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Money, poem to, 377.

Palus Mæotis, 135. --- His conquest of Mordaunt, Charles, late Earl of Peterbo Asoph, 136.-Triumphant entry into

rough and Monmouth, his life, 88, 1370 Moscow, ib.Sends young Gentlemen 171.

to foreign countries for their improveMotion, the laws of, demonstrated, 74.. ment, ib.-His travels, 179.-Abolishes Compound, nature of, discussed.- Of re

the Strelitz, or Ruffian militia, 239.fraction, 76.Of reflexion, and its cause, Makes alterations in the Russian customs, 77.

manners, State, and Church, 241. Moufles, or moufled pullies, their mechani Founds

Petersburg, 345.-Takes Narva, cal powers, 256.

346...Executes his designs, notwithstandN.

ing the victories of the King of Sweden, Narva, battle of, 295.-Resources after it,

349. 296.

Phenomenon, extraordinary, occafioned by Nah, Mr. King of Bath, a sketch of his the chain of mountains which run through

life, character, and manners, 202. the peninsula within the Ganges, 187.Naval strength, a discourse on its impor Strange one, communicated to the Royal tance, 2.

Academy at Paris, 251. Night-piece, 269.

Philosophy, elements of, 13, 73, 123, 183, 0.

251, 316, 366. Occasional letter, 16.

Plague, terrible, of 1665, an account of its Ode to the memory of Miss B, 208. rife and progress, 234.-Conjectures on For his Majesty's birth-day, 326.

its natural causes, ib. Oeconomy, animal, new and curious no Plane, inclined, its mechanical powers, 317. tions concerning it, 293;

Pleasures rendered purer by moderate use, 16. Oil, train, procesies for edulcorating it, 351. Predictions of some extraordinary men from Orange, Prince of, his preparations for in

Damascus, 219. vading England, 19. - His declaration, Proclamation, nominating persons to hold a 85.-Takes his leave of the States, and

Court of Claims, 379. fets sail, 129.-His fleet dispersed by a Prologue to the Earl of Essex, 24.–To the tempeft, ib.Sails out a second time, and Jealous Wife, 99.--To All in the Wrong, lands in England without oppofition, 130.

326. A false declaration published in his Propagation of trees by parts of the roots, name, 195.-His proposals to the King,

209. 196.-His guards march, and take pof- Pullies, their mechanical powers. 256. session of all the posts about Whitehall,

Q.. 245.-- Addressed by the Lords to take Quebec, memoirs of its fiege, from the jourupon him the administration of the public nal of a French Officer, 258. affairs, 300.- His letter to the Conven- Queen of King James II. retires to France, tion, 303.

with the Prince of Wales, 197. P.

R. Palais, chief town and citadel of Belleille, Ranks, distinction of, 62.

described, 225.-Authentic journal of its Religion, insurrections on account of, in fiege, 322:

Russia, 68. Pally, experiments made for curing it by Relt, notion of, illustrated, 74. electricity, 248.

Retirement, an ode, 269. Panic, ftrange, of the inhabitants of Lon. Rheumatisms, electricity of singular efficacy

for curing them, 259. Parliament, proceedings in the last feffion of, Roots of trees. See Propagation.

157, 198, 235, 288, 357: _Exact alpha- Ropes, their use in mechanics, 367. betical litt, from the Gazette, of the Mem. Rose, 205.

bers refurned for the present, 262. Russia, M. de Voltaire's History of, 9, 67, Pastoral poem, 328.

134; 178, 239, 294, 345,

See Peter Patkul, John-Reinhold, authentic account the Great, of what paffed between him and his Con

S. felor, the night before, and at his execu Sappho, a new translation of her ud ode, 44.

Scotland, affairs of, at the time of the de. Peace, when concluded, political reflections parture of King James II, 302.

on what is necessary to be retained by the Screw, its use in mechanics, 366.-Screw of English of their conquests, 62.

Archimedes, 367.-Endless ícrew, ib. Peter the Great, of Russia, his ancestors, 9. Sea water, method of making it potable, -Beginning of the great reformation in

344 his reign, 69.- His expedition to the Shakespear, William, the inimitable poet,


don, 244

tion, 117

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his life, 337.--Monument, erected to his

U. memory, described, 344.

Understanding, its improvement of fingular Sheriffs, for the year 1961, 105.

importance, 72. Signior, Grand. See Declaration.

Vanity, modern, some fpecies of, exempliSiyab-ghush, an animal brought from the fied, 267. Ealt-Indies, an account of, and repre- Vapour, fubterraneous, a woman killed by fented in a cut, 349.

the eruption of one, 251. Society, human, a view of their imperfec- Venus, transit of, over the solar disk, calcutions, 45.

lated, 210.- Observations and a view of Soliloquies, 153, 207.

her in her tranfit, 315. Sophia, Princess, her government in Russia, Visinertiæ, or paffive force, what it is, 16. 67.

Vitriolic fulphur, tincture of; manner of Soul, human, reasons for its immortality, preparing it, 344..-An excellent remedy from its indettructibility, 97.--Notions

for several purposes, 345; of the Iroquois Indians concerning its Veltaire, Mr. verses on the report of his immortality, 115Answer to an ob being employed in writing a commentary

jection against its immortality, 152. on the Bible, 43. See Russia. Speech, of his Majesty, for disolving the Vote, memorable of the Commons, setting

Parliament, 163.-Of Mr. Speaker of the forth that King James had abdicated the House of Commons, in answer to the government, 304.

thanks of the House given to him, 164. Spring, hymn to, 98.

Wales, Prince of, son of King James II, States.general, their resolution on the Prince baptised, 82. An extraordinary Council of Orange's declaration, 87,

called to prove his birth, 83.- Depositions Strelitz, the Russian militia, horrible mas 'taken, with remarks on them, ib.

facres committed by them, 12. See Peter Wat Tyler, account of his insurrection, 79. the Great.

Way to Keep Him, a comedy of five acts, Sunderland, Earl of, removed from all his fome account of, 32.-Way to be wise, places, 84.

271. Sutton, Mr. his trial for the murder of Anne Wedge, its mechanical powers, 318.

Westmoreland, county of, described, 169. Systems, Philofophic, vanity of, 326. Wheels, explanation of their mechanical T.

powers, 316. Temperance, essential to happiness, 71. Winander-mere, the greatest lake in EngThoughts, upon several subjects, 7, 1772 land, described, 169.-Remarkable for 287

breeding the golden Alpine trout, ib. Tincture, of mercury, process of, 305 Windlass, or capstane, its mechanical powe

Proved to be a very efficacious remedy for ers, 316. the cure of several diseases, 306.

Wisdom, verses on, 376. Trées. See Propagation.

The Wilh, 98. Tyler. See Wat.

Wyat's rebellion, 190.


Bell, 143:

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DIRECTIONS to the BINDER, for placing the Cuts in this Volume. Page

Page T HE frontispiece to face the title.

Lies, &c.

255 Head of the Marquis of Whartan 18 Head of the Hon. Augustus Keppel 271 Captain Cornwall's monument 40 Map and fortifications of the islands of Map of Canada

Malta and Gozo

281 Head of General Amherst

Head of the Duke of Schonberg 300 Perspective view of the city of Quebec


Mechanical powers of wheels, the axle-tree, The herbaceous jointed-podded colutea 128 capítanes, the inclined plane, the wedge, Head of the Earl of Peterborough 137


315 Map of Westmoreland 169 Head of the Poet Shakespear

337 Head of the Earl of Godolphin 193 Monument of ditto

344 Propagation by the root

208 Mechanical powers of different forts of Map and fortifications of Belleille

225 screws, and of cords, hygrometers, &c. Mechanical powers of balances, levers, pul


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