A manual of elementary geology; or, The ancient changes of the earth and its inhabitants as illustrated by geological monuments

D. Appleton, 1857 - 685 Seiten

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Seite 97 - to imagine that these last never pass, as they frequently do, into metamorphic rocks. The poet Waller, when lamenting over the antiquated style of Chaucer, complains that— We write in sand, our language grows, And, like the tide, our work
Seite 618 - being so fused as that the lines of stratification should be wholly obliterated. We must not, however, imagine that heat alone, such as may be applied to a stone in the open air, can constitute all that is comprised in plutonic action. We know that volcanos in eruption not only emit fluid lava, but give
Seite 133 - I had observed, in 1834, a ridge of stratified sand and gravel, in the midst of which occurs a layer of marl, evidently formed originally at the bottom of the Baltic, by the slow growth of the mussel, cockle, and other marine shells of living species, intermixed with some proper to freshwater.
Seite 570 - about 18 miles in length, and 2 in breadth. They are usually truncated at the summit, where the crater is often preserved entire, the lava having issued from the base of the hill. But frequently the crater is broken down on one side, where the lava has flowed out. The hills are composed of loose
Seite 614 - the period of the deposition of the Silurian deposits. Yet the granite produced, after this long interval, is often so intimately blended with the ancient gneiss, at the point of junction, that it is impossible to draw any other than an arbitrary line of separation between them; and where this is not the case, tortuous
Seite 119 - particularly studied in Sicily, where they attain a vast thickness and elevation above the sea, the number of species identical with those now living was believed to be from 90 to 95 per cent For the sake of clearness and brevity, I proposed to give short technical names to these four groups, or the
Seite 588 - It is not uncommon for one set of granite veins to intersect another; and sometimes there are three sets, as in the environs of Heidelberg, where the granite on the banks of the river Necker is seen to consist of three varieties, differing in colour, grain, and various peculiarities of
Seite 645 - by an eye-witness, the brick walls of a building were rent vertically in several places, and made to vibrate for several minutes during each shock, after which they remained uninjured, and without any opening, although the line of each crack was still visible. When all movement had ceased, there were seen on the floor of
Seite 506 - from some modern lavas.f Dr. MacCulloch, after examining with great attention these and the other igneous rocks of Scotland, observes, " that it is a mere dispute about terms, to refuse to the ancient eruptions of trap the name of submarine volcanoes; for they are such in every essential point, although they no longer eject fire and smoke.
Seite 336 - distended with minced sea-weed, of a kind which grows at the bottom of the sea at some little distance from the coast. To obtain this, the lizards go out to sea in shoals. One of these animals was sunk in

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