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Apocrypha. times of their mingling with the Gentiles, seeing denly practised by the enemies : so they made that by no means he could save himself, nor a peaceable conference. have any more access to the holy altar,

23 Now Nicanor abode in Jerusalem, and did 4 Came to king Demetrius in the hundred no hurt, but sent away the people that came and one and fiftieth year, presenting unto him flocking unto him. a crown of gold, and a palm, and also of the 24 And he would not willingly have Judas boughs which were used solemnly in the tem- out of his sight: for he loved the man from his ple : and so that day he held his peace.

heart. 5 Howbeit, having gotten opportunity to fur- 25 He prayed him also to take a wife, and to ther his foolish enterprise, and being called into beget children: so he married, was quiet, and council by Demetrius, and asked how the Jews took part of this life. stood affected, and what they intended, he an- 26' But Alcimus, perceiving the love that swered thereunto:

was betwixt them, and considering the cove6 Those of the Jews that be called Assideans, nants that were made, came to Demetrius, and whose captain is Judas Maccabeus, nourish war, told him that Nicanor was not well-affected toand are seditious, and will not let the realm be ward the state ; for that he had ordained Judas, in peace.

la traitor to his realm, to be the king's successor, Ť Therefore I, being deprived of mine an- 27 Then the king being in a rage, and procestors' honour, I mean the high priesthood, am voked with the accusations of the most wicked now come hither:

man, wrote to Nicanor, signifying that he was 8 First, verily for the unfeigned care I have much displeased with the covenants, and comof things pertaining to the king; and secondly, manding him that he should send Maccabeus even for that I intend the good of mine own prisoner in all haste unto Antioch. countrymen : for all our nation is in no small 28 When this came to Nicanor's hearing, le misery through the unadvised dealing of them was much confounded in himself, and took it aforesaid.

grievously that he should make void the arti9 Wherefore, o king, seeing thou knowest|cles which were agreed upon, the man being in all these things, be careful for the country, and no fault. our nation, which is pressed on every side, ac- 29 But because there was no dealing against cording to the clemency that thou readily shew-the king, he watched his time to accomplish est unto all.

this thing by policy. 10 For as long as Judas liveth, it is not pos-) 30 Notwithstanding, when Maccabeus sav sible that the state should be quiet.

Ithat Nicanor began to be churlish unto him, 11 This was no sooner spoken of him, but and that he entreated him more roughly than others of the king's friends, being maliciously he was wont, perceiving that such sour behaset against Judas, did more incense Demetrius viour came not of good, he gathered together

12 And forthwith calling Nicanor, who had not a few of his men, and withdrew himself been master of the elephants, and making him from Nicanor. governor over Judea, he sent him forth,

31 But the other, knowing that he was no13 Commanding him to slay Judas, and to tably prevented by Judas' policy, came into the scatter them that were with him, and to make great and holy temple, and commanded the Alcimus high priest of the great temple. priests, that were offering their usual sacrifices,

14 Then the heathen, that had fied out of to deliver him the man. Judea from Judas, came to Nicanor by flocks, 32 And when they sware that they could not thinking the harm and calamities of the Jews tell where the man was whom he sought, to be their welfare.

33 He stretched out his right hand toward 15 Now when the Jews heard of Nicanor's the temple, and made an oath in this manner : coming, and that the heathen were up against If ye will not deliver me Judas as a prisoner, I them, they cast earth upon their heads, and will lay this temple of God even with the made supplication to him that had established ground, and I will break down the altar, and his people for ever, and who always helpeth his erect a notable temple unto Bacchus. portion with manifestation of his presence. 1 34 After these words he departed. Then

16 So at the commandment of the captain the priests lifted up their hands toward heaven, they removed straightways from thence, and and besought him that was ever a defender of came near unto them at the town of Dessau. their nation, saying in this manner;

17 Now Simon, Judas' brother, had joined 35 Thou, O Lord of all things, who hast need battle with Nicanor, but was somewhat dis- of nothing, wast pleased that the temple of thy comfited through the sudden silence of his ene- habitation should be among us: mies.

| 36 Therefore now, O holy Lord of all holi18 Nevertheless Nicanor, hearing of the inan-ness, keep this house ever undefiled, which liness of them that were with Judas, and the lately was cleansed, and stop every unrighteous courageousness that they had to fight for their mouth. country, durst not try the matter by the sword. 37 Now was there accused unto Nicanor one

19 Wherefore he sent Posidonius, and Theo- Razis, one of the elders of Jerusalem, a lover dotus, and Mattathias, to make peace

of his countrymen, and a man of very good re. 20 So when they had taken long advisement port, who for his kindness was called a father of thereupon, and the captain had made the mul- the Jews. titude acquainted therewith, and it appeared 38 For in the former times, when they minthat they were all of one mind, they consented gled not themselves with the Gentiles, he had to the covenants,

been accused of Judaism, and did boldly jeopard 21 And appointed a day to meet in together his body and life with all vehemency for the reby themselves: and when the day came, and/ligion of the Jews. stcols were set for either of them,

39 So Nicanor, willing to declare the hate 22 Judas placed arined men ready in conve- that he bare unto the Jews, sent above five nient places, lest some treachery should be sud-hundred men of war to take him:


Apocrypha. 40 For he thought by taking him to do the had been high priest, a virtuous and a good Jews much hurt.

man, reverend in conversation, gentle in con41 Now when the multitude would have taken dition, well-spoken also, and exercised from a the tower, and violently broken into the outer child in all points of virtue, holding up his hands, door, and bade that fire should be brought to prayed for the whole body of the Jews. burn it, he being ready to be taken on every side, 13 This done, in like manner there appeared fell upon his sword;

la man with gray hairs, and exceeding glorious, 42 Choosing rather to die manfully, than to who was of a wonderful and excellent majesty. come into the hands of the wicked, to be abused 14 Then Onias answered, saying, This is a otherwise than beseemed his noble birth: lover of the brethren, who prayeth much for

43 But missing his stroke through haste, the the people, and for the holy city, to wit, Jeremultitude also rushing within the doors, he ran mias the prophet of God. boldly up to the wall, and cast himself down 15 Whereupon Jeremias holding forth his manfully among the thickest of them.

right hand, gave to Judas a sword of gold, and, 44 But they quickly giving back, and a space in giving it, spake thus, being made, he fell down into the midst of the 16 Take this holy sword, a gift from God, void place.

with the which thou shalt wound the adversa45 Nevertheless, while there was yet breath ries within him, being inflamed with anger, he rose 17 Thus being well comforted by the words up; and though his blood gushed out like spouts of Judas, which were very good, and able to of water, and his wounds were grievous, yet he stir them up to valour, and to encourage the ran through the midst of the throng; and stand-hearts of the young men, they determined not ing upon a steep rock,

Ito pitch camp, but courageously to set upon 46 When as his blood was now quite gone, them, and manfully to try the matter by conhe plucked out his bowels, and taking them in flict, because the city and the sanctuary and the both his hands, he cast them upon the throng, temple were in danger. and calling upon the Lord of life and spirit to 18 For the care that they took for their restore him those again, he thus died.

wives, and their children, their brethren, and CHAP. XV.

kinsfolks, was in least account with them: but P UT Nicanor, hearing that Judas and his the greatest and principal fear was for the holy

D company were in the strong places about temple. Samaria, resolved without any danger to set 19 Also they that were in the city took not upon them on the sabbath-day.

the least care, being troubled for the conflict 2 Nevertheless the Jews that were compel-abroad. led to go with him, said, O destroy not so cru- 20 And now, when as all looked what should elly and barbarously, but give honour to that be the trial, and the enemies were already come day, which he, that seeth all things, hath ho- near, and the army was set in array, and the noured with holiness above other days.

beasts conveniently placed, and the horsemen 3 Then the most ungracious wretch demand set in wings, ed, if there were a Mighty One in heaven, that 21 Maccabeus, seeing the coming of the mulhad commanded the sabbath-day to be kept. titude, and the divers preparations of armour,

4 And when they said, There is in heaven a and the fierceness of the beasts, stretched out living Lord, and mighty, who commanded the his hands toward heaven, and called upon the seventh day to be kept :

Lord that worketh wonders, knowing that victo5 Then said the other, And I also am mighty ry cometh not by arms, but even as it seemeth upon earth, and I command to take arms, and good to him, he giveth it to such as are worthy: to do the king's business. Yet he obtained not22 Therefore in his prayer he said after this to have his wicked will done.

manner; O Lord, thou didst send thine angel 6 So Nicanor in exceeding pride and haughti- in the time of Ezekias king of Judea, and didst ness determined to set up a public monument slay in the host of Sennacherib an hundred fourof his victory over Judas and them that were score and five thousand: with him.

123 Wherefore now also, O Lord of heaven, 7 But Maccabeus had ever sure confidence send a good angel before us for a fear and dreail that the Lord would help him:

unto them; 8 Wherefore he exhorted his people not to 24 And through the might of thine arm let fear the coming of the heathen against them, those be stricken with terror, that come against but to remember the help which in former times thy holy people to blaspheme. And he ended they had received from heaven, and now to ex- thus. pect the victory and aid, which should come 25 Then Nicanor and they that were with unto them from the Almighty.

Thim came forward with trumpets and songs. 9 And so comforting them out of the law and 26 But Judas and his company encountered the prophets, and withal putting them in mind the enemies with invocation and prayer. of the battles that they won afore, he made them 27 So that fighting with their hands, and more cheerful.

praying unto God with their hearts, they slew 10 And when he had stirred up their minds, no less than thirty and five thousand men: for he gave them their charge, shewing them there-through the appearance of God they were great. withal the falsehood of the heathen, and the ly cheered. breach of oaths.

I 28 Now when the battle was done, returning 11 Thus he armed every one of them, not again with joy, they knew that Nicanor lay dead so much with defence of shields and spears, as in his harness. with comfortable and good words : and beside 29 Then they made a great shout and a that, he told them a dream worthy to be be- noise, praising the Almighty in their own lanlieved, as if it had been so indeed, which did not guage. a little rejoice them.

30 And Judas, who was ever the chief de12 And this was his vision : That Onias, who fender of the citizens both in body and mind,


Apocrypha. and who continued his love toward his coun-1 tower, an evident and manifest sign unto all trymen all his life, commanded to strike off of the help of the Lord. Nicanor's head, and his hand with his shoulder, 36 And they ordained all with a common and bring them to Jerusalem.

decree, in no case to let that day pass without 31 So when he was there, and had called solemnity, but to celebrate the thirteenth day them of his nation together, and set the priests of the twelfth month, which in the Syrian before the altar, he sent for them that were of tongue is called Adar, the day before Mardo. the tower,

cheus' day. 32 And shewed them vile Nicanor's head, 37 Thus went it with Nicanor : and from and the hand of that blasphemer, which with that time forth the Hebrews had the city in proud brags he had stretched out against the their power. And here will I make an end. holy temple of the Almighty.

38 And if I have done well, and as is fitting 33 And when he had cut out the tongue of the story, it is that which I desired: but it that ungodly Nicanor, he commanded that they slenderly and meanly, it is that which I could should give it by pieces unto the fowls, and attain unto. hang up the reward of his madness before the 39 For as it is hurtful to drink wine or wa. temple.

iter alone; and as wine mingled with water is 3Å So every man praised toward the heaven pleasant, and delighteth the taste : eren so the glorious Lord, saying, Blessed be he that speech finely framed delighteth the ears of hath kept his own place undefiled.

them that read the story. And here shall be 35 He hanged also Nicanor's head upon the lan end.



Ellis Gray Soning mamed Lonisa Gilman
Octr. 29 11829 -

Their first child la boy) was born, Aug. 23° 1828 and died yth of Septn.. follorving

Anna Loring was born Nov. 10 ,1830.
Elli Gray Lening ducd chaq, 24. 1858
Anna Iming married Dito Break detober 29
1863. "
Heir first child Louisa Loring Dresék sus born

Prenaturely :) cine 275 1863
Ellis Lorino Dresel 'uxs born Nov. 28* 1865.

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