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fair all day

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6 30,2 150

323 METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL3 of the WEATHER. [237.] In Ludgate Street, London, by Ja. Ayscough.

Near Carlife in Cumberland.


meter 5 Wind. WEATHER.

21 29,55 40 41
N m. sm. rain, snow aft. 2129,3843

E rain from so morning
22 29,7814145 W
cloudy day

22 29,3035

W fome hail in the aft.
23 29,88 43/45 NE m. sunshine, clo.aft. 2329,48 34 E fair all day
2429,95 45 47
SW fair all day

24 29,29137 S morn. fair, aft. rain
25 29,894753


25 29,2 2 491 W rain till 9 morn. fair day 2030,2 47156 SW m. small rain, fáir a. 2629,5538 S gentle frost, show. day 2730,8 50 59 SW

2729,40 501 S morning raio, fair aft. 2830,104957 S ditto

28 29,72 47


fair all day
2930,15158 NW ditto

2929,5363 S ditto
3029,775316 1
SW ditto

30:29,30151 S ditto

M 1129,7653157 s cloudy day

129,20 541

S rain a 7 and 8 morning
230,6 59 57 SE m.cloudy, lunín. a. 2,29,62 44 SW m. front, showers at noon
330,20 52 57
NE fair day

3.29,90 501 E m. frost, fair all day
430,29149155 NE

429,95141 N ditto

NE m. cloudy, fair aft. 5|29,78149 N ditto
NE rainy day

6.29,701441 NE ditto
730,1 45152
NE ditto

7:29,5851 SW ditto
829,87 40150 NE

3 29,50150 S a small tower in night 9129,85|4650 NE ditto

929,4840 SE fair all day
1029,73,50157 SW m. cloudy, sm. rain af. 1.029,30 491 S w mowery all day
U 29,8054156 S m. Junth. sm. rain att. 1129;4041 SE rain from 5 evening
1 229,8315460

SW m, cloudy, funíh. aft. 12 29,2055 S a shower at 5 and 6 even,
13/29,705457 SW m. cloudy, rain aft. 1329,5 149 S rain till 10 morn, rain ev.
. 14/29,8553156|sw m. sunsh. rain aft. 1429,25 55 Sw" showery all day
1529,705057 | SW

1529,2849 SW morn. Thowery, fair aft. 1029,65151 53 | NW | ditto

1629,25 41 W m. frost, thund. & rain a. 17 29,7250155 | NW m. sunsh. hail & r. aft. 1729,50 50 W m. froņi, rain fr. 2 to


afs, 1830,9 48/50 NW fair all day

18 29,60 46 w fair all day: 19130,15 5562 SW ditto

1929,51154 W m. small rain, fair aft. 20130,7 5460 SW ditto

20129,64481 S fair all day 21130 15660 NW ditto

21129,4552 Sw a shower at 5 and 6 m. 2230,1354'58 NW ditto

22129,72 48 W fair all day
23|29,83|47 52 NW m. cloudy, pucker. an 2329,62 40 W m. small rain, aft. fair
24130,2 47 50 NW

cloudy, tain aft. 2429,0542 NE m. frost, fair all day
25 30,4 49 54 NE m. sm. rain, cloudy a. 25 29,5261 W ditto
2530,105156 NE fair all day

2629,6848 SW ditto
27 30,185254 SE ditto

27 29,57150 SW rome small showers foren. 28/29,88 5455 S.W m. sunsh. rain aft. 28 29,352 S Ja small shower at 7 m. 29129,81 5456 SW m. rain, suosh.aft. 2929,30150 SW finall shower at 8 moin. 3029,925 1152 SW m. Sunsh. rain after. 30129,4448

W fair all day 31129,5915357 SE rainy day

3129,1854 SE lome drops in forenoon J.

129,8951157 SW m. clo. sunsh. after. 129,40149 N morn. fair, aft, rain.
2130,1215258 SW
fair day

229,7254 S w fair all day
3130,8 53157 N ditto

329,75158 N ditto 430,5 48153 NWm. cloudy, sunl. aft. 429,72142 N ditto 530,3 48150 N m. sunsh.clo. afc.

529,78 50 NE ditto
629,95 40 53

m. clo. fair aft.

629,5303 N ditto

NE m. sunm. sm. r. a. 729,63|44 NE ditto 830,4h 52154 N ditto

8,29,7257 E dicto 9:30,7 5357 SE m. small rain, clo. day 9 20,671641 NW ditto 1030,15150 58 NE

m. cloudy, fair aft. 10 29,72 481 NW ditto 1130,14 5561 NE

1129,66162 W

fome drops at noon 1239,2853162 E ditto

12 29,851511 s-W a shower in the night 13:30,215867 NE ditto

1329,73170 W fair all day 1430,28 5765 NE

1429,9254 E ditto
1530,1051160 NW ditto

1529,80145 E ditto
1630,5 15055
SE ditto

16 29,60165 NE dicto
17129,98 5562
SE ditto

1729,50110 SW ditto
3830,1060 62 NW m. sunh rain after. 1822,64160 sw ditto


fair day


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Capturés, &c. by Brilish men of war, &c.

By the Jamaica, Capt. Thomson : La Re.

venge, Olivier, from Millilippi for Rochelle, with Taken from the London Gazette. skins, indico, and logwood, carried into CharlerY the Antelope, [of so guns}, Capt. Hood :

town, South Carolina.

By the Medway: The John and Betsey, Green, guns, but pierced for 56, and 450 men, drove from Corke for Newfoundland, retaken, sent ia

to Portsmouth.
upon the rocks an the north part of Hodierne
bay, and irrecoverably Jolt, May 13. In the en-

By the Harwich: The Borrini, of 14 gons and

60 men, from Rochelle for Canada, with stores, gagement the Aquilon had 30 men killed and 25 wounded, among the latter the captain; and the fent into Portsmouth; and the Charming Molly Antelope had 3 killed and 13 wounded, was

of Poole, from South Carolina, retaken. much inattered in her rigging and fails, and had Baudry, from North Bergen for Havre, sent in

By Adm. Smith: The Omring and Jacob, her mizenmalt shot through. The Antelope,

to Dover.
May 24. took a small know from Bourdeaux for
Canada, with wine, brandy, and four ; and, on

By the Saltash and the Blandford: Three prithe 25th, a privateer of o guns, 10 swivels, and

vateers taken among the Leeward islands, carried so men, that bad come out of Port Louis the

inió Antigua. evening before. (Robert Murray, late a school

By the Biandford: The Lovely Matty, Vance, boy in Edinburgh, a midshipman on board the fom Carolina for St Kitts, retaken, carried into

St Kitts. Antelope, of about 17 years of age, had both his legs shot off by a cannon-ball, which foon occa- dron: The Hereux, from St Domingo for Bour

By the Windfor, of Adm. Holburne's squaSioned his death. After he was carried down to be dressed, he heard the ship's crew huzza; on

deaux, of 500 tuns, richly laden, carried into which he Aourished his dying hand over his head,

Halifax. and, with his laił breath, uttered an huzza, ima

By the Ambuscade : Six French tips from gining that the Aquilon had struck : An initance

the Levant, fent into Malta and Meflina; and a of heroism worthy to be recorded in the apna's of French thip carried into Tunis, which was fold fame.

to the Danilh conful for 12,000 l. Sterling. By the Eagle, (Capt. Palliser), and the Med

By the Aldborough: The Roulanneile, a prie way: The Duke d'Aquitaine, Sieur d'Esquelen, into Hull.

vateer of Dieppe, of 8 guns and 80 men, lent a French Eart-India (bip, of about 1500 tuns, so eighteen-pounders, and 493 men, taken,

By whom taken not mentioned: The Automne, Alay 39. 48 deg. N. and 2 deg. W. longitude into Jamaica ; and the Grandison, Macarty, from

Prevost, from Bourdeaux for St Domingo, carried from the Lizard, after an engagement of about three quarters of an hour; in which the Duke Corke for St Eustatia, retaken, carried into Agd'Aquitaine had about so killed, and a great ma

tigua. ny wounded, of whom 22 very dangerously;

By privateers, &c. all her masts, fails, and rigging, broke away,

By the Sterling, Wallace : The Vainqueur, and fell overboard before night; and the Eagle of 200 tuns, with troops, stores, úc. from had 10 killed and 32 wounded; but the Medway, Bourdeaux for Quebeck, carried into Bristol ; and as her fire could only be employed in raking the the Little Susan, from Rochelle for Canada, scat French ihip, bad only ro men wounded. The into Falmouth. Duke d'Aquitaine came from Lisbon ; uñere she

By the Black Prince of London : The Ufrow landed, fome months ago, a very rich cargo from Anna, a Dutch galliot, from Rochelle for St Valthe East Indies. When taken, the was only c- loiy, with wine and brandy, fent into Falmouth. quipped for war, with orders to cruise for fifteen By the Defiance, Dyer: La Reine des Anges, days, ten or twelve leagues off the rock of Lif- of 18 guns and so men, from St Domingo for bon, in order to intercept the Mermaid, a Britifh Rochelle; and the St Philip, of 16 guns and so 20 guit thip, which was on the point of sailing men, from St Domingo for Bourdeaux; buth vafrom Lisbon with a convoy. During her cruise, lued at two millions of livres; carried into Portf The took an English brig from Cadiz for Corke,

mouth. which was ransomed for 2001.

By the Defiance and the Deptford of London : By the Lancaster, Capt. Edgecumbe, and Dun- The · Britannia, Richardson, from Jamaica for kiik, Capt. Howe: Le Comte de Gramont, a London, retaken, fent into Falmouth. privateer (of Bayonne), of 36 guns and 370 men ; By the Protector, belonging to the East India Le Nouveau Saxon, a privateer [of Bourdeaux), company, Capt. James: The Indian, Busfau, of of 16 guns and 150 men; and a schooner from 24 gulis and 200 men, from Pondicherry for Bourdeaux for Quebeck, with wine and brandy; Shakey, valued at 37,500l. carried into Tilliall carried into Plymouth, June 18.

cherry. By the Rochester, Capt. Duff: The Jean Bap By the Trial, Burford : A fhip with coa's, tiste, a privateer of St Malocs, of 8 guns and 41

from Liverpool for Lisbon, retaken, fent into

Taken from other papers.

By the Middleton: The Friendship, Tuffts,
By the Ætna frigate: A Danish ship, with from Carolina for Cowes, retaken, carried into
167 hogshead: sugar, for Dunkirk, brought into Guernsey.
the Lowns,



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By the Deal Castle letter of marque, Harman, Leith for Gibraltar; the Two Brothers, Chaffrom Leghorn : A privateer of 12 guns and 85 fers, from Jamaica for London; and the Indomen, carried into Gibraltar.

ftry, Smith, from Cadiz for Boston; all carried By the Lilly letter of marque, Ross, from into Cadiz. Dundee for Alexandria : A French polacca drove The Industry, Galloway, and the Unity, Elashore near Salonica, and goods to the value of linor, both from Corke for St Eustatia, carried 20,000 dollars taken out of her.

into Martinico. By the Hawke letter of marque, Wilson : The The St Joseph and St Nichola, Romano, from St Anthony, Costa, and the Virgin of Cadro, Gallipoly for London, carried into Toulon. Valiant, both from Marseilles, for Turky; La The Friendlbip, Anderson; the Ralph and Vierge de Grace, Latty, from Salonica for Tri- Robert, Middlemas; the Sophia, Major; the poły; and the St Antonio, Vittal, from Con- Hannah, Stewart; the Anne, Fothergill, and the itantinople for Marseilles; all carried into Malta. Nicholas, Harrison, all from Newcastle for the

By the Enterprise of Bristol, Lewis: L'Am. Baltic, with coals, carried into Ostend. phion, from St Domingo for Bonrdeaux, with The Fig-tree, Hooper, from Smyraa for Lonn 483 hogsheads lugar, 2 puncheons 6 hogsheads don, carried into Barcelona. and sa tierces indico, belides coffee and cotton, Taken, but ransomed: The Sea.flower, Sears, valued at 25,000 h. carried into Falmouth. from Rhode Iand, for 1000 dollars; the Mol

By the Two Sisters : The Anna-Maria, ly, Brocking, from Corke for Newfoundland, for Schomburg, from Norway for St Maloes, fent 25,000 livres; the Happy Return, Lejett, from into Dover. {The reft deferred.]

Sunderland for Jersey, for 310 l; the Betty of

Leith, Pew, from Norway for Leith, with deals, Captures, &e. by the French.

for 125 guineas; the Industry of Leith, Lyddell, THE Charming Martha, Thompson, from for the Clyde, beans and barley, for 63a

Georgia, with Gov. Reynolds of Georgia, guineas ; the Stornoway of Stornoway, from Got- / his lady, and a young child, on board; the Tric tenburg for Belfast, and the Diligence of Ayr, ton, Cornwall

, from Holland ; the Grampus, Bryce, for 300 guineas each; and the Fanny, Corbett, from Liverpool for Gambia; and the Gardiner, from Newry for Philadelphia. Hawke privateer of Bristol ; all carried into Bay. Taken, but whither carried not mentioned :

The Trial of Charlestown, Jones, from AntiThe Duchess, Lilly, from Hull for South Ca- gua; the Good Intent of ditto, Pope, from Barrolina; the Edward, from South Carolina; the badoes; the John of Bristol, - Wells, from AntiIndustry, from Maryland; the Lady Strange, gua for Chalestown; the Adventure of London, Harrison, from Liverpool for Barbadoes; the Drvett, from Gibraltar for Antigua; the Friend Content, Brown, from Waterford; and the thip, Barret, from Antigua for London; the Martha and Anne, Collings, both for Newfoond

Marshall, from Sunderland for Amsterland; the Charming Nancy, Winthrop, with, dam; the Dryden, Cramp, from Virginia for salmon, lead, and bale goods; the Seahorse London; the Molly of Aberdeen, with Salmon ; Blair, from Newry for Philadeiphia; the Cæsar, and the Vulcan privateer of Weymouth. Mortimer, with coals; and the Welt-India, East The Admiralty have publifhed a lift, dated well, with salmon; all taken by Bayonne priva- June 15. of French war-lhips and privateers ta-

ken by his Majesty's ships since the 6th of April, The Charming Sally, Simple, from New in number 22; mounting 334 carriage-guns and England for Antigua; and the Clare, Walsh, 58 fwivels, and having on board 3036 men. from Antigua for Dublin; both carried into to this be added the number taken by privateers, Gua, daloupe.

the loss of the French in that cime must be very The Elisabeth, Dentall, from Dublin for Ali- considerable. On the other hand, the French cant, carried into Malaga.

are said to have taken from April 1. to June 17. The Ball, Robinson, from Antigua for Lon- 193 Britilh fhips, viz. só in April, 80 in May, don, carried into Calais.

and 57 in June.
The Mary-Annc, Farewell, from South Caro-
lina for Poole,


R William Raybourne, of Ennifor Bristol, carried into Malta.

The Falmouth, Pote, from Liverpool for Ireland, aged 28, married to widow Marlow, Boston, carried into Brest.

aged 107.

He is her 8th husband. The Holly Carver, Galloway, from Faro for June 2. At London, Robert Nugent, Efq; one London; the Argyle, Clarke, from Corke for St of the Lords of the Treasury, and member for Kitts; the Ben, Macdannell, from South Caro- Bristol, to the Countess-dowager of Berkeley. lina for Cowes; the Notre Dame de la Solitude, 23. At Bristol, Dr Archibald Drummond, phySimpson, from Vigo for Bilboa; the Parsey, sician there, son of George Drummond, Esq; one Thrasher, from Poole for St Kitts; and the Mary of the commissioners of excise in Scotland, to galley privateer, Le Page; all taken by St Ma- Miss Parlons, only child of Mr Parsons of loes privateers.

Rudgeway, a young lady with a sortune of The William and Charles, Dicklon, from 30,cech


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af hoe Belly and Elina, Feriter, from Ancona May Mkeen, in the county of Cavan,

DE A T H s.

Dr John Thomas, translated to the see of Sa

lisbury, May 27. At his feat in Oxfordshire, Francis

21.-to appoint the following gentlemen offiFane, Elq; member for Lyme.

cers in the marines. June 9. At Chelsea, in the 84th year of his Comp. age, Henry Temple, Lord Visc. Palmerston, 99. Benjamin Leaper, Captain. Lord Register of Ireland. His Lordihip is fuc

64. Bahn Ronke in Firft Lieutenants. ceeded as Lord Register, by Lord Visc. Limerick, who got the reversion of that office some years 44. Thomas Capps, ago.

75. Thay. Allen Wood, 10. At Linlithgow, George Fairholm, Col. 55. Vincent Brown, lector of Excise there.

66. John Allen, Second Lieutenants. 11. At Edinburgh, in the 73d year of his 117. Robert Hull, age, Mr James Norie, painter in that city.

84. William Fyfield, At Brussels, aged 88, Madam Maria Crispe, 125. Thomas Thursone, abbess of the convent of English ladies of the or John Christian, Adjutant to the Plymouib dider of St Benedict in that city. She held that vision. office ever since 1720.

29,-to redeliver the seals to the Rt Hon. WilAt Newton, Rosshire, in the 26th year of liam Pitt, Esq; one of his Majesly's Principal Seher age, Mrs Katharine Ross, wife of John Mon- cretaries of State. [167.] 10 of Culcairn, Esq; and daughter of Thomas 30.-to deliver the custody of the great seal Ross of Calrollie, Eig; deceased.

to Sir Robert Henley [Attorney. General], who 16. At London, William Stewart, Esq; High was thereupon sworn of the privy council, and Bailiff of the borough of Southwark.

Lord Keeper of the great seal of G. Britain.17. At London, John Feake, Esq; several P. S. He took his seat as Speaker of the house of years governor of Bengal, in the East Indies.

Lords on the ist of July. 20. At London, William Wollaston, Esq; He - to deliver the custody of the privy seal to was member for Ipswich in two parliaments. Richard Earl Temple, [in the room of Earl

21. At Bath, Richard Crowle, Elq; member Gower.] for Hull.

P. S. July 2.- to appoint Thomas Holles Duke 22. At Dean, in an advanced age, Mr Charles of Newcastle, Henry Bilson Legge, Robert NuHope, merchant, and late one of the Bailies of gent, Esqs, William Lord Visc. Duncannon, and Edinburgh.

James Grenville, Esq; to be Commissioners for 23. At his seat near Edinburgh, William Dick executing the office of Treasurer of the Exchequer. of Grange, Efq; leaving issue one daughter, who -to grant unto the Rt Hon. Henry Billon is married to Sir Andrew Lauder of Fountainhall

. Legge, Efq; the office of Chancellor of the Exche24. John St John, Lord St John of Bletsoe. quer, in the room of William Lord Mansfield.

27. At Yetter, Lady Susannah Hay, eldest -to appoint George Lord Anson, [Admirals] daughter of the Marquis of Tweeddale.

Edward Boscawen and Temple Welt, George 27. At his leat near Edinburgh, Mrs

Hay, L L. D. Thomas Orby Hunter, Gilbert Livingston, wife of Archibald Brown of Black- Elliot, and John Forbes, Efqs, to be Commiss03ford, Esq;

ers for executing the office of High Admiral of G. He was several times deacon of the incorporation, the office of Master of the Horse, in the scom 30. At Edinburgh, Mr William Keir, baker. Briiain and Ireland, &c.

- to grant unto Granville Levefon Earl Gower, and convener of the trades in the city.

P. S. July 1. Mrs Sophia Pringle, daughter of of Lionel Duke of Dorset. James Pringle, Elq; of Greenknow, deceased. Hon. Edward Finch, Esq; Master of the Robes

to his Majesty, in the room of Augustus Schutz, PRE FIRM EN IS.

Efq; decealed.

Lord Visc. Bateman, Master of the Buck-hounds. Taken from the London Gazette, and the Votes of Percy Earl of Thomond, Treasurer of the Housethe house of Commons.

hold, in the room of Lord Visc. Bateman. The King has been pleased,

John Offey, Esq; a Groom of the Bedchamber. June 14.--to grant unto Charles Willes, Esq; Sir Henry Erskine, Keeper of his Majesty's third son of Sir John Willes, First Commissioner private roads, gates, and bridges, and Conduétor or for the custody of the great seal, and Robert Wil- Guide of bis royal person in all the royal progresses, mot, Esq; eldest son of Sir John Eardley Wil

The Re Hon. Henry Fox, Paymaster-Genemot, one other of the faid commillioners, fuc- ral of the Forces. cessively as they are named, the cffice of Protho Thomas Potter, Esq; Vice-Treasurer,, and Rezictary of the court of Chancery; to hold the fameceiver-General, and Paymaster-General of the reduring their respective natural lives.

venues in Ireland. 21.-_to name and recommend Dr Richard June 30. John Archbishop of York was sworn Terrick, one of his Majesty's chaplains in ordi- of ihe privy council. nary, and canon residentiary of St laul, to lie At a chapter of the Garter held at Kensington, clected Bishop of Pelerborough, in the room of


Charles Perles en el mayoruz. General, in the In the Weg. Males 12}

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June 30. the Earl of Waldegrave was elected a The Edinburgh bill of burials for June 1757.
Knight of that Most Noble order.

Within the Males 41

} Taken from other papers, &c.

city Fem. 36

77 DISEASES.N. room of Sir Robert Henley.


26 Aged


John Jeffreys, Efq; Deputy-Ranger of St James's


Decreased this month 15. Althma
Lord Aberdour, Grand Master of the Free
Malons in England.

No. Consumption 3 1
Mr Thomas Simson, Pewterer in Edinburgh,



Convullion Ingraver to the Mint in Scotland, in the room of r 2 &


Mr Joseph Cave, deceased.



The King hath been pleased to appoint the


Flux following gentlemen engineers to take rank in the


Measles 14 army as follows: William Skinner, chief engi.


Purging neer, to rank as Colonel of Foot; John Henry


8 Bastide and Justly Watson, Directors of engi

& 60, 4

Stillborn neers, to rank as Lieutenant-Colonels ; Dugal

& 70

Campbell and James Montrefor, Sub-directors of 70

& 80

Teething 7 engincers, to rank as Majors; William Cuning

& 90
ham, Archibald Patoun, Leonard Smelt, John
Armstrong, Patrick Mackellar, David Watson,

The London bill from May 24. to June 21.
Charles Rivers, and James Bramham, engineers Christened



1053 in ordinary, to rank as Captains of Foot; John

Hardesty, William Green, Matthew Dixon, Buried

William Eyres, George Morison, John Archer,



George Watson, and Harry Gordon, engineers
extraordinary, to rank as Captain-Lieutenants;

Prices of Stocks, &c. at London, June 30.
John Brewse, Hugh Debbeig, John Baugh, Wil-

Bank-stock 119 1 4th. India ditto liam Bontein, Robert Clerk, John Manson, South-sea stock 102 I 4th. Ditto old annuities, Richard Dawson, and Richard Dudgeon, Sub- ift fubfcript. 90 3 8ths. Ditto, ad subscript. engineers, to rank as Lieutenants.

89 i half. Ditto new annuities, ist subscript. Commanders of men of war : Capt. Whiteronge

Ditto, 2d subscription

Three Taylor, of the Royal William; Capt. Hood, of the i half bank-annuities, ist subscript. 89 3 4ths Biddeford; Capt. Edward Hughes, of the Somer- a 7 8ths. Ditto, ad subscript. 89 3 8ths. Three

Ditto 1726 fet;, Capt. Digby, of the Dunkirk; Capt. Howe, per cent. bank-annuities of the Magnanime; and Capt. John Elphinston,

Ditto South-sea annuities 1751 90 of the Salamander floop, of 16 guns.

3 8ths. Ditto India annuities 88 i 4th a 3 8ths.

BankNew Member : Capt. William Tyrawley, for Three i half

bank-annuities 1756

West Looe, (not Peter Burrel, as p. 278.], in the circulation sl. 12 s. 6 d. prem. India bonds 2 l.
room of the Hon. William Noel, now a judge. 14 s. prem. New subscription 88.

Haddington Prices, July 1.
Best. Second. Third.

Wheat, 15 l. 6 s. 141. 8 s. 141. os.
Bear, 131. 16s.

121. os.


91. os.

N essay upon natural and revealed religion.
Pease, 131. 16.5.

131. 45.
121. os.

Edinburgh, July 13, Oat-meal 15 d. half A differtation on the religious knowledge of
penny. White pease-meal ud. Gray pease- the ancient Jews. By S. Haddington, of Harbo-
meal 10 d. halfpenny. Bear-meal 10d. halfpenny. rough in Leicestershire. 1 s. 6 d.

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Mark-lane, 50 to 63 s. quar. / 22 to 29 s. or. 17 to 24 s. 6 d.qr. 28 to 32 s. ar,
Basingstoke, 151. 15 s. load. 25 to 28 s. 17 to 21 s.

26 to 34 S.
Reading, !51. 10 s.

19 to 26 s,
18 to 22 S.

29 to 32 s.
Farnham, 131, 12 s. 30 to 345.

18 to 18 s.

20 to 29 S. Henly, 151. oo s. 20 to 32 s. 17 to 22 S.

24 to 35 S. Guildford, 141. 10 s. 19 to 27 S. 16 to 19 s. 6 d. 24 to 34. S. Warminster, 60 to 66 s. quar. | 26 to 30 s.

18 to 20 S.

30 to 40 S.
Devizes, 56 to 58 s.

29 to 32 s.
18 to 20 S.

30 to 42 S.
Gloucester, 9 s. 6 d.

3 5.6 d. buih.
2 s. 6 d. 10 3 S.

3 s. to 4 s. 4 d. buh. Birming 8 s. od. bush.

25. od
6 s. 8 d.


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