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May i757. Prof. Brown ajoilzied, Mr Grier deposed, &c. 273 for him, he excused himself by a letter, ancestors is exposed to ridicule ; for because the country was divided into what could be more trifling, than to lay two parties, and he did not incline, by down a rule, which might be baMed by appearing in public, to disoblige either. the breach of envy, or the folly of the But when, the rebels began to fly, and meaneit changeling? and that therefore were afterwards defeated, Mr Brown's the exception can have no other sensible zeal, we find, flamed out the more meaning but this, that after five years, fiercely, perhaps because it was pent up a scandal or offence cannot be again rebefore: for he became very inftrumen- vived, in order to a process, unless the tal and active in distressing those unhap. conduct of the person against whom is py people, carrying off their effects; as is charged, has, by a similarity of of. appeared from a process before the court fence or unbecoming behaviour, justly of session againit his father and him, given rise for the reviving the memory for Ogilvy of Peel's books and effects of the former real or supposed guilt. which was at last submitted, and the Parties having been fully heard, the books decerned to be restored to the cause was taken up on the footing of the

- It is not surprising that Mr appeal; and after reasoning, the afBrown, by such feats of loyalty as these, sembly, without a vote. reversed the hould incur the resentment of the Jaco. fentence of the synod; and found, that, bites. But this could be no reason for the process ought, in the present circumSesigning his charge: for the rebellion ftances, to proceed no further; and was extinguished, and the country re therefore afloilzied Mr Brown. duced to order, long before March The assembly rose on Monday the 1748, so that no man needed then 30th, after having appointed the next be afraid of that party. -Davidson, assembly to meet at Edinburgh on who made an attempt upon his life, Thursday the 25th of May 1758. made a like attempt upon other mini On the 31st the commission went upsters, and actually robbed some of them: on the affair of Mr Robert Grier minibut as this fellow was hanged the year ster of Durisdeer, accused of fornication before at Aberdeen, it could not be for and other immoralities. In the forefear of him that Mr Brown demitted his noon-sederunt the court found the libe! office.”

relevant; and in the afternoon went upIn the case prescription is pleaded, on the proof. After prayer to God for upon this cļause in the form of process: direction in this weighty affair, the " If a scandal shall happen not to be commission, considering the whole evi. noticed in order to censure for the space dence adduced for proof of the libel, did of five years, it Mould not be revived unanimously find the libel proven, so again, so as to enter in a process there. far as to infer deposition: “And therea anent, unless it be of an hainous na., fore the commission did, and hereby do, ture, or become again flagrant; but the in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, consciences of such persons ought to be the sole king and head of the church, feriously dealt with in private, to bring and by virtue of the power and authothem to a sense of their fin and duty." rity committed by him to them, actually With respect to the two exceptions, it is depose the said Mr Robert Grier from contended, that the first, unless the scan- the office of the holy ministry, hereby dal be of an hainous nature, surely points prohibiting and discharging him to exout guilt of so deep a dye, that no pe. ercise the fame, or any part thereof, in nitence, or length of time, without all time coming; and the commission fome public animadverfion, can be do hereby declare the said church and deemed fufficient to quiet the minds of parish of Durisdeer vacant from the date men; and that as to the second, or be- hereof.” Mr Grier being called upon, come again flagrant, the exception, as it the above sentence of deposition was fo. is understood by fome, is as broad as the lemnly pronounced upon him by the Fule, and so the wife regulation of our moderator, His procurator protested

Vol. XIX,

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for liberty to complain of the fentence * By the Sheerness: The John and Henry, from to the next afsembly.

North Carolina for London, retaken. P. S. Mr John Home minister of A

By the Sphynx, Capt. Dennis: A small French thelftonford, author of the tragedy of privateer schooner, of 28 men, carried into Port

Royal, Jamaica. Dauglas, preached his farewel-fermon to

By the Enterprise : The Samuel, Dickson, his congregation on Sunday June 5. with 1700 bolls pease

, from Lynn for Leith, rewhich drew tears from many of the taken. people, and gave in a demission of his

By the Fortune Noop, Capt. Hotham: A French charge to the presbytery of Haddingeon from Marseilles for Martinico, carried into A

Thip of 26 guns and 150 men, and a brig, both on the 7th. [217.]


By the Somerset : The Dauphin, from Bay.

onne for Louisburg, with stores, provisions, and Captures, &c. for April.

loldiers, carried into Portsmouth. By British men of war, &c.

By the Solebay, Capt. Craig: The Chevalier

Barte, a privateer of Dunkirk, of about 96 tups, Taken from the London Gazette.

Io carriage-guns, 8 swivels, and 78 men, with Y the York, Capt. Pigot: Le Don de Dieu, three ranlomers on board, taken April 24. off brandy, Aour, and soap, and 82 persons on board, to Leith. The privateer threw six pf her guns of whom 60 foldiers, taken March 11. Off Cape overboard in the chace. Finisterre; the Henry, from St Maloes for Cape By the St Anne armed Ship, Capt. Hay: The Breton, with provisions on the French King's ac- Fortune, a privateer of Boulogne, Jean Sauvage, count, and 49 men; and the Ruby, from St Ma- of about 80 tuns, 2 five-pounders, 8 four-poundloes for Canada, with 231 persons on board, 227 ers, and a three-pounders, and 63 men, taken of them soldiers of Fischer's regiment; both ta in Aberdeen bay, April 28. brought to Leith ken April 10. the land's end bearing north, di- road. The Princess of Wales armed fhip, Capt. stance 12 leagues: all brought into Plymouth, A. Cow, chased her into the bay, and saw her taken. pril 15.

By the Swallow and Cruiser Noops: A French Taken from other papers, &c. privateer of 10 guns, brought into the Dowós. By the Harwich and the Lcostoffe : The Ruby, a privateer of St Maloes, of 14 carriage-guns and

By privateers, &c. 120 men ; and a loop for Martinico; both car By the Amazon of Guernsey: A ship from ried into Plymouth.

Martinico, and another from St Domingo; the By the Devonshire, Somerset, and Rochester': former carried into Guernsey, but the latter, in La Victoire, a privateer of Bayonne, of 26 nine- coming in, struck against a rock, and was dashed pounders, and above 300 men, carried into to pieces. Portsmouth.

By the Charming Nancy of Jersey, and the By the Tartar, Capt. Lockhart: The Duc Kirke of Guernsey : The Deux Amis, from d’Aguillon, a privateer of St. Maloes, of 600 Bourdeaux for Brest, with wine, and the St Rose, tuns, 24 nine-pounders, 2 four-pounders, and with 620 barrels Rour, both from Bourdeaux; 265 men, taken after an engagement of one hour carried into Guernsey and twelve minutes, in which the Tartar fired 42 By the Rising Sun letter of marque, Bentley: broadsides, and had four men killed, and one flight- A Swedish {hip, with sugar, carried into Venice. ly wounded. The privateer had so killed and By the Mercury: The Liverpool, Walker, wounded. Each of the privateer's guns were 300lb. from Jamaica for London, retaken, sent into Liheavier than those of the Tartar; her tops were all verpool. full of swivels, her quarters barricaded with cork, By the Sarah of Barbadoes : The Negrillen, hoop-sticks and junk, to defend her men from the from Rochelle for Martinico, carried into Barsmall arms. The Tartar had failed from Spithead badoes. April 14. with 40,000 l. on board to pay Plymouth By the Royal Duke : The Antigallican, a yard; and met with the privateer next day off the privateer of Calais, of 4 guns and 40 men, carille of Wight, and brought her into Portsmouth ried into Dover. on the 17th. This is the sixth privateer taken By the St David of Beaumaris: A privateer by the Tartar.' The merchants are making a of 12 carriage-guns and 16 swivels, carried into subscription, to present Capt. Lockhart with a Beaumaris. piece of plate, for his great services done to trade. By the St George of London : A Suedish

By the Devonshire: The Two Sisters, Dallier, hip, carried into Dover; and a Dutch fhip with with wine and brandy, for Quebec, fent into butter, cheese, and 46 calks small shot, for Dartmouth.

Bourdeaux ; and the Union, a privateer of St MaBy the Flamborough: A French privateer of loes of '12 carriage-guns fix pounders, and sco 36 guns, brought to the Nore.

men; both carried into Plymouth. By the Chichester: The Susannah, Nicholson, By the King of Pruffia : A hip from St Dofrom Carolina, retaken, carried into Plymouth. mingo, carried into Falmouth.


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By the Hawke of New-York, Alexander: A The Elisabeth, Deften, from Zánt for Lone French privateer of 8 carriage-guns, 12 swivels, don, with 200 tuns currants, and 4 bales filk; and 8o men, carried into Port-Royal, Jamaica. the imamo, Hammet, from Majorca, with oil and

A Swedish ship from Marseilles for Sailee, car- nuts; the Providence, a Danish thip, from Dubried into Gibraltar.

lin for Leghorn and Naples; another Danish fhip, By the Josepha, Teague: The Jesus Marie with 720 hogsheads pilchards, and fome tin, from and Joseph, from Smyrna, carried into Meflina. Falmouth; and the Elisabeth, Home, from Yar

By the Defiance, Le Cronicr : The Prince mouth for Venice; all carried into Marseilles. Henry, Le Normant, of about 200 tuns, from The Katharine, Hanfon, from Waterford, Martinico, with 470 hogsheads sugar, 57,489 lb. carried into St Lucar. coffee, 45,317 lb. cotton, and 450 lb. elephants The Sally, Sullivan, from Corke for the Leeteeth, carried into Jersey.

wards islands, carried into Nazaire. By the Lion of Bristol: La Catharine, from The Treviles Noop, Burfell, from Truro for Rochelle; and L'Acadia, from Bourdeaux, both Valencia, carried into Alicant, for Quebec ; carried into Bristol.

The Nancy, Durkill, from Seville for LonBy the Antelope of London, Boyce: A store- don; the Flora, Mortimer, from New England; ship for Cape Breton, sent into Falmouth; and a the Boston galley, White, from Boston for Lonship from Carolina for Cowes, retaken, sent into don; the Blakeney privateer; and the True Bri. Lisbon.

ton, Halliday, from Whitehaven for SouthampBy the Duke of Bedford : The Lightfoot, ton; all carried into St Maloes. Vane, from Virginia, retaken, carried into Dublin. The Madeira Merchant, Clapp, from Madei

By a Folk stone privateer : La Ville de Ha- ra, carried into Bourdeaux. vre,

from Hamburg for Roan, fent into Dover. The Industry, Anderson, from Dublin for LegBy the Lyme: The Two Sisters of Rotterdam, horo, carried into Vigo. from Rochelle for Havre-de-grace, with brandy The John, Wills, from St Kitts for South Caand wine, sent into Weymouth.

rolina, carried into Porto Rico. By the Cornwall, Dillon : A French schooner The Anne, Livington, from Rotterdam for from Rochelle for Canada, carried into Guernsey. South Carolina, carried into Boulogne.

By the Cæsar of Bristol, Nash: The Black The New Duke packet-boat, with three months Prince, from Bourdeaux for Cape Breton, and letters on board, from Falmouth for the Leeward the Jolie-Pontea, from ditto for Missilippi, with illands, carried into Port Louis. men and stores.

The Prince William, Macleod, carried into By the of Providence, Hopkins: A Carthagena. French snow, with 160 hogsheads lugar, 300 The Jean of Leith, Bachop, from Leith for barrels coffee, and 40 bales cotton.

Invernefs, carried into Norway. By the Bedford of Dublin: Two ships from The Dodson, Dunn, from South Carolina, fald Rochelle for Canada, said to be worth 5 or 6000 l. to be worth 40,000 l. carried into Bergen.

Before the ilt of February, 25 privateers were The John and Henry of Plymouth, Lus, from fitted out at New York, carrying 306 great guns, Cape Fear; and the Jude of London, Spencer, 372 swivels, and 2620 men They bad taken from St Christopher's; both carried into Bilboa. 12 prizes, which were sold for 100,900 l. besides The Molly privateer of jersey, Fiatt, carried feveral prizes carried into the West Indies. into Brest.

The Nancy, Hayton, from Maryland for
Captures, &c. by the French.

Leith, carried into Dunkirk.
THE John and George, Dean, of 300 tuns, The Virgin of Poole, from Bilboa for New-

with 1500 barrels pitch, and 2500 lb. indi- foundland, carried into St Sebastian's. co, from North Carolina for London, carried in The janet and Betty of Leith, Hay, from Holto Granville.

land for Leith, carried into Oftend. The Friendship, Forstall, from Seville for Du Taken, but ransomed : The Phænix of Lynn, blio; the Friends Goodwill of Southampton, Reid, from Lynn for Leith; the Martin and from Oporto and Lisbon; and the Peggy, Leo- Euphame of Leith, Clephan; and the Euphame nard, from Cadiz for Bristol; all carried into and Peggy, Walker, from Leven, for soo guiMorlaix.

neas each; the Hope of Leith, Williamson, from The Five Brothers, Sang Attery, a Dutch hoy, Holland, for 1200 guincas; the Diligence, Key, from Amsterdam for Hull, carried into Rosico, from ditto for Dundee, for 770 guineas; the Dear Morlaix.

Friendship of Sunderland, Weak, for 450 guiThe Peggy. Thomson, from Leghorn and neas; the Duty of Newcastle, Gall, and the ELisbon for Corke; and the Friendship, Coats, lisabeth of Dyiart, Law, for 200 guineas each; from South Carolina for London; botii carried the Miller of Mansfeld, Smith, from Leith, and into Bayonne.

the Friendihip of Inverness, henry, for 520 guiThe Providence, Bone, from Fowey for Bar neas each; the Martha and Mary of Kirkaldy, celona; and the Rotë, Denning, from Exeter Barker, for 230 guineas; the Minerva of Hull, for Gibraltar; both carried into Cadiz.

Hunter, for 320 guineas; the John and Philip, The Swan, Menslow, from Bristol for Jamai- Dean, from Lerwick, for 95 guineas; the Fre.. ca, carried into St Domingo.

erick and William, Dusburg, for 140 guineas; Rr2

and .

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and the Robert and Martha, Pinner, for 100 By the Trident, Leostoffe, and Hind: The guineas; the last three belong to Harwich : All Ardenceur, of 14 carriage-guns and 84 men; thë these were taken by the Duc d'Aumont privateer Difficile, of 8 carriage-guns and 48 men; and of Dunkirk, Lewis Lebert.- -Alfo ranfomed: the Prince, with naval stores, from Havre for The Hope, Bolitho, from Carolina, for 5500l.; Louisburg; all carried into Plymouth. the Industrious Bee, Spurrier, from Poole, for By the Grampus Noop, Capt. Allen: A French 80 l.; the Jane and Rachel, Burgess, from Na- privateer of 6 guns and 40 men, with a ransomer ples for Fowey, for 390 1.; the violly, Moore, on board for 280 l. carried into Shields; and the from Gottenburg for Newcastle; and the Ame- Duc d'Aumont, a privateer of Dunkirk, Lebert, ly's Increase of Sunderland, Clark.

of 12 six-pounders, 4 four pounders, 6 fwivels, Taken, but whither carried not mentioned: and 100 men, taken off Speymouth, May 28. The Alderney, Olive; the Mather, Ouchterlo- after an engagement of near an hour, in which ny, from New England for the West Indies; the the privateer had 4 men killed and 10 wounded, Sea-flower, from Vigo; the Barnard privateer ; the and the Grampus 4 wounded, carried into Kirkwall Adventure privateer of Guernsey ; the Alderney in Orkney. This is the privateer that took and privateer, Oliver; and the Union, Chevalier, from ranfomed so many prizes last month, off the frith Southampton for Jersey, with 1900 l. on board. of Forth, and on the north coast of England:

See the top of the preceding column.
Captures, &c. for May.

By the Orford, Capt. Spray, one of Adm.

Holburne's squadron : A French privateer of 52 By Britisha men of war, &c.

guns and 600 men. 'Tis said the prisoners were Taken from the London Gazette. sent to Kinsale, and that the privateer had recei

ved so little damage, that the Admiral took her Y the Somerset, Capt. Geary, and the Ro- along with him, when he failed from Corke, and

chelter, Capt. Duff: The Renomee, of 350 gave the command of her to the first lieutenanč Luns, with pork, flour, and muskets; and the of the Orford. Superb, of 750 tuns, with provisions, bale-goods, By the Diligence Noop: A small French privaand several cales of small arms; both bound from

teer drove ashore on the coast of France, and de: Bourdeaux for Quebeck. They had on board stroyed. 242 officers and soldiers of the royal regiment of

By the Dolphin, Capt. Marlow: The Mar: foreigo voluntiers, 149 failors and passengers, quife du Barail, a privateer of Dunkirk, of 150 740 barrels powder, 520 muskets and bayonets, tons, 2 fix and 10 four pounders, and 87 men, &c. for the troops in Canada. They were taken taken May 18. off Buchannels

, afier an engagement April 30. in lat.46.59. N. and long. 3; 3. W. of three quarters of an houi, in which the privafrom the Lizard, and carried into Kinsale.

teer had one man killed and two wounded, and By the Rocheiter, Capt. Duft: The Poftilion, the Dolphin two wounded, one of whom died a privateer of St Jean de Luz, of 70 men, taken afterwards; brought into Leith road. There May 3. The privatcer was disabled fo much by

were three ransomers on board, viz. one for the fawing her gunnels and beams while Capt. Duff John and Ely of Harwich, Mallal

, for 68 l.; one chaled her, that he judged it necessary, after ta for the William and Anne of Dundee, Kidd, from king out the prisoners, to burn her.

Borrowltourness for Banff, for ulol. and the By the Unicorn, Capt. Rawling: The Invin- third for the United Janets of Leith, from Com çible, a privateer of st Maloes, of 24 nine-pound- penhagen for Leith, for 579 1. in all 757 l. crs and 286 men, taken May 2. in lat. so. N. By the St Anne armed ship, Capt. Hay: La and 120 miles west of Scilly, after an engage- Danglemont, a privateer of Calais, of two threement of an hour and a half, in which the priva- pounders, two swivels, and 24 men, of whom geer had between 40 and so killed and wounded, 18 officers, carried into Leith. and the Unicorn had the captain, boatswain, ar; By the Tartar, Capt. Lockhart: The Penemourer, and a marine killed, and 5 men wound- lope, a privateer of Morlaix, of 16 fix-pounders, ed, carried into Crookhaven; and the Comtesse de Noailles, a snow privateer of Buurdeaux, of mouth!

2 two-pounders, and 180 men, carried into Ply14 lix and four pounders and 143 men, takon By the Weafle Noop: A French privateer of May 19. in lat. 50. 20.N. and 9 deg. W. longitude 16 guns, taken off Cromer. from London, carried into Kinsale. The Invin

By two cutters sent from Dover by Adm. çible had on board the captain, lieutenant, fur- Smith, under the command of Mr Barkley, a geon, and 45 private men of a Guernsey priva- midshipman, the one of two pounders, 6 switeer, which she had taken April 28. in compa- vel, and 16 men, the other of 16 swivels and 16 py with the Comtesle de Noailles, who had taken

A privatcer of Dunkirk, of 10 four-poundon board the rest. The Unicorn arrived with

ers, 8 swivels, and 75 men, run ashore about iwo both her prizes at Plymouth, on the 17th. miles from Otterd, and dashed to pieces. Triken from other papers.

By privatecrs, &c. by the Stafford, Sheerness, and Seaford: The By the Deptford, Galbraith: The Count de Lantore, a privateer of 8 carriage.guns alid 45 Gisors, a privateer of 10 carriage-guns and 74 261, fent into Mountsbaya

nen, carried into Falmouth,



By the Phænix of Jersey: A ship from Nantz By the St George of Liverpool, Wright: À for Granville, with sugar and brandy; a mhip French brig, carried into Messina. for Brelt, with timber, oats, and rosin; and an By the Lark, Millar : A tartan from Salonica Irish ship, with lead and coals, for France; all for Marseilles, with cotton and wool, carried into taken ; and the Barnard privateer of Dartmouth, Cephalonica. retaken; the last carried into Jersey.

By the Constantine letter of marque, Lee: A By the King of Prussia of Liverpool: A ship French Ship, with corn and merchandise, from from Marseilles for Martinico, carried into Gib- the Levant for Marseilles, lent into Malta. raltar.

By whom taken not mentioned: The HironBy the Trial: A ship from Marseilles for (). delle, from Marseilles for Martinico, and a stend, carried into Dover; and a Mip from St French privateer of 14 carriage-guns and 146 Domingo, supposed to be worth 10,000 l. carried men, carried into the Leward illands; the Belle inco Kinsale.

Esclave, for Smyrna; the Reine, Monier, from By the Duke of Corna all, Jenkins: A French St Domingo, and the Friendship, Allen, from privateer of 10 carriage-guns, carried into Fal- London for Carmarthen, retaken, both carried mout); and the Planter, Rothmaller, from Ca- into Guernsey; and the George, Weir, from to ina for Portsmouth, retaken, carried into Lisbon for the Leeward illands, allo retaken, carPoitiinouth.

ried into Antigua.
By the Cæsar of Bristol, Nash, and the Charm-
ing Nancy of serley, Winter: The Dauphin, of

Captures, &c. by the French.
13 gens so failors, and so foldiers; and the Jolo THE Greenwich man of war, of 60. guns,
ly Galere, of 12 guns, 40 jailors, and so soldiers, Capt. Rodham, taken March 18. in the
both from Rochfurt for Louisburg, with flour, West Indies, by M Beaufremont's squadron, and
wine, c; and a ship of 400 tuns, 16 guns, 50 sent to Cape François.
failors and so foldiers; the two former carried The Merlin Noop of war, of 12 carriage-guns
into Bristol.

and 107 men, carried into Brest, by the MaBy the Tartar of London, Fielding: The Vande chault privateer, of 36 guns and 300 men. Village, a privateer of 10 guns and 71 men, The Taffet, Harnet, from Majorca for Loncarried into Bristol; and the Chereux Union, don; the Patsey, Owen, with corn; the Blakefrom France for Newfoundland, carried into Beer ney privateer; and the Young Sarah, Scott, from haven.

Messina; all carried into Marseilles.
By the Black Prince of London: A ship from The Tuscany, Goddard ; the Mermaid,
Boulogne for Port L'Orient, carried into Top- Smith; the Preserved, Crombie, for London,

and the William and Betty, Macardell, all from By the Duke of Bedford : La Jeune Esther, Zant; and the Hunter, Dougherty, from AnBoyce, and the Magdelane, Grace, from Ro cona for Ireland; all carried into Carthagena. chelle for Louisburg, both taken; and the Bet The Indian Prince, Watkins, from Africa; ty, from Glasgow for Virginia, retaken, sent in- the May and Martha, from Leghorn; the Betto Dublin.

ty, Falconer, and the Nancy, Boyd, both from By the Ranger: The Marquis de Galeftae, El. Virginia, all for Jamaica; carried into Hispaniola. legret, from Bourdcaux for Louisburg, carried The Promise, Butter, from Seville for Ireland; into Portland.

and the Tryton, Tead, from Lisbon for New-
By the Fly: The Ebenezer, Solian, from foundland; both carried into Vigo.
Denmark for Rochelle, with beef, fent into Dover. The Molly, Jones, from Gibraltar for St

By the Duke William: The Ufrow Margaret, Martinico, carried into Viana.
Meen, from Marseilles for Hamburg, sent into The Boscawen privateer of Topsham; the Spen-

cer frigate of London, Dav dion, and the Whit-
By the Defiance of Bristol, Clarke: The Three tington of Whitehaven, Kennedy, taken off the
Friends, from Bourdeaux for Canada; and two Cape de Verd illands by four French men of war.
Danih tips, one from Lisbon for Havre-de The Amazon privateer of Guernsey, carried
grace, with sugar, and the other from Genoa for into Morlaix:
France, with oil

The Elisabeth, Adams, from Cadiz for FalBy the Shaike of London, Harman: The Vic- mouth; the Integrity, Thompfon, from Virtorieux, from Bourdeaux for Quebec, carried in- ginia for London ; the Charming Jenny, Mato Kinsale.

hon, from Limerick for Corke; the Portsmouth
By the St George of London, Devonshire: privateer, of 10 carriage guns and 75 men; and
The Marquis d'Aumou, a privateer of Bour- the Friendship, Foges, from Boston for London ;
deaux, of 16 Tix-pounders and 160 men; and the all carried into St Maloes.
Dinwiddie, from Virginia for Bristol, with 300 The Atlanta, Warner, and the Three Bro.
hogtheads tobacco, retaken, carried into Fal- thers, Sinclair, from Boston; the Young Lodo-
inouth. Capt. Devonshire was killed in the en- wick, Strange, from New York; the Elitha,
gagement with the privateer.

Jennings, from Bermuda; and the --, Rich,
By the Diana letter of marque of Bristol, from Glasgow; all carried into Martinico.
Smith: A ship from Alexandria for Marseilles, The George, Linthorn, from South Carolina
worth 7000 do carried into Malta.

for Poole, carried into Brest.


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