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miums, not determined at the last po. the Campbelton and Royal Bounty, a blication (49.], has been fince adjud. fish each; the Edinburgh and Trial, ged, viz. For the best dissertation on nothing; and the Prince of Wales, loft, the nature and operation of manures, a · her crew taken up by other ships. The filver medat, - to Mr Alexander Ainflie four Borrowstoannels ships ; the Oswald, Jurgeon in Haddington.

fix; and the Borrowstounnefs; Peggy, P.S. On the 1st of August, the three and Glasgow fisher, one each. The East-India ships (322.] with the trade Grandtully of Dundee, one; and the from Leith for London and Holland, Dandee, nothing. The city of Aber failed from Leith road, under convoy of been, two. The four Newcastle ships ; the Hampshire, Chesterfield, and Dol- the Resolution, three; the Phænix and phin.

Old Robert, two and a half each; and Several Greenland ships are come to the Swallow, nothing. The Hull of Holl,

On the 30th of July are fix. Ten London ships; the Hope, serived, at Anftruther, the Rising Sun, ven and a half; the Mediterranean, sewith one large fifh; and at Dunbar, the ven; the Weymouth, three; the St North Star and Blessed Endeavour, with Peter, Lively, Prince of Wales, and two each. By these the following ac. London, two each ; the Young Eagle counts are come of the success of the and Lion, one each; and the Neptune, whale-fishing. The five Leith fhips; nothing. Several of these are arrived.

their ports.

METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL3 of the WEATHER. [323.] In Ludgate Rrect, London, by Ja. Ayscough.

Near Carlife in Cumberland.

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fair day

1930,1060 62

SW fair all day 2030,4. 15963


m. sm rain, clo.aft. 21130,13 6066 sw m. sunshine, clo. after 22 30,12461167 $ w 23130,1864 59

NE ditto 24130,24 5966

NE fair day 25 30,2 16 2 67 NE ditto 26 30,14

16264 NE ditto 27 29,926067 NE ditto 28|29,82 56.05

NE cloudy day 29129,9215860

NE ditto 30129,946064 N W fair day J.

129,95 6068 SW m clo. fair aft.
229,89 6265 SW cloudy day
3130,6 16 26 4 SW cloudy, with fm. rain
430,156164 SW ditto
$130,226 268 SW m. cloudy, fair aft.

SW fair day
730,2463170 NW ditto
8 30,3 10068 NE ditto

NE ditto 10 30,2016872 NE ditto 11 30,2916870 SE

ditto 1230,206575

SE ditio 1329,9568175 NE dicto 1429,7817177 | NE tb. and lightning aft. 1529,9016875 NW m. fair, rain aft. 1030,6 16669 sw fair day 37129,946069 SW m. fair, cloudy aft. 18 29,8;165170 SW

m. cloudy, sunsh. af. 1929,8967172 SW fair all day 2cl29,68165166! NE th, and lightning aft.

metes / Wind. WEATHER.
19129,42155 S rain from 11 till s even.
20129,44 53

S frain morn. and evening
21129,621631 W fair all day
22 29,52 s 8 SW fome drops at n. rain ev.
23/29,701621 W

fair all day

W \fair all day
25129,7872 ditto
209,6515 01 Se ditto
27|29,5560 E howers at 4 and 5 mort.
28/29,50 5 3


fair all day
2929,53 59 N E ditto
3029,5064 SW ditto
129,3058 SW rainy day
229,37,60 S w a shower in the night
329,555 S W rain m. gr. fhower cv.
4129,60 63

fair all day
5129.6259) S

7 29,75701

W a small shower at 4 morn.
8|29,82671 W fair all day

g|29,73175 sw ditto 10/29,7560

SE ditto '1129,8283) NW ditto 1229,85172 sw ditto 13/29,5582

SE ditto
1429,3868 SE Jditto

a great shower at i morn.
'16|29,50 51 SW fair all day
27129,3800 S W lho. early m. and at noon
18 29,22159 S Tho. at 11 m. and all aft.
1929,386 SW fair all day
20129,3550 E train from 10 till 12 m.


S Jditto

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Captures, &c. by British men of war, &c.

coast of Catalonia, Murray observing the French

commander fast alleep in the cabin, found mcans Taken from the London Gazetie.

to enter it, to provide himself with a pistol and Y the Ambuscade, Capt. Gwynn : The three cutlasses, and to attack, and drive from the French goods from Marseilles, carried into Legs on the watch, ane of whom who refused to retire horn.

being wounded. Upon this the French comBy thę !fis, Capt. Wheeler : Three privatçers, mander, wakened by the noise, came to the caviz. the Precieux, Dubois, of St Malces, of 26 bin door with a pistol in his hand, and endeavourguns and 240 men ; the Comte de Herville, De ed to fire on Murray; but the pistol not going hoan, of Bourdeaux, of 16 guns and 180 men; off. Murray fired his own, with the good lucceis and the Prince of Turin, De Bras, of Havre-de- of lodging two balls in the Frenchman's houlder, Graçe, of 10 guns and 84 mện; brought to Spit and forcing him to retire. By this time the on head. The Ilis has retaken, and brought to Spit- ther three English sailors came from below upon head, the Minerva of London, Hicks, from An- the deck, and forced the eight French ones to ga tigua.

down into the hold to their comrades, threatenThe Southampton, Capt. Gilchrist, in his way ing to kill the first who should appear again upfrom St Helen's for Plymouth, fell in, July 25. on the deck. Mean while Murray, drew out of about eleven o'clock at night, off the high land the cabin all the arms, and laid them near him of St Alban's, with five French Thips, two of on the deck. He then took the command of the which appeared to be of equal force with the vessel, ordered four of the French from the hold, Southampton. He engaged one of them upwards and stationed them between the forecastle and the of an hour and a half. She attempted to board mainmast, with prohibition, on pain of death, of him several times; bụt meeting with a warm re- coming nearer the quarterdeck, or not execuception, and receiving much damage, she made ting his commands for navigating the vessel, lignals for the other to bear down to her assist. With these precautions Murray brought the ship,

This she immediately did ; 'by which the in the morning of the 12th, to anchor in the Southampton was for some time between two port of Barcelona, where he made a declaration fires, one upon the bow, the other on the quar- of the whole transaction to the English conful.ger; and continued engaged upwards of an hour An act (lays the Gentleman's Magazine) of such longer. But Capt. Gilchrist luckily got his whole distinguished conduct and bravery as perhaps is broadside to bear on the first ship, and by breeching not to be parallelled. his aftermost guns aft, and his foremost guns By the Revenge of Gibraltar, a row-boat pris forward, he gave her a whole broadside, which li- vateer, of 20 or 30 men: A French tartan, Jenced her entirely. The other ship then coming from Valencia for Marseilles, said to be worth up, began a very smart engagement for about a 12,000 dollars,' taken Jụne R. on the coast of quarter of an hour, and then dropt astern. By Catalonia. that time the Southampton was left a perfect wreck, and in no condition to follow either of

Taken from other papers, &c. them. She received eight very dangerous shot By the York': The Dromadere, and the Deux between wind and water, had 10 men killed, Amis

, both from St Lomingo for Bourdeaux ; and 14 mortally, and as many lightly wounded. and the Mars, a privateer of Bayonne, of 16 She put into Weymouth to repair her damages. guns and 180 men; all carried into Plymouth, The five ships are reported to be two frigates, The York has also taken a schooner privateer of with three small privateers. The frigates weight 4 guns. of metal is the same with that of the Southamp: By the Blandford, Capt. Middleton : Two

French privateers, one of 10 guns, 22 swivels, Licyt. John Peighin, commander of the James and 109 men, the other of 10 guns and 20 swiand Thomas tender, in his way from Rye to vels, taken; and a snow for St Christopher's, Spithead, July 27. at five o'clock after noon, off rétæken; the largest privateer and the snow carFair-Lee, saw five fail to the eastward, one of ried into St Christopher's, the other privateer inwhich was a large snow, with a tier of guns fore to Antigua and aft, fix or leven of a side, with English co By the Squirrel: The Amerique, of near 600 lours. Mr Perghin engaged her an hour and a tuns, from St Domingo, with a 'cargo valued ac half, and obliged her to theer off. The tender 30,000 l. carried into Yarmouth. had four men killed and feven wounded.

By the Sheerness: The Portmahon, a privaThe St George, Ives, from Smyrna for Lon- teep of St Maloes, of 14 guns and 84 men, care don, richly laden, was taken Junç 4. near Oran, ried into Plymouth. by Le Bien Aimé, a French privateer of 24 guns By the Torbay : A French ship with stores and 400 men. Peter Murray the mate, the for Canada, fent into Portsmouth. boatswain, and two failors, were left on board the By the Dolphin, Capt. Marlowe: The Rosette, St George ; and seventeen of the privateer's a privateer of Dunkirk, of 6o tuns, 8 carriage-guns, crew, put on board her, were ordered to carry 12 swivels, and so men, taken off Buchannels her to Marseilles. On the night of the 11th, July 6. carried into Leith. the vessel being then about fifteen miles from the By the Lizard, Capt Pierce : L'Hiver, a pri


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vateer of Brest, of 6 guns and so men, taken ; By a Bristol privateer : A Dutch brig with
and the Fortune of Bristol, Thompson, from wine and soap, from Bourdeaux.
Jamaica, retaken; both carried into Kinsale By the Hibernia: Two Dutch ships with salt,

By the Ilis: The Sampson, Elicott, from An- carried into Plymouth. tigua for Bristol, retaken, carried into Portsmouth. By the Boyne of Dublin, Jordan: The Endea. 1208, By the Saltash: The Perfect, Gawth, from vour of Boston, from South Carolina, valued at

Bet Africa, retaken. 40,000 l. retaken, carried into Dablin.

fas, 2n By the Deal Castle: A brig from St Domingo By the King of Prussia of London : The Hanfor Bourdeaux, fent into Vigo. dy, from Limerick, retaken, fent into Kingroada

Byt By the Deal Castle, and the Peregrine Noop, By the Boscawen, the St George, the Black with the St George privateer in company: The Prince

, and the Shaik, all of London, and the Queen Elisabeth, tiom St Domingo for Bour- Ifaac of Liverpool: The Prince de Conti, a deaux.

French Earl-India ship, of 24 twelve and nine By the Scorpion soop: The Charles, Jackson, pounders, and 193 men, from France for Pon

By from Newcalle for Stockholm, retaken, brought dicherry, taken July 1. carried into Plymouth. Bende into the Downs

'Tis said she had on board 40,000 stand of arms, By the Windsor and the Granada ketch: A 100,000 l. in specie, and near 100 tuns bar-iron. BY fhip from St Domingo.

By the Cafar and the Lion of Bristol: Two By the Brighuhelmstone cutter : A French pri- large snows from Bourdeaux for America.

By vateer of

4 guns and 22 men, carried into shore By the Defiance of Bristol, and the King of ham.

Pruffia of London : The St Martin, from By the Centurion : Two ships from Martinico, Cape Breton, and the Minerva, for Canada, both fent into Kinsale.

carried into Falmouth. By the Medway armed buss: A French snow . By the Spottiswood letter of marque, Seton, B privateer, brought inco the Downs.

from Bristol for Virginia: The Alaveite, and the SP By a ship of Hol urne's squadron, and the Aimable Rose, both from St Domingo for BourPrince of Wales of Bristol privateer: A St Do- deaux. mingo ship, with a ranfumer on board for the Ra By the Prince of Wales, and the Spottiswood pan ven of G afgow, Buchanan, for 2000l. letter of marque, Seton : The Sarah, Mackay, T

1 By the Dispatch Noop: Three Dutch hoys, from Boston for Bristol, retaken, carried into with oats, from France for the Elhe, with corn Bristol.

Gr for the French army, brought into Yarmouth

By the Deal Castle letter of marque, Carr, road.

from Bristol for Riga: The Johanna-Maria of Ju By the Experiment: The Telemaque, a pri- Rotterdam, with bread and corn, from Brest, vateer of Marseilles, of 22 guns, 30 musquetoons,

carried into Plymouth. and 400 men, taken off Alicant, June 19. car

By the Cæfar, Lion, Phenix, and Ty by ried to Gibraltar.

gress : La Probite, L'Aigle, L'Unique, and L'ImBy the Rochester: A large French cutter pri- promptu, from Bourdeaux for the West Indies T Vateer, sent into Guernley. and North America, carried into Bristol.

le By the Duke of Cornwall of Bristol: The By privateers, &c.

Duke d'Aquitaine, from St Domingo for Bour A [Those formerly deferred are now inserted.]

deaux, carried into Bristol.

By the Two Susans: The Emanuel, Hasser,
By the Ruby letter of marque, Whirwcod, from Stockholm for St Maloes, fent into Dover.
from London: A French Ship with oil, carried
into Genoa.

By the Boyne, Jordan: The Jason, from St
By the Dreadnought of Bristol: The Lion, into Dublin,
Domingo for Bourdeaux, valued at 30,00 1. fent

fc from St Domingo for Bourdeaux, carried into By the Prince of Bevern, Chandler: A French Bristol. By the Bofcawen of London : A brig of 200 privateer designed for 16 guns, cut out of a French

F tuns, from Lancaster for Jamaica, with pro

port the day after she was off the stocks. visions, ritaken, carried into Falmouth.

By the Olway letter of marque of Liverpool, By the Fox, Giffard: Two Dutch ships with Domingo for Bourdeaux, carried to Virginia.

Salusbury, for Virginia: A French ship from St provisions, brought into the Downs.

By the Defiance, Dyer : The Mariamne, from By the Tartar of Bristol, Shaw: The St John St Domingo for Bourdeaux, carried into Bristol ; Baptista, a Spanish bark, from St Sebattians, with and the Bohemian, a French privateer of 18 nineFrench East-India goods; and the William and pounders; and two prizes retaken from her, viz. Elisabeth, Barry, for Whitby; and the Too- the Nancy, from Jamaica foi London, and a brig good, from Carolina, both relaken; all carried from Waterford for Newtoundiand. into Bristol.

By the Cote, kalcine: L'Avanture, from St Br By the Ancient Briton of Bristol, Murray: A Domingo for Bourdeaux, carried into Jersey: privateer of 12 guns and 100 men. By the St Olave of London : The Young Jan; French privateer of 20 guns, carried into St Kitts.

By the Oliver Cromwell: The Enterprise, a the Snadfouk, for Honfleur; and the Young Yellow, for Havre; all from Suters, with falt; Waip of Halifax, Macnamara, and the King

By the Pliny of Now York, Stoddard, the sent into Plymouth.


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of Pruflia of Rhode TAand, Roof: L'Aimable ships from Cape François for Bourdeaux, taken Jane, of 350 tuns, 16 four-pounders, aud 50 out of a feet of 27, between May 7. &.12. vamen; and the St Reine, of 150 tuns, 10 guns, lued at 70,000l.currency; carried into New York. and 30 men, both from Cape Erançois for Bour By the Hawke of New York: A schooner from deaux, fent into Boston in New England. Cape François, sent to Bermudas.

By the Tygress : La Jeunesse, Le Franc Ma By whom taken not mảntioned: The Eagle, fon, and L'Angeronne, from Bourdeaux for the Bishon, from St Domingo for Bourdeaux, cara West Indies, carried into Biddeford.

ried into New York; a large Swedish fhip, witla By the Eagle of Bristol, and the Ranger: The anchors, guns, pitch, and warlike stores, for 0St John Baptista of St Sebastians, with French stend or Dunkirk, carried into Hull; the EndeaEast-India good, fent into Plymouth; and the vour, Jervoise, from Carolina for London, fent Minon, a privateer of Port L'Orient, of 12 into Scilly; the Enterprise, Cromwell, from guns, carried into Falmouth.

Limerick for Barbadoes, carried into New York ; By the Roast Beef of Guernsey: The Nordske and the Jolly Bachelor, Alexander, from Corke Bende Hiedburg, from Norway for St Martin's, for St Eustatia, carried into Tortola; the three carried into Poole.

Jaft retaken.
By the Trial, Burford: A large ship from
Bourdeaux.for St Domingo, carried into Bristol.

Captures, &c. by the French. By the Nancy of Guernsey : La Jeune Mack, THE William and Elisabeth, Barry, from Cafrom Bourdeaux for St Domingo.

rolina for the Orkneys and Newcastle; the By the Deal Caitle letter of marque: A Danish Paterson, Cole, from Liverpool for New York; ship, from Brest, with bread, flour, and wheat, and the King's-fisher, Marinet, from Jersey for carried into Plymouth.

Newfoundland; all carried into Bayonne. By the Charming Nancy of Guernsey: The The Middleton privateer of Guernsey, BuSt Pierre, from Bourdeaux for Quebec; the Ma- del; the Amey, from Bristol for Virginia ; the ria-Theresa, and the Palmer, from St Domingo ; Cumberland, Burkitt, from Carolina for Cadiz; the two last carried into Jersey, and taken in com- the King of Prussia privateer of Exeter; and the pany with another privateer.

St Olave privateer of London; all carried into The Britannia privateer of Bristol, Fowler, of 32 Brest. The three privateers were taken by ware nine and six pounders, and 220 men, engaged the thips. Granville, a privateer of Granville, of 30 twelve The Duke of Cumberland privateer of Jersey, and nine pounders, and 278 men, four hours, Seward, taken by two men of war"; the Ludwith, July 1. and obliged her to sheer off. Soon after Biddle, from North Carolina for Plymouth; the the Granville blew up, and all her men perished, Britannia, and the Peggy, Boyd, both frona except four which were taken up from the wreck Virginia for Glasgow; all carried into Morlaix. by the Britannia.

The Sea-nymph, from Toplham for London, By the Eagle galley and the Duke of Cornwall: carried into Boulogne. The Goodman, froni Corke for Antigua, retaken, * The Dublin Merchant, Hurrie, from Manfresent into Bristol.

donia, with wheat, for England; and the FredeBy the Ancient Briton; The Poftilion of Am- rick, Sophia, Neilson, from Falmouth for Genoa, sterdam, retaken from a French privateer, which and Leghorn; both carried into Marfeilles. she drove on a ridge of rocks.

The Martha and Judith, a Danish th p, from By the Hope of Guernsey : The St John Bap, Guernsey for Hamburg, carried into Ottendo tist, from Nantz for St Domingo, ranfomed. The House of Austria, Straban, Itaying in this

By the Sterling, Wallace : The Friendship, port beyond the time limited in the order for Miller, from Poole for South Carolina, retaken, British ships to depart, was detained. sent into Bristol.

The Duke of Argyll

, Kendall from Georgia By the Blakeney and the Old Anson of Liver- for Nevis; the Fanny, Maclintock; the Sally; pool: Two French ships, fent into Tunis. Hamiton; the Grand Bank, and the Marion,

By the Malpas: The Liefde of Dantzick, with Reid; the last four of and from Glalgou for the falt, for Havre-de-grace, brought into Cowes road. Welt Indies; the Bachelor of Irvine, Twing,

By the Blenheim: A loop from St Croix, from Cape Fear for St Kitts; the ] hree Friends, with rum and cotton, lent into Falmouth; the Butlr, and the Champi n, Shores, both from Anger from St Domingo for Bourdeaux; and a New England for the Leeward il..nds; the Nar... small prize, both fent into Plymouth.

quis of Lothian of Bristol, Jones, from Africa; By the Liverpool, Hutchinson: The Marquis and the Endeavour, Philips, from New Eng and of Tournay, of 500 runs and 12 fix-pounders, for Montserrat; all carried into Martinico. valued, at 25,000.1., from St Domingo, carried The Lloyd, Sweet ng from Maryland for Liinto Liverpool. The crew of the Sarah, from rerpool; and the Hamilton galley, Maclean, Bristol for Boston, which the Frenchman had from Jamaica for London; both ca ried into Cape taken, were on board her. The Sarah was af- Breton. terwards retaken.

The Sally, Adlam, fiom Philadelphia for By the Hawke, Alexander, the Charming Sal- Barbadnes; and the Expedition, Warren, from ly, Harris, and the Johnson, Greig, all of New Neuburgh for the Leeward islands; both carried York, of 12 carriage-guns each: Five French into Guardaloupe

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The Speaker privateer, formerly the Vulcan, Taken, but whither carried not mentioned: June Rawlins; and the Neptune, Burton, from Mil The Lady Charlotte, Oates, from Barcelona for negar ford for Lisbon; both carried into Port Louis. Liverpool; the Medina, Cox, from Cowes, for

The Jean of Pittenweem, Erskine, for Got- Newfoundland; the Scipio, Moran, from Ma.. tenburg, in ballast; and the Crown point, Laut- laga for London ; the Broderick privateer of rence, from Hamburg for New York; both car. Gyernsey; the Anson privateer, Cuthbert; the sied into Norway.

Anne, Curtis, from Jamaica for London; the The Diana, Smith, from Gallipoly for Bristol, Trial, from Maryland for Antigua; the Mary carried into Messina.

of London, Wall; the Lovely Peggy, MacauThe Osgood, Walton, from Jamaica for Los- lạy, from Leith for London ; and the Kitty, obow don, carried into St Maloes.

Cocquhan, from Africa for Antigua. The latTaken, but ransomed : The Charming Anne, ter was overset.

VO from Bermudas, for 800k. ; the Scotstarvet, ħt is said, that the number of thips taken from

: No Cheyne, from Copenhagen for Inverness, for the French since the commencement of the war 400 guineas; the Gertrude, Twist, from South to the 12th of July, is, 681 merchanımen, and Carolina for Cowes, for 1400 l.; the Mercury, 91 privateers, in all 772; and that the number be Postleweight, from Virginia for London, for taken from the British is 637. It is computed, dezet 12001.; the Success, Cordiner, from Peterhead that the British have prosted by captures up: for Lisbon, for 290 l.; the Two Brothers of wards of two millions. Newcastle, Lemmus, from Dublin for Workington, for 75 guineas; the Society of Whitehaven,

MARRIAGES the Tane or Workington, hbruke, from Drentheim Juneg. A moderne heirs et later hisandia for Wexford, for vis guineas; the Southwold lands, only daughter of Dr Alexander Sandilands of Stranford, Reid, from Drontheim for Porto- physician in London. ferry, for 280 guincas; the Euphame, Smiton,

July 4. At London, the Earl of Harborough, from Alloa for Amsterdam, for 165. guincas; to Miss Noel, eldest daugher of Judge Noel. the Mayflower of Greenock, from Thurso for

8. At Edinburgh, John Monro, Lfq; younger Greenock, for 200 guineas; the Hapkinson of of Auchin bowie, Advocate, to Miss Sophia InPillofuther, Dodson, from Limerick for Peters- glis, eldest daughter of Archibald Inglis

, Elq; of


the burg, for 330 guineas; the Janet of Campbelton, Auchindiņnie, Advocate, deceased.

had Robertson, from Stack silow for Campbelton, for P. S. Aug. 9. At Edinburgh, Capt. Joho Fer.. 120 guineas; the Trader of Belfast, Sutherland, guson, of the Queen's regiment of dragoon-guards,

gua from Thuiso for Belfalt, for 300 guineas; the to Miss Frances Hamilton, second daughter of Bachelor of Stranford, Maccunnel , from Dron- Robert Hamilton of Bourtrechill, Efq;

ly theim for Stranford, for 250 guineas; the John's Increase of Newcastle, Christie, from Shields


bor for Dublin, for 550 guineas; the Elisabeth of June The Lady of Lord Visc. Mountgar:

th Frasersburgh, Clubb, for 115 guinças; and the ret, of Ireland, delivered of a son.

th Christian, Rutherford, from Konigsberg for Leith, 21. At Corke, Phillis Burchell

, aged 63, of a for 500 guineas; the Fair Trader, Main, and daughter. She swore, that Francis Gwynn, a the Concord, Thomson, both from Riga for man of 74, was the father of the child. Leith, the former for 340 guineas, and the late July 3: At London, the Lady of Lord Ludser for above soo; and the Charles, Mason, from low, of a daughter. Leith, that sailed with the laft convoy for 3. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Robert DunLondon, for 250.

das of Arniston, Esq. Lord Advocate, of a daugh: Ships taken by a French squadron on the coast She is baptized Grizel. of Africa, fome of which have been formerly in 17. At Northampton, the wife of William serted: The wen privateer of Southampton, Walker Shoemaker, of iwo boys and a girl. Onç of 14 guns; the Spencer frigate; the Prince of of them lived to be baptized. This was the 19th Orange, Jackson, with 175 Naves, 14 C. weight time of her lying in. of ivory, and one tun of cam wood; the Elita 20. At Philofth, the Lady of Lord Salton, of beth and Mary, Carruthers, with 50 Nayes; a daughter. the Nancy, Gill, with 70; and the Arabella, with 45; the last four belonging to Liverpool;


the Black Prince, Beans, and the Whittington, April 4. At his seat at Cambridge, New Eng.
Kennedy, both of Whitehaven; the Cameleon, land, Spencer Phips, Efq; Lieutenant-Governur
Molton, with 46 Baves ; the Casada Garden, of Massachusets bay.
Taylor, with 75; and the Polly, Clark, with 28. At New York, Joseph Murray, Esq; ono
60; these three belonged to Rhode Illand. The of his Majesty's council for that province.
French squadron confilted of one ship of 74 guns, Lately in North America, Capt. George Dou-
one of 64, one of 36, and one of 16. They glas of Pepperell's foot. He was eldelt ton of
afterwards attacked Cape Coast Castle, but were Capt. Davis Douglas of Louglas's foot, and
beat off; and are faid to have since arrived at grandson of Archibald Douglas, Esq; late of Clif.



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