-Geography. The English cyclopædia, conducted by C. Knight, Band 1


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Seite 373 - The series contains the Prophets of the Old Testament, and the Apostles of the New.
Seite 267 - Census every ten years ; and the number of Members at first shall be 194, distributed as follows: Upper Canada 82 Lower Canada 65 Nova Scotia 19 New Brunswick- 15 Newfoundland 8 Prince Edward Island 5 18.
Seite 21 - Ngami, with hippopotami on their banks, are, therefore, but the great modern, residual, geographical phenomena of those of a mesozoic age. The differences, however, between the geological past of Africa and her present state are enormous. Since that primeval time the lands have been much elevated above the sea-level — eruptive rocks piercing in parts through them ; deep rents and defiles have been suddenly formed in the subtending ridges, through which some rivers escape outwards...
Seite 423 - Convention immediately upon the exchange of the ratifications thereof, the islands of St. Thomas and St. John, in the West Indies, with the adjacent islands and rocks, situated north of the 18th degree of north latitude.
Seite 29 - ... the east. In this gigantic, zigzag, yet narrow trough, the rocks are all so sharply cut and angular, that the idea at once arises that the hard basaltic trap must have been riven into its present shape by a force acting from beneath, and that this probably took place, when the ancient inland seas were let off by similar fissures nearer the ocean.
Seite 27 - At times it seemed as if nothing could save us from dashing in our headlong race against the rocks which, now that the river was low, jutted out of the water ; but, just at the very nick of time, Tuba passed the word to the steersman, and then with ready pole turned the canoe a little aside, and we glided swiftly past the threatened danger.
Seite 217 - ... within the dominions of her Majesty as are bounded to the south by the frontier of the United States of America, to the east by the main chain of the Rocky Mountains, to the north by Simpson's River and the Finlay branch of the Peace River, and to the west by the Pacific Ocean, and shall include Queen Charlotte's Island, and all other islands adjacent to the said territories, except as hereinafter excepted.
Seite 17 - I at once resolved to save my family from exposure to this unhealthy region by sending them to England, and to return alone, with a view to exploring the country in search of a healthy district that might prove a centre of civilization, and open up the interior by a path to either the east or west coast.
Seite 19 - The numbers of large game above Libonta are prodigious, and they proved remarkably tame. Eighty-one buffaloes defiled in slow procession before our fire one evening, within gunshot ; and herds of splendid elands stood by day, without fear, at two hundred yards distance.
Seite 21 - Livingstone was thus on the watershed, or highest part, of those two great river-systems, but still not more than 4000 feet above the level of the sea, and 1000 feet lower than the top of the western ridge they had already crossed.

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