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pagating Christianity, have used this as that be wise, or teachers, shall shine as
one good mean. A fociety at London, the brightness of the firmament, and they
already mentioned, was lately erected that turn many to righteousness, as the stars
for this very purpose *; whose charity for ever and ever.
extends itself even to the neglected ne-

Rules of the society.
groes in our America; and, while ma-
ny poor in England bless them, by their The design of the society is, to dif-
means Ethiopia itself stretcheth our her

tribute the sacred scriptures, and hands to Jesus. And why should not other books which may be judged use the poor

of Scotland be also cared for? ful, among the poor ; and to send fuch why should not Ethiopia also be helped books to ministers or others, who may by us? Our gospel throws down all dif- give them gratis among those who most tinctions of nations. If men are saved, need them, and may be most likely to and heaven filled with inhabitants, whe. improve them. ther the gathering is from the east or the

The funds for executing this chariwest, or from the footh or the north, our of the members, with such other volun.

table design to arise from a fabscription joy should be full.

No Chriftian attached to any side of tary contribution, donation, or legacy the unhappy divisions among us, has of sebfcribers or others as are defirous to reason to hektate about his liberality to promote this pious undertaking. the purposes of this society, as no books

If any person send such books as shall Telating to those divisions are to be dif- be approved of by the society, or motributed by them. They lament our ney to purchase them, the said books many religious differences, whereby vi- shall be distributed in any manner the tal, practical Christianity, has suffered donor pleases to point out. só much ; and would willingly call back

That when books are sent to any permens thoughts from what engenders son, it will be expected he acknowledge strife, rather than godly edifying, by the receipt of them; and also, from putting into their hands such books on

time to time, that he acquaint the sely as belong to at unity of faith and cretary of the society what success he knowledge of the Son of God, to which has reason to apprehend has attended all that are saved must come (1).

the distribution. On the whole, it is hoped that thefe The proper form of a donation to the Joconfiderations, void of all party-views,

ciety by will. which influenced the society to enter in

ITEM, I A. B. hereby give and difto this pious design, of ministering to

pone the sum of unto the treasuthe poor the words of eternal life, will have the same influence on Christians of voluntary society, commonly called or known

rer and secretary for the time being of a every denomination, and excite them to by the name of The fociety of Edinburgh countenance and promote it. By this for promoting religious knowledge a. means, the handful of feed now fown


poor ;

which fociety now usually
may, through the divine blefing, bring meet, or did lately meet, at the society-hall
forth a great and lengthened harvest.
Such labour of love, though its fruit be propagating Chriftian knowledge; the same to

be paid within months next after my unknown to us, shall not be forgotten decease

, and to be applied for the uses and of God; but, in eternity, be acknowledged by the lover of fouls, the gra- State of the society's accounts

, from its ben

purposes of that fociety. cious rewarder of all who have been workers together with him ; when they ginning in January 1756,tofanuary 1757.

To annual subscriptions and contri- £. s. d.g. * Some of the worthy names who established, butions received

44 760 and continue to promote this society, are, the By sundry payments for Bibles and Reverend Dr Chandler, Dr Stennet, Mr Gib

other books, Gc.

40 16 3 2 Bons Mr Thompson, Mr Forfitt, Mr Nicklin, Mr Holmes, Mr Ward, dito

Cash in hand, (W) Eph. iv. 13.


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such as,

Such as have opportunity of diftriba. after they shall have accepted their reting books agreeable to the design of spective commissions. the society, may have them, upon ma 2. Nothing herein contained shall va. king application by letter to any of the cate any commission of lieutenancy alrea. under-mentioned gentlemen; who are dy granted, nor any deputations granted also impowered to receive contributions. to deputy-lieutenants, so as the said deThe Rev. Mr Alexander Webster, }at Edinburgh.

puty-lieutenants be qualified as is after The Rev. Mr George Krig,

directed. James Nimmo, Esq; receiver general of excise, 3. The lieutenant of every county preses of the society

shall have the chief command of the mi. Archibald Wallace merchant, treasurer.

litia thereof. Robert Walker surgeon, secretary.

In every county there Mr William Hogg merchant in Edinburgh.

Mall be appointed twenty or more deAn abstract of the a& tricesimo Georgii II. qualified as is herein expressed, can be

puty. lieutenants, if so many persons, intitied, An act for the better ordering therein found; if not, so many quali. of the militia forces in the several coun, fied persons as can be therein found, ties of that part of G. Britain called

The deputy-lieutenants, colonels, and England.

other officers, shall have or be related [One word is frequently made to serve in the to estates of the yearly values respective. abstract, for several that are commonly found together in the act, in both fingular and plurál ly following, viz. each deputy-lieutenumbers, connected by the particles and or sr:

nant and colonel shall be possessed of an

eftate of 4001. or heir-apparent of one county, for county, riding, and place. of fool.; each lieutenant-colonel and division, for hundred, rape, latlı, wapentate, major shall be poffeffed of an eftate of

and other division. parith, for parish, tything, and place.

300l. or heir-apparent of one of bool.; chief constables, for chief constables, or other each captain shall be possessed of an eofficers of the hundreds, &c.

state of 2001. or heir-apparent of one constables, for constables, tythingmen, head- of 4001. or a younger son of a person

boroughs, or other officers of the pa- poffefsed or who shall have died poffeffrilhes, &c.]

ed of one of 6ool.; each lieutenant shall Well-ordered and well-di- be possessed of an estate of 100l. or fon tially necessary to the safety, peace, and died possessed of one of 200 l. ; and each prosperity of this kingdom ; and the ensign shall be possessed of an eftate of laws now in being for the regulation of sol. or son of a person poffeffed or who the militia are defective and ineffectual. shall have died poflessed of one of 100l.;

$ 1. From and after the ist of May all these estates to be in England, Wales, 1757, his Majesty shall issue forth com or Berwick upon Tweed, and one moi. millions of lieutenancy for the counties ety of them within the counties for after mentioned. These lieutenants thall which the persons Thall be respectively have full power to call together all such appointed. persons, and to arm and array them, at 4. The immediate reversion or reTuch times and in such manner, as is af- mainder of an estate leased for one, two, ter expressed; thall from time to time or three lives, or for any term of years appoint persons living within their re- determinable upon the death of one, Ipective counties to be their deputy-lieu. two, or three lives, on reserved rents, tenants, whose names shall be first pre. and which is to the lessee 300l. yearly sented to and approved of by his Maje. clear, shall be deemed equal to an estate fty; and shall give commisiions to a before described as a qualification, of proper number of colonels and other 1001. yearly; and so in proportion. officers, to train and discipline the per 5. Any officer may be promoted, on fons fo to be armed and arrayed, certi- account of merit, in the militia, when fying to his Majesty the names of such assembled in case of a&tual invasion, or commision officers within one month upon imminent danger thereof, or in


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case of rebellion, by the lieutenant of parent of any peer, of this realm, to be the county, from a lower to a higher a deputy-lieutenant, or commission-officommission, inclusive of that of lieu- cer in the militia, within the county tenant - colonel, notwithstanding he where such peer or heir-apparent shall fhould not have the qualifications requi. respectively have some place of refi. site for his first admittance into such high- dence ; or oblige any such

peer er rank.

heir-apparent to leave with the clerk 6. Provided, that no person not ha. of the peace, any such qualification ving the qualification of a captain, shall in writing as aforesaid ; but it shall be promoted to a higher rank than that be lawful for every such peer or heir. of a captain.

apparent, on taking the oaths, &c. as 7. The qualifications above recited aforesaid, to act as a deputy-lieutenant shall not extend to commissions granted or commiffion-officer, although he shall by the constable of the tower, or lieute. not be possessed of any such estate as is nant of the tower-hamlets.

required by this act. 8. His Majesty shall from time to 12. The acceptance of a commission time, as he shall think fit, fignify his in the militia shall not vacate a feat in pleasure to his lieutenant of any county, parliament. to displace all or any such deputy-lieu 13. The lieutenant, with three or tenants; and thereupon the lieutenant more deputy-lieutenants of any county, hall appoint others, under the like and on the death or in the absence of qualifications, to serve in their stead. the lieutenant, any five or more deputy

9. Every such deputy.lieutenant and lieutenants, shall, at the end of every commiffion - officer fhall, within fix four years, at their annual meeting, months after he shall have accepted discharge such a number of the militia. his commission, leave with the clerk officers (not exceeding one field-officer of the peace, his qualification, in wri- of each regiment or battalion, and one ting, figned by himself; and take the third part of the officers of inferior rank oaths and make and fubscribe the de respectively) as shall be equal to the claration appointed by the act 1° Geo. I. number of persons who shall be fit, and (viii. 362, 3, 4.), at some general quar- willing, and qualified to serve ; and the ter-feffion for the place, or in one of the lieutenant shall appoint such persons to courts of record at Westminster; and serve in the room of the officers fo difthe clerk fhall enter the qualifications charged. upon a roll to be kept for that purpose. 14. His Majesty shall appoint a pro

10. If any person shall execute any per person who shall have served, or shall, of the powers hereby conferred on de- at the time of such appointment, actual. puty-lieutenants, colonels, &c. (not be. ly serve in some of his other forces, to ing qualified as aforesaid), or shall not, be adjutant to each regiment or battawithin the time limited, deliver in fuch lion of militia; who shall, during his qualification, and take the oaths, &c. service in the militia, preserve his rank every such perfon shall forfeit, if a de- in the army. His Majesty shall also puty-lieutenant, colonel, lieutenant-co. appoint, in the proportion of one serIonel, or major, 2001. ; and if a cap- jeant to twenty private men, two or tain, lieutenant, or ensign, too l. ; the more proper persons who shall have sera penalties to be recovered in any of the ved three years in his other forces, to courts of record at Westminster; one be ferjeants to every company in the mimoiety to go to the prosecutor, and the litia. The service of such persons in the other to the uses after directed.

militia shall intitle them to Chelsea ho. 11. Nothing in this act shall oblige spital in the same manner as if they had any peer of this realm to serve in the continued in the said forces ; and every militia personally, or by substitute; or person so appointed to be a serjeant out retrain the lieutenant of any county of Chelsea hospital, shall be intitled to from appointing any peer, or' heir-ap. be put again upon that establishment,

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400 Oxford


after he shall be discharged from the to eighty private men, and fo in proporinilitia, provided he brings a certificate tion. of his good behaviour, under the hand 18. If the lieutenant of any county of the colonel or commanding officer shall think that too large a proportion of his regiment or battalion.

of men is directed to be raised for such 15. No person who thail keep any county, it hall be lawful for the privy house of public entertainment, or who council, on application made to them shall sell ale, wine, or fpirituous li. by such lieutenant, to fix the number of quors, by retail, shall be capable of be- men which shall be furnished from the ing a serjeant in the militia.

list of the county complaining, by the 16. The number of private men to proportion which the whole number in be raifed, (exclusive of ihe places after all the lifts bears to the whole number of excepted), shall be, for

militia directed to be raised; all which Bedford

lifts the lieutenants shall transmit to the

560 Berks 560 Rutland

120 privy council. Bucks 560 Salop

640 19. The lieutenants and deputy.lieu. Cambridge 480 Somerfet

840 tenants shall meet once every year, or ofCheller, with the Southampton, with

tener, to concert measures for the execucity *

the town


tion of the act. At their firft meeting they Cornwall 640 Stafford, with Cumberland 320

Litchfield city

shall issue orders to the chief constables,

560 Derby 560 Suffolk

900 to return to them, at their second meetDevon, with Exe


800 ing, of which the day and place shall ter city 1600 Sussex

800 be mentioned in the orders, lists of all Dorset, with Poole Warwick, with

men dwelling within their respective divi. 640 Coventry "city 640 Durham 400 Westmoreland

fions, between the ages of eighteen and

240 Eflex

960 Worceller, with fifty years, (peers of the realm, deputyGloucester, with

560 lieutenants, commission officers in the the city, and Bri Wilts

800 militia and in the King's forces and 960 York, West riding, Hereford

with the city

forts, members of either of the universi

1240 Hertford

-North riding

ties, clergymen, teachers and preachers

720 Huntingdon

320 -Eastriding, with of separate congregations, constables Kent, with Canter

Kingston upon

and other peace and parish officers, arbury city 960

Hull town

400 ticled clerks, apprentices, and seafaring Lancaster 800 Anglesea

men, excepted), diftinguishing the num. Leicester 560 Brecknock

160 Lincoln, with the Cardigan

ber in each parilh, and the persons in. city

1200 Caermarthen, with capacitated from serving, by infirmities. Middlesex, Tower the county-bo The chief conftables, by orders unhamlets 1160 rough

200 der their hands, shall require the con. -rest of 1600 Carnarvon

80 ftables to return to them, on a day and Monmouth 240 Denbigh Norfolk, with Nor Flint

at a place in the order to be mentioned, 960 Glamorgan


such lifts as aforesaid of the men within Northampton 640 Merioneth 80 their respective parishes, copies of which Northumberland, Montgomery 240 lists they shall affix on the respective pawith Newcastle Pembroke, with doors the Sunday morning upon Tyne town, Haverford-West and Berwick

before they make their returns. The

160 Nottingham, with Radnor

lieutenant and deputy-lieutenants shall, the lown

480 [32,000] on the day when and at the place where *i.c. with the city and county of the city of they shall have ordered the lists to be Chester; and so in all other cases where a city or returned, meet, and appoint what numtown is annexed. The first word in each line is the ber in each division shall serve in the name of a county.

militia, towards raising the number di17. There shall not be more than rected to be raised for the county, in chree commission-oficers, viz. one cape proportion to the whole number consain, one lieutenant, and one enfign, tained in the lifts. The deputy-lieute.

the city

Aol city



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wich city




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nants shall afterwards fubdivide them- the first, for the year 1757, on the 12th felves ; and shall, within one month after of July; and for every subsequent year, the second general meeting, meet within on the first Tuesday of June. Three the respective subdivisions. Before such deputy-lieutenants, or two depaty-lieu. meeting they shall issue an order to the tenants and one justice of the peace, or chief conftables, to return to that meet. one deputy-lieutenant and two justices, ing, of which the day and place Thall are a quorum in the meetings of the sub

be mentioned in the order, copies of divisions; the day and place of which Erge

the lists so by them returned to the fe- shall be appointed by one or more de-
cond general meeting as aforesaid. puty-lieutenants.
When To assembled in the subdivisions, 20. The deputy-lieutenants, &c. shall
they shall, after hearing complaints with meet in the several subdivisions as of-
regard to names inferted or omitted to ten as they shall think necessary. One
be inserted in the lists, direct the lists to of these meetings every year shall be on
be amended, and appoint what number Tuesday in the week before Michaelmas.
in each parish shall serve, in proportion If any militia-man, of the age of thir-
to the whole number in the lists for the ty-five or upwards, who shall have fer-
division; and shall immediately cause ved two years, shall desire, or if any
them be chosen by lot out of the person whatever shall few just cause for
whole number liable to serve for each his discharge ; it fhall be lawful for the
parish. Then they shall appoint ano. deputy.lieutenants, &c. at their said
ther meeting to be held in the fubdivi. annual meetings for the respective sub-
fion, and shall issue an order to the chief divisions, to discharge such person; and
constables, to direct the constables to they shall fill up by lot the vacancies
give notice to every man so cholen, to occafioned by such discharges, or by
appear at the meeting, which notice death or otherwise, out of the lifts of
fall be given, or left at his place of a. the parishes where they shall happen.
bode, at least seven days before the If the person by whom the vacancy shall
meeting. Every person só chosen thall, be made be a substitute, the person for
upon such notice, appear at the meeting, whom he served shall himself serve, or
and there take the oaths and make and provide another substitute, for the re-

subscribe the declaration, (as directed mainder of the three years ; which pera EN

with regard to officers, $ 9. above), fon so chofen, or substitute fo provided,
which any deputy-lieutenant is authori. mall take the oaths, &c. and be inrol-
sed to administer; and fall be inrolled led, as before directed.
to serve, as a private militia-man of the 21. Every militia-man, changing his
county, for three years; or Mhall provide place of residence, shall serve in the mi-
a fit person, to be approved of by the litia of the parish to which he removes,
meeting, to serve as his substitute ; until his three years be completed. If
which lubstitute shall take the oaths, &c. the quota of such parish be full, he hall,
and sign his consent on the militia-roll on the first vacancy, be inrolled to serve
to serve as his subftitute during the said in it. Every such militia-man shall, be-
term. Every person so chosen, not be- fore he change the place of his abode,
ing a Quaker, [$. 26.], who shall re give notice thereof to the meeting in the

fule or neglect to take the oaths, and to subdivision, or to one deputylieutenant; 1

serve, or provide a substitute, as afore. who fhall give him a certificate of the said, shall forfeit rol. and at the end of time he shall have served. Such deputhree years be appointed to serve again. ty lieurenant, if the certificate be given The lieutenant and two deputy-lieu- by one only, shall certify the fame to tenants, or in the absence of the lieute. the next meeting. If any militia-man nant, three deputy-lieutenants, are a so removing hall not give tuch notice, quorum in these county meetings. he ihall, on conviction before one or These meetings are to be held at some more justices of the peace, forteis 20 s. ; city or principal town of the county, which, if he retuse immediately to pay,

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