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Pints to

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O Measures of Liquids. A Cubit,

9888 A Span,

half cub. 010 944 | The Homer or Cor, A hand-breadth, 6th 1 0 3684 | The Bath,

10th hom. 7 4 15, 2 A Finger,

100912 | The Hin,

60th 1 2 2,5 A Fathom, 417 3 552 || The Log,

720th 0 0 24,3 Ezekiel's Reed, 11328 The Firkin (Metretes.)

0 7 4,9 The Measuring Line,


Note, 29 solid inches

=a Pint, nearly.

Moasures of things dry. Sabbath-day's journ. 2000 07293 || The Homer,

8 0 1,6 The Eastern Mile, 4000 14031 | The Lethech,

half hom. Stadium or Furlong, 400 0145 4,6 The Ephah,

10th 103 3,4 Day's Journey, 1 96000 33 1724 || The Seah,

30th 10 11,1 The Omer,

100th 0 0 5,1 Note, 5 feet = 1 pace. 1056 paces=1 mile. Il The Cab,

180th Tool

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| L. S. D. A Shekel of Gold,

116 5, 1 A Talent of Gold,

5464 58,6 A Shekel, 0 0 9 2,6 Golden Daric or Dram,

1 110,3 The Maneh, 160 Shek. 2 3 6 10,3 A Talent, 3000 11310 110,3

s. D'F - Piece of Silv. (Drac.)

0 7 3 MONEY.

L. s. D. Trib. Mon. (Didrac.) 2 Drach. 1 3 2 A Shekel, 02 3,3 Piece of Silv. (Stater) 4

270 The Bekah, half Shek. 0 ] 1,7 Pound (Mina)


164 70 The Zuza, 4th 0 0 6,8 Penny (Denarius)

073 The Gerah, 20th 1 0 0 1,4 Farthing (Assarium) 20th Den. 0; O 1,5 Maneh or Mina, 50 5 1310 Farthing (Quadrans) 40th 1 0 0 0,8 A Talent, 3000 341|10| 4,3 Mite,

80th 1 0,0 0,4 Note.Silver is here reckoned at 5s. sterling. Gold at 41. per oz.

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Days of the week. | Hours of the Day.


The day, reckoning The Ist watch, from sunset to 1st day of the week, Sunday. from sunrise, and the 3d hour of the night. 2d day,

Monday. the night from sun-The 2d, or middle watch, from 3d day,

Tuesday. set, were each divi- the 3d hour to the 6th. 4th day,

Wednesday. ded into 12 equal The 3d watch, or cock-crowing, 5th day,


| parts, called, The from the 6th to the 9th. 6th day,

Friday. Ist, 2d, 3d, 4th, The 4th, or morning watch, fror 7th, or Sabbath, Saturday. 1 &c. Hours. 1 the 9th hour to sunrise.




it was not lawful for any to go from his ordina AND Josias held the feast of the passover inry service : for their brethren the Levites pre A Jerusalem unto his Lord, and offered the pared for them. passover the fourteenth day of the first month; | 17 Thus were the things that belonged to the

2 Having set the priests according to their sacrifices of the Lord accomplished in that day, daily courses, being arrayed in long garments, that they might hold the passover, in the temple of the Lord.

18 And offer sacrifices upon the altar of the 3 And he spake unto the Levites, the holy Lord, according to the commandment of king ministers of Israel, that they should hallow Josias. themselves unto the Lord, to set the holy ark 19 So the children of Israel which were pre of the Lord in the house that king Solomon the sent held the passover at that time, and the feast son of David had built :

Jof sweet bread seven days. 4 And said, Ye shall no more bear the ark 20 And such a passover was not kept in Is. upon your shoulders : now therefore serve the rael since the time of the prophet Samuel. Lord your God, and minister unto his people 21 Yea, all the kings of Israel held not such Israel, and prepare you after your families and a passover as Josias, and the priests, and the kindreds,

Levites, and the Jews, held with all Israel that 5 According as David the king of Israel pre- were found dwelling at Jerusalem. scribed, and according to the magnificence of 22 In the eighteenth year of the reign of JoSolonion his son: and standing in the temple sias was this passover kept. according to the several dignity of the families 23 And the works of Josias were upright beof you the Levites, who minister in the presence fore his Lord, with a heart full of godliness. of your brethren the children of Israel,

24 As for the things that came to pass in his 6 Offer the passover in order, and make time, they were written in former times, conready the sacrifices for your brethren, and keep cerning those that sinned, and did wickedly the passover according to the commandment of against the Lord above all people and kingdoms, the Lord, which was given unto Moses and how they grieved him exceedingly, so that

7 And unto the people that was found there the words of the Lord rose up against Israel. Josias gave thirty thousand lambs and kids, 25 | Now after all these acts of Josias it came and three thousand calves: these things were to pass, that Pharaoh the king of Egypt came given of the king's allowance, according as he to raise war at Carchamis upon Euphrates : and promised to the people, to the priests, and to the Josias went out against him. Levites.

| 26 But the king of Egypt sent to him, say8 And Helkias, Zacharias, and Syelus, the ing, What have I to do with thee, O king of governors of the temple, gave to the priests Judea ? for the passover two thousand and six hundred! 27 I am not sent out from the Lord God sheep, and three hundred calves

against thee; for my war is upon Euphrates : 9 And Jeconias, and Samaias, and Natha- and now the Lord is with me, yea, the Lord nael his brother, and Assabias, and Ochiel, and is with me hasting me forward : depart from me, Joram, captains over thousands, gave to the and be not against the Lord. Levites for the passover five thousand sheep, 28 Howbeit Josias did not turn back his and seven hundred calves.

chariot from him, but undertook to fight with 10 And when these things were done, the him, not regarding the words of the prophet priests and Levites having the unleavened bread, Jeremy, spoken by the mouth of the Lord : stood in very comely order according to the 29 But joined battle with him in the plain of kindreds.

Megiddo, and the princes came against king 11 And according to the several dignities of Josias. the fathers before the people, to offer to the 30 Then said the king unto his servants, Lord, as it is written in the book of Moses : and Carry me away out of the battle ; for I am very thus did they in the morning.

weak. And immediately his servants took him 12 And they roasted the passover with fire, away out of the battle. as appertaineth : as for the sacrifices, they sod: 31 Then gat he up upon his second chariot ; them in brass pots, and pans, with a good sa- and being brought back to Jerusalem died, and vour,

was buried in his father's sepulchre. 13 And set them before all the people : and 32 And in all Jewry they mourned for Josias, afterward they prepared for themselves, and yea, Jeremy the prophet lamented for Josias, for the priests their brethren, the sons of Aaron. and the chief men with the women made lamen

14 For the priests offered the fat until night : tation for him unto this day: and this was given and the Levites prepared for themselves, and out for an ordinance to be done continually in the priests their brethren, the sons of Aaron. all the nation of Israel.

15 The holy singers also, the sons of Asaph, 33 These things are written in the book of were in their order, according to the appoint- the stories of the kings of Judah, and every one ment of David, to wit, Asaph, Zacharias, and of the acts that Josias did, and his glory, and Jeduthun, who was of the king's retinue. his understanding in the law of the Lord, and

16 Moreover, the porters were at every gate; the things that he had done before, and the


Apocrypha. things now recited, are reported in the book of ceased till they had consumed and brought them the kings of Israel and Judea.

Jall to nought : and the people that were not slain 34 1 And the people took Joachaz the son of with the sword, he carried unto Babylon : Josias, and made him king instead of Josias his 57 Who became servants to him and his chilfather, when he was twenty and three years old. dren, till the Persians reigned, to fulfil the word

35 And he reigned in Judea and in Jerusalem of the Lord spoken by the mouth of Jeremy: three months : and then the king of Egypt de 58 Until the land had enjoyed her sabbaths, posed him from reigning in Jerusalem.

the whole time of her desolation shall she rest, 36 And he set a tax upon the land of an hun- until the full term of seventy years. dred talents of silver and one talent of gold. I

CHAP. I. 37 The king of Egypt also made king Joacim TN the first year of Cyrus king of the Perhis brother king of Judea and Jerusalem. 1 sians, that the word of the Lord might be

38 And he bound Joacim and the nobles : accomplished, that he had promised by the but Zaraces his brother he apprehended, and mouth of Jeremy; brought him out of Egypt.

2 The Lord raised up the spirit of Cyrus the 39 Five and twenty years old was Joacim king of the Persians, and he made proclamation when he was made king in the land of Judea and through all his kingdom, and also by writing, Jerusalem; and he did evil before the Lord. | 3 Saying, Thus saith Cyrus king of the Per

40 Wherefore against him Nabuchodonosor sians; The Lord of Israel, the most high Lord, the king of Babylon came up, and bound him hath made me king of the whole world, with a chain of brass, and carried him into l. 4 And commanded me to build him an house Babylon.

at Jerusalem in Jewry. 41 (Nabuchodonosor also took of the holy ves- 5 If therefore there be any of you that are of sels of the Lord, and carried them away, and set his people, let the Lord, even his Lord, be with them in his own temple at Babylon.)

| him, and let him go up to Jerusalem that is in 42 But those things that are recorded of him, Judea, and build the house of the Lord of Israel: and of his uncleanness and impiety, are written for he is the Lord that dwelleth in Jerusalem. in the chronicles of the kings.

16 Whosoever then dwell in the places about, 43 And Joacim his son reigned in his stead : let them help him (those, I say, that are his he was made king being eighteen years old; neighbours) with gold, and with silver,

44 And reigned but three months and ten 7 With gifts, with horses, and with cattle, days in Jerusalem, and did evil before the Lord, and other things, which have been set forth by

45 So after a year Nabuchodonosor sent and vow, for the temple of the Lord at Jerusalem. caused him to be brought into Babylon with the 8 [ Then the chief of the families of Judea holy vessels of the Lord,

land of the tribe of Benjamin stood up: the priests 46 And made Zedechias king of Judea and also and the Levites, and all they whose mind Jerusalem, when he was one and twenty years the Lord had moved to go up, and to build an old; and he reigned eleven years :

house for the Lord at Jerusalem. 47 And he did evil also in the sight of the 9 And they that dwelt round about them, and Lord, and cared not for the words that were helped them in all things with silver and gold, spoken unto him by the prophet Jeremy from with horses and cattle, and with very many free the mouth of the Lord."

gifts of a great number, whose minds were stirred 48 And after that king Nabuchodonosor had up thereto. made him to swear by the name of the Lord, he 10 | King Cyrus also brought forth the holy forswore himself and rebelled, and hardening his vessels which Nabuchodonosor had carried away neck and his heart, he transgressed the laws of from Jerusalem, and had set up in his temple of the Lord God of Israel.

idols. 49 The governors also of the people and of 11 Now when Cyrus king of the Persians had the priests did many things against the laws, and brought them forth, he delivered them to Mithpassed all the pollutions of all nations, and de- ridates his treasurer: filed the temple of the Lord, which was sancti- 12 And by him they were delivered to Sanafied in Jerusalem.

bassar the governor of Judea. 50 Nevertheless, the God of their fathers sent 13 And this was the number of them ; A by his messenger to call them back, because he thousand golden cups, and a thousand of silver, spared them and his tabernacle also.

censers of silver twenty-nine, vials of gold thir* 51 But they had his messengers in derision ; ty, and of silver two thousand four hundred and and look, when the Lord spake unto them, they ten, and a thousand other vessels. made a sport of his prophets :

| 14 So all the vessels of gold and of silver, 52 So far forth, that he, being wroth with his which were carried away, were five thousand people for their great ungodliness, commanded four hundred threescore and nine. the kings of the Chaldees to come up against 15 These were brought back by Sanabassar, them;

together with them of the captivity, from Baby53 'Who slew their young men with the lon to Jerusalem. sword, yea, even within the compass of their 16 | But in the time of Artaxerxes king of holy temple, and spared neither young man nor the Persians, Belemus, and Mithridates, and maid, old man nor child, among them; for he Tabellius, and Rathumus, and Beeltethmns, and delivered all into their hands.

Semellius the secretary, with others that were in 54 And they took all the holy vessels of the commission with them, dwelling in Samaria and Lord, both great and small, with the vessels of other places, wrote unto him against them that the ark of God, and the king's treasures, and dwelt in Judea and Jerusalem these letters folcarried them away into Babylon.

lowing; 55 As for the house of the Lord, they burnt 17 "To king Artaxerxes our lord, Thy serit, and brake down the walls of Jerusalem, and vants, Rathumus the story-writer, and Semelset fire upon her towers :

lius the scribe, and the rest of their council, and 56 And as for her glorious things, they never the judges that are in Celosyria and Phenice.


Apocrypha. 18 Be it now known to the lord the king, that king Darius give great gifts, and great things in the Jews that are come up from you to us, token of victory : being come into Jerusalem, (that rebellious and 6 As, to be clothed in purple, to drink in gold, wicked city,) do build the market-places, and re- and to sleep upon gold, and a chariot with pair the walls of it, and do lay the foundation of bridles of gold, and a head-tire of fine linen, and the temple.

la chain about his neck: 19 Now if this city and the walls thereof be 7 And he shall sit next to Darius, because made up again, they will not only refuse to give of his wisdom, and shall be called Darius his tribute, but also rebel against kings.

cousin. 20 And forasmuch as the things pertaining to 8 And then every one wrote his sentence, the temple are now in hand, we think it meet not sealed it, and laid it under king Darius his to neglect such a matter,

pillow, 21 But to speak unto our lord the king, to the 9 And said that, when the king is risen, some intent that, if it be thy pleasure, it may be sought will give him the writings; and of whose side out in the books of thy fathers :

the king and the three princes of Persia shall 22 And thou shalt find in the chronicles what judge that his sentence is the wisest, to him is written concerning these things, and shalt un- shall the victory be given, as was appointed; derstand that that city was rebellious, troubling 10 The first wrote, Wine is the strongest. both kings and cities :

11 The second wrote, The king is the strong23 And that the Jews were rebellious, and est. raised always wars therein ; for the which cause 12 The third wrote, Women are strongest : even this city was made desolate.

But above all things truth beareth away the 24 Wherefore now we do declare unto thee, victory. (O lord the king,) that if this city be built again, 13 Now when the king was risen up, they and the walls thereof set up anew, thou shalt took their writings, and delivered them unto from henceforth have no passage into Celosyria him, and so he read them : and Phenice.

| 14 And sending forth he called all the princes 25 Then the king wrote back again to Rathu- of Persia and Media, and the governors, and the mus the story-writer, to Beeltethmus, to Semel. captains, and the lieutenants, and the chief offilius the scribe, and to the rest that were in com-cers ; mission, and dwellers in Samaria, and Syria, and 15 And sat him down in the royal seat of Phenice, after this manner;

jndgment; and the writings were read before 26 I have read the epistle which ye have them. sent unto me; therefore I commanded to make 16 And he said, Call the young men, and they diligent search, and it hath been found, that that shall declare their own sentences. So they were city was from the beginning practising against called, and came in. kings;

17 And he said unto them, Declare unto us 27 And the men therein were given to re- your mind concerning the writings. Then bebellion and war: and that mighty kings and gan the first, who had spoken of the strength of fierce were in Jerusalem, who reigned and exact- wine ; ed tributes in Celosyria and Phenice.

I 18 1 And he said thus, 0 ye men, how ex23 Now therefore I have commanded to ceeding strong is wine! it causeth all men to hinder those men from building the city, and err that drink it: heed to be taken that there be no more done 19 It maketh the mind of the king, and of in it;

the fatherless child, to be all one : of the bond29 And that those wicked workers proceed no man, and of the free man, of the poor man, and further to the annoyance of kings.

of the rich: 30 Then king Artaxerxes his letters being 20 It turneth also every thought into jollity read, Rathumus, and Semellius the scribe, and and mirth, so that a man remembereth neither the rest that were in commission with them, re- sorrow nor debt : moving in haste toward Jerusalem with a troop 21 And it maketh every heart rich, so that a of horsemen, and a multitude of people in battle- man remembereth neither king nor governor ; array, began to hinder the builders; and the and it maketh to speak all things by talents : building of the temple in Jerusalem ceased until 22 And when they are in their cups, they forthe second year of the reign of Darius king of get their love both to friends and brethren, and the Persians.

a little after draw out swords : CHAP. III.

23 But when they are from the wine, they N OW when Darius reigned, he made a great remember not what they have done.

I feast unto all his subjects, and unto all his 24 O ye men, is not wine the strongest, that household, and unto all the princes of Media and enforcetń to do thus? And when he had so Persia,

spoken, he held his peace.. 2 And to all the governors, and captains, and

CHAP. IV. lieutenants that were under him, from India THEN the second, that had spoken of the unto Ethiopia, of a hundred twenty and seven 1 strength of the king, began to say, provinces.

1 2 0 ye men, do not men excel in strength, 3 And when they had eaten and drunken, that bear rule over sea and land, and all things and being satisfied were gone home, then Da- in them? rius the king went into his bed-chamber, and 3 But yet the king is more mighty: for he slept, and soon after awaked.

lis lord of all these things, and hath dominion 4 [ Then three young men that were of the over them; and whatsoever he commandeth guard, that kept the king's body, spake one to them they do. another;

14 If he bid them make war the one against 5 Let every one of us speak a sentence: he the other, they do it: if he send them out against that shall overcome, and whose sentence shall the enemies, they go, and break down mounseem wiser than the others, unto him shall the tains, walls, and towers.


Apocrypha. 5 They slay and are slain, and transgress nct 29 Yet did I see him and Apame the king's the king's commandment : if they get the vic- concubine, the daughter of the admirable Bartory, they bring all to the king, as well the spoil, tacus, sitting at the right hand of the king, as all things else.

1 30 And taking the crown from the king's 6 Likewise for those that are no soldiers, and head, and setting it upon her own head; she have not to do with wars, but use husbandry, also struck the king with her left hand. when they have reaped again that which they 31 And yet for all this the king gaped and had sown, they bring it to the king, and compel gazed upon her with open mouth: if she laughed one another to pay tribute unto the king upon him, he laughed also : but if she took any

7 And yet he is but one man : if he command displeasure at him, the king was fain to flatter, to kill, they kill; if he command to spare, they that she might be reconciled to him again. spare;

32 0 ye men, how can it be but women should 8 If he command to smite, they smite ; if he be strong, seeing they do thus ? command to make desolate, they make desolate; 33 I Then the king and the princes looked if he command to build, they build;

one upon another : so he began to speak of the 9 If he command to cut down, they cut down; truth. if he command to plant, they plant.

| 34 O ye men, are not women strong ? great 10 So all his people and his armies obey him : is the earth, high is the heaven, swift is the furthermore he lieth down, he eateth and drink- sun in his course, for he compasseth the heaeth, and taketh his rest :

vens round about, and fetcheth his course again 11 And these keep watch round about him, to his own place in one day. neither may any one depart, and do his own 35 Is he not great that maketh these things? business, neither disobey they him in any thing. therefore great is the truth, and stronger than

12 O'ye men, how should not the king be all things. mightiest, when in such sort he is obeyed? And 36 All the earth calleth upon the truth, and he held his tongue.

Ithe heaven blesseth it: all works shake and 13 | Then the third, who had spoken of wo-tremble at it, and with it is no unrighteous thing. men, and of the truth, (this was Zorobabel,) be- 37 Wine is wicked, the king is wicked, wogan to speak.

men are wicked, all the children of men are 14 ( ye men, it is not the great king, nor the wicked, and such are all their wicked works ; multitude of men, neither is it wine that excel- and there is no truth in them ; in their unrightleth: who is it then that ruleth them, or hath eousness also they shall perish. the lordship over them? are they not women ? 38 As for the truth, it endureth, and is always

15 Women have borne the king and all the strong; it liveth and conquereth for evermore. people that bear rule by sea and land.

39 With her there is no accepting of persons 16 Even of them came they': and they nou- or rewards ; but she doeth the things that are rished them up that planted the vineyards from just, and refraineth from all unjust and wicked whence the wine cometh.

things ; and all men do well like of her works. 17 These also make garments for men ; these 40 Neither in her judgment is any unrightbring glory unto men ; and without women can- eousness; and she is the strength, kingdom, not men be.

power, and majesty of all ages. Blessed be the 18 Yea, and if men have gathered together/God of truth." gold and silver, or any other goodly thing, do 41 | And with that he held his peace. And they not love a woman which is comely in favour all the people then shouted, and said, Great is and beauty:

truth, and mighty above all things. 19 And letting all those things go, do they 42 Then said the king unto him, Ask what not gape, and even with open mouth fix their thou wilt more than is appointed in the writing, eyes fast on her; and have not all men more de- and we will give it thee, because thou art found sire unto her than unto silver or gold, or any wisest; and thou shalt sit next me, and shalt goodly thing whatsoever ?

be called my cousin. 20 A man leaveth his own father that brought 43 Then said he unto the king, Remember him up, and his own country, and cleaveth unto thy vow, which thou hast vowed to build Jehis wife.

rusalem, in the day when thou camest to thy 21 He sticketh not to spend his life with his kingdom, wife, and remembereth neither father, nor mo- 42 And to send away all the vessels that ther, nor country.

were taken away out of Jerusalem, which Cy. 22 By this also ye must know that women rus set apart, when he vowed to destroy Baby. have dominion over you : do ye not labour and lon, and to send them again thither. toil, and give and bring all to the woman? | 45 Thou also hast vowed to build up the

23 Yea, a man taketh his sword, and goeth temple, which the Edomites burned, when Judea his way to rob and to steal, and to sail upon the was made desolate by the Chaldees. sea and upon rivers ;

| 46 And now, o lord the king, this is that 24 And looketh upon a lion, and goeth in the which I require, and which I desire of thee, and darkness; and when he hath stolen, spoiled, and this is the princely liberality proceeding from robbed, he bringeth it to his love.

thyself: I desire therefore that thou make good 25 Wherefore a man loveth his wife better the vow, the performance whereof with thine than father or mother.

own mouth thou hast vowed to the King of hea26 Yea, many there be that have run out of ven. their wits for women, and become servants for 47 Then Darius the king stood up and kissed their sakes.

him, and wrote letters for him unto all the trea27 Many also have perished, have erred, and surers, and lieutenants, and captains, and gosinned, for women.

vernors, that they should safely convey on their 28 And now do ye not believe me? is not the way both him, and all those that go up with him king great in his power? do not all regions fear to build Jerusalem. to touch him?

| 48 He wrote letters also unto the lieutenants

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