Contributions to Economic Geology (short Papers and Preliminary Reports), 1927: Part I. - Metals and Nonmetals Except Fuels

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1928 - Copper - 221 pages

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Page 61 - A geologic reconnaissance in southeastern Seward Peninsula and the Norton BayNulato region, by PS Smith and HM Eakin. Bulletin 449, 1911, 146 pp. *Notes on mining in Seward Peninsula, by PS Smith.
Page 55 - Nickel deposits in the lower Copper River Valley, by RM Overbeck. In Bulletin 712, 1919, pp. 91-98.
Page 61 - Pliocene and Pleistocene Fossils from the Arctic Coast of Alaska and the Auriferous Beaches of Nome, Norton Sound, Alaska.
Page ii - As the subtitle indicates, the papers included are of two classes — (1) short papers giving comparatively detailed descriptions of occurrences that have economic interest but are not of sufficient importance to warrant a more extended description; (2) preliminary reports on economic investigations the results of which are to be published later in more detailed form. These papers are such only as have a direct economic bearing, all topics of purely scientific interest being excluded.
Page 61 - Bulletin 533, 1913, 140 pp. Surface water supply of Seward Peninsula, Alaska, by FF Henshaw and GL Parker, with a sketch of the geography and geology by PS Smith and a description of methods of placer mining by AH Brooks; including topographic reconnaissance map.
Page 52 - Bulletin 442, 1910, pp. 133-143. 40 cents. *Occurrence of iron ore near Haines, by Adolph Knopf. In Bulletin 442, 1910, pp. 144-146.
Page 53 - RH Sargent, and JW Bagley. 10 cents retail or 6 cents wholesale. Also contained in Professional Paper 87. Copper Mountain and vicinity, Prince of Wales Island (No. 540B) ; scale, 1 : 62,500 ; by RH Sargent.
Page 55 - In •Professional Paper 41. 50 cents. Not issued separately. Controller Bay region (No. 601A) ; scale, 1:62,500; by EG Hamilton and W. R. Hill. 35 cents retail or 21 cents wholesale. Also published in *Bulletin 335.
Page 228 - The Ceratops beds are made up of alternating sandstones, shales, and lignites, with occasional local deposits of limestones and marls. The different strata of the series are not always continuous, a stratum of sandstone giving place to one of shales and vice versa. This is especially true of the upper two-thirds of the beds. The lack of continuity in the different strata has rendered it well nigh impossible to establish any definite horizons in the upper members of the series. All the deposits of...
Page 53 - Kasaan Peninsula, Prince of Wales Island (No. 540A) ; scale, 1:62,500; by DC Witherspoon, RH Sargent, and JW Bagley. 10 cents retail or 6 cents wholesale. Also contained in Professional Paper 87.

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