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Apocrypha. ty, we considered not that we should begin to the womb preserved delivereth up the things suffer for it after death.

that grew in it. 57 Then answered he me, and said, This is 10 For thou hast commanded out of the parts the condition of the battle, which man that is of the body, that is to say, out of the breasts, born upon the earth shall fight;

milk to be given, which is the fruit of the 58 That, if he be overcome, he shall suffer as breasts, thou hast said: but if he get the victory, he shall 11 That the thing which is fashioned may be receive the thing that I say.

nourished for a time, till thou disposest it to thy 59 For this is the life whereof Moses spake mercy. unto the people while he lived, saying, Choose 12 Thou broughtest it up with thy righteousthee life, that thou mayest live.

ness, and nurturedst it in thy law, and reform60 Nevertheless, they believed not him, nor edst it with thy judgment. vet the prophets after him, no, nor me which 13 And thou shalt mortify it as thy creature, have spoken unto them,

J and quicken it as thy work. 61 That there should not be such heaviness 14 If therefore thou shalt destroy him which in their destruction, as shall be joy over them with so great labour was fashioned, it is an easy that are persuaded to salvation.

thing to be ordained by thy commandment, that 62 I answered then, and said, I know, Lord, the thing which was made might be preserved. that the Most High is called merciful, in that 15 Now therefore, Lord, I will speak; touchhe hath mercy upon them which are not yet ing man in general, thou knowest best ; but come into the world,

touching thy people, for whose sake I am sorry : 63 And upon those also that turn to his law ; 16 And for thine inheritance, for whose cause 64 And that he is patient, and long suffereth I mourn; and for Israel, for whom I am heavy; those that have sinned, as his creatures ; and for Jacob, for whose sake I am troubled ;

65 And that he is bountiful, for he is ready 17 Therefore will I begin to pray before thee to give where it needeth ;

for myself and for them for I see the falls of 66 And that he is of great mercy, for he mul- us that dwell in the land. tiplieth more and more mercies to them that are 18 But I have heard the swiftness of the present, and that are past, and also to them judge which is to come. which are to come.

19 Therefore hear my voice, and understand 67 For if he shall not multiply his mercies, my words, and I shall speak before thee. This the world would not continue with them that is the beginning of the words of Esdras, before inherit therein.

he was taken up: and I said, 68 And he pardoneth; for if he did not so of 20 O Lord, thou that dwellest in everlasting. his goodness, that they which have committed ness, which beholdest from above things in the iniquities might be cased of them, the ten thou- heaven and in the air ; sandth part of men should not remain living. I 21 Whose throne is inestimable ; whose glory

69 And being judge, if he should not forgive may not be comprehended; before whom the them that are cured with his word, and put out host of angels stand with trembling, the multitude of contentions,

22 Whose service is conversant in wind and 70 There should be very few left peradven-fire ; whose word is true, and sayings constant ; ture in an innumerable multitude.

whose commandment is strong, and ordinance CHAP. VIII.

fearful; A ND he answered me, saying, The Most 23 Whose look drieth up the depths, and inA High hath made this world for many, but dignation maketh the mountains to melt away; the world to come for fe:.

which the truth witnesseth : 2 I will tell thee a similitude, Esdras; As 24 O hear the prayer of thy servant, and give when thou askest the earth, it shall say unto ear to the petition of thy creature. thee, that it giveth much mould whereof earthen 25 For while I live I will speak, and so long vessels are made, but little dust that gold as I have understanding I will answer. cometh of: even so is the course of this pre- 26 O look not upon the sins of thy people ; sent world.

but on them which serve thee in truth. 3 There be many created, but few shall be 27 Regard not the wicked inventions of the

heathen, but the desire of those that keep thay 4 So answered I and said, Swallow then testimonies in afflictions. down, O my soul, understanding, and devour 28 Think not upon those that have walked wisdom.

feignedly before thee: but remember theid, 5 For thou hast agreed to give ear, and art which according to thy will have known thy willing to prophesy : for thou hast no longer fear. space than only to live.

29 Let it not be thy will to destroy them 6 O Lord, if thou suffer not thy servant, that which have lived like beasts; but to look upon we may pray before thee, and thou give us seed them that have clearly taught thy law. unto our heart, and culture to our understand- 30 Take thou no indignation at them which ing, that there may come fruit of it ; how shall are deemed worse than beasts; but love them each man live that is corrupt, who beareth the that always put their trust in thy righteousness place of a man?

and glory. 7 For thou art alone, and we all one work! 31 For we and our fathers do languish of such manship of thine hands, like as thou hast said. diseases: but because of us sinners thou shalt

8 For when the body is fashioned now in the be called merciful. mother's womb, and thou givest it members, thy 32 For if thou hast a desire to have mercy creature is preserved in fire and water, and nine upon us, thou shalt be called merciful, to ns months doth thy workmanship endure thy crea- namely, that have no works of righteousness. ture which is created in her.

33 For the just, which have many good works 9 But that which keepeth and is kept shall laid up with thee, shall out of their own deeds both be preserved : and when the time cometh, I receive reward.

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Apocrypha. 34 For what is man, that thou shouldest take spised the Most High, thought scorn of his law, displeasure at him ? or what is a corruptible ge- and forsook his ways. neration, that thou shouldest be so bitter toward 57 Moreover they have trodden down his

righteous, 35 For in truth there is no man among them 58 And said in their heart, that there is no that be born, but he hath dealt wickedly ; and God; yea, and that knowing they must die. among the faithful there is none which hath not 59 For as the things aforesaid shall receive done amiss.

you, so thirst and pain are prepared for them : 36 For in this, O Lord, thy righteousness for it was not his will that men should come to and thy goodness shall be declared, if thou be nought : merciful unto them which have not the confi- 60 But they which be created have defiled dence of good works.

the name of him that made them, and were 37 Then answered he me, and said, Some unthankful unto him which prepared life for things hast thou spoken aright, and according them. unto thy words it shall be.

161 And therefore is my judgment now at 38 For indeed I will not think on the dispo- hand. sition of them which have sinned before death, 62 These things have I not shewed unto all before judgment, before destruction :

men, but unto thee, and a few like thee. Then 39 But I will rejoice over the disposition of answered I and said, the righteous, and I will remember also their 63 Behold, O Lord, now hast thou shewed me pilgrimage, and the salvation, and the reward, the multitude of the wonders, which thou wilt that they shall have.

begin to do in the last times: but at what time, 40 Like as I have spoken now, so shall it thou hast not shewed me. come to pass.

CHAP. IX. 41 For as the husbandman soweth much seed/ LTE answered me then, and said, Measure upon the ground, and planteth many trees, and 11 thou the time diligently in itself; and yet the thing that is sown good in his season when thou seest part of the signs past, which I cometh not up, neither doth all that is planted have told thee before, take root: even so is it of them that are sown 2 Then shalt thou understand, that it is the in the world; they shall not all be saved. very same time, wherein the Highest will begin

42 I answered then and said, If I have found to visit the world which he made. . grace, let me speak.

1 3 Therefore when there shall be seen earth43 Like as the husbandman's seed perisheth, quakes and uproars of the people in the world: if it come not up, and receive not thy rain in 4 Then shalt thou well understand, that the due season: or if there come too much rain, and Most High spake of those things from the days corrupt it:

that were before thee, even from the begin44 Even so perisheth man also, which is ning formed with thy hands, and is called thine own 5 For like as all that is made in the world image, because thou art like unto him, for whose hath a beginning and an end, and the end is sake thou hast made all things, and likened him manifest : unto the husbandman's seed.

16 Even so the times also of the Highest have 45 Be not wroth with us, but spare thy people, plain beginnings in wonders and powerful works, and have mercy upon thine own inheritance : and endings in effects and signs. for thou art merciful unto thy creature.

7 And every one that shall be saved, and 46 Then answered he me, and said, Things shall be able to escape by his works, and by faith, present are for the present, and things to come whereby ye have believed, for such as be to come.

1 8 Shall be preserved from the said perils, and 47 For thou comest far short that thou should- shall see my salvation in my land, and within est be able to love my creature more than I : my borders : for I have sanctified them for me but I have oft-times drawn nigh unto thee, and from the beginning. unto it, but never to the unrighteous.

9 Then shall they be in pitiful case, which 48 In this also thou art marvellous before the now have abused my ways: and they that have Most High:

cast them away despitefully shall dwell in tor49 In that thou hast humbled thyself, as it ments. becometh thee, and hast not judged thyself 10 For such as in their life have received worthy to be much glorified among the right- benefits, and have not known me; eous.

11 And they that have loathed my law, while 50 For many great miseries shall be done to they had yet liberty, and when as yet place of them that in the latter time shall dwell in the repentance was open unto them, understood world, because they have walked in great pride.not, but despised it ;

51 But understand thou for thyself, and soek 12 The same must know it after death by out the glory for such as be like thee.

pain. 32 For unto you is paradise opened, the tree | 13 And therefore be thou not curious how the of life is planted, the time to come is prepared, ungodly shall be punished, and when : but inplenteousness is made ready, a city is builded, quire how the righteous shall be saved, whose and rest is allowed, yea, perfect goodness and the world is, and for whom the world is created. wisdom.

14 Then answered I, and said, 53 The root of evil is sealed up from you,l 15 I have said before, and now do speak, and will weakness and the moth is hid from you, and cor- speak it also hereafter, that there be many more ruption is fled into hell to be forgotten ; : of them which perish, than of them which shall

54 Sorrows are passed, and in the end is shew- be saved: need the treasure of immortality.

16 Like as a wave is greater than a drop. 55 And therefore ask thou no more questions 17 And he answered me, saying, Like as the concerning the multitude of them that perish. field is, so is also the seed; as the flowers be,

56 For when they had taken liberty, they de- such are the colours also ; such as the workman


Apocrypha. is, such also is the work ; and as the husband. I 40 And said unto her, Wherefore weepest man is himself, so is his husbandry also: for it thou ? why art thou so grieved in thy mind? was the time of the world.

1 41 And she said unto me, Sir, let me alone, 18 And now when I prepared the world which that I may bewail myself, and add unto my sorwas not yet made, even for them to dwell in that row, for I am sore vexed in my mind, and now live, no man spake against me.

brought very low. 19 For then every one obeyed: but now the 42 And I said unto her, What aileth thee? manners of them which are created in this world tell me. that is made are corrupted by a perpetual seed, 43 She said unto me, I thy servant have been and by a law which is unsearchable rid them- barren, and had no child, though I had an husselves.

band thirty years. 20 So I considered the world, and behold, 44 And those thirty years I did nothing else there was peril because of the devices that were day and night, and every hour, but make my come into it.

prayer to the Highest. 21 And I saw, and spared it greatly, and have 45 After thirty years God heard me, thy kept me a grape of the cluster, and a plant of a handmaid, looked upon my misery, considered great people.

my trouble, and gave me a son: and I was very | 22 Let the multitude perish then, which was glad of him, so was my husband also, and all my born in vain ; and let my grape be kept, and neighbours: and we gave great honour unto the my plant ; for with great labour have I made it Almighty. perfect.

46 And I nourished him with great travail. 23 Nevertheless, if thou wilt cease yet seven 47 So when he grew up, and came to the time days more (but thou shalt not fast in them, that he should have a wifo, I made a feast. 24 But go into a field of flowers, where no

CHAP. X. house is builded, and eat only the flowers of the AND it so came to pass, that when my son was field ; taste no flesh, drink' no wine, but eat A entered into his wedding chamber, he fell flowers only ;)

down, and died. 25 And pray unto the Highest continually, 2 Then we overthrew the lights, and all my then will I come and talk with thee.

neighbours rose up to comfort me : so I took my 26 So I went my way into the field which is rest unto the second day at night. called Ardath, like as he commanded me ; and 3 And it came to pass, when they had all len there I sat among the flowers, and did eat of off to comfort me, to the end I might be quiet; the herbs of the field, and the meat of the same then rose I up by night, and fled, and came satisfied me.

hither into this field, as thou seest. 27. After seven days I sat upon the grass, and 4 And I do now purpose not to return into my heart was vexed within me, like as before : the city, but here to stay, and neither to eat nor

23 And I opened my mouth, and began to drink, but continually to mourn and to fast until talk before the Most High, and said,

I die. 29 O Lord, thou that shewest thyself unto 5 Then left I the meditations wherein I was, us, thou wast showed unto our fathers in the and spake to her in anger, saying, wilderness, in a place where no man treadeth, 6 Thou foolish woman above all other, seest in a barren place, when they came out of Egypt. thou not our mourning, and what happeneth

30 And thou spakest, saying, Hear me, unto us? 0 Israel ; and mark my words, thou seed of 7 How that Sion our mother is full of all Jacob.

heaviness, and much humbled, mourning very 31 For behold, I sow my law in you, and it sore? shall bring fruit in you, and ye shall be honour. 8 And now, seeing we all mourn and are sad, ed in it for ever.

for we are all in heaviness, art thou grieved for 32 But our fathers, which received the law, one son ? kept it not, and observed not thine ordinances :/ 9 For ask the earth, and she shall tell thee, and though the fruit of thy law did not perish, that it is she which ought to mourn for the fall neither could it, for it was thine ;

of so many that grow upon her. 33 Yet they that received it perished, be- 10 For out of her came all at the first, and cause they kept not the thing that was sown in out of her shall all others come, and behold, them.

they walk alınost all into destruction, and a mul34 And lo, it is a custom, when the ground titude of them is utterly rooted out. hath received seed, or the sea a ship, or any 11 Who then should make more mourning vessel meat or drink, that, that being perished than she that hath lost so great a multitude ; wherein it was sown or cast into,

and not thou, which art sorry but for one ? 35 That thing also which was sown, or cast 12 But if thou sayest unto me, My lamentatherein, or received, doth perish, and remaineth tion is not like the earth's, because I have lost not with us: but with us it hath not happened the fruit of my womb, which I brought forth so.

with pains, and bare with sorrows; 36 For we that have received the law perish 13 But the earth not so : for the multitude by sin, and our heart also which received it. present in it, according to the course of the

37 Notwithstanding, the law perisheth not, earth, is gone, as it came : but remaineth in his force.

| 14 Then say I unto thee, Like as thou hast 38 And when I spake these things in my brought forth with labour; even so the earth heart, I looked back with mine eyes, and upon also hath given her fruit, namely, man, ever the right side I saw a woman, and behold, she since the beginning unto him that made her. mourned and wept with a loud voice, and was 15 Now therefore keep thy sorrow to thymuch grieved in heart, and her clothes were self, and bear with a good courage that which rent, and she had ashes upon her head.

hath befallen thee. 39 Then let I my thoughts go that I was in, 16 For if ihou shalt acknowledge the deterand turned me unto her,

mination of God to be just, thou shalt both re


Apocrypha. ceive thy son in time, and shalt be commended and I shall inform thee, and tell thee wherefore among women.

thou art afraid : for the Highest will reveal 17 Go thy way then into the city to thine hus- many secret things unto thee. band.

39 He hath seen that thy way is right : for 18 And she said unto me, That will I not do: that thou sorrowest continually for thy people, I will not go into the city, but here will I die. and makest great lamentation for Sion.

19 So I proceeded to speak further unto her, 40 This therefore is the meaning of the vision and said,

which thou lately sawest : 20 Do not so, but be counselled by me: for 41 Thou sawest a woman mourning, and thou how many are the adversities of Sion ? be com- begannest to comfort her: forted in regard of the sorrow of Jerusalem. 1 42 But now seest thou the likeness of the

21 For thou seest that our sanctuary is laid wornan no more, but there appeared unto theo waste, our altar broken down, our temple de la city builded. stroved;

| 43 And whereas she told thee of the death of 22 Our psaltery is laid on the ground, our her son, this is the solution : song is put to silence, our rejoicing is at an end, 44 This woman, whom thou sawest, is Sion : the light of our candlestick is put out, the ark and whereas she said unto thee, even she whom of our covenant is spoiled, our holy things are thou seest as a city builded, defiled, and the name that is called upon us is 45 Whereas, I say, she said unto thee, that almost profaned: our children are put to shame, she hath been thirty years barren : those are the our priests are burnt, our Levites are gone into thirty years wherein there was no offering made captivity, our virgins are defiled, and our wives in her. ravished; our righteous men carried away, our 46 But after thirty years Solomon builded the little ones destroyed, our young men are brought city, and offered offerings: and then bare the in bondage, and our strong men are become barren a son. weak;

47 And whereas she told thee that she nou 23 And, which is the greatest of all, the seal rished him with labour : that was the dwelling of Sion hath now lost her honour; for she is in Jerusalem. delivered into the hands of them that hate us. 48 But whereas she said unto thee, That my

24 And therefore shake off thy great heavi- son coming into his marriage-chamber happened ness, and put away the multitude of sorrows, to have a fall, and died : this was the destructhat the Mighty may be merciful unto thee tion that came to Jerusalem. again, and the Highest shall give thee rest and 49 And behold, thou sawest her likeness, and ease from thy labour.

because she mourned for her son, thou began25 And it came to pass, while I was talking nest to comfort her : and of these things which with her, behold, her face upon a sudden shined have chanced, these are to be opened unto thee. exceedingly, and her countenance glistered, so 50 For now the Most High seeth that thou that I was afraid of her, and mused what it art grieved unfeignedly, and sufferest from thy might be.

whole heart for her, so hath he shewed thee the 26 And behold, suddenly she made a great brightness of her glory, and the comeliness of cry, very fearful : so that the earth shook at the her beauty : noise of the woman.

51 And therefore I bade thee remain in the 27 And I looked, and behold, the woman ap- field where no house was builded : peared unto me no more, but there was a city 52 For I knew that the Highest would shew builded, and a large place shewed itself from the this unto thee. foundations : then was I afraid, and cried with a 53 Therefore I commanded thee to go into loud voice, and said,

the field, where no foundation of any building 23 Where is Uriel the angel, who came unto was. me at the first ? for he hath caused me to fall 54 For in the place wherein the Highest into many trances, and mine end is turned into beginneth to shew his city, there can no man's corruption, and my prayer to rebuke.

building be able to stand. 29 And as I was speaking these words, behold, 55 And therefore fear not, let not thine heart he came unto me, and looked upon me.

be affrighted, but go thy way in, and see the 30 And lo, I lay as one that had been dead, beauty and greatness of the building, as much and mine understanding was taken from me : as thine eyes be able to see : and he took me by the right hand, and comforted 56 And then shalt thou hear as much as thine me, and set me upon my feet, and said unto me, ears may comprehend.

31 What aileth thee? and why art thou so 57 For thou art blessed above many other, disquieted ? and why is thine understanding and art called with the Highest; and so are but troubled, and the thoughts of thine heart? few.

32 And I said, Because thou hast forsaken 58 But to-morrow at night thou shalt remain me, and yet I did according to thy words, and here ; I went into the field, and lo, I have seen, and 59 And so shall the Highest shew thee visions yet see, that I am not able to express.

of the high things, which the Most High will 33 And he said unto me, Stand up manfully, do unto them that dwell upon earth in the last and I will advise thee.

days. So I slept that night and another, like as 34 Then said I, Speak on, my lord, in me, only he commanded me. forsake me not, lest I die frustrate of my hope.

CHAP. XI. 35 For I have seen that I knew not, and hear THEN saw I a dream, and behold, there that I do not know.

1 came up from the sea an eagle, which had 36 Or is my sense deceived, or my soul in a twelve feathered wings, and three heads. dream ?

2 And I saw, and behold, she spread her 37 Now therefore, I beseech thee, that thou wings over all the earth, and all the winds of the wilt shew thy servant of this vision.

air blew on her, and were gathered together. 38 He answered me then, and said, Hear me,! 3 And I beheld, and out of her feathers there


Apocтypha. grew other contrary feathers; and they became feathers under the wing that would have reigned. little feathers and sinall.

1 32 But this head put the whole earth in fear, 4 But her heads were at rest : the head in and bare rule in it over all those that dwelt upon the midst was greater than the other, yet rested the earth with much oppression, and it had the it with the residue.

governance of the world more than all the wings 5 Moreover I beheld, and lo, the eagle flew that had been. with her feathers, and reigned upon earth, and 33 And after this I beheld, and lo, the head over them that dwelt therein.

Ithat was in the midst suddenly appeared no 6 And I saw that all things under heaven more, like as the wings. were subject unto her, and no man spake against 34 But there remained the two heads, which her, no, not one creature upon earth.

also in like sort ruled upon the earth, and over 7 And I beheld, and lo, the eagle rose upon those that dwelt therein. her talons, and spake to her feathers, saying, 35 And I beheld, and lo, the head upon the

8 Watch not all at once : sleep every one in right side devoured it that was upon the left his own place, and watch by course :

side. 9 But let the heads be preserved for the last. 36 Then I heard a voice, which said unto me,

10 And I beheld, and lo, the voice went not Look before thee, and consider the thing that out of her heads, but from the midst of her body. thou seest.

11 And I numbered her contrary feathers, 37 And I beheld, and lo as it were a roaring and behold, there were eight of them.

lion chased out of the wood: and I saw that he 12 And I looked, and behold, on the right side sent out a man's voice unto the eagle, and said, there arose one feather, and reigned over all the 38 Hear thou, I will talk with thee, and the earth;

Highest shall say unto thee, 13 And so it was, that when it reigned, the 39 Art not thou it that remainest of the four end of it came, and the place thereof appeared beasts, whom I made to reign in my world, no more : so the next following stood up, and that the end of their times might come through reigned, and had a great time ;

them? 14 And it happened, that when it reigned, 40 And the fourth came, and overcame all the end of it came also, like as the first, so that the beasts that were past, and had power over it appeared no more.

the world with great fearfulness, and over the 15 Then came there a voice unto it, and said, whole compass of the earth with much wicked

16 Hear thou that hast borne rule over the oppression, and so long time dwelt he upon the earth so long : this I say unto thee, before thou earth with deceit. beginnest to appear no more,

41 For the earth hast thou not judged with 17 There shall none after thee attain unto truth. thy time, neither unto the half thereof.

42 For thou hast afflicted the meek, thon 18 Then arose the third, and reigned as the hast hurt the peaceable, thou hast loved liars, other before, and appeared no more also. and destroyed the dwellings of them that brought

19 So went it with all the residue one after forth fruit, and hast cast down the walls of such another, as that every one reigned, and then as did thee no harm. appeared no more.

43 Therefore is thy wrongful dealing come 20 Then I beheld, and lo, in process of time up unto the Highest, and thy pride unto the the feathers that followed stood up upon the Mighty. right side, that they might rule also ; and some 44 The Highest so hath looked upon the of them ruled, but within a while they appeared proud times, and behold, they are ended, and his no more :

Tabominations are fulfilled. 21 For some of them were set up, but ruled 45 And therefore appear no more, thou eagle, not.

nor thy horrible wings, nor thy wicked feathers, 22 After this I looked, and behold, the twelve nor thy malicious heads, nor thy hurtful clavs, feathers appeared no more, nor the two little nor all thy vain body: feathers :

1 46 That all the earth may be refreshed, and 23 And there was no more upon the eagle's may return, being delivered from thy violence, body, but three heads that rested, and six little and that she may hope for the judgment and wings.

mercy of him that made her. 24 Then saw I also that two little feathers

CHAP. XII. divided themselves from the six, and remained AND it came to pass, while the lion spake under the head that was upon the right side : A these words unto the eagle, I saw, for the four continued in their place.

12 And behold the head that remained, and 25 And I beheld, and lo, the feathers that the four wings appeared no more, and the two were under the wing thought to set up them- went unto it, and set themselves up to reign, selves, and to have the rule.

and their kingdom was small and full of uproar. 26 And I beheld, and lo, there was one set 3 And I saw, and behold, they appeared no up, but shortly it appeared no more.

more, and the whole body of the eagle was 27 And the second was sooner away than the burnt, so that the earth was in great fear: then first.

awaked I out of the trouble and trance of my 23 And I beheld, and lo, the two that remained mind, and from great fear, and said unto my thought also in themselves to reign :

spirit, 2.) And when they so thought, behold, there '4 Lo, this hast thou done unto me, in that awaked one of the heads that were at rest, thou searchest out the ways of the Highest. namely, it that was in the midst ; for that was 5 Lo, yet am I weary in my mind, and very greater than the two other heads.

weak in my spirit; and little strength is there 30 And then I saw that the two other heads in me, for the great fear wherewith I was afwere joined with it.

frighted this night. 31 And behold, the head was turned with Therefore will I now beseech the Highest, them that were with it, and did eat up the two that he will comfort me unto the end.

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