Science Record: A Compendium of Scientific Progress and Discovery During the Past Year

Alfred Ely Beach

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Seite 557 - That the quantity of heat produced by the friction of bodies, whether solid or liquid, is always proportional to the quantity of force expended.
Seite 366 - ... warning" or intimation. In this life he is still active, goes about just as usual, and is to all appearance just the same man as before, goes to bed and undresses himself, gets up, makes his cigarette...
Seite 286 - Ion;; and 00 feet high; the arcades, each, 90 feet long and 40 feet high. The front or south face of the central section displays a rise of thirteen steps to the entrance, 70 feet wide. The entrance is by three arched doorways, each 40 feet high and 15 feet wide, opening into a hall. Between the arches of the doorways are clusters of columns terminating in emblematic designs illustrative of science and art. The doors, which are of iron, are relieved by bronze panels, having the coate-of-dtms of all...
Seite 323 - Every step of our march that day was amid flowers of the most exquisite colors and perfume. So luxuriant in growth were they that men plucked them without dismounting from the saddle.
Seite 378 - That in sudden hoarseness or loss of voice in public speakers or singers, from " colds," relief for an hour or so, as by magic, may be often obtained by slowly dissolving and partially swallowing a lump of borax the size of a garden-pea, or about three or four grains, held in the mouth before speaking or singing. This produces a profuse secretion of saliva, or " watering
Seite 281 - ... inserted between the lips. When the lips were supported by a cupped mouthpiece, such as is used for brass instruments, a greater height of the column could be obtained. The great majority of untrained persons could not support more than three or four feet of water. It was to be noticed that the lipmuscles invariably gave way long before the expiratory power of the thoracic muscles was exhausted.
Seite 379 - Medicale, observes that in treating constipation most practitioners confine themselves to enemata, laxatives, or more or less irritating purgatives, which in point of fact rather aggravate than cure the affection. He therefore wishes to make known what he says may be truly termed an
Seite 427 - We think it is established beyond doubt that whales of a species similar to the right or Greenland whale, found in high northern latitudes, exist in great numbers in the Antarctic seas, and that the establishment of a whale fishery within that area would be attended with successful and profitable results.
Seite 380 - ... place or does so in an insufficient degree, constipation being the result. In nervous constipation the following pill should be given : Pure sulphate of iron, ten centigrammes ; socotrine aloes, five centigrammes ; atropine, from one-third to one-half of a milligramme. In the atonic form, for atropine one centigramme of powder of nux vomica may be substituted. By the aid of these pills regular stools may be procured, even in the subjects of obstinate constipation due to ramollissement of the...

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