on good terms with Etna, mount, eruption of, count of the naval ope-
the English, ib.

rations, 626. Sir John
Chalmers, Col, his galFalkland, Lord, killed in Hope's division lands on
lant behaviour in Tra.
a duel, 233

South Beveland, 677.-
vancore, 616

Fires, in St James's pa- Fort Rammekens sur-
Chatham, Earl of, com-

lace, 145

Drury-lanc renders,.628. Smart ac-
mands a great expedi- theatre totally burnt tion near Flushing, 630.
tion to Holland, 623. down, 231.

Christ- Bathz attacked by the
See Holland.

Church college, Oxford, enemy's flottilla, which
China, bold conduct of a 314. Dreadful one at is driven off with loss,
Postuguese priest, 774. Billingsgate, 393

629, 630. A British
The Chinese reconciled Forrest, Capt, his gallant squadron forces the pas-
to the English, 775 action with a fleet of sage of the scheldt, 631.
the Cleopatra frigate, Capt. Russian gun-boats, 787! Preparations for bom-
Pechell, takes the To. France, new order of barding Flushing, 633
paz French frigate, af- Knighthood, 859. The Attacked by the land

ter a severe action, 392 Austrian prisoners to be batteries and the ship-
Cochrane, Adm, success sold to the farmers, ib. ping, 634.' The town
of his Acet in the West French convoy, a great surrenders, upon arricies
Indies, 71

one destroyed by Lord of capitulations, 689,-
Cochrane, Lord, gallant Collingwood's feet in Amount of the French
services on the coast of the Mediterranean 947

garrison, 691. Return
Languedoc, 70. Brave French fleet destroyed in of the British loss, ib.
defence of Fort Rosas, Basque Roads by Lord Sir R.Strachan's account
224, 383.
Destroys a

Gambier's fleét, 388. of the bombardment,692.
French fleet in Basque Three fine frigates ta. Further naval opera-
Roads, 389

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tions, 695. Zeiricks»

ken, 392

The army

and Browershaven sur. 772. New officers ap- Mayne, Col, his gallant
render, 696. The army pointed, 774. Holkar behaviour in Spain in an
suffer much from sick. in distress, 850. Death action with the French,
ness, 698. The forts of Tippoo Sultan's son,

on the Scheldt strongly $51.

Ministerial difference, be-
fortified, ib. The Earl Ionian islands, surrender twixt Lord Castlereagh
of Chatham obliged to to a division of the Bri- and Mr Canning, 790.
suspend his operations, tish army under Gen. A duel, 791. They both
ib. Returns to Eng. Oswald, 950

resign, 792. Correspon-
land, 945. Gen. Don Italy. Subversion of the dence betwixt the Mi.
takes the command, ib. Papal States by order of nistry and Lords Grey

evacuates Bonaparte, 778. AÓ- and Grenville, 792
South Beveland, ib. nexed to the French Missionaries in India,
The sickness in Walche- empire, 779. Bonaparte their success, 217. In-
ren increases, ib. The excommunicated, 780. troduce viccination into
final evacuation determi- The new kingdom to be the Burmah, ib.
ned on, ib.

divided into six depart. Moore, Sir John, bis
Hope, Gen. Sir John, his

ments, 860.

distressing march thro'
account of the battle of Jackson, Mr, arrives in Spain, 07. Skirmishes
Corunna, 137

Virginia as British en- with the French out.
the Horatio frigate, Capt.
voy, 851

posts, ib. Killed at the
Scott, takes La Junon Jainaica, dispute between battle of Corunna, 136.
French frigate, after a the Governor and the Account of his last no-

severe action, 392 Assembly, 218. Gen. ments, 141. General ar-
Hotham, Capt. received Carmichael refuses to ap. my orders on the occa-

with great joy at Ferrol pear before the latter, sion, ib. Official letters
and Corunna, 552

relative to his command,
India, success of the Bap- Jubilee, grand one in 297

tist missionaries, 217 London, 868. At Wind. M.Farlane, Gen. com-
India. Difference be. sor and Frogmore, 870. - mands an attack upon
twixt the British go- At Dublin, 871

the coast of Naples, 699
verament and the Ra-

the Jupiter, of 50 guns, M‘Kinley, Capt. his ac-
jah of Travancore, 614. wrecked near Bayonne,

count of the capture of
Hostilities with the Ra-

Vigo from the French,
jah,614. Gallant conduct the Latona captures the
of Major Welsh in the Felicite French frigate, Naples, successfuldescent
attack, ib. The British

upon it by the army of
troops under Col. Chal. London, address of the Sir John Stuart, 699,
mers attacked at Qui- city to the King ou en- The islands of Ischia and
lon, ib.-The Rajah of rering the 50th year of Procida taken 700. A
Cochin murdered by
liis reign, 953

large flotilla destroyed
the Travancorians, ib. Mackenzie, Gen. killed ib. Unsuccessful attack
The lines of Travan- at the battle of Talave. upon Scylla, 701. The
core stormed and taken
ta, 755

works there blown up
by Major Wqish, ib.-- Malcolm, Gen. arrives in by the enemy, ib. A
The officers receive the Persia on mission,

detachment of the 21st
thanks of the Govern. 56

regiment surprized at
ment, 617. Interesting the Maria brig taken off Palmi, 792. State of
narrative of a difference Guadaloupe, after a de- the British loss, ib. De.
betwixt the Governor perate action, 145

crees of Mura:, 860
of Madras and General Martin, Adm. destroys a Naval actions in the Me.
Macdowall, 769. The French convey in the diterranean, and a great
latter embarks for Eu. Diediterranean, 948

number of French ships
sope, 779. Several of. Dlartinique, the island of, taken, 788.
ficers suspended, -771,

surrenders to the British the Onyx sloop of war
77.3. Charges against

captures a fine Dutch
Col. Munro, in. Gene. Maxwell, Major, takes brig of war, 71,
ral orders of Govern. the settlement of Sene. Oswald, Gen, commands
ment on the occasion, gal, 787

an expedition against the


379, 380

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forces, 307

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in China, 774

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Ionian islands, which Defeats the French on ken by an English squa-
surrender, 950

the Douro, 469. Takes dron, 218
Oxford, destructive fire Oporto, ib. Several of Schill,Col.arms in support
at Christ - church col. the French massacred, ofAustria, 930. His army
lege, 314

471. Sir A. Wellesley's defeated at Stralsund,and
Paget, Lord, his gallant proclamation to the peo-

himself killed, 939
behaviour in Spain, 68 ple of Oporto, ib. The Senegal taken by a corps
Parker Capt. Fred.drown- French retreat from Por- under Major Maxwell,

ed at Senegal, 787 tugal, in great disorder, 787
the Parthean, Capt. Har- 472. Their horrid cru. Sherbrooke, Gen. sails
ward, takes a French elty to the peasants, ib. with a large fleet with
privateer, 393
SirA.Wellesley prepares

troops for Ceuta, but
Persia. Gen. Malcolm to march into Spain, 550. encounters a storm, and
arrives at Bushire, 56.

Is taken iH, and removes obliged to return, 224
Sir Harford Jones ar- to Lisbon, 784. Reco- Shipwrecks--the Crescent
rives on a new mission, vers, and appointed one

frigate, 72.

A large
849. Singular difference of the Regency, ib. transport with troops
betwixt him and the Go- Great sickness among

from Corunna, 144
vernor-General, ib. Sir the British army, ib.

The Primrose sloop of
Harford graciously, re-

Gen. Beresford increases war, ib. The Admiral
ceived by the King, 850. the Portugueze army,

Gardner and Britannia
And concludes a treaty, 864. Two men strang. Indiamen,244. TheSole-
ib. The French mission led for uttering base bay frigate lost at Se.
leave Persia, ib. The coin, ib.

negal, 737
King sends an ambassa- a Portugueze priest, his Smith, James, tried and
'dor to England, ib. bold conduct at Macao executed for the murder
Pigeon-island taken by

of Capt. Balderston, 228
the Circe frigate, 219 Prevost, Gen. arrives off the Solebay frigate, lost
Popham, Sir Home, gal- Martinique, 218. The at Senegal, 787
lant conduct in the ex- colony surrenders, 307 Spain. --Battle of Tudela,
pedition to Holland, 632. the Primrose sloop of war 57. The Spaniards de-
See Holland,
lost with all her crew,

feated with great loss,
Portugal.-- Disorderly be- 144

58. Battle of Saragos-
haviour of the people, the Prince George tran- sa, in which the French
69. Proclamation of the sport run down, and se- are defeated, 59. Mad-
Intendant of police, ib. veral officers and men rid surrenders to the
Sir John Cradock ar- drowned, 393

French, 60. Singular
rives at Lisbon, ib. The Prussia, the Royal Fa- speech of Bonaparte to
British insulted at Lis. mily visit Petersburgh, the Spanish deputies, 61.

Furious proclamations
tion against the mob, Rodger, Capt. gallant at- against the Spaniards, 62.
ib. Decree against the tack on the town of No- A number of Spanish
French,224. The French
li in Italy, 71

grandees declared trai.
again enter Portugal, the Rook schooner taken

Spanish AC-
331. Gen, Soult's pro- after a desperate engage-

counts of their opera,
clamation, ib. Enters
ment, 72

tions, 63. A Spanish
Oporto, after a slight re- Russia. The Russians General murdered by his
sistance, 382. Gen. Be. defeat the Turks in se- own troops, 64. Capi.
resford appointed Field- veral engagements, 936,

tulation of Madrid, 65.
marshal of the Portu- Take Ismael and other Strong protest of the
guese army, ib. His

strong places, ib.

A- Supreme Junta against
remonstrance on their larm Constantinople, ib. it, ib. Treachery of Ge.
cowardice andinsubordi. A general levy ordered, nerals Morla and Casta.
nation, ib. Gen. d'An-

nos, 66, The Spaniards
drada massacred by his Russian, despe. successful in Catalonia,
own soldiers, 383. Şir rate action with them ib. But are driven from
A. Wellesley lands at and a British squadron, Barcelona, ib. Fort Ro.
Lisbon, 468. Sets out 787

sas surrenders to the
to join the army, ib. Samona, the island of, ta. French, ib, Official ace
December 1809.


bon, 223.

tors, ib.


count" by Lord Coch. 378." The Spaniards a. Decrees of the usurper
rane, 383. Bonaparte gain defeated in Catalo.

Joseph Bonaparte, 861,
reviews his army at Nfa.
nia, 379. Successful in

Further particulars of the
drid, 66. Sir John Moore Gallicia, and take Vigo, siege of Gerona, ib. OF-
marches to cut off Soult's with the French garri. ficial account of the de.
division, 67. Skirmishes son, ib. Various further feat of the French at
betwixt the British and successes, 380. Decree Tamames by the Doke
French cavalry, 68, Ge- of the Junta against the del Parque, 862. Sin-
neral Lufevre taken pri- French, ib. Statement

gular exploits of a Spa-
soner by General Stew. of the loss of the French nish peasant,863. French
art's division, ib. Sir army in Spain, 381. Of. intrigues to seduce the
John Moore compelled "ficial account of the loss Spaniards to join them,
to retreat, 136. Despe- of the British, ib. State- 864. Dissentions among
rate battle of Corunna, 'ment of military stores the supreme Junta, ib.
ib. Sir John Moore killa sent from England to 946. Further success
ed, ib. Sir D. Baird Spain, ib. Gallant'action of the Duke del Parque,
wounded, ib. General at Alcantara, wherein 946. His army enters
Hope's account of the the French army are de- Salamanca, ib. Several
battle, ib. The British feated by a small body members of the Supreme
army effect their embar. of Spaniards command- Junta arrested, 941
kation, 139-140. French ed by Colonels Mayne St James's palace, fire in,
accounts of the battle of Cand Gránt, 550.. Official 145
Corünna, 142. Observa- account of the evacua. State papers, correspond-
tions on the English ex-

tion of Corunna and ence with the Russian
pedition to Spain, 143. Ferrol by the French, and French governmeuts,
The army' arrive in Eng- 551. The French again 146
land, 144. Fulsome ad. defeated in several ac. Staines, Capt. his great
dress of the citizens of tions, 553. Sir A. Wel- bravery in an attack on
Madrid to Bonaparte,

lesley's account of the an Italian Flotilla, which
219. His extraordinary movements of his army, he captures, 789. Is se-
answer, ib.

The citi 702. Battle of Talavera, verely wounded, (for
Zens demand Joseph Bo.
703. Gallant conduct of

which he is knighted,)
naparte for their king,
the British army, 704.

220. Three Spanish gran- Return of their loss, 70%. the Standard man of war
dees sent prisoners to Farther accounts of Sır také several vessels off
Bayonne, 221. Joseph A.Wellesley's operations Corfu, 145.
Bonaparte enters Ma. 709. His difference with Stewart, Gen, bis gallant
drid, ib. The French the Spanish General Cu- behaviour in Spain, 68
take Ferrol, and the Spa-

Sir Robert Strachan, Sir R. com-
nish Aeet there, ib. The Wilson's corps defeated, mands the expedition to
Spaniards rally in the 711. Sir A. Wellesley's Holland, 626. See Hol-
South, 222. Brave de. army, obliged to retire land.
tence of Saragossa by to the frontiers of Portu. Stuart, Lord William,gal-
Palafox, ib. Traitors ar- gal, for want of provi. lant conduct in passing
rested at Cadiz, ib. Of sions, 713. General re. the Scheldt, 631. See
ficial letters relative to

flexions on the conduct Holland,
the English campaign in

of Spain in the war, ib. Sweden. The Swedes
Spain, 297, Treaty be-
Sir A, Wellesley appoint-

obliged to abandon Fin.
twixt his Britannic Ma. ed Generalissimu of the land to Russia, 69. Re-
jesty and Ferdinand VII. Spanish armies, 753. But volution in o the goveras
301. Joseph Bonaparte's is attacked with a fever, ment, 3039

The King
letter to the people of and obliged to go to arrested, ib. The Duke

Violent Lisboli, 754. Account or Suderinania appoint-
commotion at Cadiz,302. of the siege of Gerona, ib. ed Regent, ib. His vin-
Don Hereda murdered,

The Marquis of Welles. dication of his conduct,
ib. Distressing account
of the siege and capture

ley, ambassador to the 304. The Swedish dict
Supreme Justa, lands at

meets, 755. Kiog Gus-

of Saragossa, 377. New Cadiz, and is received tavus deprived for ever
decrees of king Joseph,
with great honours, ib. of the Crown ib. His act


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esta, ib.


Madrid, 301,

of abdication, 785. The General's Proclamation Is taken ill, and goes to
Duke Regent accepts of to them, 4656 Narra- Lisbon, 784. See Spain.
the crown, ib. Proclama- tive of their military Wellesley, Marq. arrives
tion to the people, ib. operations against the at Cadiz: 784. Receiv-
The new king proclaim- French, 940. Send two ed with bigh honours,
ed, 786. Message rela- deputies tu London, 941.

ib. Grand entertain-
tive to the pension to

Substance of their state- a ment given him, ib.
be allowed to Gustavus,
ment, ib.

Attends the Supreme
ib. Treaty of peace be- Wellesley, Sir A. arrives Junta at Seville, 785.
tween Russia and Swe- at Lisbon to take the Welsh, Major,gallantcon-
den, 857. Remarks, 8.58.

command of the British duct in storming the
Abstract of the new

army, 383, 468. His lines of Travancore, 614.
constitution, 937

account of the campaign West Indies. Pigeon isl-
Switzerland, law respect- in Portugal, 469. Drives and taken by an Eng-
ing marriages, 861 the French into Spain, Jish frigate, 218. The
Turkey. The new go-

ib. Marches to Abrantes Spaniards attack the ci.
vernment favourable to to take the command in ty of St Domingo, ib.
the English, 56. Mr

Spain, 550. Defeats the Samana taken by three
Adair kindly received, French with great loss English frigates, ib.
ib. Severe engagements at Talavera, 702-3. Is

Dispute between the
with the Russian army, embarrassed by the in. Governor of Jamaica and
936. Alarmed at the activity of the Spanish the Assembly, ib. Mar-
approach of the Rus. General, and obliged to tiniqué taken by the Bri.
sians, 936. Reflections retire to the Portuguese

tish forces, 306. St Do-
on the situation of the frontier, 709, 713, The mingo taken by the Bri-
country, ib,

British wounded left at tish and Spaniards, 775•
the Tyrolese rise against Talavera well treated by The French garrişun

the French, 461. De- the French. 710. Ap. embarked for Jamaica,
befeat a corps of Bava. pointed Generalissimo of 778.

rians, ib. The Austrian the Spanish army, 783.

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ARMSTRONG, JOHN, tried : the Lords of the Trea- Robert Wright for theft,
and condemned for shop- sury against the Lord 74. Grizel Johnston for
breaking, 255
Chief Baron, 635

theft, 74. John M'In.
Assembly, General, pro. Fast day, state of the col. tyre, Andrew Stewart,
ceedings of, 473
lections, on, 316

and Robert Stewart, con-
Addresses to the King, Ferguson, Robert, tried demned, 75. John Bird
474. 556

for counterfeiting the for theft, 75, Rachel
Bird, John, tried for theft, King's stamps, 955

Wright for child-stealing

Free Masons Hall, at E. sentenced, 156. John
Black, John, tried for dinburgh, consecrated,

Black for theft, *31.56
theft, 315
957. Election of Grand

John Munro, and Wm.
Circait intelligence, 394.
officers, ib.

Macfarlane, for enlist.
714,875, 954

High - school of Edin- ing, 315. Wm. Steuart
Court of Session, state of burgh, examination of, for embezzling money,
the pleas before it, 315. 638

635. Robert Ferguson
Punish three men for Holland, James, tried for for counterfeiting the
perjury, 315
robbery, 73

King's stamps, 955. Wm.
Cowpox, its success, 76 Johnston, Grizel, tried for Oliver for robbing the
Divinity hall, prizes at,

mail, ib. John Arm-

Jubilee, grand celebration strong for shopbreaking
Earthquakes in Perth- of the 25th of October condemned, ib.
shire, account of, 76. In at Edinburgh, 793. At Law-cases anent the Free-
Argyllshire, 316

Glasgow and Perth, 8:24. masons, 234. The set.
Edinburgh, city of, ad- Justiciary, Court of, pro- tlement of a pauper, 475.

dress to the King, 873 ceedings of, 73. Trial Lunatic asylum, the foun-
Excheques, Court of, case of James Holland, ib.


theft, 74

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