Edgar Cayce on the Revelation: A Study Guide for Spiritualizing Body and Mind

Sterling Publishing Company, Incorporated, 19.12.2005 - 272 Seiten

For almost two millennia, the Book of Revelation has fascinated and puzzled people with its dazzling imagery and apocalyptic warnings--perhaps never more so than today, as demonstrated by the blockbuster Left Behind series. In this amazing guide to spiritual living, Edgar Cayce--one of the most famous psychics in history--offers a fresh and wholly original interpretation of Revelation. According to Cayce’s writings, which have been pulled together by John Van Auken from many different sources, the symbols and places in Revelation are actually represented in people’s minds and bodies, meaning that careful study of the book can lead to an enriching spiritual experience. Cayce’s insights open up this often impenetrable text, yielding a fresh and rewarding look at an ancient touchstone.

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