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APRIL 18, 1900.

Damaged parcels.

Correct mails.

6. Should a parcel be received in a damaged or imperfect condition, full particulars should be reported on the same form.

7. If no verification certificate or note of error be received, a parcel mail shall be considered as duly delivered, having been found on examination correct in all respects.


Failure to deliver.

Disposal of perishable articles.

1. If a parcel can not be delivered as addressed, or is refused, it must be returned without charge directly to the despatching office of exchange, at the expiration of thirty days from its receipt at the office of destination; and the country of origin may collect from the sender for the return of the parcel a sum equal to the postage when first mailed.

2. When the contents of a parcel which can not be delivered are liable to deterioration or corruption, they may be destroyed at once if necessary, or, if expedient, sold, without previous notice or judicial formality, for the benefit of the right person, the particulars of each sale being noticed by one post-office to the other.

3. An order for redirection or reforwarding must be accompanied by the amount due for postage necessary for he return of the article to the office of origin, at the ordinary parcel rates.

Return postage orders for reforwarding.


No responsibility for The Post Office Department of either of the contracting countries loss, etc.

will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any parcel, and consequently no indemnity can be claimed by the sender or addressee in either country.


Further regulations.

The Postmaster General of the United States of America and the Postmaster General of New Zealand shall have authority to jointly make such further regulations of order and detail as may be found necessary to carry out the present Convention from time to time; and may, by agreement, prescribe conditions for the admission to the mails of any of the articles prohibited by Article II of this Convention.


Duration, etc.


This Convention shall take effect, and operations thereunder shall beyin, on the first day of July, 1900; and shall continue in force until terminated by mutual agreement, but may be annulled at the desire of either Department, upon six months previous notice given to the other.

Done in duplicate, and signed at Washington, the eighteenth day of April, one thousand nine hundred, and at Wellington the twelfth day of February, one thousand nine hundred. [SEAL]

CH. EMORY SMITH, Postmaster General of the United States of America. (SEAL.]


Postmaster General of New Zealand. Signed; sealed and delivered by the Honorable Joseph George Ward as Postmaster General of the Colony of New Zealand in the presence of

FRANK HYDE. Private Secretary, Wellington,

12, 1900


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The foregoing Parcels-Post Convention between the United States of Approval.
America and the Colony of New Zealand has been negotiated and con-
cluded with my advice and consent, and is hereby approved and ratified.

In testimony whereof, I have caused the Great Seal of the United
States to be hereunto affixed.

William McKINLEY.
By the President:

Acting Secretary of State.
WASHINGTON, D. C., April 18, 1900.

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A parcel addressed as under has been posted here this day:

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Office stamp.

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This certificate is given to inform the sender of the posting of a parcel, and does not indicate that any liability in respect of such parcel attaches to the Postmaster General.

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APRIL 18, 1900.

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Parcel post from..

The import duty assessed by an officer of customs on contents of this parcel amounts
to $......, which must be paid before the parcel is delivered.



Customs Officer.

Parcel post from.....
This parcel has been passed by an officer of customs, and must be delivered





12, 1900


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When more than one sheet is required for the entry of the parcels sent by the mail, it will be sufficient if the undermentioned particulars are entered on the last sheet of the parcel bill.

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April 17, 1900.

Treaty between the United States and Chile providing for the extradi

tion of criminals. Signed at Santiago, April 17, 1900; ratification with amendments advised by the Senate, December 18, 1900; ratified by the President, May 24, 1902; ratified by Chile, February 26, 1902; ratifications exchanged at Washington, May 27, 1902; proclaimed May 27, 1902.




Whereas a Treaty between the United States of America and the Republic of Chile providing for the extradition of fugitives from justice was concluded and signed by their respective Plenipotentiaries at Santiago, on the seventeenth day of April, one thousand nine hundred, the original of which Treaty, being in the English and Spanish languages is, (as amended by the Senate of the United States) word for word as follows:

Contracting parties.


The United States of America Los Estados Unidos de América and the Republic of Chile, being i la República de Chile, deseando desirous to confirm their friendly confirmar sus amistosas relaciones relations and to promote the cause i promover la causa de la justicia, of justice, have resolved to con- han resuelto celebrar un tratado clude a treaty for the extradition para la estradicion de los prófugos of fugitives from justice between de la justicia entre los Estados the United States of America and Unidos de América i la República the Republic of Chile, and have de Chile, i han nombrado al efecto appointed for that purpose the los siguientes Plenipotenciarios: following Plenipotentiaries:

The President of the United El Presidente de los Estados States of America, Henry L. Wil- Unidos de América, al señor Henry son, Envoy Extraordinary and L. Wilson, Enviado Estraordinario Minister Plenipotentiary of the i Ministro Plenipotenciario de los United States in Chile, and the Estados Unidos en Chile, i el PresiPresident of Chile, Señor Don Ra- dente de la República de Chile, al fael Errázuriz Urmeneta, Minister señor don Rafael Errázuriz Crmeof Foreign Relations of Chile. neta, Ministro de Relaciones Este

riores de Chile: Who, after having communi Quienes, después de comunicarse cated to each other their respective sus respectivos Plenos Poderes, full powers, found in good and que encontraron en buena i debida due form, have agreed upon and forma, han acordado i concluido concluded the following articles: los artículos siguientes:

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Reciprocal delivery The Government of the United El Gobierno de los Estados Uniof persons charged with crimes. States and the Government of dos i el Gobierno de Chile convie

Chile mutually agree to deliver up nen en entregarse mútuamente las

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