ApXai [Archai] Or, The Evenings of Southill

The author, 1806 - 171 Seiten

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Seite 93 - O, how this spring of love resembleth The uncertain glory of an April day ; Which now shows all the beauty of the sun, And by and by a cloud takes all away ! Re-enter PANTHINO.
Seite 93 - I will ask him for my place again ; he shall tell me I am a drunkard ! Had I as many mouths as Hydra, such an answer would stop them all. To be now a sensible man, by and by a fool, and presently a beast!
Seite 9 - I doubt not differ each from its partner, by no variation whatever of articulation ; but singly by a certain unnoticed and almost imperceptible motion or compression of or near the Larynx ; which causes what Wilkins calls
Seite 69 - Which O avert, by yon ethereal light, Which I have lost for this eternal night! Or, if by dearer ties you may be won, By your dead sire, and by your living son, Redeem from this reproach my...
Seite 85 - The best and safest way for you therefore, my dear brethren, is, to call your deeds past to a new reckoning, to reexamine the cause ye have taken in hand, and to try it even point by point, argument by argument, with all the diligent exactness ye can; to lay aside the gall of that bitterness wherein your minds have hitherto over-abounded, and with meekness to search the truth. Think ye are men, deem it not impossible for you to err; sift...
Seite 86 - That Juba may deserve thy pious cares, I'll gaze for ever on thy godlike father, Transplanting, one by one, into my life, His bright perfections, till I shine like him.
Seite 86 - He furnishes her closet first; and fills The crowded shelves with rarities of shells; Adds orient pearls, which from the conchs he drew, And all the sparkling stones of various hue...
Seite 72 - Spain; who have, to their immortal honour, recovered the great and rich kingdom of Granada, and the populous and mighty city of the same name, from the Moors, having been in possession thereof by the space of seven hundred...
Seite 81 - Your words (mighty prince) were unfit either for me to hear, or you to speak: but yet the large testimony I see of your affection makes me willing to suppress a great number of errors. Only thus much I think good to say, that the same words in my Lady Philoclea's mouth, as from one woman to another (so as there were no other body by) might have had a better grace; and perchance have found a gentler receipt.
Seite 89 - ARMS, and the man I sing, who, forced by Fate, And haughty Juno's unrelenting hate, Expelled and exiled, left the Trojan shore. Long labours, both by sea and land, he bore...

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