The Journal of the Anthropological institute, Band 13


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Seite 431 - Annual Report to the Council of the City of Manchester, on the Working of the Public Free Libraries.
Seite 88 - President, in the Chair. The Minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. The following presents were announced, and thanks voted to the respective donors : — FOR THE LIBRARY.
Seite 499 - The Primitive Inhabitants of Scandinavia: an Essay on Comparative Ethnography, and a contribution to the History of the Developement of Mankind. Containing a description of the Implements, Dwellings, Tombs, and Mode of Living of the Savages in the North of Europe during the Stone Age. By SVEN NILSSON.
Seite 401 - This is easily done by stretching a piece of fine wire across the back of the mouth, the wire resting on each side in the groove between the pterygoid and the tuberosity. The width is taken between the outer borders of the alveolar arch immediately above the middle of the second molar tooth. Facial angle. — The angle formed by the meeting of the auriculo-alveolar base line with the ophryo-alveolar face line at the alveolar point measured with Broca's median goniometer.
Seite 493 - ... idiosyncrasy and inherited tendencies of the individual which so greatly modify both the course of the disease and the action of remedies, so it is absolutely necessary for the statesman who would govern successfully, not to look upon human nature in the abstract and endeavour to apply universal rules, but to consider the special moral, intellectual and social capabilities, wants, and aspirations of each particular race with which he has to deal. A form of government under which one race would...
Seite 204 - ... par l'extrême rareté de la barbe et par des cheveux plats et lisses. La race américaine a des rapports très-sensibles avec celle des peuples Mongols, qui renferme les descendants des Hiong-Nu , connus jadis sous le nom de Huns, les Kalkas, les Kalmucks et les Burattes. Des observations récentes ont...
Seite 431 - Massachusetts relating to the Registry and Return of Births, Marriages, and Deaths in the Commonwealth. For the Year Ending December 31, 1881.
Seite 490 - It investigates the origin of all human culture, endeavours to trace to their common beginning the sources of all our arts, customs, and history. The difficulty is what to include and where to stop; as, though the term " prehistoric " may roughly indicate an artificial line between the province of the anthropologist and that which more legitimately belongs to the...
Seite 489 - ... and moral development, their languages, social customs, opinions, and beliefs, their origin, history, migrations, and present geographical distribution, and their relations to each other. These subjects may be treated of under two aspects — first, by a consideration of the general laws by which the modifications in all these characters are determined and regulated ; this is called general ethnology : secondly, by the study and description of the races themselves, as distinguished from each...
Seite 423 - The price of life or limb was paid, not by the wrong-doer to the man he wronged, but by the family or house of the wrong-doer to the family or house of the wronged. Order and law were thus made to rest in each little group of...

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