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Lindsay, Alexander Webster, John Glen, swer the reasons of the appeal and diffent Alexander Wardrop, John Lundie, Wil. when given in ; and, in conjunction with liam Aitken, James Watson in Canon- others of the synod who are members of gate, and Andrew Williamson corre. the ensuing affembly, to support the senspondent. It was agreed to delay inti- tence of the synod before that court. mating the fentence till next day; and On the 13th the following overture the Moderator, Prof. Hamilton, and was transmitted to the assembly. “The Meff. James Nasınych, John Hyndman, fynod being deeply affected with the and Joseph Williamson, were appointed countenance given of late to the entera committee to confér with the prefbyte- tainments of the stage, particularly by ry of Dalkeith next morning in the So- several ministers, which entertainments ciety-hall.

have from long experience been found Next day Meff. James Stevenson, Ro- prejudicial to the great interests of reli. bert Walker, John Warden, John John. gion and virtue ; and confidering that it fton, William Orr, David Spence, and has been alledged, that there is no exWilliam Tait, adhered to the aforemen- press law or statute of this church which tioned diffent. - Then the committee prohibits her members and ministers to reported, That they had conversed at witness theatrical representations, they great length with the presbytery of Dal- do humbly overture to the Venerable keith; but that that presbytery seemed to Assembly, that they would be pleased think themselves obliged to appeal to to take this matter under their serious the affembly. - The presbytery fat consideration, and lay down such rules Kome time after the conference, and then as fhall obviate that pretext, and may gave in a paper to the synod; in which effectually prevent such unwarrantable they say, “ they are of opinion, that if practices for the future.” the resolution of the fynod, which as [We are greatly obliged to those who favour yet is not intimated to them, shall have us with accounts of judicial proceedings in reconsidered them as parties, and have markable cases; and Mall always think ourselves condemned their conduct, in forming vouchers, to supply omiflions or rectify mistakes;

no less obliged to those who enable us, by proper and carrying on a libel against Mr Car- though we have reason to believe there are no lyle, that they are, according to the material errors in the accounts we now publish.] forms of this church, at liberty to appeal to the general assembly;" and they

Captures formerly deferred. (164.) appointed their moderator to enter an appeal accordingly, for reasons to be gi. of Bourdeaux harbour, and carried into Portf

The Jeune Louise, from St Domingo, cut out ven in due time.----Then the sentence mouth, by a small privateer of Guernsey; was intimated. The prefbytery appealed.

By the Charming Nancy of Jersey, Winter : Mr Carlyle said, “ Hereceived the admo. A french privateer of 6 carriage-guns, 14 {winition and injunction of the synod with vels, and so men; a loop with wheat and peale; respect. He was sorry for the offence he a brig from Bourdeaux for Nantz, with wine and had given; and hoped he should never four, and 6 twelve-pounder guns and two angive the fynod, or any other judicature

chors for a privateer; and a bark with fine wines,

hams, pitch, oars, &c. on the King's account; of the church, occasion to call him be, all carried into Jersey. She also run ashore three fore them again for such a piece of con. ships from St Domingo near Bourdeaux, out of duct.”. Meff. Thomas Turnbull, Wil- one of which the took 50 or 60 hogsheads indico. liam Mackie, Patrick Simson, Joha They all three funk. She likewilé ranfomed a Murray, and Robert Paton, ministers brig for 1501.and retook a brig loaded with

cheese. All this was performed in a cruise of in Dalkeith presbytery, desired it might three weeks. She afterward, retook the Faro be marked that they acquiesced in the Packet, Mercer, from London for Faro. fynod's sentence. The fynod appoint By the Cæsar of Bristol: The Esperance, a ed the Moderator, Prof. Hamilton, and letter of marque, of 59. foldiers and seamen, Meff. Robert Wallace, William Ro with provisions, bale gools, and military stores,

from Rochelle for Mililippi. bertson, and Gilbert Hamilton, and Mr

By the Lion of Bristol ; A French privateer Joseph Williamson, a committee to an. of io carriage-guns, 12 swivels, and 80 men,


By the

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the ship:

carried into Falmouth; and the Industry, Bore 31. Sir William Fleming, member for Cumberland, from South Carolina for London, retaken, land. carried into Plymouth.

April At Ludlow, Shropshire, aged 99, Mrs By the Antelope: A French letter of marque Martha Hammond. Efe of 12 guns, with bale-goods, carried into Portf. 7. Thomas Ear! of Mount Alexander, an Imouth.

rilh Peer. His title is extinct. of Antigua, Stephens: A 7. At Arbroath, aged 42, Mrs Elisabeth OgilFrench snow and a schooner, with sugar, both vie, relictof John Farquharson, Esq; of Monaltery. 1

carried into Antigua ; and a snow fent into Mont 9. At London, in an advanced age, Lt-Gen. Henserrat. The three prizes arc reckoned worth ry Skelton, Colonel of the 12th regiment of foot. 16,000 l. Antigua currency.

9. At Walkinshaw, Renfrewshire, James WalA ship from Bourdeaux, with dry goods, var kinshaw of Walkinshaw, Esq; lued at 26,000 dollars; a large Danish schooner 10. At London, John Cay, Esq; Judge of the with sugar; a Dutch Noop with ditto; and a small Marshalsca. French privateer ; all carried into New Providence. 11. At London, a bachelor, in the 85th year

By the King of Prussia : The Montreal of of his age, Sir Paul Methuen, K. B. He was son Bourdeaux, from Martinico, carried into Fal- of John Methuen, Esq; Lord Chancellor of Iremouth.

land, and descended from an ancient family, seated. By the Musketo of Nova Scotia, Pennell: A originally at Methuen in Scotland. He had been brig from Martinico for Bourdeaux, carried into envoy-extraordinary, Go to several foreign Charlestown.

courts, a Lord of the Admiralty and of the By the Charlestown, Webb, from Bristol for Treafury, Secretary of State, Comptroller and Carolina: L'Aimable Marie, from St Domingo Treasurer of the Household, Gr. "He was seven for Bourdeaux, fent into Madeira.

times elected a member of the house of ComBy the Hawke, Wilson, a Turkyman, home- mons, and fat in parliament till 1747. ward bound : A French vessel from Marseilles for

18. At Dyfart, in an advanced age, Mr DaSmyrna. She took out the goods, and ransomed vid Pitcairn, minister of that parish.

22. At Crichton, the lady of John Pringle of By the Hope of London, Bartlet, and the Crichton, Esq; Prince William of Yarmouth, Mitchel, Green At Arbroath, Mrs Anne Farquharson, only

landmen: A privateer of Calais, of 80 tuns, 4 child of John Farquharson younger of Monalfirma

six-pounders, 10 swivels, and 47 men, with three tery, deceased. ransomers on board, carried into Shields,

26. At London, Miles Mann, Esq; town-clerk By the Tyger: Le Bien Acquis, of 300 tuns, of London. 10 guns, and 30 soldiers, from Rochelle for

27. At London, Walter Cary, Efq; member Mislilippi, with 1346 calks flour, 60 barrels gun- for Clifton-Dartmouth-Hardness, one of the powder, 3 twenty-four pounders, 3 eighteen- clerks of the privy council, and one of the four pounders, 60 bombs, bomb-shells

, ammunition, clerks-comptrollers of the board of green cloth. Foldiers cloaths, c. taken in company with the 27. At London, in an advanced age, James King of Prussia privateer of London, fent into Douglas, Esq; merchant. Bridol; and the Judith, Spencer, from St Kitts 28. Mifs Isabel Pringle, eldest daughter of Sir for London, retaken in company with the St O. Robert Pringle of Stitchill. lave privateer of London.

28. At Glasgow, John Brown, Esq; late Pro[All the captures for April are deferred.] vost of that city.

29. At Bainfield, in the 82d year of his age, MARRIAGES.

Mr James Hamilton of Olivestob, Advocate.

P.S. May 2. At Closeburn, in the 77th year of April 7. AeDublin, Mr James Henley, a

ged 24, married to widow Ben- his age, Mr John Lawson minister of that parish. fon, aged 105.

6. At London, in the 75th year of his age, At Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, the Earl of Den- Charles Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton, Lord Chambigh, to Miss Polly Cotton, daughter of the late berlain of his Majesty's Household, a Privy CounSir John Cotton of Stretton.

Tellor, K. G. Remembrancer of the First-fruits, At London, the Hon. George Duff, to Miss Ranger of Whitlebury forest, Northamptonshire, Dalzell, of Charles-street, St James's.

his Majesty's Gamekeeper at Newmarket, Gé.

His Grace has left two daughters, the Countefles ar BIR T H s.

of Harrington and of Hertford; and is succeeded April At his Lordfhip's seat in Yorkshire, in honours and estate, by his grandfon Augustusht

the Countess of Scarborough delivered of a fon. Henry Earl of Euston, member for St Edmundr.

P. S. May 4. At London, the Countess of bury, eldest son of Lord Auguftus Fitzroy, comPlymouth, of a daughter.

mander of the Orford, who died at Jamaica

May 24. 1741.
DE A T H s.

8. At Glasgow, Mr James Dunlop fenior, Lately, at Gibraltar, John Arabin, Efq; Co- merchant in that city. lonel of the 57th regiment of foot.

12. At Kelburn-house, Lady Menie Boyle, March

20: At London, James Stewart, Efq; fitter to the Earl of Glasgow. Admiral of his Majesty's feet.


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Capt. White

Capt. Alexa


King's carabineers, in the room of Lord George Taken from the London Gazette.


Col. John Campbell (younger of Mamore] to The King has been pleased,

be Colonel of the 14th regiment of dragoons, in the April 16.--to appoint Maj.-Gen. William

room of Gen. Dejean : Earl of Home, to be Governor of Gibraltar, in

James, Wolfe to be Quartermaster and Bara the room of James Lord Tyrawly:

rackmaster General, in the room of Lord Forbes. Sir David Cuningham (uf Milncraig), to be

Humphry Morrice, Elq, one of the Clerks-Comp. Colonel of the 57th regiment of foot, late Arabin's, trollers of the board of Green Cloth, in the room deceased :

of Walter Cary, Esq; deceafed. George Scott to be Lieutenant-Colonel; Thomas Goodricke, Major; Archibald Don, a Cup- of Clerk of the Pells in Ireland, in reversion, after

Henry Fox, Esq; has got a grant of the place tain; Alexander Gordon, Captain- Lieutenant ; the death of George Bub Dodington, Efą; to Charles Home, a Lieutenant ; and John Daniel, an Enign, in the 25tb regiment of foot, the Earl him and his ewo tons, remainder to the survivor.

Mr Alexander Gordon, Advocate, Sheriff-deof Home's :

Maj.-Gen. Lord George Sackville, to be Colonel pute of Elgin and Nairn, in the room of Mr Meitenes Lecond or Queen's regiment of dragoon guapas, James Biodic of spynie, deceased.

Mr Thon, as Hamilton surgeon, Professor of John Grey to be Colonel of the 54tb regiment Anatomy and Bo.tany in the university of Glasgow, of foot, late John Crmpbell's : Thomas Lifter to be Lieutenant-Colonel of the

Dr Joseph Black, chofen Professor of Medicine 14th regiment of foot, Charles Jeffrey's :

in tbat university, in the room of Dr Hamilton,

deceased. David Chapeau to be Major; James Garnham, a Captain ; Thomas Weldon, Captain-Lieutenant ;

Commanders of men of war Edward Townshend, 1 Lieutenant; and

ronge Taylor, of the Magnanimt

Capt. James Phipps, an Ensign, in the 19th regiment of foot, the Lizard, of 36 guns, lately built ;

int Pearfe, of

Douglas, of the Alcide ; Capt. Vince L-Gen. Henry Pulteney's :

32 guns;

Charles der Lord Rutherford, Captain-Lieutenant; and Wray, of the Charlotte; Capt. Robert Milan, of Winter Blathwayt, to be a Captain; Alexan- ander Schomberg, of the Richmond

, of Capt. Byron, of the American; Capt.

ann, of Edward Ligonier , a Lieutenant

, in the Royal re- the Porcupine ; and Capt. John Carter Alle giment of horse-guards : James Dunn to be a Captain; Richard Bolton, the Grampus floop.

for Caproin-Lieutenant; Percival Stockdale, First Lieu

New Members : Arthur Vansittart jun od; tenant; and Robert Malon Lewis, Second Lieute- Berkshire; Sir James Lowther, tor Cumberla

in na t, in the 23d of the Royal Welch fufileers, Lt- the room of Penyston Powney, Sir William Fl

and Nicholas Herbert, for Wilton, Gen. John Hrifke's :

1940 appoint Wiliam Earl of Home to be ming, and Gen. William Herbert, all deceased. Lieutenant of the fire of Berwick, North Britain. The London bill from March 23. to April 26.

23-to appoint Charles Lord Cathcart to be His Maje::y's High Commisioner to the general of Christened


712 seor:bly of the church of Scotland.


1359 30.mto name and recommend Dr John Gil


Males bert, Bishop of Salisbury, to be elected Archbishop



2241 of York, in the room of Dr Matthew Hutton, translated to the fee of Canterbury.

The Edinburgh bill of burials for April 1757. P.S. May 3.-to appoint Ruvigne de Colne, Within the Males 53 Efq; to be secretary to ibe Extraordinary Emballs city

111 DISEASES.No. to the Catholic King.

In the West Males 17

Aged 7-to grant unto Francis Vernon, Efq; the office of the one of the Clerks of the Privy Council,

kirk-yard Fem. 1838 Apoplexy

Althma in the room of Walter Cary, Efq; deceased :

Decreased this month

Childbed -to appoint Maj-Gen. Robert Napier to be


Chincough Colonel of ile 12th regiment of foot, in the room


No. Consumption 15 of Li-Gen. Skelton, deceased.


58 Convulsion 12 Thomas Brudenell to be Colonel of the sist re



Dropsy giment of foot, in the room of Maj.-Gen. Napier:

Fever James Campbell to be a Captain in the 39th re

Flux giment of foot, Col. John Aldercron's,


Taken from other papers, &c.



40 April 19. The King has been pleased to make

9 Purging the three following promotions in the army in 60

Stillborn Ireland.

s Suddenly Maj.-Gen. Lewis Dejean, to be Colonel of the 80

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10 20


8 12

20 4 2 10


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Small pox



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151. os.


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prem. India

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Haddington Prices, May 6.

Prices of Stocks, &c. at London, May 7.
Beft. Second. Third. Bank-stock 117 I 4th. India ditto
Wheat, 161.

151. 12 s.

South-sea stock Ditto old annuities, ift 131. 12'S. 131. os.

121. 65. fubfcript. 89 1 8th a 1 4th. Ditto, ad fubfcript. 11l. OS.

Ditto new annuities, if subscript. 90 121. 12 S. 121. 6 s.

into io s. s Bthis a 3. 4ths Ditto, ad fubscription 89

Tbree 1 half bank-annuities, ift subscript. 89 Edinburgh, May 18. Oat-meal 15 d. half i 8th a 89. Ditto, ad subscript. 88 1 4th a penny. White pease-meal 10 d. halfpenny. Gray 3 8ths. Three per cent bank-annuities 89. Ditpease-meal 10 d. Bear-meal 10 d.

to 1726

Ditto South-sea annuities

1751 89. Ditto India annuities 87 i half. The Edinburgh aflize of BREAD. [49.]

Three į half bank-annuities 1756 96 i 8th a After April 15. till altered. Set April 13.

96. Bank-circulation 41. 7 s. 6 d.

bonds 2 1. 12 s. a 13 S. prem.
White. Wbeaten. (Household
Price. Price. Price.

$. do 9.



g. A loaf

7 3 4 lb. o

baptísm. 2 s. 6d. 7

1 weighing 3 lb. o

Five letters, on a separate state of existence afi ter death, man's capacity for religion, and the

fabbath. By John Steffe. 2 5. Buckland.
Weight. Weight Weight. The Chriftian catechism. By Ralph Milner,

Ib. oz. dr. 16. oz. dr. lb. oz. dr. of Yarmouth. 4 d. J. Paynte.

A differtation on fálfe religion ; with efsays on
7 I II 1312 5 I

various subjects. 8vo. 5 s. Osborne. 8 II

911 Penny any loaf, o 1571


A free inquiry into the nature and origin of Halfp

41012 o 71140

evil. 2 s. 6 d. Dodsley.

3 134
Jenny loaf, o

4 1010


An essay on the two diftin&t powers of the foul,

the will and the understanding 6 d. Dodfley. .S. After May 12. till altered. Set May 11.

An account of the New-Testament doctrine of White. | Wheaten. (Houfebold

the Lord's fupper. 6d. Henderfon.

A confutation of Dr Warburton's divine lega Price. Price. Price. tion of Mofes. By William Law, A. M. 1 s. 6 d. $. d. g. s. d. dr. s. d.



Sermons by Dr Coneybeare, late Bishop of Ib.

o 8 30 II


Bristol. 2 vols. 8vo. Dodsley.
A loạt

9 0 7 2

5 2 weighing 3

Sermons by Dr Josiah Hort, Bishop of kilIb. 7

O4 I lb.

more. 5 s. L. Davis. 04 210

Three questions resolved, viz. What is reliWeight. Weight. Weight. gion? What is the Christian religion? What is

1b. oz. dr. 16. oz. dr. 16. oz. dr. the Chriftian catholic church? 15. Henderson. Threepenny loaf, i

An inquiry whence cometh wisdom to man? 3 12 I IO

By John Ellis, D. D. of Dublin. Is. Dod. Twopenny loaf, o 14 8 1 1 6 I 7 3

The evangelical history of Christ, harmonized Penny loaf, 07410 811


and explained. 2 vols. 8vo. 8 s. Newbery. Halfpenny loaf, 3 1016 4 Salo 512

Obsorvations upon natural religion and ChriftiN. B. The three paragraphs fubjoined to the anity. By C. Bulkeley. Is. 6d. Noon. table of Feb. 12. [49], are continued. We need

SERMON S. not repeat these, bat shall note when any altera Dr Carter's on the fast, at Deal in Kent. 6 d. tion is made in them.

N. Ball's, at Grey Tey, Staffordshire. 6 d.


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Mark-lane, 156 to 60 s. quar. 22 to 20's. gr. 17 to 20 s. 6 28 to 30 s.
Basingstoke, 15l. 15 s. Ioad. 25 to 28 s. 17 to 21 s.

26 to 34 S.
Reading, 151. 10 s.

18 to 22 s.

29 to 32 s.
Farnham, 13 1. 19 S.
24 to 27 s. 16 to 18 s.

20 to 29 s.
Henly, 151. 00 s. 20 to 32 S.

17. to 22 s.

24 to 35 S. Guildford, 141. 10 S. 19 to 27 s. 16 to 19 s. 6 d. 24 to 34 s. Warminster, 60 to 66 s. quar. 26 to 30 S.

18 to 20 S.

30 to 40 S. Devizes, 56 to 58 s. 29 to 32 s. 18 to 20 s.

30 to 42 S.
Gloucester, 9 s. 60. buih.

3 s. 6 d. bula.
2 $. 6 d. 10 3 S.

3 s. to 4 s. 4 d. bush.
8 s. od, bula.

6 s. 8 d.


ddenly cething

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I2 S. Scott.

S. Vol. xix. Dr Milner's two at Peckham. 6 d.

The authenticated will of J. B. 6 d. Dr Taylor's before the house of Commons. 6 d. The confession; or, A pardon for Adm. Byng Bathurst.

after execution. 6d. Langford. Dr Fothergill's before the Mayor, &c. of Ox A too hasty censure, and a too necessary reford.

tractation. 64. Doughty. By J. Cooksey, A. M. rector of St Antholin, An account of a rupture frequently attendent London. 6 d. Sandby.

upon new-born children. od. Hitch. By Jos. Greenhill, M. A. rector of East Hor The royal navy-mens advocate; or, The Dey, Surry. 6d. W. Clarke.

corrupt practice of vi&tualling the navy. By W. By L. Holden, at Maldon in Effex.

Thompson. By T. Richards, at Northampton.

Compendium of modern travels. 4 vols. 12mo. By R. Gilbert, at ditto. 6 d. POLITIC S.

A letter to the Monitor, on his calumniating The Empress-Queen's full reply to the King the dissenters. 2 d. Field. of Prussia's motives for making war. 410. 2 S. Oratiuncula habita in domo convocationis Oxon.W.Owen.

die Oct. 27. 1756. 1 s. 6 d. W. Owen. The Constitution, No 2. and 3.0d. each. The orations of Demosthenes. Translated into Hooper.

English by P. Francis. 4to. vol. 1. Dodsley. A letter from a member of the marine focicty. The history and antiquities of Scotland. By 6 d. C. Say.

W. Maitland and another. 2 vols," folio. 2 1. 2 s. A treatise on places and preferments, especially Millar. in the church. By W. Webiter, D. D. 9 d. Ruffel. The rise and progress, and present state of the

An effay on the necessity and form of a royal brewery. 6d. Robinson. academy for painting, sculpture, 6c. 6 d. Ro A full confutation of all the facts advanced by binson.

Mr Bower in his own vindication. I S. 6 d. A fifth letter to the people of England. 2 s. Morgan. Cooper.

The complete distiller. By A. Cooper. 4 s. The proceedings of the house of Lords, with Vaillant. respect to the bill relating to Adm. Byng. 6d. A letter to Lord Robert Bertie, on his conduct King's printing-house. [106]

in the Mediterranean. Is. Griffiths, The independent freeholder's letter to the peo Travels in Egypt and Nubia. By F. L. Norple of England. 1s. Corbett.

den. 8vo. L. Davis. Further objections to the establishment of a mi Elements of natural philosophy. By J. Wink :litia. is. Henderson.

ler of Leipfic, F. R. S. 2 vols. 8vo. 12 s. Lindi Answer to Sir Matthew Decker's proposal. Supplement to the works of Alexander Pope, I s. 6d. Shuckburgh.

Esq; 3 s. Copper A morning's thoughts on reading the Test and Letters on several occasions by the late Sir WilContest. 6d. Wilkie.

liam Freeman. 8vo. 5 s. Manby. Thoughts occasioned by the war. 6d.

The parliamentary or conftitutional history of Report of the court-martial concerning the England. 2 vols. 8vo. Sandby. conduct of Gen. Steuart, Col. Cornwallis, and the An estimate of the manners and principles of E. of Effingham. 6d. Cooper. (197.]

the times. 8vo. 3 s. 6 d. Davis. Copy of a letter from Adm. Byng, to the Ro The tragedy of Douglas analyzed. 6 d. Hon. W. Pitt, Efq; 6 d. Reason.

Doughty. The conduct of the late ministry; or, A sum A letter to Mr David Hume on the tragedy of mary of facts, in answer to the observations of Douglas. 6 d: Scott. the English ministry, on the French summary Reveries; or, Memoirs upon the art of war. discussion, &c. 8vo. 5 s. Bizet.

By Count Saxe. 4to. 13 s. Nourse. Hiftoire politique du siecle. 4to.

Account of a sea-fight in 1591. By Sir Walter A letter to Adm. Smith, president of the court- Raleigh. 6 d. Baldwin. martial, occafioned by à late performance. 6d. Observationum medicinalium fasciculus. is.

Gentle reflections on the fort but serious Whiston. reasons for a national militia. 6 d. Scott.

The properties of the Lisbon diet-drink. Trial of Lady Alurea Luxury. 1 s. 6 d. Noble. I s. 6 d. J. Clarke. MISCELLANEOUS.

The complete history of England. By T. Trial of Adm. Byog. Published by order of the Smollet, M. D. 3 vols. 4to. 31. 3 s. Rivington. board of admiralty. Folio. 6s. Manby. (103.] A description of the counties of Bedford, Nor

* An examination of the resolutions and sen- champron, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Wartence of the court-martial. By a sea-officer. 6 d. wick, &c. is. Dedsley. 7. Cooke.

An essay on currents at sea. By Jor. Mead. A key to the trial of Adm. Byng. 4 d. Wilkie. 1 S. Marsal.

Circumstantial detail of the confinement, be The distinguishing properties of a fine auricula. haviour, and death of Adm. Byng. 63. [198.1 By J. Thompson of Newcastle. 3 d. Keith.

The speech of the Hon. Adm. Byng, intended The humanist, No 1. 2. 3. Úc. to be continued to have been spoken on board the Monarque every Saturday. 2 d. cach. J. Rivington. March 14. 6 d. Lindsey.


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