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Despair, in the agonies of death, Cardinal Beaufort, 2 Hed. ry VI) vii. 302.

-of pardon, (Winter Tale) iii. 263. Pau,

ENVY, (Henry VIII) viii. 314. Wolfey.

FEAR, arising from an expected evil, (z Henry IV) vi.

221. Northumberland. Father, an unnatural, in York, (Richard II) 93. Father's passion on the ill conduct of a daughter, (Much Ado about Nothing) iii 69 80. Leon.

-fondness for his child, (Winter Tale) iii. 225. Leo. Pol. French quack's airs, in Doctor Caius, (Merry Wives of

Windsor) ii, l'ury, (Antony and Cleopatra) ix. 193. Eno.

GRAVITY affected, to be thought wise, (Merchant of

Venice) i. 173. Gratiano.
Grief, (Richard II ) vi. 16. Duchess.

its nature to multiply afflictions, (ibid) 39. Busig. -beautifully described in Cordelia, (King Lear) v. 192. Gentleman.

-at parting of lovers, Queen Margaret and Suffolk, (2 Henry VI.) vii. 297.

-a mother's for her son murdered, (3 Henry VI.) viii. 106. Queen.

-wrought to rage in Queen Margaret, (Richard III.) 138. -a father's, an old General, for his sons and daughter, (Titus Andronicus) xi. 47. , Titus.

-a virtuous wife's, wrong'd by her husband, (Cymbeline) X. 266. linogen.

-a husband's on the murder of his wife and children, (Macbeth) ix. 84. Macduff.

-a valiant father's for the death of a brave son, (ibid) 101. Siward,

H HOPE, (Richard !1) vi, 41. Queer.

-item, (Richard (IL.) viii. 228. Richard. Hostefs Quickly, (2 Henry IV ) vi. Highwayman, Gadihill, (1 Henry IV) vi. Horror, its outward effects, (Henry VIII.) viii. 310. Norfolk, Horror raised in the characters of Aaron, Tamora, and Satur

ninus, (Titus Andronicus) xi.


STICE S, Country, Shallow and Silence, (2 Henry IV.)

vi. Inconstancy, (Two Gentlemen of Verona) iv. 8.7. Protheus. Jealousy, io Ford, (Merry Wives of Windsor) ii.

-the rise and growth of it charactered in Leontes, (Winter's Tale) ii.

-item, (Troilus and Creslida) xi. 348.
-in Portbumus, (Cymbeline) x. 223.

-the motives, growth, and fatal effects of it admira-
bly Neived in Othello, (Othello) xii.
Joy, excess produceth scars, (Much ado about Nothing) iii.

8. Leontes, Ingratitude, in Lucullus, Lucius, Sempronius, (Timon) x 38.

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KING, of rash ill conduct, Richard II. (Richard II.) vi,

-wise and valiant, Henry IV. (1 and 2 Henry IV.) vi. weak, choleric, miserable, Lear, (King Lear) v.

meek, religious, unfortunate in Henry VI. (1, 2, 3 Hen

ry VI.) vii, viii. -amorous, brave, fuccessful, in Edward IV. (3 Henry VI.) viii.

bold, crafty, cruel, dissembling, in Richard Tul. (Ri

chard III.) viii.
.brave, religious, fortunate, in Henry VIII. (ibid)

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LOVE, expressed by a soldier, (Henry V.) vii. 106. King

virtuous, (3 Henry VI.) viii. 68. Warwick.
protested by Richard 111. (Richard III ) 220.
the first inorions expressed by Henry VIII. vide Anne Bul-

len. by Miranda and Ferdinand, (Tempest) i. 22. the crofles of it, (Midsummer's Night's Dream) 94. Lyo Jander. Hermione.

appointment protested, (ibid) 95. Hermione.
Lits nature, (ibid) 97. Helena.
-charm to enkindle it, (ibid) 108. Oberon,
in the Queen of Fairies, beautifully imagined, (ibid) 123.

given over, (ibid) 147. Demetrius.

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Love changed to aversion, (ibid) 117. Lyforder. --commended and dispraised, (Two Gentlemen of Verona)

iv. 8. Valentina, Protheus. --expels all other paflions, (Merchant of Venice) i. 220.

Portia. its original, (As you like it) iv. 165. Rosaline. --its feveral offices, (ibid) iv 100. Sierg. --all other patrons lot in it, (Twelfth Night) v.9. Duke. at first light, (ibid) 28. Olivia. in man and woman coinpared, (ibid) 41. Duke, Viola. --- conecaied, beautifully painted, (ibid) 42. Viola. --in a young brare general, (Troiles and Creslida) xi. 240.

Troilus. --contancy in, protested, 302. 303 Troilus and Creffida..

quitted by a foldier, 3'3. Parructus. ---its qualities, (Romeo and Juliet) ix. 257. Romeo. impatient of delay, 297. triar, 200 Zuliit. mitem, 307. Juliet. --impatient of absence, (Othello) xii. 266. Dianca. Luft, (Merry Wives of Windsor) ii.

in a grave minister of state, (Measure for Measure) 141. 143. Angelo.

MADNESS, real, in Lear, counterfeit in Edgar, (King.

Lear) v.
Nielancholy, (Comedy of Errors) iv: 332. Abbess

. --feveral kinds of it, (As you like it; iv. 149. Jacques. Mother, lamenting her sons, Richard III.) viii. 158. Duch.

item, (ibid) 219. Queen. Murderer, in Exton, (Richard II.) vi. 101.

P PESANTRY'; in Sir Hugh Evans, (Merry Wives of Windfor) ii.

- in Armado, l'olophernes, Nathaniel, (Love's Labour's Lost) iii. Princes young and valiant, Prince Henry and Lancaster,

(1 and 2 Heury IV) vi. Prophetess, in Joan of Orleans, (1 Henry VI) vii. 140. Pride, ('Troilus and Crefilda) xi. 307. Uldiso


AGE, arising from grief, vide Northumberland, vi.

-ariling in a father from the undutifulness of his chile dren, (King Lear) v.

Rage in a fon for the murder of his father, in Richard,

viii. 38. Rebel, crafty and timorous, Northuinberland, (1 and 2 Hen. crafty and resolute, Westmoreland, (ibid) brave and indiscreet, Hotspur, (ibid) Revenge, implacable, (Merchant of Venice) i. 238. Antonio,

241. Gratiano.

ry IV, vi.

SUPERSTITION, in Glendower, (1 Henry IV) vi.

Sister, tenderly affectionate, vidi Ilabel.

V VILLAIN, false, crafty, bold, described in Edmund,

(King Lear) v. the murderers of Clarence, (Richard III) viji, 146 Virtuous severity of mind, (Measure for Measure) ii. 124


W WIFE, lamenting her husband, (Richard III.) vii. 158.

Queen. a good one, vide Catharine, Queen to Henry VIII. complaining of the unkindness of her husband, (Comedy

of Errors) iv. 290, 295. Adriana. the ill effects of her jealousy, (ibid) 332. Abbef's -complaining of being forsaken by her husband, (Macbeth)

ix. 72. Lady Macduff. Woirankind, their nature, (Two Gentlemen of Verona) iv,

46. Valentine. -item, (Measure for Measure) ii. 148. Isa! ella.

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INDEX of fictitious Persons, with the Characters

ascribed to them.

A ARVIRA GUs, vide Guiderius.

Anthonio, a cruel, false, ufurping brother, (Tempest) i. Angelo, a severe new governor, (Mealure for Measure, ii. Adriana, a peevish jealous wife, (Comedy of Errors) iv, Aathonio, a friend, (Merchant of Venice) i.

Adam, a grateful old servant; (As you like it) ix.
Sir Andrew Ague-chcek, a foolish cowardly knight, (Twelfth

Night) 7.
Apemantus, a Cynie, (Timon) x.

BARNARDINE, an Atheistical hardened wretch. (Meze

fure for Measure) ij. 178.
Benedick, Beatrice, two satirical wits, (Much ado about No.

thing) ini. Bellasius, fortitude in disgrace, (Cymbeline) ...

CALIBAN, a savage man; (Tempest), i. 190

Ceres, or the country, (ibid) 62.
Clown, (As you like it) iv.

item. (Twelfth Night) v.
Cloien, infolence and folly (Cymbeline) xi
Claudius, blood, incest and usurpation, (Hamlet) xiii-
Crellida, a miss; (Troilus and Cressida) xi.

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DESDEMONA, beauty and innocence facrificed to jea-

lousy, (Othello) xii..
Desdemona's Character, item 186. Brab.

-item, 194. Idem.
-iten, 212. Cofio.
-item, 223. Idem and lago.
-item, 234. Iago.
-item, 274, O! hello.
-itein, 302. Idem.

EDNUN D, a crafty, false, enterprizing villain, (King

Lear) v.
Egcus, a cruel morose father, (Midsummer's Night's Dream)

FALSTAFF, Sir John, resolves on an intrigue with

Mrs Ford and Mrs Page, (Merry Wives of Windsor) ii. 1 3.
- his billet-doux, 29.
-fettles an aflignation with Mrs Quickly, 40.
his discovery of it to ford, disguiled like Brook, 46.
his first address to Mrs Ford, 58.
wsurprised and escapes in a basket, 01.
-liis account of his being thrown into"the Thames, 68.

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