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York and Lancaster, account of the battles fought during
their contests, and the numbers killed on both sides,
xviii. 546.

York, Edward Duke of, son to Edward III. his character,
xvi. 47.


Richard Duke of, father of Richard III. his
marriages and connections, xviii. 173.

... son of the Earl of Cambridge,
mistakingly called son of the Duke of York, xviii.


[blocks in formation]

Richard Duke of, afterwards Richard III. the time
of his birth, xviii. 366.

his death, occasioned by his own

.... ages of his children ascertained,

[blocks in formation]

iv. 118, 10

[ocr errors]

225, 11

from bottom, for This be, read Thisbe.

of notes, for T. Weston, read T. Warton.

V. 79, 3 of notes, for Glanvilli, read Glanvil.

104, 16 of notes, for Hermann, read Heumann
128, 16, put an asterisk after the word one,

vi. 161, 10 of notes, for AquTMnpes, read AaμæτTPES•
220, add MALONE to note 1.

265, 14 from bottom, for upon the subject, read upon it.

266, 5 from bottom, for find, read discover."

[ocr errors]

vii. 306, 10 of the quotation from Marlowe, for wound, read wind. 401, 4 from bottom, for of habit's devil, read of habits devil.

540, 8, for absolute, read obsolete.

viii. 303, 2 from bottom, for fetter, read tetter.

ix. 68, 8 of notes, for so, read no.

226, 1, for daws, read doves.

434, 7 of notes, dele STEEVens.

[ocr errors]

x. 275, 15 from bottom, for term, read tense.

xi. 200, 12 from bottom, for the spirit by the witch, read the spirit

raised by the witch.

501, 13 from bottom, for Anglicamus, read Anglicanus.
501, 20 from bottom, for reflection, read rejection.

501, 22 from bottom, for much more, read more.

xiv. 275, 4 from bottom, for cacoethis, read cacoethes.


17, 9 from bottom, for that he must have happened, read that Shakspeare must have happened.

143, 9 of notes, for see p. 66, read see p. 80.

xvi. 235, 6 from bottom, my reference belongs to note 1, and not


note 2.

304, 10 from bottom, for vol. iv. read vol. xiv.

329, 14 from bottom, insert MALONE.

9, 8 from bottom, after 1773, insert STEEVENS, and make what follows a new note.

⚫ This mistake originated with Mr. Steevens himself, in whose note it is found.

C. Baldwin, Printer,

New Bridge-street, London.



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