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Gabriel, from Cape François for Bourdeaux, car The Expedition packet; Barton, from London, ried into Virginia.

for the East Indies, taken Sept. 23. fent into By the Contiantine: A French East-India ship, Vigo. The packet was thrown overboard. The of 1000 tuns and 36 guns, in ballast, from Vigo Adventure, Pollard, from Falmouth for the for Nantz, carried into Kinsale.

Streights, and the , Cardax, from St Ubes By the Duke William's prize, Watson: A for Corke, are also carried into Vigo. French shallop privateer, of 2 four-pounders, 10 The Olive Branch, Goodman, from the Haswivels, and 27 men, carried into Dover. vannah for Jamaica, carried into New Orleans.

By the Charming Nancy of Jersey : La Mar The Charming Betsey, and the Florence for quise de Sala, a privateer of Bayonne, of 16 car- London, and the Catherine, for Bristol, all from riage-guns and 123 men, fent into Falmouth. Jamaica; carried into Port Prinee.

By the Ranger: The Nostra Signora de Car The Prince of Wales, Lewis, from Bristol for mo, of St Sebastian's, with rosin, fent into Cove; Jamaica; and the Dolphin, Dumonte, from New a brigantine from Martinico, and a ship from England for Antigua; both carried into Martinico. Nantz for Morlaix, both lent into Bristol. The Prince of Wales, in her passage, off Anti

By the St George: I be Expedition, a Dutch gua, beat off three privateers, one of 10, anoMhip, from Rotterdam for Malaga, fent into Bri- cher of 12, and the third of 16 guns, with whom fol. She also took another hip, of 400 tuns, me engaged for three hours. After which two from the Streights for Havre de-Grace; and also French frigates came up, and made prize of her. two Latch thips, the one carried into Bristol, the The, Macculloch, from belfalt for New other into Combe.

York, carried into Bayonne. By the Britannia: A large French ship from The Dolly, Anthony, from London for FalMarseilles for Hamburg, carried into Kingroad. mouth ; and the Polly, White, from Boston; both

By the Eagle and Britannia : The Old George, carried into Cadiz. Turner, from Marseilles for Hamburg, with The Redhead, Couch, from Piscataqua for currants, carried into Bristol.

Antigua, carried into Guardaloupe. By the Tartar: A Thip from Corke for Bour The Charming Betty, Carter, from North Cadeaux, sent into Bristol; and an outward-bound rolina for Bristol, carried into Fyal. St Domingo fhip, fent into Baltimore.

The Friend's Goodwill, from Plymouth, carBy the City of Corke: A French ship of about ried into Cherburg. 450 tuns, 18 carriage-guns, outward bound, va The Thistle of Leith, Murray, from Virginia lued at 12,000 l.carried into Cove; and a Dutch for Leith, with tobacco, taken Sept. 27. off St Kil. hip from Bayonne for St Domingo.

da, after a fight of a full hour, sent to Norway. By the Bellona: A Spaniso brigantine, with Taken, but ranfomed: The Ruby, Smith, East India goods, for France, fent into Milford. from Dublin for Petersburg, for 210 guineas.

By the Royal Duke William of Dover : The Taken, but whither carried not mentioned: City of Bergen, Lax, from Leghorn for Oftend,' The Juno, Lesley, from Georgia for London ; brought into the Thames.

the Mary privateer of New York, Pell; the By the ; Mumford: A French Schooner -Kelly, from Rotterdam for Dublin; and from Martinico fur Louisburg, sent into New four loaded colliers, for Holland, taken east of London.

Leostoffe, Oct. 21. The Europa, Eurford, by the 3d of July, then of Rhodes, had taken eight prizes, most of

M A R RI A G E S. which being imall, he had ranfomed them.

[Enry Grenville, Efq; brother to the by whom taken not mentioned : The Young Anne, from Bourdeaux for Martinico, carried Banks, lister to William Banks of Revelly, Lininto the Leeward islands; the Miller of Mansfield, colníhire, Efq; Smith, from the Forth for Campvere, fent into Sir William Burnalsy, Commander of the JerDover; the anne cutter, Keays, fent into Guern. sey man of war, to miss Oitley, of Bedford row, Tey; the Martha and Anne, Hays, from Rye for London. Southampton; and the Earl of Loudon privateer 19. Thomas Forbes of Tilliefnaught, Efq; to of New York, carried into Jamaica; the four Miss Christian Cuming, eldett daughter of George jaft retaken.

Cuming of Pittully, Ef;
Captures, &c. ly the French.

B IR THE Prince William, Hindman; from Corke Sept. 25. At Drefden, the Princess-Royal of for St Kitts, carried into Morlaix.

Poland, delivered of a princess, baptized MariaThe Isabella Maria, Couzes, from Philadel. Amelia- Anna-josephina- Antonietta. phia for Jamaica; the F end nip, Gowan, from 017.9. At Versailles, the Dauphiness of France, Boston for St Kitts; and he Success. Catterwoes, of a prince, styled Court d'Artois. from Liverpool for Jamaica; al carried into li 9. At the Earl's fcat near Maidenhead, the spaniola.

Countess of Powis, of a daughter. The Titto of roole, aus, fom Newinnd 22. At London, the Lady of Lord Romney, land for Alicant; and the Reid, from the of a lon. centia for Newfoundland; both carried into Cars 28. At Eattersea, the wisc of jibn Burrih, a thagena,


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gardener, of four children. She was delivered of for the recovery of his health, Heary Forbes, Esq; three children about ten months before.

merchant in Barbadoes.

24. At Newcastle, aged 104, Anne Dobson. D. A

She could eat a hearty meal till within two days At Jamaica, Capt. Ambrose Creamer, Com- of her death, and enjoyed all her sensitive faculmander of the Hornet loop.

ties to the last. Sept. 25. At Montpellier, in France, aged 58, 27. At Canongate, Edinburgh, in an advanthe Duke de Mirepoix, late ambassador from ced age, Lord John Drummond, commonly callFrance at London.

ed Duke of Perth. . He was son of James Earl 26. At Rothsay, in Bute, aged 107, Neil of Perth, who was Chancellor of Scotland in the Maccloie, alias Fullarton. He appeared to be reign of K. James VII, and who was created in ordinary health that morning, and died sud- Duke of Perth by that prince, about the time denly after eating his breastfast as usual. He re- when, or soon after he retired from Britain. But tained his judgment, and the use of all his senses, the patent never passed the seals. The deceased to the latt; and was going about his business to was uncle to Duke James, who died in his parthe day of his death.

sage to France in 1746 (viii. 283.], and to Lord 28. At Marbury-hall, Cheshire, Arthur Chi- John, who took the titles after the death of chester, Earl of Donegal, an Irish Peer. His James, and died of a fever before Bergen-opLordship is succeeded in title and estate, by John zoom, during the sicge of that town in 1747, beChichester, Esq; a minor, son to the deceased's ing then a brigadier-general in the French service. younger brother.

As the deceased left no issue, Lord Edward Drum. 28. At Bellay.castle, Northumberland, Sirmond, his younger brother, who lives in France, William Middleton, member for that county: is now the representative of this family. He attended the Duke of Cumberland to Scotland 30. At his seat at Nacion, Suffuik, Edward in 1746, and was present at the battle of Culloden. Vernon, Efq; member for Ipswich. With fix

29. At Salisbury, the Lady-dowager Arundel ships of war under his command he took Portoof Wardour, daughter of William Earl of Powis. Bello in 1739, for which he received the thanks [x. 153.]

of both houses of parliament (ii. 117. 534.]. He 084. 3, At Aberdeen, in the 19th year of his commanded the Aeet in the expedition against age, Mr Robert Gordon, second son of Dr James Cartagena in 1741 [iii. 225, 74.). In the beginGordon of Pitlurg, deceased.

ning of 1745 he was promoted from the rank of 8. At London, Lady-Viscountess-dowager Gage. a Vice-Admiral to that of an Admiral, and in

9. At Hildburghausen, in Germany, aged 24, the end of that year had the command of a squathe Duchess of Saxe Hildburghausen, wife of the dron stationed to oppose an invasion threatened present Duke. She had been delivered, a few from France (vii. 198. 584.). But in the begindays before, of a princess, who was baptized Fre- ning of 1746 the command was taken from him derica-Sophia-Maria-Carolina.

[viii. 48.), and he was never employed after. io. At Nunraw, Haddingtonshire, Mrs Mar Mr John Wilkinson, late minister of the Savoy, garet Cuningham, wife of Major James Dalrym- on his paslage to America. He was banihed for ple of Nunraw.

celebrating marriages contrary, to the marriage13. At Edinburgh, Signior Nicolo Pasquali, act. He is the second clergyman that has fallen Master of Music in that city. .

a sacrifice to that act. (xviii. 359.) 17. At Vauxhall, aged 104, Mrs Hill.

P. S. Nov. 3. At Cloberhill, Hew Spreull 17. At Gorgie, near Edinburgh, in the gift Crawfurd of Coudon, Efq; year of her age, Margaret Heriot, relict of Mr James Smyth turgeon in Haddington, and grand P R E F E R M E N T S. niece to George Heriot jeweller to K. James VI. founder of the hospital in Edinburgh that bears

Taken from the London Gazette. his name.

The King has been pleased,
At Kendall, Lancashire, aged 100, James Wil 08. 11-to grant unto William Warburton,
fon. About four years ago, Thomas Coward D.D. one of his Majesty's Chaplains in ordinary,
died near that place, aged 114; and there is now the deanery of Bristol, void by the death of Dr
living there Robert Friers, aged 103.

Thomas Chamberlayne.
Ai London, Capt. James Drysdale, late of the 18.-to promote John Cradock, D. D. to the
Welch fusilecrs.

bishoprick of Kilmore in Ireland, in the room of
20. Dr Nathaniel Foster, preacher at the Rolls Dr John Storey, deceased.
chapel. He was editor of a fine edition of the 29.-to appoint Sir John Ligonier to be Com-
Hebrew Bible without points, and of some select mander in Chief of all his Majesty's land-forces in
dialogues of Plato.

G. Britain, (in the room of his R. Highness the 21. At his feat near Halesowen, Shrophire, Duke]. Ferdinando Dudley Lea, Lord Dudley, third - to grant unto George Smith, of the town Baron of England. His Lordship dying a bache- and county of the town of Nottingham, and of lor, his ancient title is in abeyance among his East Stoke in the said county, Esq; and to his filters.

heirs-male, the dignity of a Baronet of G. Bri24. At Bristol, where he had resided some time tain.


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· P.S. Nov, 1:--to appoint the following gen-, Mr James Buchanan, Professor of Oriental elemen officers of marines.

Languages in the university of Glasgow, in the Comp.

room of 204. Fred. Thomas Smith,

Mr John Anderson, Profeffor of Natural Phi66. Joshua Sabine,


lofopby in that university, in the room of Dr Ro3:26. Harrie Innes,

bert Dick, deceased. 62. William Bowler,

Commanders of men of war : Capt. Rowley, 95. John Chambers, First Lieutenants. fof the Harwich), of the Montague, a new ship, 3. Thomas Wells,

of 60 gans; Capt. Marsh, (of the Shoreham), of 205. Edward Gregg,

the Harwich, of so guns ; Capt. Hyde Parker, 32. Sneyd,

of the Brilliant, a new fir ship, of 36 guns; Capt. 45. Henry John Bull,

Clements, of the Adtean, another new fir fhip; 21. Ralph Barker,

Second Lieutenants..

Capt. John Falkingham, of the Trial floop; and 68. Henry Ogilvie,

Licut. Archibald Millar, of the London foop. 70. David Ogilvie,

Officers to the Duke of Bedford, Lord Lieute81. James Hay,

nant of Ireland: Richard Rigby, Efq; Principal 74. Abraham Wotton,

Secretary, sworn also of the Privy Council;-Dr Taken from other papers, &c.

John Cradock, (lince made a Bishop), and Ds

Thomas Salmon, Chaplains in ordinary;-Lt-Col. Sir Edmund Thomas, and Samuel Martin, Esa; James Gilborne, Maj. John Rutter, Capts Berlate Secretary to the Treafury, Joint Treasurers pard Hale, David Lindsay, and Edward Stopto the Princess-dowager of Wales, in the room of ford, and Lieuts Lord Newbattle and Henry So Sir George Lec, who has refigned.

John, Aids de Camp.

METEOROLOGICAL JOURNALş of the WEATHER. [452.] In Ludgate street, London, by Ja. Ayscough.

Near Carlisle in Cumberland. Baro

Baro meter Wind. WEATHER.

meter Wind. WEATHER,



fair all day

fair day

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23 30,235852
NE fair day


E 2430,6 15652

NW cloudy, and sm. ta. aft. 2429,86 19 N 25 30,7 1052

N morn. fm. ra. fair aft. 2529,80152 W kome drops at so morning 2030,5 154150 NW morn. fair, cloudy aft. 2629,83147

N Hair all day 27 30,2815551 NE

27 29,95 571

N ditto 28 30,42 5348 NE ditto



w (mall ram at 1 and 3 mors. 2930,27|55148 SW ditte

2929,85541 W fair all day 3030,48 5451 NW cloudy day

30129,80451 W ditto 0

0. 130,2015347 NE fair all day


W ditto 230,17 5248 NE ditto

229,80 391

W Jditte 3130,2215046 NE ditto

3 29,9047

N ditto 430,291491441 SE ditto

429,751341 SE ditto $130,78151441


m. fair, ra. & clo.aft. 5 29,20 49 SE rainy evening 629,40 541501 NW morn. rain, fair aft.

29,3047 SW fair all day 729,5715549 SW ditto

7|29,1055 Sw morning rain 829,66 52481 SW rainy day, fair even. 8|29,25 40 SW rain from 1 till four aft. 929,74 521491 SW

9|29,350 S

fair all day 3029,56 52150 NE / ditto

1029,4036 rain between 2 and 5 aft. 11f39,6150/50 NE ditto

11|29,70401 S

come small rain at noon 1230,16150421 NE morn. foggy, fair aft. 1229,7540


fair day, foggy evening 1330,9 152153 NE m. rain, lupfh. aft.

13129,30 49 SE 5430,3548151


morn. fogsy, fair day 1429,90 441 S some drops at noon 1530,2714354 SW ditto



rain from is m. till night 10130,1714951 SW mor. fm. rain, fair aft. 1629,75153 W morning cloudy, fair ati. 7730,3015451 NE fair day

37 29,90501 Se fair all day 1830,46,4914 41 NE ditto



E ditto 19130,51|5145 NE ditto

1930,10154 N

ditto 2030,39151441 NE ditro

2030,1230 S £ ditto 21130,3450 45 NE ditto

21 29,9516 dicto 22130,225047 NE cloudy day, fair even, 22 29,9030 ditto 23130,8 140451 N W

23-9,627 S moro. fair, after. cloudy

fair all day

fair all day

fair day


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12 S.
2 S.

2 S. OS. OS.


8 s.

61. 68



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S. 10 20



London, Nov. 3. Bank stock 119. India 139 Edinburgh, Nov. 15. Oat-meal 11 d. Peale i half. South Sea 104. Ditto new anpuities, itt meal 7 d. halfpenny. Bear-meal 8 d. fubscr. 90 3 8ths a 1 balf, ad subscr. 90 3 8ths. According to a letter from Montrose, of

o&. 29. oat-meal was then fold there at 7 pence The London bill from Sept. 26. to Of. 25. halfpenny the peck, bear-meal at 4 pence half Males

589) Christened

penny, and beef at five farthings the pound. Females


503 Males 697

Haddington Prices, Nov. 4.

735 S

Best. Second. Third.


01. oso The Edinburgh bill of burials for October 1757. Bear,


71. 165 Within the Males 30


city Fem. 29

Pease, 81.


61. 28 In the West- S Males 2 DISEASES.N.

Increased this month 27. Aged

Adhma 5

No. Chincough

"HE Family-Bible; or, The Old and New Under r2

Dropsy I practical observations. By S. Smith, D. D. Ja 5 &

19 Fever 17 numbers, at 6 d. each. To be comprised in 65
6 Small-pox 3

numbers. H. Owen.

A confession of faith, written by Francis Best
40 7 Suddenly 2 con, Lord Verulam. 6d. Owen.
50 4 Swelling

A dissertation on Jacob's prophecy. Withers. 50

60 4 Teething 16 A discourse relating to the present times. By 60 70

Tho. Thompson, A. M. 6 d. Oliver. -70 & 80

Hints for religious conversation. By Mr Ri

chards. 64. Rivington. The Edinburgh affize of BREAD. [496.]

The covenant of grace explained. By Jokio After 08. 24. till altered. Set 07. 20.

Taylor, D. D. I S. Waugh.
White. Wheaten. ¡Household

Moses brought to the teft. A conteft between

the law and the gospel. 6d. Lewis. Price. Price. Price.

SERMON So di q. so do 4. s. d. q. Twenty. By Thomas White, M. A. Long 3 lb. 0 3 3 0 2 3

man. A loaf Ib.

3 3 3

At Newcastle, before the governors of the inlb. 9

6d. Dodfley. 7 5 2 firmary. By R. Lowth, D. D.

On occafion of the death of Mr Timothy Weight. Weight. Weight.

Jollie. By David Jennings, D.'D. 6d. Buckland. 1b. oz. dr. lb. oz. dr.lib. oz. dr. Before the election of a Lord Mayor, Sept. 29Halfpenny loaf, o

0 6 Toto 8 13

1757. By James Hallifax, M. A. 6d. Bio Penny loaf, O II 0 o 13 4 (II 10


The crisis; or, The uncertain doom of kingTwopenny loaf, I 6 I I 10 8 2 3 4

doms at particular times: Considered with respocz Threepenny loaf, 2 II 2 7 12 13 4 14

to G. Britain and her colonies. A fermon preached N. B. By an advertisement in the Edinburgh in Hanover, Virginia, Oct. 28. 1756. By S. papers of Oct. 22. the magistrates allow s Ib. Davis, M. A. 64. Buckland. loaves to be baked of the second four, and cold

POLITIC S. for 6 d. while this table continues in force.

A genuine account of the late expedition to the

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Mark-lane, 50 to 60 s. quar. 20 to 27 s. gr. 19 to 20 s. 6 d. gr. 23 to 30 s.
Basingstoke, 121. 12 s. load. | 25 to 28 s. 21 to 26 s.

32 to 34 S.
Reading 131. 10 s. 26 to 29 s. 22 to 27 S.

29 to 36 s.
11 S. 25 to 30 $.

18 to 28 s.

37 to 59 s.
20 to 305. 19 to 22 s.

24 to 35 s.
Guildford, 12 l. 10 s. 19 to 23 s. 16 to 19 s. 68.

24 to 34 s.
Warminster, 42 to Sis. quar.

26 to 305.
18 to 23 s.

27 to 30 s.
50 to 60 s.
22 to 30 s. 17 to 24 S.

20 to 32 s.
Gloucester, 8 s. od, bush.

2 s. 4 d. to 3 s. Birmingham. 85

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I S.

I S.


I S.

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S. Vol.xix, coast of France. By a voluntier in the expedi New regulations for the Prussian infantry. 6s. tion. I s. Griffiths. [497.)

fewed. Rivington and Fletcher. An appeal to the nation ; being a vindication A congratulatory letter from Adm. Byng in the of the gentlemen employed in the conduct of the shades, to a certain gentleman, in hieroglyphic late expedition. Is. 5. Cooke.

characters. Occasioned by his happy escape in A letter to the people of England, upon the the late expedition. 6d. J. Cooke. militia, continental connections, neutralities, and An extract from the journal and authentic pa. sucret expeditions. IS. Scott.

pers of Capt. William Foster, of the Antigallican A letter from an officer in the army, to the privateer. people of G. Britain, relative to the late secret The moral miscellany. 3s. Griffiths. expedition. 15. Staples.

POETRY and ENTERTAINMENT. A letter to the officers of the British navy. Is. The day of judgment. A poetical efflay. By Griffiths.

R. Glynn, M. D. W bifton. A letter to the gentlemen of the army.

Virtue the source of pleasure. A poem. 3 s. Griffiths.

6d. Buckland. A letter to the admirals of G. Britain. Melpomene; or, The regions of terror and Griffiths.

pity. An ode. Od. Cooper. The British alarmer. 6d. Taylor.

The complete songster.' is. Staples. The prosperity of Britain proved from the de A collection of new songs. 60. Pottinger. generacy of its people. A letter to the Rev. Dr A collection of odes. By G. Pooke. 410. IS. Browne, on his estimate of manners. I s. Bald- Cooper. win.

The rape of the vineyard; or, Mock heroic A letter from the ghost of Mr S -t, to his stanzas on the mock heroic expedition. 8d. friend, 6 d.

Cooke. The political free-thinker, No 1. To be cou An ode on the late expedition. od. Cooke. tinued every Saturday. 4d. Cooke.

The secret expedition : A farce, of two acts. MISCELLANEOUS.

6 d. Scott. The military bistory of G. Britain for 1756 The humours of the Old Bailey; or, Justice and 1757. 35. Millan.

shaking her sides: A collection of merry and diBainville's travels through Holland, Germany, verting trials. 1 s. 6 d. Dawe. Switzerland, and Italy. 3 vols 4to. Noon.

The history of Madam Cronel. is. 6 d. Dawe. A full answer to a pamphlet, intitled, A letter The history of two modern adventurers. 2.vols. to Lord By, on his defence of Minorca. is. 6 s. Staples. Reeve. [464.]

The Sedan. A novel. 2 vols 1 2mo. 6 s. A treatise on decimal arithmetic. By R. Baldwin. Gadesby: 4s. Millar. Account of the hard hips and sufferings of the

E DIN BURG H. crew of the Terrible privateer, whilst prisoners in The patriot; or, A call to glory: A poem. France. 6d. Towers. [494]

In two books. By the author of the Prayer. 1 s. Letter from Sir Wm ► deputy-lieutenant Yair G Fleming. for the county of to his tenants and The first four books of Julius Cafar's comneighbours. 4d. Cooper,

mentaries of his wars in Gaul, With an English A dissertation, proving that St John has pre- literal translation. By John Mair, A. M. Edit. 2. di£ted the revolution effected by the Prince of O. I s. 3 d. Sands, and Kincaid Ó Donaldson. range, the fate of England, and the continuation The history of the knights hospitallers of St of the succession in the house of Hanover until John of Jerusalem, styled afterwards the knights the Millennium. By Dr St Clare. od. Ki- of Rhodes, and at present the knights of Malta. merly.

From the French of the Abbé de Vertot. A The general history and state of Europe. Part new edition. 5 vols 12mo. 155. Kincaid 6. & last. By M. Voltaire. 2$. 6 d. Nourse. Donaldson, Yair & Fleming, and W. Gray. The light and truth of masonry explained. By

Characteristics of men, manners, opinions, T. Dunckely. 6d. Davey and Law. times. With a collection of letters, not in any

A voyage to the East Indies. By John Henry former edition. By Anthony Earl of ShaftesbuGrose. 6 d. Hooper.

ry. 3 vols 12mo. es.. Kincaid & Donaldson. A treatise on bread, and the abuse practised in A print of William Murray, Lord Mansfield, making it, as occasioning the decrease and dege- Lord Chief Justice of the court of King's-bench. neracy of the people, destroying infants, and from an original painting of Mr Vanlos. Enproducing diseases, &c. is. 6 d. Dodhley. graved by Alex. Baillie. 3 S.

The occasional critic; or, The decrees of the The memorable things of Socrates. In four Scotch tribunal in the Critical Review rejudged. books. Translated from the Greek of Xeno25 6 d. Conper.

phon. To which is prefixed, An essay on the The Heralà ; or Patriot proclaimer. A week. life, character, and doctrine of Socrates. vever ly paper, begun Saturday Sept. 17. 2 d. Wilkie. before printed. 3s. Urie, Glasgow.

The history of the Royal Society of London. The child's affiftant; or, An introduction to Vol. 3. & 4. By Dr Birch. Millar.

spelling and reading. By John Burn, schoolmaThe art of conversation. 2 s. 6 d. l'illy, ler at Stirling. Edit. 2. is. I, Paton, Stirling.

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