The Tempest (Luxurious Classics)

Independently Published, 20.10.2021 - 176 Seiten
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The Tempest, thought to be one of the last plays that Shakespeare wrote alone, begins with a storm which shipwrecks the king of Naples and his crew. We quickly learn that the tempest was not a natural occurence; it was created by Prospero, the usurped duke of Milan who is stranded on a nearby island, with the help of Ariel, a spirit in his service. The rest of the play explores the relationships between the shipwrecked crew, Prospero, his daughter Miranda, and a native of the island: a half human, half monster called Caliban.

This is the perfect gift for any literature lover: a book to read and enjoy!

Luxurious Classics is proud to present a timeless collection of unabridged literary classics to a twenty-first-century audience. Each original masterwork is reimagined into sophisticated yet modern editions with breathtaking covers. These books are a masterpiece to read and collect along with your favorite books. A True Classics that Belongs on Every Bookshelf

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