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ported to have cost upward of 30,000l. ground, and in such manner as by law, The whole loss sustained is, estimated at he or they might have done before the 45,000l. only 14,000l. of which will be pasling of this act; any thing herein conreimbursed by insurance. A great quan- tained to the contrary notwithstanding.' tity of cotton was destroyed.

On this subject it need only be reThe committee appointed to inspect the marked, that by this bill the power of models for Mr. Howard's monument met juries is not enlarged. It is only accuon Friday, and have determined that it rately defined. shall be done under the direction of the

FEBRUARY 14 Royal Academy, and that Mr. Bacon Letters have been received from on shall be the architect. It is to be placed board the Pitt, captain Manning, bound in St. Paul's; and being intended as a to Botany Bay, dated Rio Janeiro, Octocompanion to the monument of Dr. John- ber 20, 1791, by which there is intellifon, will be a full-length figure of the gence that soon after they quitted St. Jago, Philanthropist, placed upon a pedestal, a dreadful fire broke out on board, which with a baffo relievo allusive to his virtues. carried off 47 of the ship's company and The estimate given in for the figure is convicts. Some of the latter having so 1100 guineas į for the pedestal and re far abused the indulgence of the captain

(who permitted them to go on More) as FEBRUARY 13.

to endeavour to escape, he has been under Mr. Fox's bill for settling the rights of the necessity of confining them to the juries, on the trial of libels, has passed thip. both houses. It is very short, and, ver The ihip failed from Rio. Janeiro on batim, as follows:

the 31st of O&tober. " Whereas doubts have arisen, whether,

FEBRUARY 18. on the trial of an indictment or informa Yesterday morning, about one o'clock, tion for the making or publishing any an alarming fire broke out at the Shoulder libel, where an issue or illues are joined of Mutton public-house, on the Marketbetween the king and the defendant or de- hill, Northampton, which in a short time fendants, on the plea of not guilty pleaded, intirely destroyed the same, together with it be competent to the jury impannelled all the furniture, &c. and what is more to try the fame, to give their verdict upon shocking to relate, out of nine people, wilo the whole matter in issue :

were in bed, only one (Henry Marriott, . Be it therefore declared and enacted, the landlord) escaped the firy of the flames. by the king's most excellent majelty, by The family' consisted of the said Henry and with the advice and consent of the Marriott, his wife and five children, and lords spiritual and temporal, and com a man and his wife (lodgers) who only mons, in this present parliament asiem came the preceding evening,

The fire bled, and by the authority of the fame, began in the cellar, where they had been That, on every such trial, the jury sworn brewing on Thursday, and had commuto try the issue, may give a general verdict nicated to the rooms on the first story lis. of guilty or not guilty, upon the whole fore it was discovered by the watch, who matter put in issue upon such indictment immediately gave the alarm, but too late or information; and shall not be required to save the unhappy sufferers. or directed, before the court or judge be The increase of the brewery of this fore whom such indictment or information kingdon is prodigious. In the year 1790 shall be tried, to find the defendant or de- fix or eight barrels of that kind of fendants guilty, merely on the proof of which the London brewers call Brown the publication by such defendant or de. Stout, were fent out as a sample to Pefendants of the paper charged to be a li- tersburgh ; the liquor proved so well abel, and of the sense ascribed to the fame in dapted to the taste of the Russians, that last such indictment or information : provided year the orders for that article were nearly also, That nothing herein contained shall 2000 barrels from one brewery alone, and extend, or be construed to extend, to pre- the demand, it is supposed, will increase in vent the jury from finding a special ver a tentold degree. Poland also offers ano. dict, in their discretion, as in other cri- ther extensive market for our brewery. minal cases :-provided also, that, in cafe Attempts are now making to introduce the jury shall find the defendant or de- this kind of porter into that kingdom. fendants guilty, it shall and may be lawful The Poles have by the late revolution in for the said defendant or defendants to their constitutional government, obtained move in arreft of judgment, on fuch a degree of liberty that will encourage



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them to make the natural exertions of that to 1221. 165. 7d. had they as heretofore
industry of which they are now to enjoy remained unemployed. .
the fruits, and excite them to attain com-

forts they never thought of in a fate of This day, the sessions ended at the Old

Bailey, when 19 capital conviets, respited

during his majesty's pleasure, were parYesterday afternoon a committee of doned, on condition of their being tranfWest India Planters had an interview ported to New South Wales for life ; one with Mr. Pitt, when the minister agreed of whom, Thomas Jones, refusing to acto clear them of all the drawback money cept the above condition, was ordered ta on exporting sugars, in order to lower the remain in a cell until his refusal fhall be prefent exorbitant price of that article. reported to his majesty. Two transports FEBRUARY 21.

were pardoned on condition of their being Yesterday the lottery began drawing at imprisoned for six months. Twenty-two Guildhall, when No. 2935 (a blank) was canviets received sentence of transportation the first drawn ticket, and therefore en- for seven years, fix to be imprisoned in titled to roool.

Newgate, nine in Clerkenwell" Bridewell, On Saturday was tried in the court of and twelve to be publicly whipped. kirg's bench, an action for the recovery

The feffions are ad;curned until Wed. of 4491. the amount of a bill for building nesilay the 28th of March next. a theatre for lord Barrymore, at War

The adjourned session of the peace for grave, before he came of age. The plain- the city of London will be holden at Guild tiff was warned by lord Barrymore's guar- hall on Wednesday next. dian not to execute this building ; but it

FEBRUARY 23. was proved, that lord Barrymore had ac Yesterday an action for criminal con. knowledged the debt, and promised pay- versation was brought by Mr. Duberley ment after he came of age.-Verdict for against general Gunning. The damages the plaintiff.

were laid at 10,000l.; and the jury brought The same day, a perfumer of Bright in their verdiet for the plaintiff with gooola helinstone obtained sol, damages for an damages. assar:!t on him by his lordship in Septem.

FEBRUARY 24. ber last.

Should success attend the enterprise of Oxford, Feb, 18. By a fatement of civilising the natives of Africa, and should the earnings and support of the criminals it be found possible to lead them from their under confinement, and sentenced to hard former practices of making slaves of each labour, in our gaol and house of cor other, we are told it will open to this kingrection at the caltle, delivered in by the doin several millions, who may in a few committee of magistrates, at the latt ge- years become purchasers of our manufacneral quarter fefiions, and by the bench tures, furnishing us in return with raw ordered to be printed, it appears, that materials, from which the ingenuity of our their earning, during the lait year, have artists may open pew sources of trade, been as follows :

AMERIC A. By labour of differtnt kinds

Philadelphia, Dec. 1!. This evening in works carried on within

the first official information has arrived the walls

297 10 8 of general St. Clair's defeat; which, with, Cash paid into the hands of

out giving the particular detail of the killed the treasury for labour on

and wounded, leaves the gross loss as the river navigation, and

great as was represented. the repair of the Battley

General St. Clair had formed his army turnpike road

91 8 7 in two lines, and on the day of the battle

it was designed to throw. up some works, 388 18


and the next day make an attack; but Total expence of clothing and

the enemy precipitated this event, and maintenance

273 10

8 fought with unaccustomed fury. The

principal attack was on the centre of our Balance 115, 7 army, where the artillery was planted. Hence it appears that the above balance The Indians never appeared, but fired of one hundred and fifteen pounds seven from covert places, and lying on the shillings and feven pence, has been de ground. Whenever charged with the rived from the labour of the prisoners, bayonet they gave way; when our troops the county allowance for whofe bread duc retired to the main body, they pursued, ring the same period would have an unted The artillery was not taken as at first res


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presented, and then re-taken. It was Philadelphia, Jan. 2. On Friday mornfilenced, and abandoned in the retreat. ing was presented to the president of the

St. Clair's lofs is about one half of his United States, a box, elegantly mounted whole command, perhaps 100p men. He with silver, and made of the celebrated oak has effected a safe retreat to Fort Wah- tree that sheltered the Washington of Scot. ington. He left the wounded at Portland, the brave and patriotic fir William Jefferson, which was supplied. with pro- Wallace, after his defeat at the battle of visions, and it is expected is very safe. Falkirk, in the beginning of the fourHis troops behaved with great bravery, teenth century, by Edward the first. This till the retreat commenced ; great nun- magnificent and truly characteristical prebers then threw away their arms, and sent is from the earl of Buchan, by the abandoned themselves to despair,

hands of Mr. Archibald Robertson, a Fortunately the savages were allured by Scots gentleman, and portrait painter, plunder, and pursued but a short distance, who arrived in America fome months ago or the destruction would have been com The box was presented to lord Buchan plete. St. Clair says, he was over- by the Goldsmiths” company at Edinpowered in every quarter, and yet from burgh; from which his lordship requested the manner in which the whole fcene was and obtained leave to make it over to a conducted, he could form no judgment of man whom he deemed more deserving of the numbers of the enemy. It does not it than himself, and the only man in the appear that they ever rushed on our army, world to whom he thought it justly due. but preserved a certain distance, from We hear further, that lord Buchan has, which they effected a sure execution. by letter, requested of the president, that,

The above are such particulars as have on the event of his decease, he will conlign been cs.nmunicated by general Knox. the box to that man in this country who

Philadelphia, Dec. 23. Yesterday, the shall appear, in his judgment, to merit it president of the United States nominated best, upon the same consideration that in. Thomas Pinckney, minister-plenipoten- duced him to send it to the present pos, tiary to the court of France; and Mr. seslor. Short, Chargé des Affaires of the United States at Paris, to be minister resident at

BIRTH S. the Hague. The Census bill, which has employed MArchioness of Worcester, a son and

heir. so much of the time of congress, is lost

Lady Eleonora Dundas, a fon. for the present by a difference between the fenate and house of representatives.

Lady of the hon. John Thomas Town, On Tuesday the 20th inst. the bank of fhend, a daughter. the United States of America commenced

MARRIAGES. business; when discounts were made to a large amount,

GEorge Fludyer, efq. M. P. to lady New-York, Jan. 3. Yesterday the following resolution was adopted in the Sir Henry Harpur, bart. to miss Hawa house of representatives of the common

kins, wealth of New-York, and sent to the se

Thomas Horatio Batchelor, esq. of nate for their concurrence :

Horstead, Norfolk, to miss Jane Beevor, * That in commemoration of the im- daughter of James Beevor, esq. portant and meritorious services rendered Sir J. Rous, bart, to miss Whitaker, to this country by George Washington, whose character and conduct have tri,

DE A THS. umphed in proportion to the difficulties Sir Alexander Hay, bart

, knight of the they have encountered, and have attracted

order of St. George, and colonel in the the admiration and respect of all nations Russian service. where valour and virtue are held in esti Hon. lieutenant William Forbes, of the mation, there be procured, at the public navy, younget son of lord Forbes. expence, a full length portrait painting Frederick George Byron, esq. nephew and marble bust, expressive of his person, to lord Byron. and as far as possible characteristic of his Right hon, fir John Eardley Wilmot, talents.

formerly chief justice of the coinmon pleas. • Resolved that the said painting and Major-general fir Henry Calder, bart, bust be deposited wherever the legislature lieutenant-governor of Gibraltar, and cothall deem expedient,'

lonel of the 30th regiment of foot.

Sir Norton Robinson, bart.

William Mackrell the younger, of Sir Joshua Reynolds, knight, president Selldown, in Dorsetshire, victualler. of the Royal Academy.


James Holroide, of Bermondsey - Street, PROMOTIONS. woolttapler.

Simon Field, of Bermondsey-street, HON. Henry Skeffington-Governor woolftapler.

Richard Oakes, of Cleveland-court, St. Lieutenant-general Thomas Clarke. James', hardwareman. Colonel of the 3 oth regiment of foot.

Thomas Wheatley and William ThompMajor-general James Stuart-Colonel fon, of New Bond-Itreet, poplin-manuof the 31st regiment of foot.

facturers and copartners. Marquis Townshend-Lord lieutenant

John Scafe, of Pately, in Yorkshire, of Norfolk.


Dugald Munn and Samuel Barrett, of BANKRUPTS. From the Gazette. Ratcliffe, in Lancashire, manufacturers JANUARY 28,

and copartners. WIlliam Holden, of Manchester, callico William Corbis, of Redruth, in Cornprinter.

wall, dealer. Robert Edington, of Newcastle-upon

FEBRUARY II. Tyne, woodmonger.

Richard Jackson, of Oxford-street, haThomas Jones, of Basing-lane, ware- berdasher. houfeman,

Richard Turner, of Brist I, cornfactor, Thomas Brovin, of Kingston-upon James Mullowney and John Thomey, Hull, grocer.

of Bristol, merchants and copartners. John Thomas, of Bath, cutler.

Thomas Lepard, of St. George in the Michael Kavana, of the Old-change, East, bricklayer. callender.

George Gardiner, of Lodgate-hill, Thomas Greaves, of Tamwortli, in warehouseman. Warwickshire, innholder.

FEBRUARY 14. Wolf Benjamin, of Banbury, in Ox Mary Summerfield, of Bearbinder-lane, fordshire, filversmith.

linen-draper. Richard Papps and John Biack, of George Gardiner and John Hudson, of Basinghall-Street, factors and

copartners. Ludgate-hill, warehousemen and Samuel Davis, of white-horse-yard, partners. Drury-lane, man's-mercer.

Matthew Dormer, of Keate-street, Spis Robert Jackson, of Easingwold, in tal-fields, soap-maker. Yorkshire, grocer.

Leonard Jewsey, of Old Gravel-lane, Ifaac Naiali, of the Minories, linen- mariner. draper.

Samuel Scott, of Newport, in Salop, Peter Naylor, of Dean-street, South- grocer. wark, woolstapler.

Jeffe Fowler, of Chard, in SomersetJANUARY 31.

shire, baker. William Bond, of Manchester, wool. George Gardiner, of Ludgate-hill, len-draper.

warehouseman. Isaac Lancaster Bird, of Newcastle

FEBRUARY 18. upon-Tyne, shopkeeper.

Samuel Swan, of Friday-street, wajea John Craddock, of Rocke, Worcester- houseman. Tire, dealer.

Jofeph Pyall, of Edmonton, draper. John Harrock, of Thurcroft, York Daniel Dimmings, of Friday-ftreet, thire, dealer.

Daniel Perry, of Newport, in the Ifle Thomas Turner, of Oxford, filverof Wight, soap-boiler.

fmith. FEBRUARY 4.

Joseph Boyer, of Chester, innkeeper. Peter Ambrosius Marsiley and Theodore

FEBRUARY 28. De Beaume, of Union-court, Broad Jofeph Maughan, of Ipswich, linenItreet, merchants and copartners. draper.

Thomas Belcher, of Charles-street, Richard Baker, of Bristol, carver. Long-acre, coach-fpring-maker.

Thomas Lewis, of Bristol, merchant. John Piper, of Thakeham, in Sussex, Richard Barnett, of St. Botolph, Aldo blanket-manufacturer,

gate, linen-draper




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February 11, 1792. 2 vol. 5s. sewed.

By the Standard Winchester Bufhel of Anna St. Ives, 7 vol. Il. is, fewed.

Eight Gallons. Nodin's Britifh Duties, Drawbacks, &c. 8vo. 75. 60.

Wheat. Rye. Bar. Oats. Bea. Foot's Treatise on the Lues Venerea, 4to. il. 10s.

London 5 013 413 312 313 9 Butler's Diary, 2 vol. 6s.

Generosity, 3 vol. gs.
Mary De Clifford, izmo. 45. 6d. fewed. Middlefex 5 21 13 312 613
Expedition of Little Pickle, 12-

mo. 25.
S 113 63

312 4/4 - I 6d. sewed.



5 3 10 De la Croix's Connubia Florum, cum


4 1013

513 3/2 Notis a Clayton, 8vo. 3$. sewed.

Huntingdon 4 9

13 Applegarth's Rights for Man, Is. 60.

Northampton 5 038


Rutland More Money, or Odes of Instruction Leicester

4 1013 73 4/2

3 7 5


812 to Mr. Pitt, by P. Pindar,. 25. 6d. Nottinghana


3 412 Vancenza, or Dangers of Credulity, ? Derby


3 1012 vol. 6s.


3 112 Foley's Practice of the Court of Great Salop

1/3 6/2 54 5 Sessions for Carmarthen, &c. 8vo. 6s. Hereford

3 62

3/4 9 Willis' Effay upon single Vision with Worcester 5 2 3 two Eyes, 8vo. 35. boards,



3 812 Burn's Law Dictionary, 2 vol. 8vo.



Berks 18s.

3 42 5 3 9

Mudge's Narrative of Facts relating to



Bucks some Time-keepers, 2s.


3 32 33 5 Brecon

5 54 53 History of Rome, to the Death of Mar


Montgomery cus Antoninus, 3 vol. 8vo. Il. ss.


3 41 Radnor

5 Selection of Greek Epigrams from

13 3 1 10 Porunck's Anthologia, with an English

MARIT ME COUN TIES. Translation, 12mo. 35.

Effex Boscawen's Treatife on Convictions on

4 1013 03 212 413 8

Kent Penal Statutes, 8vo. 5s.

5 03 73 4/2

413 5 Sussex 4 10

42 IT Woodeson's Systematical View of the Suffolk

4 103 13

213 Laws of England, vol. 1, 4to. 1os. 6d. Cambridge 4 1013

9 3 3 boards.

4 813

912 03 Sketch of the French Revolution, to Lincoln 4 103 713 21 1113 IO 1792. 8vo. 8s.


4 103 103 2 1 0 3 8 Essay on the Principles of Translation, Durham



612 14 6 8vo. 6s.

Northumberland 4 83 52 n2 9 Lounger's Commonplace Book,



814 4 3

Westmorland Alphabetical Anecdotes, 8vo. 6s.

5 1014 913 6 2

Lancaster Lempriere's Herodotus, English, with chora

5 71

74 4 Notes, and a Life of the Historian, vol. 1, Flint

5 64 93 92 8vo. 75. boards.


5 7 3 Wintle's Daniel, with Notes, 4to. 528. Anglefea


Ć boards.


13 SI 8 Hoole's Translation of Tasso's Rinaldo, Merioneth

3 711 11 8vo. 128.


2 1015 Nairne's Poems, Miscellaneous and Hu- Pembroke

2 III 4 morous, 35. 6d. sewed.



3 51 7 Paine's Rights of Man, part 2, 35.



3 21 II fewed.



3 62

513 9

Somerset Disney's Letters to Dr. Knox, occa



21. 103 4

Monmouth fione by his Reflections on Unitarian


3 5/2

Devon Christians, is.

4 10 Cornwall

911 Bligh's Voyage to the South Sea, 4to. 'Dorset

5 125. boards.


13 314 3 Road to Ruin, a Comedy, is. 6d. A Day in Turkey, a Comedy, 1s. 60.

Peck Loaf, 28, 2d.

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