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live our shells falling into a carpenter’s yard, them as enemies, and wounded this un

and setting a parcel of timber on fire, happy friend in the thigh. for the enemy attempted to extinguish the Thursday 27. A fell from the enemy

fame; which the garrison beholding, unhappily coming down a chimney in bet snatched the occasion, and fired with the artillery-barrack, and bursting, de

great eagerness the reft of the night; ftroyed every thing in the house except

when only one man of Col. Rich's regi- the people. During the night, the garfi ment was wounded.

rison kept a very brifk, and the enemy a Saturday 22. We heard great rejoi. very flow fire. We had the good forcings in the French camp, upon account tune to have none either killed or wound. of a victory, as we afterwards learned, ed for twenty-four hours.

which the French Admiral pretended he Friday 28. The ferjeant-major of the the had obtained over the British fleet. We artillery died of his wounds, and

had a failor killed on the castle by a man was bruised at night by the fall of splinter of a fhell, and five men wound- some ftones as he was at work, but no. ed. Two women were also wounded in thing more remarkable happened this the castle by splinters of a shell. day.

Sunday 23. A fell from the enemy Saturday 29. The enemy's fleet bore c. falling at the door of our oil-magazine, towards the harbour ; when two of them

solled down the steps, and burst, without coming, as we imagined, within reach doing any other damage than breaking of our guns, the captain of the Anftrua caik of oil. This day two of our ther guard ordered two thirty-two pounwounded expired, and one of Col. Corn- ders to be fired at them, on which they wallis's was wounded.

tacked, and stood to fea. This was the Monday 24. One of the fufileers was only time we fired at their feet. The wounded by the splinter of a thell. To. enemy continued a flow, and the garwards night both sides fired but very rison a brikk fire, which dismounted two flowly, the enemy not throwing above of their guns at the Windmill battery, twenty fhells, and no great shot at all. and one of our shells also blew up a small

Tuesday 25. A very brikk fire began on magazine. One of their shells falling both fides, which continued till noon; into the main ditch, set it on fire, which then flackened till about four ; when however by the affiduity of the soldiers

both sides began with incredible fury, was extinguished; otherwise, being con. During this incessant firing, one of the tiguous to the grand powder-magazine

enemy's shells fell into a barrack-door under the castle, fatal consequences. upon the main ditch, and bursting, pro- might have ensued. videntially did no damage, though the Sunday 39. The enemy opened a threeplace was crouded with men, women, gun battery from Turk’s Mount, and and children. We had otherwise on much about this time we finished the this day one of Ld Effingham's killed, battery near the draw-bridge. One of and two of Col. Rich's wounded. our wounded died this morning.

Wednesday 26. A brik and continual Monday 31. A regular fire was conti. firing was kept up on both sides, when nued on both sides : we received, howthere fell a greater number of the ene- ever, but little damage, having only one my's shells into the castle-square than man wounded by the splinters of a shell. had done for the four preceding days. This night was remarkable for the deAt night one man was wounded at the sertion of two grenadiers, both of the works, and another by our own cen- Royal Welch fufileers, whom we had tinel, through the following mistake: reason to imagine did us great damage The captain of the Marlborough guard by their discoveries. This night we had having sent a corporal with four men to one man torn to pieces in a most miser.

patrole upon the outside of the palisa. able manner by a shell. e does, on their return, the centinel not Tuesday, June 1. The cannon and morknowing of the detachment, fired upon tars played with unusual brikkness, which


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continued till night; when one of Ld Ef. slackened their gun-battery, but not fingham's regiment was mortally wound. their mortars. The garrison kept a ed by the splinter of a shell. Night ap- constant fire froin both till morning. On proaching, the enemy lackened their this night our flag was shot away, the fire, being busy in erecting a new battea, staff damaged, and five men wounded. ry between the Tennis court and Stan. Sunday 6. We hoisted a new flag with hope's tower, upon an eminence which the dawn on a short staff The vehe. commanded che garrison, at which we mence of firing renewed with the day, kept a constant fire to no purpose. This and lasted without abatement till night, night we fired our small arms from the with less execution among the men, but west lunette, that being molt contiguous greater injury to the castle, especially on to their new battery.

the west, where their new battery playWednesday 2. We discovered a breaft. ed. Four men and two women were work thrown up for cover in erecting wounded before night, when the attack this battery. The garrison ftill continued on both sides was as brisk as' by day. firing with little success, their loss of men We had one man killed by a cannonproving no impediment to finishing their ball at the new itone battery, and anwork. One of the artillery and one of other by the splinter of a shell. the fusileers were wounded; and two of Monday 7. In the morning we opened Col. Rich's additional gunners were also the new battery near the draw-bridge ; mortally wounded, by the explosion of but abandoned it before night, the confome powder, as they were loading a stant fire of the enemy so impeding the gun. Night brought no decrease of fi. work, as to render it infufficient. "The ring, during which one man was loft. firing continued without abatement. On

Thursday 3. The enemy opened part this day Mr Harvey, a voluntier, had his of their battery at Stanhope's tower. head shot off; one man was killed upon Orders were given to prepare the vessel the Queen's redoubt, and twelve were from Genoa, if it were possible to flip by wounded. In the afternoon the enemy the French fleet, and get to Gibraltar, opened a five gun battery at the lower with information of the condition of the end of the town, which bore upon the garrison. But this design was laid aside, Argyle and Anttruther batteries; and upon a supposition, that the two desert- now they having erected many batteries, ers before mentioned had acquainted the and all open upon the garrison, kept so enemy with it; for one vessel or more brisk a fire, that we were compelled of the French flcet never quitted that through caution to Nacken our' fire; ftation afterwards. Two men were this which was still, however, kept up with day wounded.

as much vigour as poffible. This night Friday 4. A regular fire was continued the embrasures of our new battery were on both sides the whole day, when we demolished, and most of the carriages had one killed and one wounded, both broken, but only one man was wounded. by splinters of thells, and at night one Tuesday 8. We kept an incessant fire man was wounded,

for the whole day, and dismounted three Saturday 5. The enemy opened the of their guns on the Windmill battery. remaining part of the battery near Stan. They also dismounted two of ours. We hope's tower, and from thence, as well now again suffered a great loss of men, as from all the rell, kept an incessant having two men killed, and eleven men fire. The brave garrison exerted them and one woman wounded; and at night felves with the utmoit vigour ; but had three more were wounded. killed and wounded on this day thirty Wednesday 9. Our fhattered garrison

Among the wounded was Lieut. now wore a dismal aspect, especially the Armitrong, of Ld Effingham's regiment, Anftruther and covered way of the Ar. who received his wound as he was view. gyle batteries, which were so damaged, ing the enemy's battery, and died in a that our gunners could scarce stand to few days after. At night the enemy their guns. We had eight killed and




wounded, chiefly on the covered way of Monday 14. In the morning the enethe Argyle; two were killed by one ball, my opened another bomb-battery on the which took off the head of one, and right of Stanhope's tower, the fire conshattered that of the other all to pieces. tinuing “very brisk on both sides for the A shell falling into a carriage-lhed of the whole day. One of the enemy was made west counterguard, blew it up, but did prisoner, as he was bathing, at the upno other damage; and a constant fire per end of St Stephen's Cove, by Lieut. was kept till morning, but with very Atkinson of the Marlborough guard, little loss to us.

who issuing out of the fort, brought him Thursday 10. In the morning the ene. naked into the 'garrison. We had one my opened an eight-gun battery, at a man killed, and one wounded. This piece of land in the middle of the har. night a very brik fire continued, and we bour, called Philippet, almoit opposite the had four men wounded. A Spaniard castle. This battery played upon the who worked in the castle, was torn to Anftruther angle and Queen's redoubt pieces by the fall of a dead shell; and was continually. The fire slackened a little indeed the only Spaniard who was either on both sides, but three men were wound- killed or wounded during the whole fiege. ed.

Tuesday 15. The firing continued with Friday u. The firing was continued much greater damage to the castle than on both fides ; when the enemy fet fire to the garrison; the shattered condition to our new battery by the bursting of a of which the enemy observing, played Thell;, which however was loon extin- their ten-gun battery with greater vioguished We had three wounded this lence at Stanhope's tower. Our embra. day, and one man in the night. : fures were so ruinous, that we were obli.

Saturday 12. The firing continued. ged to strengthen them behind as we We had a corporal killed upon the west could, part of the castle-wall being so lunette. " At night we had one killed weakened that it could not bear any and five wounded.

repair in the old places. One man was · Sunday 132 Our guards parading in killed and two wounded an underground gallery for safety, in Wednesday 16. Both sides continued a the centre of which was a hole to let in brisk fire. The weakness of the garrithe light, a thirteen-inch shell making fon occafioned the loss of a great numway through this hole, burst among the ber of our best soldiers. A sell falling guards, without hurt to 'one man. A into a storeroom, where an officer refi. ten-inch shell also fell into a barrack, the ded, burst, to the demolition of every habitation of Capt. Lind, in the castle; thing there, but the officer, who escaped. and breaking every thing before it, for- We had two officers killed this day, with ced its way through the foor, and burst, a great many soldiers. A bombardier without touching one person, though a was also killed. splinter fell even upon the bed on which Thursday 17. The incessant fire of the Capt Lind and his lady then lay. The enemy from their five-gun battery in the fire flackened this morning for about five lower end of the town, obliged us to a. hours, and then renewed. We had four bandon the Anftruther battery for some men wounded. At night the fire con- time, several of the guns and carriages tinued, when we had one man killed, and being broken, and the others of no ferone wounded. A deserter coming over vice. We had this day four foldiers from the enemy, gave an account, that killed and seven wounded. One of the upwards of 2000 had been killed and killed was so torn, that his bowels hung wounded in the camp; also that they through the barrow on which he was were erecting a twelve.gun battery in carried to Charles-fort. The cannon, the centre of the town, having had fresh mortars, and small arms, were employfupplies of men, witb an expectation of ed with all possible diligence all night; more; and also that they had a design during which time we had three men of beating a parley, to invite the garri. wounded, {on to surrender,


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Friday 18. A very regular firing con Tuesday 22. The enemy played with tinued, very fatally for us. A soldier great fury on the S. W. inward ravelins, fitting at his barrack-door was killed by which our soldiers wantonly called the a cannon-ball, and two were wounded. devil's battery ; and the embrasures and At night, endeavouring to hoist a new carriages being destroyed, we were obflag and flag-itaff, we were prevented bliged to abandon it for some tiine. We by the violence of the enemy's fire, ha- set the windmill-battery on fire, which ving one killed and two wounded. they extinguished, notwithstanding our

Saturday 19. In the morning we re. continual fire upon them. We had one paired the embrasures on the Anftruther, man killed. During the night the eneand brought four thirty-two pounders my did greater damage to our works from the royal battery, to replace those than to our men, which could not poslibly rendered useless. A very brisk fire was be repaired. This night the enemy continued ; and the enemy, from their threw a fhell into the N. W. ravelins, five-gun battery, destroyed all our em- which bursting among some cartridges brasures, disinounted one of our guns, and shells, set them on fire, without fure and broke another to pieces ; so that our ther damage. We had one man woundgunners were compelled to abandon it ed, and our apprehension of an intent for that day. Our allowance of a pint of to storm was renewed. wine a man was reduced to half a pint Friday 23. The enemy sackened their a man, and the aquadent which used to fire till about ten, when they began abe served to those on duty was entirely gain. They had now pulled down seve. taken away. We had this day one killed ral houses to open a passage for their batand fix wounded. A continual fire was tery in town, which we expected to play kept up all night; during which we had every hour. We had one killed and five two men and a boy killed, and one wounded. This night the enemy kept a wounded.

brisk fire; when the garrison were obSunday 20. A regular fire was still kept liged to slacken theirs, and to abandon up on both sides; when we had one the Anitruther fort, the cannon, care killed and two wounded. There was riages, and works, being almost destroy. an increase of firing all night; during ed, without the poflibility of repairing which five were wounded.

them, through the continual fire of the Monday 21. By the fierceness of the enemy upon that place. All others we enemy's fire, we concluded they had a continued diligently to keep up as well delign to storin the garrison, this being as our situation would allow. This night the pretender's birth-day. One of our two were killed, feven wounded, and Sir Thells set a five-gun battery on fire ; which Hugh Williams received a slight wound the enemy foon extinguished, although on the piquet. we kept a continual fire upon them. We Saturday 24. In the morning the ene. had one wounded this day. Capt. Hob- my opened part of their battery in town, by was also killed in company with fe. whence they kept a very brisk fire, at veral officers, being torn in a most ter. the same time keeping a continual fire rible manner by a shell, which falling from all their other batteries, which dainto the castle, broke through a parcel maged our works more than ever, and of timber that covered a door, and made our gunners were again obliged to abane a passage into the main ditch where the don their stations. This day part of the officers used to assemble. This night a embrasures on the Kane lunette were fet continual fire was kept on both sides; in on fire, they having been repaired by which we set fire to some fascines and fascines when the Stone workwas destroyhouses in the town; which the enemy ed. The fire was soon extinguished. endeavouring to extinguish, we made We had this day two killed, and four great havock among them for two hours wounded. At night the enemy kept an while the flames continued. None were incelant fire, while ours was but Now: killed or wounded this night,

but nevertheless we fet fire to some of

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their fascines in town, which burnt a which fell in the main -ditch. A dark long time with great fury ; but was at night approaching, the enemy began length extinguished, although we played to play from all their batteries, with upon them with our great and small arms, their cannon, mortars, shells, and small shot and shells. This night a small par. arms, with greater fury than they had ty of the enemy came in bravado alınost hitherto done ; and we continued our fire to the palisadoes, and sent two of their upon them, with all our cannon and party upon their hands and knees to a. mortars of every denomination : which larm our centinels; but who, upon being continued on both sides, till the enemy fired at, thought proper to retire ; as were suddenly filent, and rothing like a did likewise the whole party, with what torrent from the town, they made their

loss, we could not discover, it being very way upon the Anstråther, to the amount 3 dark. We had one wounded in this of about 3000. Our centinels espying s fhort skirmish, which terminated the oc- them as they passed the Quay guardo currrences of the night.

house, began to fire ; and our guards Sunday 25. The enemy kept a constant catching the alarm, formed themselves firing, which obliged us to abandon our for their reception, gave them a disMattered batteries again, and make but charge, and fell back to load again ; a slow fire from our cannon, though our then mounting the barcket, gave them mortars were briskly employed. We had two more. They on their part kept a two killed and twelve wounded. This terrible fire upon us; and we continued night the enemy kept a constant fire from ours upon chem, until they came close their gun-batteries; and a party of them to the palisadoes. We being only twen

under the command of an officer, ad- ty in number, with one officer, for the E vanced almoft to the Kane lunette ; yet guard of that place, were compelled to

avoided firing: but our centinels obser- retire in the best manner we could to ving them, fired upon them ; but it be our captain of the guard ; who had no. ing exceffive dark, we could only dis- bly maintained his poft, and ordering tinguish by their groans that many had us into the left of his guard, gave the

been killed and wounded. We had five enemy another volley or two. But be. man wounded this night.

ing at length forced to retreat before Monday 26. In the morning, the e. fuch unequal numbers, they became manemy kept as fierce a fire as they had fters of the covered way of the AnstruFever done ; and the garrison, though the ther, and also the Argyle. By this time

works were in a very shattered condition, the whole garrison were alarmed; who seemed to increase their fire. The brave haftened to their alarm posts; whence Governor issued orders, that the gunners they continued a terrible fire upon them, fhould keep as much as possible under especially the fufileers, who killed great

cover, and fire when opportunity offered, numbers, and prevented their advancing. 05? the captain of the artillery having ac- The enemy were by this time got into e, quainted him with the impossibility of the ditch of the Queen's redoubt, and beE their standing to their guns.

Our mor

came masters of that fort. The Queen's ho tars, nevertheless, played constantly. This redoubt being taken with the loss of

day five were wounded. At night the Lieut. Whitehead, and several others, the

enemy continued a smart fire, and the relt retired into the fubterraneous palcibo garrison but a flow, except from their fages, to guard them. Kane's lunette small arms,

to keep the glacis clear. guard did wonders, and maintained their Jb We had four wounded.

poft against the most powerful efforts of Tuesday 27. In the morning the ene- the enemy. By this time we sprung five my's fire continued ; as did our mortars; mines ; three of which were to little efhis for the major part of our cannon were feet; but the other two destroyed num

rendered useless. Major Godfrey, with bers, particularly the mine near the Arfive others, were wounded by one hell, gyle fort. The enemy having attack



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