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have found it necessary to add many notes, and supply some important omissions. I have also subjoined a final chapter upon the character of the Earl, which will, I hope, remove that appearance of indiscriminate eulogy too prominent in the work.

This work is valuable as the authenticated record of the acts of one of our greatest statesmen: in the hope of rendering it yet more so by the insertion of the fragments which remain, I applied to the present Earl for permission to peruse the original papers; his lordship, however, declines allowing any one to have access to them.

I do not of course mention this circumstance at all in the language of complaint. The public have no right to require, however much they may expect, information that can only be obtained from private papers. I only wish to guard myself against the supposition of having neglected an obvious source of information.

The new matter which I have introduced will be readily distinguished. Where any important

omission was to be supplied, it has been inserted into the text; but the passage is invariably placed between brackets; and the additional notes are numbered consecutively throughout.

Temple, March 1836.

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