Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Band 39


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Seite 244 - • Finally, it' the protoplasm of the body is primitively a syncytium, and the ovum until maturity a part of that syncytium, the separation of the generative products does not differ essentially from the internal gemmation of a Protozoon, and the inheritance by the offspring of peculiarities first appearing in the parent, though not explained, is rendered less mysterious ; for the protoplasm of the whole body being continuous, change in the molecular constitution of any part of it would naturally...
Seite 38 - ... Professor Turner traces the history of modern Astronomical Discovery, first showing by what an immense amount of labour and patience most discoveries have been made, and then describing in detail many of the more important ones. Among his topics are Uranus, Eros, and Neptune, Bradley's discoveries of the aberration of light...
Seite 40 - And on it have bestowed more contrite tears Than from it issued forced drops of blood. Five hundred poor I have in yearly pay, Who twice a day their withered hands hold up Toward heaven, to pardon blood; 305 And I have built two chantries, Where the sad and solemn priests sing still For Richard's soul.
Seite 120 - Six hypotheses have been suggested : 1. That the corona consists of a gaseous atmosphere resting upon the sun's surface and carried round with it. 2. That the corona is made up, wholly or in part, of gaseous and finely divided matter which has been ejected from the sun, and is in motion about the sun from the forces of ejection, of the sun's rotation, and of gravity — and possibly of a repulsion of some kind. 3. That the corona resembles the rings of...
Seite 54 - ... the Observatory of the British Association at Kew. The Council are persuaded that the General Committee will view with satisfaction this co-operation of the Royal Society and British Association for objects common to both, and for which the Observatory at Kew furnishes a very convenient locality. 3. The General Committee at Cambridge having passed a resolution, "That it be referred to the Council to take into consideration, before the next Meeting of the Association, the expediency of discontinuing...
Seite 112 - I have satisfied myself by some laboratory experiments that under suitable conditions of exposure and development a photographic plate can be made to record minute differences of illumination existing in different parts of a bright object, such as a sheet of drawing paper, which are so subtle as to be at the very limit of the power of recognition of a trained eye, and even, as it appeared to me, those which surpass that limit.
Seite 79 - On the Laws of the Phenomena of the larger Disturbances of the Magnetic Declination in the Kew Observatory : with notices of the progress of our knowledge regarding the Magnetic Storms.
Seite 118 - The great problem of the solar origin of that portion of the corona which extends more than a million of miles beyond the body of the Sun has been set finally at rest, after having been the subject of a great amount of discussion for some years.
Seite 114 - J inches diameter, for the light to enter ; below is a similar hole over which is fitted a framework to receive the " backs " containing the photographic plates, and also to receive a frame with fine-ground glass for putting the apparatus into position. Immediately below, towards the speculum, is fixed a shutter with an opening of adjustable width, which can...

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