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king forced marches, in order to fuc. of Italy; but it was fo violent in Sicily, cour the Prince de Soubise. An ex: that about two thirds of the city of Sytract of a letter from the Hague, dated racuse were.overthrown, and, according Sept. 27. and publithed in the London to late accounts, 12,000 persons baried gazette, is as follows. • The French in the ruins. with M. Richlieu seem to move flower, They advise from MADRID, of AuSince the arrival of Prince Ferdinand of gast 8. that the council of war there, Brunswick in the dachy of Halberftadt, having reported their opinion, that the with a corps of troops, who has defeat Duke de Penthievre prize had been ta. ed the vanguard of the French near E. ken off Corunna, in violation of the Spageln, confifting of 1000 men. The nifh territory, his Catholic Majesty has French seem to keep to the Hartz moun. ordered that prize to be delivered up to tains, instead of following the plain, the French consul at Cadiz, and the An. which may retard and imbarrafs them tigallican privateer not to be suffered to confiderably; and it seems very uncer. depart, till the parties are heard with tain, whether and how the junction of regard to the damages which may

have their army can be made." Other ac- been occasioned by the detention. In coupts make the body of Prussians com- the mean time we have been told, that manded by the Prince of Brunswick to Mr Foster, the captain, has slipt off to confik of between 8 and gooo men. Gibraltar, and that several of the sailors

From Vienna they write, that in con- have also made their escape.The sequence of a resolution taken by the Prince of Morocco has raised the fiege IMPERIAL AULIC COUNCIL, of the 22d of Ceuta, and is gone to Tetuan.' of August last, at the demand of the fi The Dey of ALGIERS has proclaim. scal of the empire, against the King of ed peace both with the States-General Pruffia, for invading the Saxon territo. and Tuscany, fet the consuls of those ries, and afterwards entering Bohemia, powers at liberty, and strictly forbid his his Pruffian Majesty, as Elector of Bran- subjects taking any of their ships for the denburg, is fummoned to see and hear, future. that he has incurred the bann of the em

[Our historical affairs have swelled so upon us, pire, by which he is deprived of all his that we are obliged to defer several European arfiefs, rights, and privileges ; and that ticles, foreign and domestic

, all the American the Emperor, having approved of this affairs, and the accounts of our successes in the resolution, has ordered it to be published,

East Indies.] allowing the term of two months for the

ENGLAND. Elector of Brandenburg to make his appearance in.

The transports designed for the secret According to late advices from Ge- expedition [375. 430.] were long, deNOA, and other parts of Italy, the Bri• tained in the Downs by contrary winds, tih squadron in the Mediterranean had but failed on the ed of September, and blocked up the several ports of Corsica; arrived at Cowes on the 4th in the even. the malecontents in that island, amount. ing. On the 5th and 6th the troops iming to about 25,000, having received barked, consiling, it is said, of ten reareillery and ammunition from the Bri- giments of foot, viz. Home's, Loudon's, tilh, were preparing to lay fiege to Ba- Bentinck's, Howard's, Wolfe's, Corntia, its capital; and M. Paoli

, their wallis's, Kingfley's, Brudenel's, Amcommander in chief, had given a very hurst's, and Hodgson's. Fifty lightbeisk and determined answer to the com- armed horse, besides horses for drawing mander of the French troops there, who the artillery, imbarked likewife. The had sent to inquire the reaion of his ap- fleet got under fail on the 7th, brought proaching any place garrisoned by the to for that night at St Helen's, and fail. troops of his Most Christian Majesty. ed next morning. They consisted of

On the 6th of August a slight ihock of the following thips, Royal George, an earthquake was telt in diferent parts rate; Royal William, Ramilies, (Adm.

a first


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Hawke), Neptune, (Adm. Knowles), Sunday the 18th instant, between the Barfleur, and Namur, second rates; two bright stars called Cajior and Pollux, Princess Amelia, (Adm. Broderick), or the heads of the Gemini, between and Torbay, third rates; Magnanime, twelve and one in the morning; and 74 guns ; Alcide, Burford, and Du- being satisfied that I had never before blin, 70 guns ; Achilles, America, Dán- seen any such star thereabouts, conclúkirk, and Medway, 60 guns; and the ded it to be a comet. In two days af. following frigates, Thecis, Coventry, ter, about the same time in the morning, Peregrine noop, Poftilion, Porcupine, I saw it again, being now go to the and Viper ; also fix cutters, two buffes, eastward of both the said stars. I have two fire-ships, and two bombs : and not seen it fince, by reason of the clouthey were to take several sips from Ply- dy weather. But I understand by the mouth. The Southampton man of war news, that it was observed at Greenwich spoke with the fleet on the 14th, in lat. last Sunday morning in the northern 44 d. 20 m. long. id. 10 m. west of the part of Cancer, by Dr Bradley, who, I Start, and brought a letter from an offi. am told, first found it a good way uncer on board the Neptune ; which made der the star Capella, in the constellation it be believed that the place of their de. of Auriga.ftination was farther distant than the Sept. 29. On Monday the 19th incoast of France, as was first conjectured. ftant, about two in the morning, I saw, “We are now steering,” says he, “ W. between flying clouds, a dull reddish by S. the wind S. S. E. Our anchors spot, which I then took for the planet are stowed david down, and every thing Mars ; but hearing the next day that a looks like a voyage of fome length. We comet had been seen in the east, by a have fixteen sail of the line, and as many chymist in Southampton street, I turned frigates. Our longboats have all got a to the ephemeris, and found that Mars brass fix-pounder fitted to them, to co- was confiderably south of the phænomever the landing of the troops. We have non I had that transient view of. Cona great many bales of soldiers cloaths tinual cloudy weather defeated my hopes on board, which are green turned up of finding it again, till I lately underwith white; but we cannot guess for ftood that Dr Bradley had observed it whom they are designed.” According the night of the 18th inttant, between to other accounts, every transport has twelve and one in the morning, in the ten large boats on board, that will hold 17th deg. of Cancer, with about 9 deg. thirty men each, so that the whole force of N. latitude, and again the next morncan be landed at once; and the trans- ing in 21 deg. of the same fign, with aports carry 300 men each. A list said bout 8 deg. of latitude ; its visible path to be by an officer of the dock-yard at seeming directed towards Cor Leonis. Plymouth, makes the fileet, including Yesterday morning (the 28th) I saw it those from that port, and some which about 2 deg. and a half directly above were to join them in a certain latitude, Cor Leonis, as in the figure; where A reto consist of 28 ships of the line, 22 fric presents Cor Leonis,

B* gates, 68 transports, 5 fireships, 2 bomb. or the Lion's heart, ketches, 2 hospital-ships, and 2 store- B the southernmost Ships, in all 129, besides Folkstone and in the Lion's neck, Deal cutters : and they are said to be of the zd magni.

C victualled for eighteen months.

tude, (Bayer's n), The lottery began drawing Sept. 5. and C the comet. when it is reported that only 500,000 The distance from tickets were subscribed for. [102.] the star A to the co

Two letters in the Gentleman's Maga- met, being, by the zine give the following accounts of che estimate of my eye, expected comet. [xviii. 550.]

to that of the coSept. 27. I firft saw the comet on mes from the lar B as 4 to 5. I obrer, VOL. XIX,

4 B


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ved, that at 4 h. 2m. 43 f. apparent chant in Edinburgh published, in the E. time, the comet and Cor Leonis were, as dinburgh news-papers of Sept. 10. a in this figure, precisely in the same ver letter in his own vindication, in which tical. From all which I collect the co- he gives an account of his conduct in met's longitude at that time to-be 24 d. the cord-trade, of the quantities he and 47 m. of Leo. lat. i do 56 m. North, company had then on hand, of the proHearly. This morning the comet fits, c.; verifying the facts by the appeared very near Cor Leonis, as in the oaths of himself, partners, and clerks, diagram, and passed the fame vertical taken before the Lord Milton, and sub. as yesterday, exactly five minutes of joined to the letter; and appealing likemean solar time after the star. At 4 h. wise to his books. We have put the 30 m. 8. f. apparent time, the star pre- letter on our cover, but shall here infert ceded the comet exactly 4 m. 2711. of two paragraphs of it, viz. mean solar time, or id. 7 m. 4. f. and An opinion prevails at present, that was fouth of it in declination 15 m.; very high profits are made on corn, this difference of declination not near so which facilitates the belief of other certain as that of the right ascension groundless reports. Without doubt, a Now, affuming the star's right afcenfion commodity fo fubject to rise and fall, at this time 148 d. 51 m. 40 f. and its must, on particular quantities, bring declination 13 d. 8 m, 30 f. North, the large profits, if it was not balanced by comet's right afcenfion will be 149 d. equal loffes on other quantities, pro58 m., 44 f. and its declination N. 13 d. ceeding from the fame cause, and the 24 m.; whence its longitude comes out risks of heating, of the sea, and of bad Leo 27 d. 23 m. 49 f. with 1 d. 4 m. debts. But I affirm, That, though I 28 f. North latitude. This determina- have for some years carried on that tion however is not to be understood, any trade, with a good deal of attention, more than yesterday's, of certainty ea and all the æconomy poflible, I have nough to be employed in deducing the not made, of clear gain, according to comet's theory i though both together the most exact calculation I can make, may be sufficient to thew, that its pre- above three per cent. or four pence

Sterfent daily increase of longitude is about ling per Linlithgow boll, after deducting

2} degrees, and its decrease of North losses, on all the corn or meal I have · latitude, about 50 minutes ; so that it ever sold, or been concerned in, incluwill cross the ecliptic to morrow in the ding this year, and supposing the stock 2d degree of Virgo, and so increase in on hand to sell at the prices now current. fouth latitude, and probably foon be loft The country has stood in need of in the strong morning twilight. We perhaps about 300,000 bolls of English are to hope for its true theory from the or foreign corn since last harvest, which accurate observations, and no less cor. has been mostly brought in by, mer. rect calculations of our astronomer-royal, chants. This supply could not have to whose affiduity in looking out for the been depended on from strangers, espe. expected comet,: we owe its discovery cially in times of general scarcity; and fome weeks ago. The motion of this it is submitted to the public, what would by no means agrees with what the other have been the state of Scotland, and of should have at this time of the year, in this city in particular, during the prethe same part of the heavens ; besides fent and late years of scarcity, if the thaç it is retrograde in its orbit, wherea's merchants had not brought in large there is great reason to think this is di• quantities. The price indeed has been reet. B. J."

greatly too high, especially for the poor; SCOTLAND.

yet, to any person considering attentive

ly the difficulty and expence of transThe scarcity and dearth of grain ha- porting such large quantities in time of ving occasioned an outcry against the war, the scarcity and high prices of con dealers, Mr Gcorge Chalmers mer: corn at the places from whence alone

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it could be got, it may perhaps appear every person who pleases to inspect them;
father surprising, as otherwise, that our and the public will have an account of
markets have been kept from running what money has been contributed; an
higher, at particular times, or on the abstract of all the purchases they have
whole, than they have done ; for they made, and from whom; and of the
have frequently been lower, and per- sales ;-whence they can best judge how
haps are so, even at present, on feveral far their expectations have been answer-
kinds, than at the places of growth, of ed.
the very corn we ourselves are consu They cannot, however, omit taking

notice of feveral scandalous and inju. And the following vindication of the rious reports, that of late have been most magiftrates was published in the papers maliciously and industriously propaga. of the 17th.

ted, with a view to excite sedition in the THE "HE Lord Provot and Magiftrates minds of the inhabitants ; amongft-o

of Edinburgh, and Gentlemen thers, That the Rt Hon. the Lord Bracjoined with them, as a compmittee for co had given several hundred bolls of oat. providing the poor and working inha. meal to be fold out to the poor at a low bitants of this city and liberties with price, which had been sold out by them meal below the market price, during at a much higher; and that those rethe prefent and late dearth and scarcity, ports had even reached distant parts of have employed their time and attention the country, where they could not be chiefly to that matter, for these pine contradicted. They do therefore thus amonths paft: and it is with pleasure publicly afirm, That no meal, or other they reflect, that by the early and ge- grain whatever, was given by, or bought nerous contribution of some persons of from his Lordship for this purpole ; distinction, and of the citizens and in- though that Noble Lord very generously habitants; and by the advice and aflilt- contributed in money, with the other ance from time to time given them by inhabitants, for the general provision of those gentlemen in the city who are the poor of this city. dealers in grain, and without whose af

The Lord Provost and Magiftrates, fistance they could not possibly have being at the same time determined to carried their scheme into execution ; they bring to justice every person whom they have been enabled to make a comfort. Shall discover as the author of the foreable provifion for all those whose cir-faid false and injurious reports, or of cumstances intitled them to partake of writing or sending several anonymous the charity, in a more effectual manner letters, that of late have been delivered than perhaps-most other places in Bri- to them and fome gentlemen in town, tain ; and even to extend that charity and incendiary libels that have been

pa greatly beyond what was at first propo- fted up in different places of this city, fed or intended.

containing menaces and threatenings deThey have accepted of the trust, and fructive of the public peace and tranconfider the obligation upon them to quillity ; they do therefore promise a discharge it as still sublifting, while the reward of fifty pounds Sterling to any prices of grain continue as they present person who shall discover the author of ly are; and though, by the good provi- the foresaid injurious reports, or the audence of God, there is at present the thor or person who wrote ar fent the prospect of a plentiful crop, fo that the foresaid letters, or who wrote or pafted dearth matt be of a very short duration, up the foresaid incendiary libels ; They are nevertheless determined, by all be paid, upon conviction of the offender, the means in their power, to bring such by the city-treasurer of Edinburgh. fupplies to the market as must effectual. In the evening of Aug. 26. a woman, dy reduce the present prices.

decentiy dreffed, went into the house of When their bufiness is done, their a poor workman in Edinburgh, and transactions and minutes fall be open to begsed leave of the mistrels to make a


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little tea for herself and a child which again. Pray God to bless you

and your The had in her arms, " This humble re family. Your humble fervant.”. quest was readily granted. After the The child is taken into the poor-house. Atranger had drank she tea, and laid the There was a great take of herring child to sleep in a bed, the intreated the this harveft in the Forth. mistress of the house to take care of the In order to improve the quality of our infant till she should return from the cars tarred wool, the trustees for improving rier's quarters, who had some of her manufactures, &c. published premiums, cloaths. The good woman accepted in March laft, to be given for such wool the truft; but the stranger never return- of shearing 1757. No less quantity than ed. On examination, there was found three packs, each pack weighing at in the bed, tied up in a napkin, four least twelve stones, could compete. changes of shirts, caps, frocks, &c. for There were four premiums for each of the child, all in good order, and the the counties of Air, Berwick, Dumtwo letters following, both signed Mary fries, and Edinburgh: for the greatest Watfon

.--"To the Honourable Ministers quantity of best wool, or the highest and Magifirates of Edinburgh. Gentle- premium, 101.; the next, 5 1.; the third, men, I do this fore against my will; but 31.; and the fourth, or lowest

, 21.: the my husband being pressed, I have fold competition to be at the fire-towns of all that I had to maintain this child and these counties respectively, on the 28th myself, the times being bad, and my- of July laft; and each parcel compe. felf and child in a bad state of health. ting to be the property of one person, I beg your protection of this dear infant and the produce of his farm or grounds for Christ's fake; and as soon as I get in the same shire with the place of commoney from


husband, or fall into a- petition. The competitions were held ny bread, upon honour I will come and accordingly; and the gainers Dames, take him out. He is just twelve months and the quantity of wool prodaced by old. His name is James Watson. My each, were inserted in the Edinburgh necessity, Gentlemen, and your good. papers of Sept. 29. by an order of the ness, I hope, will pardon my boldness. trustees, as follows, viz. ---In Ber. I recommend him to God's care and wickshire, John Heriot tenant of Lady. yours, who shall pray for your health, kirk and Sheels, in the parish of Ladyand prosperity to the good town of E- kirk, 36 ftones, 101.; William Stevendinburgh. Gentlemen, your very hum- fon, tenant of Homebyres, in the parish ble fervant. P.S. Gentlemen, I was of Home, 55 st. 5 l. ; and William Berafraid to expose my dear child to lay it tram tenant of Cranshaws, in the parish on the freer, 'fo I took this opportunity of Cranshaws, 36 ft. 31.-In Dumto leave him in this house.". -"To friesshire, Meff. Harrison and Lazonby the Landlord or Landlady of the house. at Glendinning in Eskdale, in the parish Landlord, Forgive this trouble, and be of Westerkirk, 65 ft. 1ol.In Edin. so good as to deliver this child, and this burghshire, John Murray tenant of letter, to the Honourable Ministers or Fairniherst, in the parish of Stowe, 39 ft. Magiftrates. I have no more to gratify 10l.; and James Torance farmer of you but this shilling, which I changed; Weft Crichton, in the parish of Crichpray cake the remains, and I pray God ton, 36 it. 5 1. -No wool was produto bless you, for I can do no better lt ced for the prizes in Airshire. These is fore against my will to leave my child, are the firft premiums given on tarred but Providence has proved very cross. wool, and they are to be continued. He is a very good-natured child. Please In our autumn circuit-courts, no one take the trouble to tell any body that person was found guilty of a capital crime. gets the care of my dear child, to set a About the middle of September, drink of milk or water by the bedside, draughts from the regiments in Scotland and when he cries in the night, give failed from Greenock for Cork, in order him a little of it, and he will fall ailcep to go to America.


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