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110. For the best hundred weight of crown Soap, FAIRHOLME banker, their treasurer; and fube a silver medal.

scription-papers are lodged in the shops of Me 111. For the best hundred weight of white soap, HAMILTON and KINCAID, book sellers; Melf: a silver medal.

JOAN CLERK, JAMES CALENDER, and A112. + To.the skinner who fall fell, and deliver LEXANDER BRUCE, merchants, in Edinburgh;

to Scots glovers, the greatelt quantity of lamb- and in the clerk's office of every county and royal
fkins, fit for making womens gloves, with the borough in Scotland.

grain lide out, two guineas.
113. + For the second ditto, one guinea.

Ordinary managers of the Edinburgh Society, choses 114. For the beít lambskin gloves for

Jan. 3. 1757.

women, not under half a dozen pairs, two guineas.

Lord Aberdour.

Mr Patrick Duff 115. † For the second ditto, one guinea.

Sir Dávid Dalrymple. Mr John Rufleil. 116. For the best two bread-baskets made of wil. Sir Alexander Dick. Mr Wm Johnstone. lows of the growth of Scotland, one guinea.

George Clerk-Maxwell, Efq; Dr William Cuilca. . 117. For the best two cradles made of willows of Dr Alexander Monro.. the growth of Scotland, one guinea.

Mr Adam Fairholme Banker in Edinburgh, 118. • To the perfon who shall manufacture the Treafurer. greatest number of hoops, made of willows or

Mr Alexander Tait Clerk to the Signet, Secrefaughs of the growth of Scotland, to be proved tary to the Managers. to the fatistaction of the society, five guineas.

Archibald Moodie Writer in Edinburgh, Das 119. To the person who shall cure the greatest pute-Secrelary. ,

number of smoaky chimneys, to be proved to Extraordinary managers, chofen Feb. 7.

the satisfaction of the society, a silver medal. '
120. + To the person who shall produce to the Earl of Lauderdale.

Duke of Queensberry. Lord Belhaven.

Lord Auchinleck.
fociety the best invention for making fire an-

Earl of Hopeton.
Swer the double purpose of giving warmih Lord Derkfoord.

Sir John Hall

Mr Alex. Wedderbarn. and preparing victuals, with the least waste of

Lord Elibank
fewel, to be made fo cheap as to be purchased
by our common labourers and manufacturers

, meetings of the society.

Mr Walter Goodall, Secretary to the generat sen guineas, or a gold medal.

As this fociety have frequently invited all pere Every paper, and every parcel of goods, muft fons qualified for it, to give them information and have its name or title marked on the back of it, advice, we berę lubjoin some of the questionswith a motto or inscription ; and within the treated at their monthly meetings, as proper lubpacket fome lines sealed up; the producing a copy jects of consideration or conversation for those whereof, in the fame hand-writing, hall be a who have a turn for such inquiries

, and would proof of the property, when the premiunos are employ their time and talents for the good of to le diftributed, and the goods restored. All the articles to contend for the above pre

What are the advantages to the public and miums, or famples of such as are very bulky, state from grafing? what, from corn-lands? and with the certificates and declarations necessary, which ought to be molt encouraged in this counexeept where otherwise fpecified as above, mult be delivered to the housekeeper of the royal in

Whether great or Small farms are molt adyana firmary at Edinburgh, who has instructions to re

tageous to the country? ceive the same, at any time before the first Mon

What are the most proper measures for a gen, day of December next. No person is to receive a premium for two ar

tleman to promote industry on his own estate?

What are the advantages and disadvantages ticles of the fame kind.

of gentlemen of estates being farmers ? The names of the gainers of the prizes to be What is the best and most proper duration of publilhed in the news papers and magazine, unless leases of land in Scotland? defired to be concealed. Every lubjea for which a prize is claimed, tenants ought to be obliged to, with respect to

What prestations, beside the proper tack-duty, must be of Scots manufacture, and made or exe- carriages and other services, planting and prefercuted within the year.

ving trees, maintaining inclosures and houses, The good effects of the premiums given laft working free stone, lime stone, coal or minerals, year, having produced a larger subscription, the making inclosure, Itraighting marches, carrying fociety has been enabled considerably to increase off superfluous water to other grounds, and formthe premiums for this year, which it is not doubt- ing drains ?--And what rettrictions they should ed will produce effects in proportion; the number: be put under, with respect to cottars, live stock of premiums to be her after given must depend on the farm, winter herding, ploughing the upon the fociety's fonds; and these mult depend ground, felling manure, straw, hay, or corns, upon the generosity of friends to industry and iij. thirlage to mills, imiths or other tradesmen cmgenuity in this country.

ployed in business extrinsic to the farm, subsetting CONTRIBUTIONS and sueSCRIPTIONS land, granting assignations to leares, and removals. o the society's funds are recived by Mr ADAM at the expiration of lealcs.

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What proportion of the produce of lands, should The Friendship, Dolbin, from St Lucar for be paid as rent to the master?

Dublin ; the Providence, Newton, from South in what circumstances the rents of lands should Carolina for London; and the Brilliant, Jeffereys, be paid in moncy? --- in what, in kind? and at from New York for London; all carried into what times they should be paid :

Granville. Whether corns Mould be sold by measure or The Three Friends, Fitzherbert, from Deby weight?

nia, and the Mary, Priaton, from Malaga, both What is the best methodof getting public high- for London; the Mary, Fowler, from Malaga ways made, and repaired : whether by a turn- for Seville; and the Trinity, Davey, from Ali pike-law, as in many places in G. Britain? by cant; all carried into Malaga. county or parish work? by a tax? or by what o The Rising Sun, Lawrence, a Danish fhip, ther method:

from Gallipoly for Amsterdam; the Resolution, What is the best and most equal way of hiring Alhenboorn, a Swedish ship; the Tuscany of and conducting servants and, What is the moft Bristol, Malone, for Genoa and Leghorn; the proper method to abolish the practice of giving of Providence loop, from Dublin for Naples; and vails :

the Adventure, of 140 tuns, with cod and salmon; all carried into Marseilles. The Specula

tion, Janssen, a Swedish ship, from Falmouth Captures, &c. by British men of war, &c. with Pilchards; and the Centurion, Roe, from By -were boch taken, and

grace, of 8 carriage-guns and 72 men; and lot going into Marseilles. a priyatcer of St Maloes, of 18 eight-pounders

The Union, Way, from Chester for Londors, and 157 men; both brought into the Downs.

carried into Feschamp. By the Happy Noop, Capt. Burnet, of 8 three

The Weston's Adventure, Lamb, and the Propounders, 8 swivels, and 80 men, from Guern- vidence, Cole, both from Seville for London ; sey for Portsmouth, with 20 of Bockland's regi- the Duke of Cumberland packet, from the ment on board : The Infernal

, a privateer of Groync, with two mails; the Swanzey, Walker, Havre-de-grace, of 6 lix-pounders, 8 four pound- from Carolina for London; and the Mary-Anne, ers, 6 swivels, and 73 men, carried into Guern- Salmon, from South Carolina for London; all sey. This is the privateer that took the Adven- carried into St Maloes. türe tender. (xviii. 467.]

The Mary and artha, Curry, a storeship, By the Scorpion floop: The Young Marga- from London for Gibraltar, carried into Cadiz. Tetta, Bley, with hemp, from Amsterdam for

The Grace, Bible, from Corke for St EustaMorlaix, sent into Dover.'

tia; the William and Mary, Bell, from BarbaBy the Tartar, Capt. Bailey: The Victory, a

does for ditto; the Mary and Martha, Nufum; new privateer of Havre-de-grace, of 26 nine with the Hawke and Boscawen privateers; ali pounders, besides (wivels, and 230 men, carried carried into Guardaloupe. into Portsmouth.

The Old Simon, Boyden, the Frederick SoBy the Leostoffe: A French ship of 400 tuns, from London and Falmouth for the Streights;

phia, Neilson, a.d the Gottenburg, Talberg, all from St Doniingo.

By Adm. Saunders's squadron at Gibraltar: A carried into Morlaix. large French Tip of 30 guns, homeward bound

The Sea-nymph, Caswell, from Cadiz for from the East Indies, very richly laden, carried Falmouth; the Fox, Barker, from Seville for into Gibraltar.

London; and the Friends Goodwill, Trye, from

Oporto for Dublin; all carried into Dinant.
By privateers, &c.

The Blakeney, Valnight, from Boston for By the St Olave of London, Clarke : The London ; and the Ofgoud, Strachan ; carried Fiy, from Lisbon for Dartmouth, retaken. into Bourdeaux.

By the Eagle of Bristol: The Joseph, Olive, The Happy Jane, Gordon, from Dumfries for from Bourdeaux for St Domingo, carried into Rotterdam; and the Dolphin packet, Cockrill, Bristol; and the Young William of Waterford, from Helvoetsluys for Harwich, with the Dutch from Cadiz, with wheat and fruit, retaken, sent mail of March is taken on the 20th; both into Falmouth.

carried into Calais. It is said the Dolphin had 360 [Several more deferred till our next.] ingots of gold on board. The mail was thrown

overboard. Captures, &c. by the French.

The Trial, Gwillet, from Malaga for Lynn; THE Africa, from Fowey for Venice; the the Shropshire, Wigg, from Jamaica for Lon

Duchess of Beaufort, Oxford, from Jamaica don; and the Hanover packet, from Falmouth for Bristol; the Molly, Lewis. from Virginia for for Lisbon, with the mail of March 1, all carLondon; the Duke, Shaw, from Scotland for Ve- ried into Brelt. pice; and the Swift, from Lisbon, with wine; The Mitchell, from Rotterdam foi all carried into or taken loy privateers of Bayonnc. Corke, carried into Boulogne.

The Hunter, Parker, from Virginia for Bar Taken, but ransomed : The Cambridge, badoes; and the Samuel, Embin, with 156 Naves, Chalmers, from London for Leith, for sool.; from Afiica for St Kists; both carried into Mar- the Sunnyside of Sunderland, Archer, for 250 inico.


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guineas; the Mary-Anne, Meyler, from Ca 8. At Oxford, suddenly, Penyston Powney, diz for Dublin, for 400 1.; the Exchange of Efq; member for Berkshire, and one of the VerDyfart, Craig, and the of ditto, Bar- durers of Windsor forest. clay, both from Holland; and the Seahorse, Mr Shadrach Shurmadinè of Darby, aged Judge, from Seville.

105. He retained his senses to the last. His Taken, but whither carried not mentioned: chief exercise in the latter part of his life was The Agnes, Crichton, from St Kitts for Glaf riding.

of Newcastle, Punchon; the 13. At Croydon, in the 66th year of his age, Constantine privatcer, of 18 guns and 130 men; Dr Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury, the Dolly and Nancy, Wynne, from Jamaica Primate and Metropolitan of all England, and a for London; the Prosperity of Dartmouth; the Privy Counsellor. He was made Bishop of BanMilnes, Macleod, from Virginia for Hull; gor in 1737, on the decease of Dr Cecil; in the Minerva, from Carolina for London, said to 1743 was translated to the sea of York, on the have on board 132,000 lb. indico, and valued at decease of Dr Blackburn; and in 1947 was adupwards of 30,000 l.; the Society, Maccarty, vanced to Canterbury, on the decease of Dr from Malaga for Bristol ; and the Charming Potter. Nancy, Derwant, from Rhode Illand for London. 15. At London, Şir Thomas Birch, one of

The Annandale, Durie [110], is ordered to the Justices of the court of Common Pleas. be released.

15. At Haddington, in the 84th year of his age, Mr James Smyth, surgeon. He was chief surgeon in the Scotch expedition to Darien in the

reigo of King William.
March 10.
T Edinburgh, Mr Hog,

15. At , Mr George Grapt
to Miss Colin Campbell, filter to Sir James Camp- estate of Buccleuch.
bell of Aberuchill.
At London, Sir William Johnston of Calkie- Stewart late of Ardineil, Esq: [viii. 269.)

15. At Sens in Champeigne, France, Charles
ben, Aberdeenshire, to Miss .Cleland, daughter At his feat in Lincolnshire, the youngest son of
of Capt. Cleland, of Queen-street, Westminster. Lord Monfon.
19. At London, Lord Barnard, eldest son of

19. In the parish of Tadcaster, Yorkshire, in the Earl of Darlington, to Miss Lowther, lister the sooth year of his age, John Shephard. He to Sir James Lowther.

had lived in a cave upon Bramham moor many Thomas Brown of Braid, Esq; to Miss Nanny

years. Hamilton of Grange.

20. At Southampton, Rear-Adm. Towry, on P. S. April 1. 'At London, Charles Duke of half-pay. chmond, to Lady Mary Bruce, sister to the Earl of Aylesbury;

20. At Falkirk, Mr John Adam, minister of that parish.

21. At Bath, in the 69th year of his age, Feb. 17. At Naples, the Queen of the Two Henry Bowes Howard, Earl of Suffolk and BerkSicilies delivered of a prince.

Mire. His Lordship is succeeded in honours and March 9. At London, the Countess of an- estate, by his grandfon, a minor.

22. At London, aged near 80, the Countesscrum, of a daughter. 19. At London, the Countess of Coventry, of dowager of Salisbury, mother of the present Eart

. a daughter.

22. At Canongate, Edinburgh, Robert FulP. S. April 3. At London, the Countess of Customs at Leith, and one of the Clerks to the

jertɔn of Craighall

, Efą; late Comptroller of the Tankerville, of a son. 4. At London, the Lady of Lord Guernsey, come years ago, in favour of his youngest son Mr

Signet. He resigned his place in the customis of a loa


23. Ar his seat in the country, the lady of
Feb. At Stoke, near Nayland, Suffolk, in John Muirhead of Bredifholm, Efq;
the 104th year of his age, Edward Abbot.

24. At London, in childbed, Mrs Lucy BarMarch 4. At Bamff, in the 85th year of her clay, wife of Mr Robert Barclay of Urie. age, Dame Lilias Græme, widow of Sir John In the north of Scotland, Hary Vass, princiRamsay of Bamff

, and daughter of Thomas pal servant to Maj. Grant of Moy, and his broGræme of Balgowan, Esq;

ther Col. Grant. He had served these gentlemen Lately in France, in the 32d year of her age, upwards of forty years,

In the course of his Mrs Margaret Johnston, wife of Lord Ogilvie, lea- service he had saved about 600). Sterling; of ving issue one son and two daughters. This which he has left rool. to educate poor boys lady's husband is the lineal heir of the family at the school of Dyce, and 100l. to each of the of Airly, became attainted in 1746 (viii. 269.), infirmaries of Edinburgh and Aberdeen. and is colonel of a regiment in the French service. 31. At London, almost suddenly, William

7: At Canaan, near Edinburgh, Mr John Herbert, Esq; Groom of the Bedchamber to his Dewar, merchant, and late one of the Bailies of Majesty, a Major-General, Colonel of the second Edinburgh.

regiment of dragoon-guards, member for WilVOL. XIX.

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ton, and brother to the late Earl of Pembroke. Admiralty-office, April 5. The Kingl having

Lately, in Virginia, of a sudden paralytic ill- been pleafed to appoint the followiog gentlemen ness, Maj-r-Gen. Webb.

to be officers in the thirty additional companies of P. S. April 1. At London, aged 103, Mrs marines, to be forthwith raised, and to vacancies Taylor, a widow. he retained all her senses till in the present 100 companies; it is the direction within a few days of her death.

- of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, 2. At Lockerby, in Annandale, Mr George that they do repair with the utmost expedition to Murray, Minister of the Asiociate congregation the respective head-quarters, hereafter mentioned, there. He was ordained May 2. 1704.

of the company to which they belong, unless they
5. At his seat of Pittiveagh, Bamffihire, in the are commanded elsewhere by their superior officers.
Both year of his age, Alexander Stewart of Lef [The numbers of the companies are prefixed.]
murdie, Esq;
In Gall way, in the 75th year of her age, Mrs

Isabel Gordon, wife of John Macghie of Bal: 101. Capt. Stephen Nevinson; 1st Lieut. Tho-
macghie, and daughter of Alexander Viscount of mas Timins; 2d Lieut. John Ogilvie, Bartho-

lomew Chaulncy:

104. Capt. Frederick Hollingsworth; ift Lieut. P R E FER MEN T s.

Chriitopher Middleton; 2d Lieut. Richard Taken from the London Gazette.

Fardell, William Huckell.

107. Capt. Robert Douglas; ift Lieut. Charles The King has been pleased,

Chandliss; 2d Lieut. Arthur Buttle, Hugh
March 22.-to grant unto John Bowes, Efq; Higgins.
the office of Chancellor and Keeper of the Great 110. Capt. Rob. Morris; 111 Lieut. Joseph Bush-
Seal of Ireland, in the room of Robert Viscount ell; 2d Lieut. Jamies Malon, Wm Conyers.
Jocelyn, deceased.

113. Capl. Robert Mackay; 1st Lieut: William
-to constituie Edward Willes, Esq; (Attor Douglas; ad Lieut. Thomas Eycutt,
ney-General of Lancaster), Chief Baron of the Buckley.
Exchequer in Ireland, in the room of the said 116. Capt. George Borradale; ist Lieut. Oliver
John Bowes, Esq;

Kelly; 2d Lieut. John Massie, Peter Buchan. 26.--to appoint Hamilton Blair to be Major; 119. Capt. Francis Napier; il Lieut. Arthur William Napier, a Captain ; William Bury, Goold; 2d Lieut. Samuel Anderson, William Captain-Lieutenant; David Home, a Lieutenant ; Mitchell. and Thomas Fowke, a Cornet, in the Royal 122. Capt. Laurence Langley; 1st Licut. Richard North-Britis dragoons, Campbell's:

Brady ; 2d Lieut. James Knox, Thomas HaThomas Hardcastle, to be a Captain; Thomas

Dawson, Captain-Lieutenant ; Charles Campbell, 125. Capt. Horatio Spry ; ift Lieut. Samuel
a Lientenant; and Thomas Woods Knoilis, an Kemp ; 2d. Lieut. Evan Cameron,
E!ligi, in the third regiment of foot, Col. George

Howard's :

128. Capt. Richard Weston; it Lieut. William
Paul Meyer, to be a Capta:11 ; David Carry, Cauthome ; 2d Lieut. Archibald Erskine,
Captain-Lieutenant; Whitley Boswell, a Lieute Thomas Fletcher.
napt; and

Jones, an E:2/1912, in the 2015 25. i Licut. John Knox. regiment of foot, Kingsley's :

37. Lieut. John Ridsdale; 2d Lieut. James Richard Vaughan, to be a Captain; John Hill, Anderson. Captain-Lieutenant; Hughes, a Lieute 4. If Liet. Roger Stevensov; ad Lieut. Ror nani ; and Joseph Lovell, an Enjign, in the 24th bert M'Leod. regiment of foot, Cornwallis's :

28. 1/1 Lieut. Robert Gahan ; 2d Licut. AlexRichard Taylor, to be a Captain; Peregrine

ander Bayne. Furye, Captain-Lieutenant; Michael Armrong, 51. If Lieut. Christopher Zobell; 2d Lieut. a Lieutenant; and Calder, an Ensign, iz

Nathaniel English. the 36th regiment of foot, Lord Robert Manners's : 7. 1/1 Lieut. Benjamin Adair; 2d Lieut. James and

Green, William Pritchard.
Gullavus Adolphus Kempenfelt, to be a Cap 54. 1/ Licut. Towry Phillips; 2d Lieut. Grant
tain in the 57th reziment of foot, Arabin's.

March 29. The Duke of Devonshire, and the 43. ift Lieut. William Burgh.
Earls of Carlisle Northumberland, and Hertford, 57. If Lierit. James Cassidy; 2d Licut. William
were installed Knights Companions of the Garter,

with the accustomed folemnities, in St George's 69. ift Lieut. Thomas Crawfurd; 2d Lieut.
chapel at Windsor. [xvii. 574.]

George Forbes.
P. S. April 1. The Hon. Charles Townsend, 31. Ift Lievt. Th. Bell; 2d Lieut. David Cuming
Esq; was sworn and admitted of the prize council. 15. 2d Lieut. Robert Lloyd.

April 2.-to name and recommend Dr Mat 10. 2d Lieut. Thomas Loake, Gwynn
thew Hutton Archbishop of York, to be elected 19. 2d Lieut. William Davies.
Archibishop of Canterbury, in the room of Dr 13. 2d Lieut. James Green,
Thomas Herring, deceased,

66. 2d Lieut, Skeene.

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39. 2d Lieut. Francis Waldron, Harry Gordon. nes Jenkinson ; 2d Lieut. Andrew Erskiner 50. 2d Lieut. George Henry Kyffin.

Joseph Baines 6o. 2d Lieut. Matthew Pepper Manby

109. Capt. Hon. John Maitland ; ift Lieut. Dud49. ad Lieut. William Graham.

ley Lofius; 2d Lieut. Joshua Howell, Joshua 87: 2d Lieut. William Bowers.

Thornton. 84. 2d Lieut. Thornton.

112. Capt. William Venner ; ift Lieut. Edward At PLYMOUT H.

ONeal; 2d Lieut. John Fieldhouse, Lancelot

Rutter. 102. Capt. George Forman; ift Lieut. William

115. Capt. Richard Gardiner; if Lieut. John Roberton; 2d Lieut. Richard Lloyd, Andrew Burt; 2d Lieut. John Churchward, John Nicholson

M'Mullan. 105. Capt. Erskine M‘Kenzie; if Lieut. Miles 118. Capt. Robert Cotton; if Lieut. William

Sandys; 2d Lieut. Walter Cuningham, Ar Sabine; 2d Lieut. - Man, John Walker. chibald Forest.

121. Capt. William North; 11 Lieut. Harry 108. Capt. David Hepburn ; il Lieut. John Austin Stephens; ad Lieut. John Savage, John

M'Leod; 2d Lieut. Richard Steel, Samuel , Paul.

124. Capt. William Lloyd ; ift Lieut. John, 111. Capt. Robert Rooke ; 1 Lieut. Henry Mowbray; 2d Lieut. Colin Campbell; Joha

Walker; 2d Lieut. Alexander Stuart, Wil Campbell. liam Hayes.

127. Capt. John Graham ; ift Lieut. John 114. Capt. Alexander Trotter; if Lieut. Tho Brown: 2d Lieut. - Dickens, John Evers.

mas Allen; 2d Lieut. Moore, William 130. Capt. Thomas Pierce; 1/7 Lieut. William Atkinson.

Caunter ; 2d Lieut. Borlase, Charles 117. Capi. Hon. Francis James Leslie; if Lieut. Jackman.

Reginald Graham ; 2d Lieut. Wh. B. Bigge, 6. Capt. Abraham Hilton; 11 Lieut. George John Grcen.

Butler; 2d Lieut. Leefon Paterson. 120. Capt. John Hughes; ift Lieut. Samuel Da 100. Capt. John Hood. vis; 2d Liest. John Bell,

- Allen.

15. Capt. John Nugent. 123. Capt. Robert Becher; ift Lieut. Beresford 83. Capt. William Watherston.

Moore; 2d Lieut. Charles Van Riell, Tho. 98. If Lieut, William Varlo. mas M'Brair.

53. ist Lieut. William Burges; 2d Lieut. John 126. Capt. Francis Dunne; 11 Lieut. Thomas Ha Mihill.

milton; 24 Lieut. John Redey, Bryan Gray. 56. Ist Lieut. Robert Myrton. 129. Capt. Edward Mullins Poore; isi Lieut. Sa 74. 1st Lieut. Thomas Falkner.

muel Hadley ; 2d Lieut. John Brough, Pa 94. ijt Lieut. William Lock. trick Gregg.

33. ift Lieut. Robert Rollo. 23. Capt. Thomas Backhouse; il Lieut. Ma 89. 2d Lieut. Alpine Grant.

thew Fleming; 2d Lieut. Thomas Holland. 3. 2d Lieut. David Johnston. 8. Capt. John Wood; Ist Lieut. John Purver. 21. 2d Lieut. Essex Edgeworth. 14. Capt. Robert Chappell; 2d Lieut. Alexan 9. 2d Lieut. J. Huntl. Branson. der Hume.

12. 2d Lieut. Alexander M'Donald. 40. Ili Lieut. Alexander Rofs.

59. 2d Lieut. Robert Wilkins. 52. 1jt Lieut. John Cairns; 2d Lieut. Henry 65. 2d Lieut. Donald M'Leod. Murray.

63. 2d Lieut. Henry Waterson. 67. ift Lieut. Thomas Thorpe Fowke.

97. 28 Lieut. Charles Austin. 76. 1 Lieut. George Elliott.

92. 2d Lieut. James Campbell. 2. 11 Lieut. James Brown; 2d Lieut. Rich

April 6.--to appoint Daniel Earl of Winchelsea ard Putford.

and Nottingham, Sir William Rowley, Edward 85. 2d Lieut. Francis Stuart.

Boscawen and Gilbert Elliot, Elas, John Lord 38. 2d Lieut. Stuart Robinson.

Lord Carysfort, Savage Mostyn and Edwin San93. 2d Lieut. Robert Burton. 26. 2d Lieut. James Curl, Bartholomew Wil- office of Lord High Admiral of G. Britain and

dys, Elas to be Commissioners for executing the liams.

Ireland, &c. [xviii

. 574. 628.] -[Mr Elliot, II. ad Lieut. Walter Paterfon.

'tis raid, declines to accept ] 17. 2d Lieut. David Coults.

9. On Wednesday the Rt Hon. Mr Pitt, by 55. 2d Lieut. Jolin France.

his Majesty's conmand, resigned the seals of se61. 2d Lieut. William Anderson.

cretary of State for the southern department. 70. 2d Lieut. Hugh Campbell.

9. The King has been pleased to grant unto 29. 2d Lieut. John Halsted.

William Lord Mansfield, Chief Justice of the 20. 2d Lieut. Thomas Sterling.

court of King's Bench, the office of Chancellor of At CH A THA M.

the Exchequer, in the room of the Rt Hon. Hen

ry Legge, Esq; 103. Capt. Sir Blast. Conyers; ift Lieut. Samuel

Mitchell; 2d Lieut. Robert Elliott, Thomas Taken from other papers, &c.

The Hon. William Noel, Efq; Chief Justice of 106. Capt. Charles Templeman; il Lieut. Fien


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