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Cain; and after having experienced that he could 10. At Chelsea, of a dropsy, Dr Benjamin not live unmolested in the most distant British co- Hoadley, physician to the King's household, and lonies, he retired to Sweden in 1730, where he fon to the Bishop of Winchester. He was auwas graciously received, and enabled, by the thor of the Suspicious Husband, and other polite fruits of his labours, to compound and pay off a pieces. good many of these old debts. By an advertise- 14. At Garkum, in Holland, in the 104th ment in the London gazette, his executors, in year of her age, Dame Elisabeth de Jongh, wicompliance with his will, require all persons pof- dow of M. Gerard Bruyns. She retained her sessed of his securities granted about the years senses to the last. 1720, 21, 22, & 23, to send them without loss 15. At London, Mr Thomas Harrison, agent of time, at farthest within twenty months after to the royal navy. his death; to some person in Gottenburg, with 16., At Edinburgh, Mrs Grizel Little, wife of regular powers of attorney, to receive, and give Walter Little of Liberton, Efq; ,full acquittances for such dividends as the testa- 16. At Monzie, Patrick Campbell of Monzie, tor's residuary eltate will pay. This the decea- Esq; without issue. Capt. James Campbell, of fed, ordered to be done, though, according to the Duroure's foot, now in England, is the heirs ? opinions of the most eminent lawyers, as well male of the family, Swedish as British, those creditors had no right 16. At his house of Cardncys, Perthshire, of or pretension on his estate. Mr Campbell was a fit of the pally, in the 31st year of his age, third son of John Campbell, Esq; ot Moy, in John Stewart of Cardneys, Esq; Murrayshire, Scotland, and of the family of Calo 18. At bis seat in Somersetshire, Humphry Syder. He was one of the chief projectors of the denham, Esq; meinber for Exeter in the two last East-India company established at Gottenburg in parliaments. 1730, and was a director of that company from 20. At Dundee, Dame Agnes Cockburn, wife its establishment till his death. He left no issue of Sir George Stewart of Grandtully.

June 27. At Madeira, William Murdoch, Efq; 22. Near Edinburgh, Mr James Purdie, late merchant.

Rector of the grammar-school of Glasgow. July At Halifax, soon after his arrival, Charles At Harwich, in the goth year of bis age, Perry, Efq; Colonel of the 55th regiment of foot, Lieut. John Nettleton. Being wounded at the that raised last year in Scotland.

taking of Vigo, he retired from the army. 17. At Drumdryan, near Edinburgh, in an At Kniver, near Bridgnorth, Salop, aged 124, advanced age, Mr Alexander Meikle, late mi- Robert Parr. He was great-grandson of old nister at Langholm. He preached his first fer- Thomas Parr, who died in the reign of K. mon at London in 1701. He resigned his charge Charles II. The father of Robert was above several years ago, and lived retired.

109, the grandfather 113, and the great-grandIn Ireland, John Fitzwilliam, Esq; Colonel of father is well known to have died at the amazing the 2d regiment of fopt, and to the age of 152. [x. 626.] Duke.

At Ringsend, in Ireland, in the 106th year of Aug: 3. At Erlang, in Germany, of an apo- his age, Mr. Thomas Grefdall, formerly surveyor plexy, in the 46th year of his age, the reigning of that place. Margrave of Brandenburg-Anspach, Knight of 27. At Chelsea, in the 79th year of his age, the Garter. He is succeeded by his eldest son.. Capt. Michael Armstrong, late of Wade's dra

8. At Kensington, the Countess of Winchel goons. He served in the army forty nine years, fea, wife of the present Earl, and daughter of Sir 28. At Rosehall, Miss Marion Hamilton, onThomas Palmer of Kent, leaving issue fourly child of Sir Hugh Hamilton of Rosehall, den daughters.

ceased. 9. At Tunbridge Wells, Temple West, Efq; 29. At Gilmerton, in Ealt Lothian, Mrs Ha. Rear-Admiral of the Red, and one of the Lords riot Cockburn, wife of, David Kinloch of Gilof the Admiralty.

merton, Esq; leaving issue five sons and three George Auguflus Killigrew, Esq; in the 40th daughters. [433] year of his age, Major of the regiment of cara- · P. S. Sept. 2. Mr Robert Dick, writer in Ebineers on the Irish establishment. He was dinburgh, attempting to ford the Tweed, near great-graudson of Mr Killigrew, resident at Vé- Coldstream, was drowned. nice, well known in the time of K. Charles II. 4. At Edinburgh, in an advanced age, Mr (x. 637.), and lineally descended from the Killi- Robert Wallacc, writer in that city. grew who was sent upon several embalhes to the 9. At Edinburgh, aged 72, Dr John tevenImperial and German courts in the reigns of Edson, physician in that city. He wroie fome tracts ward VI. and Q. Elisabeth. The Major went inferied in the Medical Essays., through all the hot service of the last war. He had a company of marines in the expedition to PR Carthagena, and was shipwrecked in his return John Suffeild Brown, Efq; Genealogiji to the home from Jamaica. He was afterwards in feve- order of the Bath, in the room of Sackville Fox, ral sea-engagements as a marine captain. Lea- Esq; deceased. ving issue only one daughter, the name is extinct Col. Robert Campbell, of the third regiment in the male line,

of foot-guards, British Envoy to s'wede:


E R M E N T S.

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Dr Robert Taylor, Physician Extraordinary to the King, Physician to the Household, in the

Haddington Prices, Sept. 2. room of Dr Hoadley, deceased.

Best. Second. Third. William Thomson, Lieutenant-Colonel; John Wheat, :21. 12 s.

6 s. 121. os. Richardson, Major; Martin Tucker, a Captain; Bear,


4 S.

gl. o sa Charles Morris, a Lieutenant ; and Benjamin Oats, ul. 8 s. rol. Lewis, a Cornet, in the first regiment of dragoon- Pease, 121. o s. 111. 8 s. 91. O S. guards, Bland's

Mr' David Inglis, merchant in Edinburgh, The Edinburgh bill of burials for August 1757. Treasurer of the Bank of Scotland, in the room of Within the Males 19 Mr David Scot, who has refigned. Mr Inglis city


20 entered on his office Aug. 5.

Commanders of mer of war: Sir William Bur- In the West- S Males73 DISEASES.No.
naby, of the Royal Anne ; Capt. Barker, of the kirk-yard Fem. 143
Jersey; Capt. Paston, of the Jason; Capt. Julian Decreased this month 22. Aged
Legge, of ihe Chesterfield ; Capt. Colby, of the

Princess Amelia; Capt. Graves, of the Barfleur ;

No. Althma
Capt. Elliot, of the Hussar, a new fir ship; Capt.


Hotham, of the Gibraltar; Capt. Meadows, of

ra &

1o Consumption 20 the Juno ; Capt. Dalrymple, of the Albany ;


5 Droply Capt. Cleveland, of the Shannon, another new for


Fever ship; and Capt. Hatch, of the Flamborougl's prize.

20 &

30 Edinburgh, Sept. 13. "Oat-meal 14 d. halfpen

& 40


3 ny. White pease-meal 9d. halfpenny. Gray pease- 40


Small-pox meal 8d. hálfpenny. Bear-meal 9 d. halfpenny.

6 Stillborn 60

70 4 Teething A new table of the Edinburgh assize of bread

70 was set Aug. 15. to be observed from and after

80 & 90
the 17th till altered; which is precisely the same

with that of Feb. 12. [49.]. - And

following table was set Aug. 24. to be ob- The London bill from July 26. 10 August 23. Served from and after the 29th, till altered.

White. Wheaten, |Household



506 Males

986) Price. Price. Price. Buried


7275 s. d. 4.



6 lb. 0 10 3
8 310 6 2

Prices of Stocks, &c. at London, Sept. I.
A loaf lb. o. 7 I


-, India ditto Southweighing 3 lb. o



sea-stock Ditto, old annuities, if sub2 lb. o 3 2 3

script. 96 7 8ths a 91. Ditto, 2d subscript. 90 Weight. Weight. Weight. i 4th. Ditto, new annuities, ist subscript. 90 I Ib. oz. dr. 116. oz. dr. lb. oz. dr. 8th. Ditto, ad subscript. 89 7 8ths. Three i

half Bank-annuities, ist subscript: 90 3 4thș. Threepenny loaf, 1 11 131 62.12 7

Ditto, 2d subscript. 90 I 4th. Threc per cent. Twopenny loaf, 1 2 9

41 13 10

Bank-annuities 89 s 8ths a 3 4ths. Ditto 1726 Penny loaf, 09 41011

2014 13

89 i 4th. Ditto, South-sea annuities 1751 89 Halfpenny loaf, o 4 10 5. 910 7 142 0 1 / 2



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5 8ths. Ditto India annuities 89 14th. Three The bread is cheaper by this table than by any 1 half bank-annuities 1756, 97 1. half. Bankyet fet, since our magistrates began last to take circulation 5 l. 15 s. prem. India bonds 2 l. 14s. cognisance of the bread. (xviii. 623.]

prem. Life-annuities. New subscrip. 89 1 4th.




Mark lane, .50 to 58 s. quar. 22 to 29 s. gr. 10 to 120 $. 6 d. gr. 28 to 32 s.
Basingstoke, 121. 12 s. Ioad. 25 to 28 s. 17 to 21 S.

26 to 34 S.
121. 10 s.
21 to 26 s. 18 to 22 S.

29 to 32 S.

I1 S.
25 to 345.
18 to 18 s.

20 to 29 8.
20 to 30 S. 17 to 22 s.

24 to 35 s. Guildford, 12 1. 10 S. 19 to 23 s. 16 to 19 s. 6 d. 24 to 34 S. Warminster, 52 to 61 s. quar. 26 to 35 S.

18 to 23 S.

30 to 40 S.
Devizes, 60 to 63 S.

29 to 35 s.
18 to 24 S.

3.0 to 42 S. Gloucester, 8 s. 6 d. bush. 45. gd.

2 s. 6 d. to 35. 4 s. to 4 S. 4 d.

6 s. 8 d. Birmingham, & s.


11l, 12 1.

· Prices of corn.


2 s, 6 d.




N E W B 0 0 KS.

The history of thc province of New York, [For Fuly and Auguft.]

By William Smith, A, M. 6 s. Wilcox.

Thesaurus Græcæ pocleos, five Lexicon GræDIVINITY, MORALITT.

cum. Autore T. Morell

, S. T. P. Pote. HE touchstone of Laving faith. By S. Pike.

A new pocket-book for young gentlemen and

ladies į or, A Spelling dictionary of the English A cabinet of jewels opened. By C. Bradbury, language. By James Buchanan. 2 s. Baldwin. Lewis.

Letters from an Armenian in Ireland to his Benengelius’s introduction to his exposition of friends at Trebizond.

3 S. Owen.' the apocalypse. ss. Withy.

An account of the facts which appeared on the A Taort exameo of Mr John Wesley's fyftem. late inquiry into the lols of Minorca. By the 6 d. Marshall.

Monitor. 2 s. 6 d. Scot. A letter to the late Mr Whilton, in answer to

POLITICS. his friendly address to the baptists, br. By Gran- A letter from the late E. of H. to the D. of tham Killingworth. Is. Baldwin.

D. d. A fermon on the benefits of a liberal and reli

Some general thoughts on government, and par. gious education, preached at St Paul's on June ticularly on the present state of affairs. 6 d. 29. being the anniversary meeting of the gentle- A review of the military operations in North ) men educated at St Paul's. By the Rev. Mr America. 3.5. Dodfrey Fairchild. 6 d. Davis.

The book of lamentations ; being the folia The time of danger, and the means of safety. loquy of an old gentleman. 6 d. To which is added, The way of holiness. Being

MEDICINE and SURGERY. the substance of three sermons preached on the

A fynopsis of mineral waters. By J. Rulty, fate public faft-days. By James Hervey, A. M. M.D. Johnston. Rector of Weston-Favell, Northamptonshire. Is, An analysis of Dr Rutry's methodical synopsis Rivington.

of mineral waters. Addressed, by way of appeal, MISCELLANEOUS. A feries of 200 coins of the ancient kings of to the college of physicians. By Dr Lucas.

A treatile on biliary concretions, or stones in England. By Dr Ducarel. is's.

the gall-bladder and ducts. By Dr Coe. 5 s. The natural history of Cornwal, Devon, Dor

An eslay on the demonstration of the human fet, and Somersetshire. 3 s.

structare, near half as large as nature. la four Natural history of fofils. By E. M. da Costa, tables, trom pictures painted after diffections for F. R. S. vol. 1. 32 s. 6 d. fewed. Davis.

that purpose. By Mr Jeoty. Reafor. The antiquity of fcandal. 6 d.

A letter to a physician, concerning the gout Account of the discoveries concerning comets. and rheumatism, proving from reason and expe25.0d. Whiston.

rience, that the former is as curable as any other Memoirs of Field-Marshal Count Daun, tranf- disease. By Dr M. Mooney. lated from the French 7 s. Wahy. (402.)

POETRY and ENTERTAINMENT. The British customs. By Henry Saxby 7s. Mr Hervey's contemplation on a flower-gat64. Nourse. The beauties of England; or, A view of the den, done into blank verse

. 15. 6 d. Rivington.

Memoirs of Harriot and Charlotte Meanwell. antiquities, curiofitjes, seats of the nobility, 6.

3 s. Owen.

The unfortunate beauty. 3 S. Scot. A narrative of the life, examination, and tor- The beautiful adulteress. 6 d. Simfon, Lore of Damien, from the French. 1 s. Reason. The amorous Duchess; or, The lucky game

The Nonpareil; or, The Quintessence of wit ster. { $. Simfons and humour; being a selection of the most admired pieces in the Midwife, Old Woman's mae E ..D IN BU R G H. gazine. 3.5 Newbery.

The practical husbandman; or, Miscellancous The ad volume of the Monitor in octavo, con- papers on husbandry. By Robert Maxwell of taining 52 numbers. 3. S. Scot.

Arkland, Elg;

This book consists of papers The Auction, as performing at the Haymar- chosen out of Mr Maxwell's select transactions of -ket. 6 d. Bailey

the agriculture society (v. 52.), and papers since The sleep of plants, and the motion of the written by him. 6 s. Booksellers of Edinburgh, Sensitive plant explained. By Dr Hill. Baldwin. Glasgow, Aberdeen, &c.

Proceedings at Guildford aflizes. Legge. The Edinburgh Magazine. For July. No. I.

Philosophical tranfactions, vol. 49. part 2. for · To be continued monthly. 6 d. each. Ruddi1756. 105.0d. Davis. (409, 11.)

man jun. and Company. A compendium of the corn-trade. Robinfoss. A collection of English, prose and verse. For

The new highland military discipline. By the use of schools. Taken partly from the AberGeorge Grant. 3 s.' Birkham.

deen colle&tion. 2 s. 6 d. Mr Masson, teacher of Modern Europe ; or, A compendious history languages, and Kincaid Donaldson, Crawfurd, of the kingdoms and states in Europe. 2 s. Owen and Gordon, booksellers.

An effay towards a general history of feudal The art of land-measuring explained. By property in Great Britaia. By Jolio Dalrymple, John Gray teacher of mathematics in Greenock. Esq; 5's. Millar.

o s Foulis, Glasgow,

3 s. Davis.

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с o N 7 E

T S.
History of the last session of PARLIAMENT. Ali Defence of Lord BLAKENEY 464.

paragraph in the Lords address objected to 441. | Humorous Petition of the E. of C*** 468.
Proceçdings relating to the high price of corn Halley and Newton on the revolucions and effects
442. and to Adm. Byng ib. The supplies of COMETS 469.
granted 443, 4, 5:

On the capitulation of HANOVER 474.
An account of the NATIONAL DEBT 445. POETRY. The lark and the redbreast 475. On
An epitome of Mr Fordyce's TEMPLE OF a bad dancer to bad music ib. The Tchool.

boy 476. Lațin rhymes to the tune of Great MEDICINE. An Indian remedy for the vene- George 477. The Press to Mr Pitt ib. The

real disease 451. Account of a medical society bear and the multitude ib. The lottery ib.
at London 461. A locked jaw cured 462. Á HISTORY. Prussian answer to the Russian ma-
singular recovery from a fever ib. An un- nifesto 478. Accounts of the battle of Weh-
common crisis of the gout 463.

lau 479. Precipitate retreat of the Russians Account of the AUCTION 451.

482. Pomerania invaded by the Swedes ib. Extracts of Mr Dalrymple's history of FEUDAL Capitulation between the French and Hanove

PROPERTY. of the introduction of the rians 483. Declaration of the King of G. feudal system 453. of succession in the col- Britain an this subject 485. Motions of the lateral line 455)

Prusians and Austrians 486. An astion ncar A hint concerning the question, Whether RE- Hennersdorf ib.

PRESENTATION is agreeable to the law of The failing of the grand feet from Portrnature? 458.

mouth 488. Accounts of the comet 489. The life of Adm. BLAKE. His exploits at Tu- Mr Chalmers vindicated 490. and the ma..

nis, Malaga, and Santa Cruz 459,60. His gistrates of Edinburgh 491.
death and character 460, 61.

LISTS, TABLES, C. 452.493.496.

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The history of the laft falfion of parliament, with an account of all the material questions
therein determined, and of the political disputes therehy occasioned without doors,

Taken from the Votes of the house of Commons, the London Magazine, Gle
HE parliament was fummoned Cathcart; and contained exactly the

to meet on the 18th of No. heads of the address agreed to. But che
vember ; but some unfore- paragraph thanking his Majesty for cay-

seen difficulties having occur. fing a body of his electoral troops to come red [xviii. 523.), it was previously pro. into this country, at the request of his rogued to the ad of December. That parliament, was objected to by some of day the King opened the sellion with a the Lords who in the former feflion had speech from the throne, as usual. When opposed that request [xviii. 483.]; behis Majesty had withdrawn, the Lord cause they willed to fee the address una. Sandys, Speaker of the house of Lords, nimoufly agreed to; a satisfaction they read the speech to the house. Then the could not have if such a paragraph was Earl of Gower moved for an address; inserted, as they had opposed chat meawhich motion was feconded by the Lord. sure, and still thought it a very bad one, VOL. XIX.

3 S

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not only because it had put the nation to get an address to his Majesty, to order à monitrous expence, for which there his attorney-general to prosecute, at the was not the leaft occasion, but because public expence, any one who had been the bringing over a body of the troops or thould be guilty of the criminal prac. of Hanover might furnish the court of tices made punishable by the act of EdFrance with a plausible pretence for in- ward VI. against foreftallers, regrators, vading that electorate, which they could and ingroffers : for if such an address not otherwise have had : 'ånd as the had been suggested, we cannot doubt of measure had been generally disapproved its having also been resolved on nem.con.; of, and even resented, by the people and it might perhaps have opened some of without doors, such a paragraph might the stores that were then in the kingdom: be looked on as an insült upon the peo- for what prevents the execution of most ple. However, as a great majority of the of our penal ftatutęs, is the certainty of house had, in the former session, con- the trouble and expence which prosecu. eurred in the request, they thought they tors are put to, and the uncertainty of could not, in gratitude, negle&t thank the conviction. ing his Majesty for so graciously com- The same day Vice-Adm. Bofcawen, plying with their requeft: consequently from the board of admiralty, acquaintthis paragraph, with the rest, was ap- ed the house, that the King, and the proved of by a majority, and the ad. board of admiralty, having been diffadress, as moved for, was drawn up accora tisfied with the conduct of Adm. Byng, dingly. But in the house of Commons in a late action with the French feet in no such paragraph was moved for. As the Mediterranean, and for the appear. soon as his Majesty's speech had been ance of his not having acted agreeably read by Mr Speaker, Charles Town- to his instructions, for the relief of MiThend, Esq; stood up, and moved the norca, he was then in custody of the heads of an address; and having been marshal of the admiralty, in order to be seconded by Thomas Potter, Esq; an tried by a court-martial: and that aladdress, exactly agreeable to his mo. though this was no more than what was tion, was agreed to, nem. con. Our usual in like cases, yet as Adm. Byng readers have already seen the speech and was then a member of that house, and the addresses. (xviii. 564-567.] as his confinement might keep him some

After Mr Townshend's motion was time from his duty there, the board of agreed to, and a committee appointed admiralty thought it a respect due to the for drawing up the address, the Com- house, to inform them of that commitmons immediately resolved, nem. con. ment, and of the reasons thereof. And to consider, next morning, in a com. the Vice-Admiral delivered in at the table mittee of the whole house, that part of copies of the commitment and detainer. the King's speech which related to the Then the said copies, and the journal high price of corn. Accordingly, next of the house, of Dec. 12. 1749, in re. morning, as soon as the address was a- lation to Rear. Adm. Knowles (xi. 596.), greed to, and ordered to be presented, were read; and it was ordered, that what the house resolved itself into the said Vice-Adm. Boscawen had then comcommittee; the consequence of which municated, and also the copies of Adm. was, an order, nem. con. to bring in a Byng's commitment and detainer, should bill to prohibit the exportation of corn, be entered in the journal of the house. &c.; and a resolution, likewise nem. But as we shall have occasion to recon. to address the King to order an im- sume both these affairs afterwards, we bargo to be laid on all thips laden or to now proceed to an account of the two be laden with corn, &c. [xviii. 567.] committees of supply, and of ways and

--Thus the parliament most charita- means. mino As to the first : Pursuant to bly began, as soon as possible, to pro- an order of Dec. 3. his Majesty's speech vide for the relief of the starving poor. was taken into consideration on the 4th; And it was pity some one did not fug- and a motion having been made for


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