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NOTHER Volume of the SCOTS MAGAZINE now makes its appearance, and calls upon us a third time to pay our countrymen that tribute of thanks due for the countenance they have given us: At the fame time we beg leave to renew our affurances, that it shall be our study, as well as our ambition, to merit the continuance of their favour.

SOME events have happened fince the commencement of this work, which will furnish ample matter to those who shall write the hiftory of these times. The mortality among princes, especially the death of the late Emperor, and the intrigues thence fprung, at prefent fo affectingly engage the principal potentates of Europe, that the publick liberties feem threatened in a moft extraordinary manner, unless by fome unexpected, speedy and vigorous refolutions, the scale is brought back to its former equipoife; or if another CAMILLUS rife not to refcue his groning country from Gaulish oppreffion, by more effectual means than ranfoming it with gold.

OUR war with Spain was declared on fuch strong motives, and after our fuffering fuch a series of flagrant and repeated injuries, that every true Briton cannot help being anxious to know in what manner it is carried on, and how far the cruelty and injuftice of the enemy have been duly punished.

ON these accounts, a faithfully collected MAGAZINE must be grateful to most readers, as they will there find what may contribute towards giving them a juft View of the Interests of our country, or those of mankind; and from whence may be drawn pretty distinct notions of the policy of neighbouring powers, with its influence on the commerce and profperity of our own little continent.

BUT befides, the Proceedings of a learned Political Club, imitating the debates in PARLIAMENT; thofe important difputes, where our happiness is so nearly concerned, and which frequently produce fentiments that breathe the true fpirit of old Roman liberty, muft, of themselves, highly raise the character of any collection in which they are contained.


A proper choice from the Political Writings alfo helps us to conceive more clearly the ftate of the nation, detects the false steps taken at the head of affairs, and unvails the projects and miscarriages of weak or corrupted minifters; with thefe they point out the various growth of faction, and the different attempts made by defigning men, to delude, or fow fedition among the people.

Moral and Entertaining Effays, Poetry, &c. always afford much pleafure, when writ with that good fenfe, decency, and regard to virtue, abfolutely requifite in fuch pieces; and it is our particular care, to omit whatever may offend the most delicate ear.

By a lift of Marriages, Births, Deaths and Preferments, our readers have an opportunity of obferving what alterations happen in families, of a middle, as well as of a high station; and by the help of our Indexes, one may discover the relations of different families, what offices they have enjoyed, and the times when any changes happened.

WE fhall only add one other valuable use our Magazine is of ; in that it furnishes Gentlemen a means of communicating to the риblick any difcoveries they make in arts or fciences, or whatever may contribute either to the utility or entertainment of mankind. The affistances of this kind we have been favoured with, claim the most grateful returns; which, as heretofore, fo for hereafter we fhall endeavour to make, by paying all due regard to the Essays they fhall be pleafed to fend.

I 74 I.

Letters or Effays (Poft paid) or Commiffions may be addreffed to W. SANDS or A. BRYMER, Bookfellers, or to A. MURRAY or J. COCHRAN, Printers, Edinburgh. By whom Gentlemen in Town may have the Magazines fent to their Lodgings, or thofe in the Country to their Carriers Quarters, duly as they are publifhed. The Magazines are likewife furnished by the other Bookfellers of Edinburgh, and by thofe of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Dundee, Perth, Stirling, Dumfries, Berwick, Kelfo, &c. Alfo by the Clerks in the General Poft-office, Edinburgh.

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