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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1909 - United States
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Page 11 - BULLETIN 290. Preliminary report on the operations of the fuel-testing plant of the United States Geological Survey at St. Louis, Mo., 1905, by JA Holmes. 1906.
Page 161 - BULLETIN 339. The purchase of coal under government and commercial specifications on the basis of its heating value, with analyses of coal delivered under government contracts, by DT Randall. 1908. 27 pp. 5 cents. BULLETIN 343.
Page 15 - Discusses the classification of the group and revision of genera. 2. Fossil mammals of the Tertiary of northeastern Colorado. Am. Mus. Nat. Hist., Mem., vol. 1, pt. 7, pp.
Page 61 - Experimental work conducted in the chemical laboratory of the United States fuel-testing plant at St. Louis, Mo., January 1, 1905, to July 31, 1906, by NW Lord.
Page 33 - ... the oil, the fraction at the top of the tube being of lower specific gravity than that at the bottom. 2. When water is added to fuller's earth which contains petroleum, the oil which is displaced first differs in specific gravity from that which is displaced afterwards when more water is added.
Page 12 - JL Fossil mammals of the Wahsatch and Wind River beds; collection of 1891.
Page 53 - SURVEY PUBLICATIONS ON FUEL, TESTING. The following publications, except those to which a price is affixed, can be obtained free by applying to the Director, Geological Survey, Washington, DC The priced publications can be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC BULLETIN 261. Preliminary report on the operations of the coal-testing plant of the United States Geological Survey at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, in St.
Page 166 - ... Graphic log, test 6 36 21. Graphic log, test 7 37 22. Graphic log, test 8 37 23. Graphic log, test 9 38 24. Graphic log, test 10 38 25. Graphic log, test 11 ? 39 26. Graphic log, test 12 39 27. Graphic log, test 13 40 28. Graphic log, test 14 40 29. Graphic log, test 15 41 30. Graphic log, test 16 41 31. Graphic log, test 17 42 32. Graphic log, test 18 42 33. Graphic log, test 19 43 34. Graphic log, test 20 43 35. Graphic chart showing relative evaporative efficiency of briquets and coal 47 4...
Page 53 - ... tests indicate the necessity for using metal reinforcement in concrete walls to distribute the effect of the expansion. "The fact brought out most clearly by these tests is the low rate of heat transmission of Portland cement concretes and mortars. This is one of the desirable qualities in buildings intended for fire-proofing purposes. For marking the cement blocks, linen tags were fastened by wire nails to the interior walls at the time of molding. Most of these tags remained in place during...
Page 11 - ... the fuel bed, and a great drop from the furnace to the uptake indicates a high resistance to the flow of gases through the boiler proper. This law, which in some respects is similar to Ohm's law, as applied to problems involving the electrical resistance of conductors, may be stated as follows: (a) If the resistance to the flow of gases remains constant the pressure drop through any portion of the path of the gases will have a constant ratio to the total drop from the ash pit to the uptake. Thus,...

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