The Dublin Journal of Medical Science, Band 15

Hodges and Smith, 1839

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Seite 339 - O, how this spring of love resembleth The uncertain glory of an April day ; Which now shows all the beauty of the sun, And by and by a cloud takes all away ! Re-enter PANTHINO.
Seite 339 - Remains," it is remarked, that "there is a kind of physiognomy in the titles of books, no less than in the faces of men, by which a skilful observer will as well know what to expect from the one as the other.
Seite 338 - Health is the soul that animates all enjoyments of life, which fade and are tasteless, if not dead, without it : a man starves at the best and the greatest tables, makes faces at the noblest and most delicate wines, is old and impotent in Seraglios of the most sparkling beauties, poor and wretched in the midst of the greatest treasures and fortunes : with common diseases strength grows decrepit, youth loses all...
Seite 325 - Gibraltar, while 1 in 18 died of those admitted for the same cause among the dragoon-guards and dragoons in the United Kingdom. The total mortality by diseases of the lungs would appear to be less at this station than at home; but that, we apprehend, arises from many of the consumptive patients being invalided, who, if they die on their passage or after their arrival in England, are not included in the returns of the station where their diseases originated.
Seite 100 - E, opposite the neck, is drilled a pin-hole, to allow air to pass in, according as the fluid within drops out through the neck. To use it, the porcelain dish is filled with hot water, the spirit lamp is lighted, and as soon as the water in the dish has begun to boil, the glass globe ontaining chlorinated lime, (if this be the substance used,) is placed as in the illustration.
Seite 391 - persuaded" that many are the cases in which opium not only fails to be useful, but is productive of positi ve mischief ; whilst Dr. Cahill concludes the history of his cases by pointing out how " it will be seen that opium is not beneficial in many cases, in others that it is positively injurious, and that in all a cure can be effected without its assistance.
Seite 391 - ... according to the strength of the patient, and the violence of the attack. Careful inquiry should be made as to the character of the lochial discharge each day, and if necessary the vagina be syringed with warm water.
Seite 331 - ... is generally supposed, favourable to pulmonary complaints, but rather the reverse. If the inflammatory diseases of the lungs, as pleurisy and pneumonia, be compared in these several countries, the result is, that these affections are twice as prevalent in the Mediterranean as in the United Kingdom, and that in the mild climate of Malta they are also twice as fatal.
Seite 338 - ... fortunes: with common diseases strength grows decrepit, youth loses all vigour, and beauty all charms; music grows harsh, and conversation disagreeable ; palaces are prisons, or of equal confinement ; riches are useless, honour and attendance are cumbersome, and crowns themselves are a burden : but, if diseases are painful and violent, they equal all conditions of life, make no difference between a prince and a beggar ; and a fit of the stone or the colic puts a king to the rack, and makes him...
Seite 100 - That it should be capable of keeping up a supply of vapour for any length of time, and that the evolution of the vapour should be steady, and should be easily regulated ; 3d.

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