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Henry Cook, Esq.
Charles Cooper, Esq, Albany, Piccadilly-
Sir James Craufurd
Mrs. Daniel Craufurd
Mrs. Robert Craufurd
Alexander Crombie, LL.D. Greenwich
His Grace the Duke of Devonshire

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Sir George Douglas
Edward Bullock Douglas, Esq. Piccadilly
Honourable L. Dundas
Honourable J. Dundas
Honourable C. Dundas
Mrs. Deare

(2 Copiest Charles Dumergue, sen. Esq. Piccadilly The Right Honourable Countess Fortescue (2 Copies) Lady E. Forster

(2 Copies) The Right Honourable Charles James Fox (2 Copies) Honourable Mrs. Fox

(2 Copies) Samuel Fenning, Esq. Samuel Fenning, jun. Esq. Mr. James Fenning

(3 Copies) · Fergusson, Esq.

(2 Copies) A Friend to Literature

(4 Copies) The Right Honourable Countess Grey (2 Copies) Mrs. Goodall, Red Lion-street, Clerkenwell John Goodford, Esq. Mrs. Gordon

(2 Copies) R. H. Gordon, Esq. Charles Gower, M. D. Oriel College, Oxford Miss Grant, Southill Miss Grant, Clifton, Bristol The Right Honourable Viscount Howick (2 Copies y Thomas Hammersley, Esq. Pall Mall Mr. J. Henry, M. A. Temple Edward Hilliard, Esq. 61 Harley-street

92 Copies) John Hodgkin, Pentonville Richard Holland, Esq.


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H. Holland, Esq.

(4 Copies) Mrs. Hooke The Earl of Jersey

(2 Copies) The Rt. Hon. Dowager Countess of Jersey (2. Copies) Charles James, Esq. Lord King, George-street, Westminster (2 Copies) Lady King, Ditto

(2 Copies) Lord Kinnaird

(2 Copies) His Excellency James Lorents, 8, Duke-st. Portland-place R. J. Lambton, Esq. Robert Lee, Esq. Edward Lee, Esq. Devonshire-place M. Lee, Esq. Richard Lee, Esq. Weymouth-street, Portland-street Richard Lee, Esq. Highbury William Lucas, jun. Hitchin Mrs. Luther

(2 Copies) Edward Marjoribanks, Esq.

(4 Copies) Thomas Mortlock, Esq. Lindley Murray, Holdgate, near York John Naish, Hatfield-place, Bath The Earl of Upper Ossery

(2 Copies) Sir William Oylander

(2 Copies) J. Ouiseau, A. M. Durham-house, Chelsea (2 Copies) The Right Honourable Lord Henry Petty (2 Copies) Isaac Payne, Epping, Essex

(s Copies) Thomas Payne Mrs. Pengree, Ladies Boarding school, Colehern-house,

Earl's Court, Brompton
Miss Pengree, Ditto
Miss M. Pengree, Ditto
Mr. Henry Pengree, Ditto

Peters, Esq.
Mrs. Peters
John Phillips, Esq. 111, Pall-Mall
Mrs. Phillips, Ditto
Miss Phillips, Ditto
Miss M. Phillips, Ditto

J, M.


J. M. Pierson, Esq. Hitchin
Josuah Ransom, Hitchin
Bateman Robson, Esq.
Mrs. H. Ross

Rowies, Esq.
Mrs. Rush, Charles-street, Blackfriars road
Mr. Henry Rush, Ditto
Mr. John Rush, Ditto
Mrs. Rust
Samuel Foart Simmons, M.D. F.R.S. Physician extraore

dinary to the king, Poland-street
Ashby Smith, Hitchin
Thomas Squire
Robert Styles, Hitchin
Honourable Montgommerie Stewart
Rev. J. T. Streatfield
Mrs. Symonds, Taunton, Somerset
Sir Charles Talbot
Richard Troward, Esq.

(4 Copies) Mr. J. F. Tocquot, Paradise Row, Chelsea Mr. Serjeant Vaughan

(2 Copies) John Taylor Vaughan, Esq. Samuel Whitbread, Esq.

(4 Copies) Lady Elizabeth Whitbread

(4 Copies) John R. Whitefoord, Esq. Mrs. Wilmot

(2 Copies) William Wilshere, Esq.

(2 Copies) John Wastell, Esq. Mrs. Wastell George Wood, Esq.

(3 Copies) Thomas Walker, Esq.

(3 Copies)


The first book of “ The Evenings of Southill” which the Author now offers to the Public, will, he hopes, be perused with attention, as well as indulgence; and should it be found to contain precepts capable of removing some of the difficulties which attend the study of language, he will experience no small degree of pleasure in having been so far useful.

Language (says Mr. Horne Tooke) is an art, and a glorious one-whose influence extends over all the others; and in which, finally, all sciences must centre.”—If it be true, then, that language influences all other arts, so as to become the very centre whence they flow, it is to language we ought to apply our first care; nor can we begin too soon to teach our children to reason on the value of words, and on the various ways of employing them to advantage.

But it may be said : Children are incapable of reasoning.-- It is true they do not often reason on the same subjects, nor in the same manner, as



men; because their occupations are different, and they have not the same stock of acquired ideas,—They, however, have the same faculty: we daily see that a child, of the most tender age, will attempt to discover the cause of an effect which he perceives; and that if he cannot succeed of himself, he will apply to some one for assistance. It is not to be inferred from this, that the Author approves of presenting children with dry investigations on language : he has nothing more in view than that they should be properly instructed in the principles of language in general ;, which cannot be effected without a clear understanding of what those principles are:

The learned Author of « The Diversions of Purley" has done much towards explaining the nature of those parts of speech which, before, were but little known or attended to: but truth requires the Author of " The Evenings of Southill" to confess, that, in his opinion, much still remained undone in this department of Grammar.--He has ventured, on some occasions, to question the validity of Mr. Tooke's Etymologies : how justly he has done this, it remains with the public to determine.

Whatever may be the opinion of those who shall give this work an attentive perusal, the Author trusts they will receive his labours with candour.--He is at a time of life, when infirmities have overtaken him, and he has been able


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