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fon to believe, that this refers to the the entertainments of the theatre, as of following melancholy, but notour facts, very hurtful tendency to the interests of That one who is a minister of the charch religion and society. Secondly, That of Scotland, did himself write and com- the aflembly do ftri&tly inquire, if the pose a stage-play, intitled, The tragedy facts above mentioned, viz. That a miof Douglas, and got it to be acted on the nister of this church has composed, and theatre at Edinburgh; and that he, with procured to be acted, on the theatre in feveral other ministers of this church, the Canongate of Edinburgh, the trawere present, and some of them oftener gedy called Douglas; and that the repre. than once, at the acting of the said play, ientation of the said tragedy was attendbefore a numerous audience: The pres- ed by him and several other ministers, bytery, deeply affected with this new and have been under the consideration of ftrange appearance, do think it their the presbyteries respectively concerned ; duty to declare, as they hereby do, that and whether these ministers, being found they agree with the Reverend preshy- guilty, have been censured as their faults tery of Edinburgh, in the sentiments pu- deserved; and to give such directions as Alished by them, with refpeét to stage. they in their wisdoms thall find necefplays; and particularly, that fuch en. [ary, that such ministers, and all others, tertainments, from what has been u. may be sensible, that the church of fually exhibited in them, and also from Scotland will never protect her members the diffolute lives (for most part) and in- in a practice so unbecoming their chafamous characters of the players, have racter, and of such pernicious tendency been looked upon by the Christian to the great interests of religion, indu. chorch, in all ages, and of all different stry, and virtue. And, lastly, That the communions, as extremely prejudicial assembly would use their bett endeavours to religion and morality, as well as hurt- to obtain such an explication and enful to the other valuable interests of hu- forcement of the act of the 17th of man society, by the wasteful expence of George II. anent the playhouse, as it money

and time they have occafioned; may not be liable to the pitiful evasions and being convinced, by long experi. by which it is now eluded." ence, a sure test of the tendency of any These remonftrances notwithstanding, action or practice, how vain it is to ex. Douglas continues to be acted, pect

such a reformation of the stage, as advertised in the Edinburgh Courant in is consistent with the ends aforesaid; which the above resolution was inferted, that therefore such entertainments should bearing to be with material alterations by be discouraged and laid aside.

And the the author. presbytery further considering, that the unprecedented countenance given the

The ensuing spring circuit-courts fit playhouse, in the inftance mentioned, is down on the days following. greatly aggravated by a late act of

The west circuit, the Lords Justice.

parliament, rendering the stage (because not Clerk and Strichen, at Glasgow, on licensed) unlawful in Scotland; and al- Friday, April 1.; at Inverary, on Frifo from the present circumstances of the day, April 8- ; and at Stirling, on Frination with regard to the war we are en- day, April 15. gaged in, the dearth of provisions, and

The north circuit, the Lords Auchinthe awful tokens of the juft anger of leck and Preftongrange, at Aberdeen, Heaven against us: They therefore here. on Saturday, April 30. ; at Inverness, by appoint and instruct such of their on Wednesday, May 11.; and at Perth, members as shall represent them in the on Saturday, May 21. ensuing general assembly of this church, The south circuit, the Lords Minto to move and infift, in

regular manner,

and Kilkerran, at Dumfries, on Thurf. That the Venerable Assembly do de- day, May 5.; at Air, on Friday, May clare, by a public act, their judgment, 13.; and at Jedburgh, on Tuesday, and that of this national church, against May 24.


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A table of the alize of BREAD.

Edinburgh, Jan: 22. 1757. Ser by the Lord Proveli and Magiftrates of Edin T Ho creobragement

of AR TS, SCIENTES burgh, Feb. 12. 1757, to be observed from and and MANUFACTURES, think it their duty to after Feb. 15. till altered by them; the weight A- acquaint the public, that the premiums proposed voirdupois, and the money Sterling. [xviii.623.] by the Society for the year 1756, have been adWhite. Wheaten. | Household

judged in the following manner. [xviii. 106.]

For the best history of the Roman, and afterPrice. Price. Price. wards of the Saxon conquests and settlements, to 9. S.

s. d.


the north of Severus's wall in Cumberland or 6 lb.

Northumberland, a gold medal of five guineas va

7.1 A loaf 4 lb.

lue, by the select society.- Nothing produced. weighing 3 lb.

For the best account of the rise and progress Ć 2 lb.

of commerce, arts, and manufactures, in North c;

Britain, with the causes promoting or retarding Weight. Weight. Weight. them, a gold medal, by the select society-- NoIt ib. oz. dr. lb. oz. dr. lb. oz. dr. thing of sufficient merit produced.

For the most reasonable scheme for maintainThreepenny loaf, 1

13 13/2 7 12 Twopenny loaf, 1

ing and employing the poor, and how far it can

3 1410 10 Penny loaf,

be executed by the laws now in force, a gold me

9 1510 13 4 Halfpenny loaf,

dal, by the select Society.-- Nothing of sufficient ojo 6 10

merit produced. On the top of each loaf are to be impressed, For the best essay on taste, a gold medal.- Not the initial letters of the baker's name ;- a let- yet determined. ter, describing the quality of the flour, viz. F, For the beft discovery in the sciences, a gold, for Finest; i, for Wheaten, or second fort; medal.- Nothing produced. and H, tor Household, or third fort; - and a fi For the best invention in arts or agriculture, gøre denoting the weight of the 6, 4, 3, and ten guineas, --- to Robert MacKail millwright at 2 lb. loaves.

Dunipace, as inventor of a machine for cleaning, The selling of five and ten penny (Scots] brcad wheat, performed by two concentric cylinders, is expressly prohibited.

podeling some advantages which are not reached by As our finest four bread is not equal in quality the machines commonly in 'use, even as improved tp the London fine, therefore the albize in that by the Jame person. particular is proportionally lower in price. To the person who shall frame the best articles,

on which a lease of lands may be extended, The above table was inserted in the whereby the ground may be laboured to the adEdinburgh papers of Feb. 15.; as was vantage of the tenant and without prejudice likewise a paragraph, bearing, that junior, of Swinton, E.fq

; Advocate.

to the master, a gold medel, - to John Swinton the incorporation of baxters dissented

For the greatest number of useful experiments from it, judging themselves lesed, and in agriculture, five guineas, given by her Grace their manufacture of fine bread discre. Henrietta Duchess-dowager of Gordon.- No. dited thereby, which they aver is equal thing of fufficient merit produced. to any in G. Britain.”—This is further different natures, a filver medal.-- Nothing of

For the best dissertation on soils, and their agerted in a letter in the Edinburgh sufficient merit produced. Weekly Journal of the 17th, figned Ca. For the beit differtation on the nature and oLEDONIA, in these words. “The Edin. peration of manures, a silver medal. Nothing burgh fine bread is inferior to none in of sufficient merit produced. Eorope in quality; and much more variety of marls, and other natural manures,

To the person who shall produce the greateft wholesome than that of London. For with a short account of the places where they it is the general practice of the bakers are found, and the uses to which they are ap. in London, to put large quantities of plied, a silver medal, --- to Mr John IV alker at alom in their fine bread, which goes by Borgue, near Kirkcudbriglit. the name of the doctor, on purpose to dal.- Nothing produced.

For the best differtation on tillage, e silver mewhiten it. The bad effects of which we

To the farmer who shall keep the best covershall not pretend to judge of; but this ing Stallion for draught, not under fourteen we know, that the Edinburgh bread will hands and an half high, ten guineas,-- to Wil. keep ten or twelve days good, whereas liam Gun, farmer at Hope-park. the London bread will not keep above

For the best model of a plough, five guineas,

or a gold medal.- No model of sufficient merit two days without moulding.".

produced. VOL. XIX,


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To the farmer who shall plant the greatest To the gatherer of the greatest quantity of number of timber trees, oak, beech, alh, or elm, superfine rags, of muslin, cambric, lawn, and in hedge-rows, round inclosures, at proper dift- finest linen, not under ten stone weight, worth ances, not under one thousand, before December five shillings per stone and upwards, two guineas. 1756, ten pounds Sterling,to Alexander Baxter No rags of this fort produced. farmer at ivoodhead in the parish of Borrowftcun To the gatherer of the greatest quantity of fine ness.

rags, comprehending linen, cotton, mulin, Go. Second ditto, not under five hundred, five not under thirty stone weight, worth from three pounds Sterling -- " Alexander Walker, farmer to five fhillings per stone, one guinea.- No rags at Auchwerie in the parish of Dunnoter and county of this fort produced. of Kincardine.

To the gatherer of the greatest quantity of For the greatest quantity of madder, not un- rags, comprehending all sorts

of linen; tweeling, der ten pound weight, dresled and cured for the bc that have passed through the process of market,' three pounds Sterling10 Archibald bleaching, and blue checks, worth from fourteen Malcolm furgeon in Dalkeith.

pence to fix pence per stone, not a less quantity For raising and caring the greatest quantity of than thirty lone weight, one guinea- to Jean woad, not under fifty pound weight, three pounds Christie. Sterling,

to Robert M'Ewen dyster in Nungate For the greatest quantity of best post paper, of Haddington.

not under six reams, a silver medal, - to William To the farmer who shall save and dress the Annandale at Auchindinny. greatest quantity of well-ripened red clover seed, For the greatest quantity of best pro patria not under sixty pound weight, two guineas.- No- paper, not under six reams, a silver medal, ta zhing produced.

William Annandale at Auchindinny. To the farmer who shall save and dress the For the greatest quantity of best printing pagreatest quantity of ryegrass-seed, not under per, not under fix rcams, a silver medal, - to twenty bolls

, two guineas, to Alexander Reid 'Edward Collins, Glasgow. farmer at Hattonmains.

For the best printed and must corre at book, To the farmer who shall feed, and sell to but in the Roman character, a silver medal,--to Mef chers, the greatest number of calves, not under Robert & Andrew Foulis, printers in Glasgow. eight, each calf being six weeks old at least, four -The book for which the premium was given pounds Sterling -to Anne Wade tenant near Yefler. is an edition of Horace, well executed in all res

To the farmer who shall produce the greatest spects. quantity of best falt butter in firkins, not under For the best printed Greek book, a silver meone hundred weight, four pounds Sterling, to dal,- to jaid Mej. Robert & Andrew Foulis, fchn Murray tenant at Middlethird in the county for an edition of Homer, in folio; @ work ren of Berwick.

markable for correctness, and elegance of the type. To the farmer who shall produce the greatest For the best drawing of powers, from prints, quantity of best cow-milk cheese, not under one paintings, or drawings, by boys or girls under hundred weight, three pounds Sterling, to Alex- Afteen years of age, three guineas.- No drawing ander Marjorybanks in Stanerigg.

of jufficient merit produced. For the next greatest quantity of ditto, two For the best drawing of fruits or flowers from pounds Sterling, to Charles Dalrymple, Esq; of O- nature, by boys, or girls under fifteen years of Tangefield.

of age, five guineas. - No drawings of fufficient N. B. It appeared that Mr Dalrmyple rents merit produced. lands of others.

For the best landscapes from pi&tures or drawTo the person who shall communicate a re- ings, by boys or girls under eighteen years of ceipt for making original yest, a silver medal. age, three guineas -- to Thomas Donaldson in ENot determined.

dinburgh. For the best hogshead of strong ale, brewed For the neatest and best drawing from picture, by public brewers, a silver cup,--to Bartholomew print, or drawing, wherein the Doric, lonic, or Com Bell brewer in Edinhurgh.

rinthian orders, with their proper ornaments, are For the next best ditto, a silver medal. introduced, by boys or girls under eighteen years

N. B. The next best trong ale belonged of age, four guineas.--- No drawings of sufficient also to Bartholomew Bell; but the premium merit produced. was not adjudged to him, as, by the rules of For the best drawing from any busto, ftatue, the society, no person can receive a premium or bas relieve, by boys or girls under twenty years for two articles of the same kind.

of age, a five.guinea piece of William and Mary, For the best hogshead of porter, a silver cup, given by Lt-Col. Oughton,- to Richard Cooto Archibald Campbell brewer in Edinburgh.

per junior in Edinburgh. For the next beft ditto, a filver medal.- No N. B. Some drawings were produced which premium claimed.

did not come exactly under thc defcription The fociety has the satisfaction to acquaint contained in the society's articles; but as these the public, that the samples of strong ale pro drawings were found to have great merit, the duced were generally very good, and the porter much better than last year,

boys by whom they were produced, received the following premiums from the society, viz

fobn Donaldson, for a drawing after a busto of dal, - to Robert Moodie and company, Glasgow. Horace, four guineas; James Macleod, for a For the best half-dozen coarfe blankets, in imidrawing after a bas relieve, four guineas; tation of English blankets, not under one and a half George Willison, for drawing from a picture, nor above two yards broad, and from two to two four guineas.

and a half yards long, a silver medal,—to Archi. The fociety has the pleasure of informing bald & George Pitcairns, merchants in Edinburgh. the public, that the progress made in several For the best nine pieces of shalloon, each piece branches of drawing lince last year is very to consist of thirty yards, to be dressed and finished considerable.

off in the English manner, three of the pieces to For the best piece of printed cotton or linen be black, three to be blue, and three cloth cocloch, not under twenty-eight yards, a silver me- loured, three guineas,- to William Christie at Stirdal, to James Reid at Gorgie.

ling For the greatest quantity of best sealing wax, For the three pieces of shalloon, best whitened, not under six pound weight, a silver medal,-- to dressed, and finished, in the English manner, each William Waterston in Edinburgh.

piece to consist of thirty yards, three guincas,-to For the greatest quantity of best sealing wafers, the fame William Christie. not under six pound weight, a lilver medal, - to For the next best ditto, two guineas, - to Anthe same William Waterston.

drew Ranken dyster in Edinburgh. For the whitest, best, and finest lace, com For the best ten pieces of plain fustian, five monly called Hamilton lace, and of the best pat- white, and five coloured, each piece to consist tern, not under two yards in length, and not of twenty yards, dressed and lapped after the under three inches in breadth, two guineas, to Manchelter manner, four guineas -- to Miss Jean Forrest, one of the orphans educated at the Christian Gardiner at Paisley. expence of her Grace the Duchess of Hamilton. For the six best pieces of linen, not under

For the best imitation of Dresden work on a twenty yards each, best dyed, glased, and drerpair of mens

, five guineas,, or 4 gold medal, fed for lining of hats

, three pound Sterling - to to Miss Jean Thompson, Edinburgh. William Wemyss at Bonnyhaugh.

For dying the best worsted in shades, of scar For the best dozen of hats, four guineas, - to let, crimson, purple, blue, green, and hair co- Thomas Buchanan junior and company, at Glasgowa lours, (four colours at least to be in each shade, N. B. These gentlemen appointed the preand a pound at least in each colour), three pounds mium adjudged to them, to be applied as a Sterling.– Nothing produced.

premium for the best dozen of felt hats for Nexi belt ditto, iwo pounds Sterling. Nothing the year 1757

For the best dozen of felt hats, three guineas, For the best tent-stitch or petit-point in wor to Robert Nichols at Beaverhall. Ited shades, for the back and bottom of a chair, For the greatest number of straw hats, not unfive guineas, or a gold medal,- to Mrs Ramsay, der a dozen, two guineas.- None produced. wife of Mr Andrew Ramsay at Dyfart.

For the next ditto, one guinea.- None produceda For the best imitation of Turkey carpet, as to For the greatest quantity of best and clearest colour, pattern, and workmanship, of at least glue, not under fifty pound weight, three pounds two yards long and one and a half broad, five Sterling, - 10 Adam Frier of Innernethy, merchant guineas, given by Miss Jenny Dalrymple.-- None in Perth. produced.

For the second ditto, two pounds Sterling-10 For the best carpet all of wool, of the best Crichton Profit, at Coltbridge, near Edinburgh. damaík figure, best colour and border, four gui For the third ditto, one pound Sterling,--to neas,--to William Gilchrist and company, in the James Mitchell in Kilmarnock. wollen manufactory, Kilmarnock.

The society has the satisfaction of acquaintFor the best imitation of Wilton carpets, ma ing the public, that all the glue given in, king at least twenty square yards, to be divided was extremely good. into any number of carpets, four guineas.- None For the greatest quantity of best buckram, produced.

not under fix pieces, of twenty-four yards each, For the best carpet of that kind called the three pounds Sterling, -to William Wemyss at Scots carpet, making forty-eight square yards, to Bonnyhaugh. be divided into any number of carpets, the firm For the second ditto, two pounds Sterling - to est and best made, best figure, best colour, and James Mitchel in Kilmarnock. border, five guineas -- to the Hawick carpet For the greatest quantity of baked hair for upmanufa&tory.

holsterers, not under fifty pound weight, the For the next best ditto, four guineas--to Da- strongest, cleanest, and best curled, two guineas, vid Hunter and company al Kilmarnock. - to Robert Gilmour ropemaker in Edinburgh.

For the fix best pieces of livery-lace, as to For the best twelve gross of mohair buttons work and pattern, two guineas10 Patrick for cloaths, one guinea.- None produced. Bowie merchant in Edinburgh.

For the greatest quantity of best crown foap, For the best half-dozen of blankets, in imi- not under one hundred weight, a silver medal. tation of Englilh blankets, not under three yards None produced. long, by two and a half yards broad, a silver me For the greatest quantity of befę white coap,



not under one hundred weight, a silver medal, - to Captures, &c. continued from vol. xviii. p. 627. Gardiner and Heriot in company, soapboilers in E

By British men of war,

&c. dinburgh. Be a quantity of white foap produced Bethe Unicorn, Cape

. Edwards : Thé ciEdinburgh, was by the judges thought as good riage-guns and 102 men, carried into Kinsale.

By the Hunter Noop, Capt. Cockburn : A as the above ; but the premium was adjudged to Gardiner & Heriot, because they had made brig from St Domingo, sent into Bristol; and the

Neptune of Amsterdam, from Bourdeaux for the greater quantity:

Morlaix, carried into Plymouth.
For the best dressed and glased kid gloves for

By the Leostoff: The Greyhound, from St women, not under half a dozen pairs, two gui. Domingo for Bourdeaux, carried into Plymouth. neas,- to James Thomson, glover in Edinburgh. For the best two bread-baskets, made of wil. Valencia, with bale-goods, carried into Gibraltar.

By the Chesterfield: A ship from Marleilles for lows of the growth of Scotland, one guinea, -- to William Young, garderer at Roidenraw near Hade for the West Indies, carried into Gibraltar.

By the Ambuscade: A ship from Marseilles dington.

By the Rye, Capt. Fullet: A large French ship, For the two best cradles, made of willows of

carried into Jamaica. the growth of Scotland, one guinea, to Andrew

By the Monmouth: The Rackow, from Cay.
Tough in Edinburgh.
To the person who shall manufacture the privateer of Bayonne, of 10 carriage-guns and 95

en for Rochelle, with sugar and coffee ; and a greatest number of hoops, made of willows or

men; the former carried into Plymouth. laughs of the growth of Scotland, to be proved

By the Lyme : The Bellona, from St Doto the satisfaction of the society, one guinea.- mingo for Nantz, carried into Plymouth. None produced

By the Jersey: The Virgin de la Miseracordia, Toʻthe person who shall cure the greatest from Smyrna, sent into Messina ; and the Mary number of smoky chimneys, to be proved to Magdelane, from Scanderoon, sent into Malta. the fatisfaction of the society, a silver medal, to Alexander Carmichael mason in Edinburgh.

By the Seahorse: A ship from St Domingo,

carried into Lisbon. Contributions and subscriptions to the society's By the Bristol: A rich French Tip from funds, are received by Mr Adam Fairholm Cape St François for France, with the governor banker, their treasurer; and subscription-pa- of St Domingo and his family on board, carried pers are lodged in the Mops of Meff. Hamilton into Barbadoes. and Kincaid booksellers, Meff. John Clerk, By the Dispatch Doop: The William and James Callendar, and Alexander Bruce, mer- Alice, Sleight, from Hull for Viana ; and the chants in Edinburg), and in the clerk's of- Charming Molly, Walker, from New York for fice of every county and royal borough in Amsterdam; both retaken; brought into the Scotland.

Downs. P. S. Edinburgh, Feb. 10. 1757. The E By the Seaford : The Neptune of Bridgewater, DINBURGH SOCIETY taking under from Malaga for Plymouth, retaken, carried into their consideration the present scarcity of grain, Plymouth. and the distress to which the poor may be reduced By the Otter Noop, Capt. Harrison : The Tye before the return of next harvest; and being de- ger privateer of Biddeford, retaken; the French sirous, for this year, to give fome encouragement privateer that took the Tyger ; a war-loop of to the culture of POTATOES, which they know, 12 guns six-pounders and 135 men, with profrom experience, may be brought to market more visions, arms, and bale-goods, on the King's acearly than any kind of grain : they therefore count, for Misfilippi; the Jeune Mars, from propose the following premiums, and have or Nanız for Martinico; and a ship from St Dodered the same to be immediately published, to mingo, of 400 tuns; all taken; carried into the end that farmers and others may lose no different ports in England. time in preparing their grounds, viz.

By whom taken not mentioned: The Queen To the farmer or person who shall, this year, retaken, carried into Malaga.

of Naples, from Gallipoly for London, with oil; bring most early to any market in Scotland, the greatest quantity of potatoes, ten pounds Serling.

By privateers, &c. To the next greatest quantity, six pounds Ster By the Antigallican, Foster: A rich French ling.

East-India ship, of 1400 tuns, said to be worth To the third ditto, four pounds Sterling. 300,000 l. taken off Corunnah, afrer a smart en

The least quantity for which any person may gagement. claim any of the above premiums, to be fifty By the Defiance, Dyer : The Jupiter, of 400 bolls : and this or any greater quantity produced, tuns, 10 fix-pounders, and 75 men, from the may be exposed to sale at different times; but coast of Guiney and St Domingo, with fur, elethe whole must be of this year's growth, and be phants teeth, gold-duft, indico, Gr. said to be brought to market and exposed to sale on or worth 30,000 l.; and a Dutch ship from Rotbefore the 20th August next.

terdam for Bourdeaux; both carried into Fal. The facts relating to the above, to be proved mouth. to the satisfaction of the society,


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