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Hel. A foolish heart that I leave here behind.
Her. What, with Lyfander?

Hel. With Demetrius.

Lyf. Be not afraid, fhe will not harm thee, Helena. Dem. No, Sir, fhe fhall not, though you take her part. Hel. O, when she's angry, fhe is keen and threwd; She was a vixen when the went to school;

And though the be but little, the is fierce.

Her. Little again? nothing but low and little?
Why will you fuffer her to flout me thus ?
Let me come to her.

Lyf. Get you gone, you dwarf,

You Minim, you of hind'ring knot-grafs made,
You bead, you acorn.

Dem. You are too officious

In her behalf that fcorns your fervices."
Let her alone, fpeak not of Helena,
Take not her part: for if thou doft intend
Never fo little fhew of love to her,

Thou fhalt aby it.

Lyf. Now the holds me not,

Now follow if thou dar'ft, to try whofe right
Of thine or mine is most in Helena,

Dem. Follow? nay, I'll go with thee cheek by jowl.

[Exe. Lyfander and Demetrius,

Her. You, mistress, all this coyl is long of you :

Nay, go not back.

Hel. I will not truft you, I,

Nor longer ftay in your curft company,

Your hands than mine are quicker for a fray,
My legs are longer though to run away.

Her. I am amaz'd, and know not what to fay. [Exe.
SCENE IX. Enter Oberon and Puck.
Ob. This is thy negligence: ftill thou mistak'st,
Or else committ'ft thy knaveries willingly.
Puck. Believe me, King of fhadows, I mistook,
Did not you tell me I should know the man,
By the Athenian garments he had on?
And fo far blameless proves my enterprize,
That I have 'nointed an Athenian's eyes;

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And fo far am I glad it did fo fort,
As this their jangling I efteem a fport.

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Ob. Thou feeft thefe lovers feek a place to fight;

Hie therefore, Robin, overcaft the night,
The starry welkin cover thou anon
With drooping fog as black as Acheron,
And lead thefe tefty rivals fo aftray,
As one come not within another's way.
Like to Lyfander fometime frame thy tongue,
Then ftir Demetrius up with bitter wrong;
And fometime rail thou like Demetrius;
And from each other look thou lead them thus,
'Till o'er their brows death-counterfeiting sleep
With leaden legs and batty wings doth creep;
Then crush this herb into Lyfander's eye,
Whofe liquor hath this virtuous property,
To take from thence all error with its might,
And make his eye-balls rowl with wonted fight
When they next wake, all this derifion.


Shall feem a dream and fruitless vifion
And back to Athens fhall the lovers wend
With league, whofe date till death fhall never end.
Whiles I in this affair do thee imploy,
I'll to my Queen, and beg her Indian boy;
And then I will her charmed eye release.

From monster's view, and all things fhall be peace.
Puck. My fairy lord, this must be done with hafte,
For night's fwift dragons cut the clouds full faft,
And yonder fhines Aurora's harbinger jet
At whofe approach ghofts wandring here and there
Troop home to church-yards; damned fpirits all,
That in crofs-ways and floods have burial,
Already to their wormy beds are gone,

For fear left day fhould look their fhames upon,
They wilfully exile themfelves from light,

And muft for aye confort with black-brow'd night.
Ob. But we are fpirits of another fort,

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I with the morning-light have oft made fport,
And like a forefter the groves may tread,
Ev'n 'till the eaftern gate all fiery red, more


Opening on Neptune with far-bleffing beams,
Turns into yellow gold his falt-green streams.
But notwithstanding, hafte, make no delay,
We may effect this business yet ere day.

Puck. Up and down then, up and down,

I will lead them up and down:
I am fear'd in field and town,

Goblin, lead them up and down.

Here comes one.

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Enter Lyfander.

[Exit Oberon.

Lyf. Where art thou, proud Demetrius? fpeak thou now. Puck. Here, villain, drawn and ready. Where art thou? Lyf. I will be with thee ftraight.

Puck. Follow me then

To plainer ground.

Enter Demetrius.

Dem. Lyfander, speak again;

Thou run-away, thou coward, art thou fled?
Speak in fome bufh, where thou doft hide thy head.
Puck, Thou coward, art thou bragging to the stars,
Telling the bushes that thou look'ft for wars,

And wilt not come? come, recreant, come, thou child,
I'll whip thee with a rod, he is defil'd

That draws a fword on thee.

Dem. Yea, art thou there?


Puck. Follow my voice, we'll try no manhood here. [Exe
Lyf. He goes before me, and still dares me on;

When I come where he calls me, then he's gone.
The villain is much lighter-heel'd than I;

I follow'd faft, but fafter he did fly;

That fall'n am I in dark uneven way,

And here will reft me. Come, thou gentle day: [Lyes down. For if but once thou fhew me thy gray light,

I'll find Demetrius, and revenge this fpight.

Enter Puck and Demetrius,

Puck. Ho, ho, ho, coward, why then com'ft thou not? Dem. Abide me, if thou dar'ft: for well I wot Thou runn'st before me, fhifting every place, And dar'ft not stand nor look me in the face. Where art thou?



Puck. Come thou hither, I am here.

Dem. Nay then thou mock'st me; thou shalt buy this dear, If ever I thy face by day-light fee.

Now go thy way: faintness constraineth me
To measure out my length on this cold bed.
By day's approach look to be vifited...

SCENE X. Enter Helena.

[Lyes down.

Hel. O weary night, O long and tedious night,
Abate thy hours; fhine comforts from the East,
That I may back to Athens by day-light,

From thefe that my poor company deteft;
forrow's eye,

And fleep, that sometimes shuts


Steal me a while from mine own company!

Puck. Yet but three here? come one more,

Two of both kinds make up four.

Here fhe cometh, curft and fad :

Cupid is a knavish lad,

Thus to make poor females mad.

Enter Hermia.

Her. Never fo weary, never fo in woe,

Bedabbled with the dew, and torn with briars,

I can no further crawl, no further go;

My legs can keep no pace with my defires

Here will I reft me 'till the break of day..


Heav'ns fhield Lyfander, if they mean a fray! [Lyes down. Puck. On the ground, fleep thou found,

I'll apply to your eye, gentle lover, remedy.

[Squeezing the juice on Lyfander's eye.

When thou wakeft next, thou takest

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True delight, in the fight, of thy former lady's eye,

And the country proverb known,
That every man fhould take his own,

In your waking fhall be shown.

Jack fhall have Jill, nought fhall go ill,

The man hall have his mare again, and all be well.


[Exit Puck.] [They fleep.



SCENE I. The Wood.

Enter Queen of Fairies, Bottom, Fairies attending, and the King bebind them.

Queen. Cow

OME, fit thee down upon this flow'ry bad,
While I thy amiable cheeks do coy,

And stick mufk-rofes in thy fleek-fmooth'd head,
And kifs thy fair large ears, my gentle joy.

Bot. Where's Peafebloffom?

Peafe. Ready.

Bot. Scratch my head, Peafebloffom. Where's monfieur Cobweb?

Cob. Ready.

Bot. Monfieur Cobweb, good monfieur, get your weapons in your hand, and kill me a red-hipt humble-bee on the top of a thiftle, and, good monfieur, bring me the honey-bag. Do not fret your felf too much in the action, monfieur; and, good monfieur, have a care the honey-bag break not; I would be loth to have you overflown with a honey-bag, fignior. Where's monfieur Muftardfeed?

Muf. Ready.

Bot. Give me thy neafe, monfieur Mustardseed pray you, leave your curtefie, good monfieur.

Muf. What's your will?

Bat. Nothing, good monfieur, but to help Cavalero Cobweb to fcratch. I muft to the barber's, monfieur, for methinks I am marvellous hairy about the face." And I am fuch a tender afs, if my hair doth but tickle me, I must fcratch.

Queen. What, wilt thou hear fome mufick, my fweet love? Bot. I have a reasonable good ear in mufick, let us have the tongs and the bones.

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Mufick. Tongs, rural mufick.

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Queen. Or fay, fweet love, what thou defir'ft to eat. Bot. Truly a peck of provender; I could munch your good dry oats. Methinks I have a great defire to a bott of hay good hay, fweet hay hath no fellow.

Queen. I have a venturous Fairy that shall seek The fquirrel's hoard, and fetch thee thence new nuts,

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