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ELECTORAL VOTE.—For President, Franklin Pierce, 254; Winfield Scott of New Jersey, 42.Total, 296. Thirty-one States voting.

For Vice President, Wm. R. King, 254; Wm. A. Graham, North Carolina, 42.

1857 to 1861.-James Buchanan, of Pennsylvania, President. He was born at Stony Batter, Franklin county, Penn., April 22, 1791.

John C. Breckenridge, of Kentucky, Vice-President. Born near Lexington, Kentucky, Jan. 21, 1820.

POPULAR VOTE.—For President, James Buchanan, (Democratic,) 1,832,232; John C. Fremont, California, (Republican,) 1,341,514; Millard Fillmore, New York, (American,) 874,707.

ELECTORAL VOTE.- For President, James Buchanan, 174; John C. Fremont, 109; Millard Fillmore, 8.--Total, 291. Thirty-one States voting.

For Vice-President, John Breckenridge, 174; Wm. L. Dayton, New Jersey, 109; A. J. Donelson, Tennessee, 8.—Total, 291.

1861 to 1865.--Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois, President, inaugurated March 4, 1861. born near Muldraugh's Hill, Hardin county, Ky., Feb. 1809.

Hannibal Hamling of Maine, Vice-President. He was born at Paris, Oxford county, Me., Aug. 27, 1809.

POPULAR VOTE.-For President, Abraham Lincoln, (Republican,) 1,857,610; Stephen A. Douglas, of Illinois, (Democratic,) 1,365,976; John C. Breck

He was

enridge, of Kentucky, (Democratic,) 847,953; John Bell, of Tennessee, (Constitutional Union,) 590,631.

ELECTORAL VOTE.—For President, Abraham Lincoln, 180; John C. Breckinridge, 72; John Bell, 39; Stephen A. Douglas, 12.—Total, 291. Thirtythree States voting.

For Vice-President, Hannibal Hamlin, Maine, 180; Joseph Lane, Oregon, 72; Edward Everett, Massachusetts, 39; Herschel V. Johnson, Georgia, 12.

1865 to 1869.- Abraham Lincoln, President, inaugurated March 4, 1865.

Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee, Vice-President.

POPULAR VOTE.— For President, Abraham Lincoln, (Republican,) 3,213,035; George B. McClellan, (Democrat,) 1,811,754.

Upon the assassination of President Lincoln, April 14, 1865, Andrew Johnson, then Vice-President, assumed the Presideney, and Lafayette S. Foster, of Norwich, Conn., President of the Senate, became Vice-President.


Virginia, the Old Dominion.
Massachusetts, the Bay State.
Maine, the Border State.
Rhode Island, Little Rhody.
New York, the Empire State.
New Hampshire, the Granite State.
Vermont, the Green Mountain State.
Connecticut, the Land of Steady Habits.
Pennsylvania, the Keystone State.
North Carolina, the Old North State.
Ohio, the Buckeye State.
South Carolina, the Palmetto State.
Michigan, the Wolverine State.
Kentucky, the Corn-Cracker.
Delaware, the Blue Hen's Chicken.
Missouri, the Puke State.
Indiana, the Hoosier State.
Illinois, the Sucker State.
Iowa, the Hawkeye State.
Wisconsin, the Badger State.
Florida, the Peninsular State.
Texas, the Lone Star State.

Mississippi, the Bayou State. Louisiana, the Creole State. Tennessee, the Big Bend State. Arkansas, the Bear State. California, the Golden State.



A Bill more effectually to preserve the neutral rela

tions of the United States.

Be it enacted, &c., That if any citizen of the United States shall, within the territory or jurisdiction thereof, accept and exercise a commission to serve a foreign prince, State, colony, district, or people in war by land or by sea against any prince, State, colony, district or people with whom the United States are at peace, the person so offending shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall on conviction thereof be punished by a fine of not exceeding $2,000 and imprisonment not exceeding two years, or either, at the discretion of the Court in which such offender may be convicted.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That if any

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