Report of the Librarian of the State Library of Massachusetts

State Library of Massachusetts, 1901

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Seite 126 - Recueil des traités et conventions conclus par le royaume des Pays-Bas avec les puissances étrangères, depuis 1813 jusqu'à nos jours.
Seite 260 - Mellon, in the report of the Secretary of the Treasury for the fiscal year ended June 30...
Seite 230 - That the following regulations for preventing collisions shall be followed by all vessels navigating all harbors, rivers, and inland waters of the United States, except the Great Lakes and their connecting and tributary waters as far east as Montreal and the Red River of the North and rivers emptying into the Gulf of Mexico and their tributaries, and are hereby declared special rules duly made by local authority: SEC.
Seite 138 - Reports of bankruptcy and company cases decided in the High Court of Justice, the Court of Appeal, and the House of Lords.
Seite 262 - CONVENTION BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES AND MEXICO. Concluded at Washington, March 1, 1889; ratifications exchanged December 24, 1890. The United States of America and the United States of Mexico, desiring to facilitate the carrying out of the principles contained in the treaty of November 12, 1884...
Seite 66 - Digest of the Decisions of the Courts of Common Law and Admiralty in the United States.
Seite 122 - Forms in conveyancing and general legal forms, comprising precedents for ordinary use and clauses adapted to special and unusual cases, with practical notes. 6th ed., revised. Indianapolis, 1899. 8°. Ixxxii, 903 p. [1] — An index to legal periodical literature. Vol. 2. 1887-99. Boston, 1899. 1. 8".
Seite 260 - Report of the Chief Signal Officer to the Secretary of War for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1894.
Seite 232 - Commission to Revise and Codify the Criminal and Penal Laws of the United States as "in accordance with the policy of recent legislation...
Seite 12 - Consolidated statutes of British Columbia, consisting of the acts, ordinances and proclamations of the formerly separate colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, of the united colony of British Columbia, and of the province since the union with Canada. Revised and consolidated by the Commissioners appointed under the " Consolidated statutes act, 1877.

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