Success of Our Republic: An Oration

H.H. Lloyd & Company, 1860 - 24 Seiten

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Seite 7 - My hold of the colonies is in the close affection which grows from common names, from kindred blood, from similar privileges, and equal protection. These are ties which, though light as air, are as strong as links of iron. Let the colonies always keep the idea of their civil rights associated with your government ; they will cling and grapple to you, and no force under heaven will be of power to tear them from their allegiance.
Seite 12 - He grew up on the soil of America ; he was nurtured at her bosom. She loved and trusted him in his youth; she honored and revered him in his age ; and though she did not wait for death to canonize his name, his precious memory, with each succeeding year, has sunk more deeply into the hearts of his countrymen!
Seite 14 - And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, and considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
Seite 16 - England is usually a member of the House of Lords, sometimes a member of the Cabinet. As a necessary consequence, on all questions of a political nature, the Court is open to the same suspicion of partisanship as in the United States, and for a much stronger reason, inasmuch as our judges can never be members of the Cabinet or of Congress. During a considerable part of his career, Lord Mansfield was engaged in an embittered political warfare with the Earl of Chatham, in the House of Lords. All the...
Seite 22 - Of these orders in council, | Napoleon had no right to complain ; but they were grievously unjust to neutrals ; and it is now generally allowed, that they were contrary to the law of nations, and to our own municipal law...
Seite 17 - I will only add, that, of the very great number of judges of our Federal and State Courts, — although frugal salaries, short terms of office, and the elective tenure may sometimes have called incompetent men to the bench, — it is not within my recollection, that a single individual has been suspected even of pecuniary corruption. Next in importance to the integrity of the courts, in a well-governed state, is the honesty of the legislature. A remarkable instance of wholesale corruption, in one...
Seite 11 - Bacon, Milton, Newton, has risen on the world. These mighty geniuses seem to be exceptions in the history of the human mind. Favorable circumstances do not produce them, nor does the absence of favorable circumstances prevent their appearance. Homer rose in the dawn of Grecian culture; Virgil flourished in the court of Augustus; Dante ushered in the birth of the new European civilization ; Copernicus was reared in a Polish cloister; Shakespeare was trained in the...
Seite 12 - ... of them was born. But if it is really a matter of reproach to the United States that, in the comparatively short period of their existence as a people, they have not added another name to this illustrious list (which is equally true of all the other nations of the earth), they may proudly boast of one example of life and character, one career of disinterested service, one model of public virtue...
Seite 18 - Parliament, whose previous conduct in connection with railway legislation was so open to reprehension, interposed no check — attempted no remedy. On the contrary, it helped to intensify the evils arising from this unseemly state of things. Many of its members were themselves involved in the mania, and as much interested in its continuance as the vulgar herd of money-grubbers.
Seite 22 - ... she declared to be infractions of the law of nations. Such was her doctrine in 1812, such was the language of the throne, of Parliament, and of the Courts of Admiralty, even with a judge like Lord Stowell on the bench ; and we now read from the highest British authority, that the Orders in Council " were grievously unjust to neutrals, and it is now generally allowed that they were contrary to the law of nations and our own municipal law.

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