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that port.

By the Constantine letter of marque, Gwynn: The Strahan, a Scotch ship, for Malaga, carA French snow.

sied into Cyprus. By the Oliver Cromwell of St Kitts: A Ship The Blakeney, Shortridge, from Bristol and of 22 guns and 100 men, from France for Mar. Corke, carried into Granaderves. tipico, carried into St Kitts.

A new ship of 10 nine-pounders, from Boston By the Bosphorus, Kennard, from Symrna for for Jamaica; and the Hawke, Conolly, from London : A French ship; carried into Malta. London for Antigua; both carried into Guarda

By the Lyon: The Mermaid, from St Do. loupe. mingo for Nantz, with 323 hogsheads sugar, The Betsey, Finch, from London and Madeia 4327 lb. indico, and 15 cuns coffee, fent into ra; the Mary-Anne, Quay, from Liverpool; the Plymouth.

-, Welch, from Africa for the Leeward By the Isaac of Liverpool, Clotworthy: The islands; and the Enterprise, Dupond, from Cape Victory, of 300 tuns, of and from Havre for de Verd; all carried into Martinico. Porto Rico, with 600 barrels gunpowder, and o- The Penelope, Blake, from Lisbon for Lonther warlike stores, said to be worth 12,000l. don; and a ship with 150 barrels pork, 300 firkits carried into Kinsale.

butter, 40 hogsheads beer, and other goods; both By the Eagle: A ship from Marseilles, fent in carried into Dunkirk. to Bristol; and the Concord, from St Domingo, The Loyal James, Hammon, from Dublin with sugar, coffee, and indico, carried into Fale for the streights, carried into Malaga. mouth.

The Dispatch, Bowman, from Seville, and the By the Revenge of Jersey, Alexander: The Hampshire, Bourne, fivm Guernsey, both for St Claude, a lecter of marque, of 150 tuns, with London; and a snow from Virginia ; all care 6 carriage-guns, 74 soldiers and 25 mariners, be- ried into Calais. lides 40 women and children, from Rochelle for The Minehead of Bristol, Forrest, from AnMillisoppi, with provisions and ammunition, car. tigua for London, carried into Havre-de-grace. sied into Jersey.

The Betsey, Quinlin, from Antigua for LiBy the Dove, Higgins, and the Lampoo, merick, carried into a small port near Morlaix. Shearman, both of Antigua : A French privateer The Charles, Jameson, trom Jamaica, loft taken; and the snow Elisabeth, Ritchie, from carrying into Boulogne : and the St Michael of London and Corke for Jamaica, retaken ; both Bristol, from Jamaica for London, carried into carried into Antigua.

By the K. George letter of marque, Wright : The Sally of Bristol, Nichols, carried into A French (hip, carried into Lisbon.

Cadiz. By the Hardwick : A ketch from St Domingo The floop Endeavour, cut out of a harbour in for Bourdeaux, with sugar and coffee; and a Jamaica. schooner from Bourdeaux for St Domingo; both The Friendship, Crookshanks, from the Spey fent into Lisbon.

for Bilboa, drove by stress of weather into BayBy the Fox of Dartmouth: A large Martini. onne, where the ship was seized and the men im co ship, carried into Lisbon.

prisoned. By whom taken 'not mentioned: The Pretty Taken, but ranfomed for 250 l. The John and Maid, Clarke, from Jamaica for London, carried Mary, Simpson, from Yarmouth for Chester. into Guernsey; and the Sarah, Luke, from New- Taken, but whither carried not mentioned : foundland, carried into Biddeford ; both retaken. The Henry, Graham, from Bristol for Antigua ; Captures by the French.

the Payne, from ditto for Nevis; the Edward, THE Prince Andreys, a Danish ship

, from Top Jamaica; the Samuel, Coffin, from Pifcataqua;

from Jamaica ; the Boyd, Boyd, from Glasgow for fam for Leghorn; the Neptune, Park, from the Anne, Ford, from Rye for Liverpool; a Cagliari for Villa Franca; the Dove of Dartmouth, Leigh, from Newfoundland; the Orrell, Winter, brig of Lancaster, with corn, for Chester; a ship from Saloe for Liverpool; and

the Eagle, Coppel

, Tryton, from Maryland for London ; the Elli

from London for Bristol, with groceries; the from Yarmouth for the Streights; all carried into fon, March, from London for Jamaica ; the Marseilles.

The Adventure, Braffer, for Poole; the En- Longville floop, from New York, the Mary deavour, for Bristol; the Greyhound, Devane, for

Anne, Deas, from Malaga; and the Messina, Bilboa ; all three from Newfoundland;

the Nep

Power, from Corke for St Eustatia. tune, Hyskill, from New England for Bilboa; the

MARRIAGE s. Edward and Susannah, Macnamara, from St Kitts for London; a ship from Dublin for Cadiz, with

Jan. 20.

T Copenhagen, the Duke of Saxe leather and butter; the Terrible privateer, Death; Princess of Culmbach, niece to the Queen-dowa fhip from Martinico, which the Terrible had ta- ager of Denmark. ken; and the Knowles frigate, Cowan; all taken 25. James Gordon younger of Ardmelie, Efq; by privateers of, or carried into Bayonne. to Miss Leith, sister to John Leith of Leith-hall,

The Three Friends, Whiteman; and the Buck- Esg; land, Lyde, both from Newfoundland; carried P. S. Feb. At Erith, Lord Visc. Gage, to into Alicant.

Miss Gideon, daughter of Sampfon Gideon, Elq; The Newton, Barlow, from London for Wales, a Jew mechani. carried into Dieppe.



large, published in 1725, and a second volume of Jan. 18. At London, Lady Ferrers, wife of the large, in 1731; -A vindication of Bucha. the Hon. George Townshend, Esq; delivered of nan's version of the plalms, in opposition to Mr a fon.

Auditor Benson, who preferred Dr Johnston's, 27. At Edinburgh, the Marchioness of Tweed- published in 1745; - Critical notes on Dr Johndale, of a daughter.

Iton's Cantica Solomonis, an edition of which book

was the first book he published; -and, Notes criD E A I As.

tical and historical on Buchanan's works, an ediDec. 31. 1756. At Lesbury, near Newcastle, tion of which, in two volumes folio, he finished aged 110, Mary Bennet. Except her sight, which in 1715. In 1737, being at London, he was the loft about three years before, the enjoyed her employed to complete the Diplomata & Numiffaculties to the last.

mata Scotia, a work left incomplete by the auFan. 2. 1757. At Woodhall, near Wetherby, thor, Mr James Anderson. This work he fin Yorkshire, Mrs Witham. She had born 23 chil- nished, and wrote a preface to it. It was pudren, and was in the sad year of her age. Her blished in 1739.- Since publishing his vindication death was occasioned by a candle's catching hold of Buchanan's psalms, he wrote several small of the hinder part of her handkerchief as she was treatises on disputed parts of the Scots history. undrefling, which grievously burnt her before the Our readers have seen extracts of some of these got affiltance.

(ix. x. Index), and all of them are noted in our In an advanced age, Mary Countess-dowager of lifts of books. Abingdon. Her Ladyship was daughter and fole 20. At Bonnyhaugh, near Edinburgh, Mr Roheir of James Gould of Dorchester, Esq; she was bert Keith, one of the bishops of the Episcopal first married to Gen. Charles Churchill, brother to church of Scotland. He was born Feb. 7 1681, John Duke of Marlborough, who died in 1714; was educated in the Marischal college of Aberdeen, and on Feb. 13. 1716-17 The married Montague and was preceptor to the Earl Marischal, and his Venables Bertie, Earl of Abingdon, who died June brother James, Field-Marshal Keith, now in the 16. 1743, by whom she had one son, James Prussian service. He was about forty-seven years Lord Norreys, who died of the {mall pox Feb. a clergyman, above twenty-nine a bisnop. He 25. 1717-18.

published a history of the church and Itate of 13. At London, aged 106, Mrs Lowther, great Scotland, from the beginning of the reformation aunt to Sir James Lowther. She was one of the to the 1568, folio, in the year 1734; a catabedchamber-women to Q. Mary, K. William's logue of the bilhops of Scotland down to the Queen.

year 1688, 4o, in 1755; and a translation of 13. At Kiskland of Renfrew, in the 105th year Thomas a Kempis, many years ago of his age, James Duncan, farmer. He was fit 20. At Canongate, Edinburgh, Capt. Agmen for most buliness about his farm till three years Colcoughley, of Leighton's foot. before his death, and bound his own corn after 21. At Marton, Galloway, in the 16th year of seven reapers, every harvest, till he was 99. age, Miss Nicholas Agnew, daughter of Pa

17. At Ipswich, in the 96th year of her age, trick Agnew of Dalragle, Esq; Lady Catherine Gardeman, daughter of Edward Mr William Roberton, Writer to the Signet, in the first Earl of Sandwich.

an advanced age. He had demitted that office 19. At his house at Hornsey, near London, upwards of thirty years ago. Daniel Midwinter, Esq; formerly Bookseller in 25. At Edinburgh, in the 78th year of his age, London. He left 1000l. to Christ's and 2001. Mr John Hamilton, Writer to the Signet. to the foundling hospitals, and soool. to other At his father's feat in Cornwall, the Hon. Mr charitable purposes, under the care of the compa- Arundel, only son and heir-apparent of Lord Any of stationers.

rundel of Wardoor. 19. At Edinburgh, in the 83d year of his age, In the county of Wexford, Ireland, Nicholas Mr Thomas Ruddiman, late keeper of the ad. Lord Visc. Loftus, an Irish Peer. vocates library. He was born at Raggel, in the P. S. Feb. 1. At London, aged upwards of 80, parish of Boyndie, Bamffshire, and had his uni- John Bromfield, Esq; He was many years onç versity-education in the King's college, Aberdeen. of the Commissioners of the Taxes. When a young man, he was some time master 5. At London, in the 70th year of his age, of the grammar-school at St Lawrence kirk, in Horatio Walpole, Lord Walpole, one of the Tellthe county of Mearns; and was taken thence to ers of the Exchequer, Surveyor and Auditor-Gebe preceptor to Mr Young of Oldbar. He was neral of the Plantations, and a member of the called to Edinburgh in 1701, to be an assistant to privy council. He was brother to Sir Robert Mr John Sportilwoode, then keeper of the ad. Walpole

, afterwards Earl of Orford, deceased. vocates library; and on Mr Spotrifwonde's death He had been employed as Ambassador to several succeeded him in that office: but in 1751, his foreign courts, and assisted in most of the negotieye-light being greatly impaired, he resigned it. ations and treaties with foreign states for many

-This gentleman's writings are well known. years, preceding the late treaty at Aix-la-ChaThe most noted of them are: His Latin rudi- pelle. He was a member of the house of Comments, first published in 1714; --A Latin gram- mons from 1706 to 1756. He was created a mar, the small one, and the first volume of the Peer only last year, and took his feat in the house



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of Lords at the commencement of the present Majors : James Clephane, John Campbell.

feffion. He is succeeded in honours and estate Captains : Thomas Fraser, John Macpherson, John Ir by his eldest son Horatio, member for Lynn Re- Campbell

, Simon Fraser, Donald Macdonald, es

gis, and as a Teller of the Exchequer by Earl John Macdonnell, Charles Baillic. Waldegrave. [xviii. 574.]

Captain-Lieutenant : J. Crawford Walkinshaw. 8. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Lumisden print- Lieutenants : John Fraser, Archibald Macdonald, er in that city.

Simon Fraser, Ronald Macdonald, John Mac: 8. In an advanced age, Mr William Somer- dougal, Charles Macdonnell, Alexander Mac. ville, minister at Hawick. [xv. 366.]

donnell, Simon Fraser, Hector Macdonald, 10. At Leith, Mr David Deas merchant, for- Hugh Cameron, Simon Fraser, William Macmerly a shipmaster.


Mactosh, John Murray, Rory 16. At Edinburgh, of a sudden illness, Mr Macneil, Alexander Fraser, Archibald CampWilliam Gray of Newholm, Writer in Edin- bell, Donald Maclean, James Fraser, Alexburgh, Clerk to the Register of Seizures in the der Macleod. Customs, and Commiffary of Ross.

Enjigns: Simon Fraser, Archibald Macallister,

William Fraser, James Fraser, Allan Stuart,

Evan Cameron, Lachlan Maclachlan,
Taken from the London Gazette.

Chisholme, John Fraser.
Staff-officers :

Chaplain; John Mac-
The King has been pleased,

Ican, Surgeon;

Adjutant ;
Jan. 22. to appoint the following gentlemen

Quartermaster. to be officers in the two highland battalions of

25.- to appoint Richard Callis to be a Capfoot to be forthwith raised.

tain; John Floyd, Captain-Lieutenant; and John FIRST BATTALION.


, a Lieutenant, in the first regiment of bis

Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant : Archibald Mont. dragoon-guards, Bland's. tha gomery, [brother to the Earl of Eglinton].

Taken from other papers, &c. Majors : James Grant, Alexander Campbell.

Mr William Cochran, eldest son of Mr James HE

Caprains : Hugh Mackenzie, John Sinclair, John Cochran, Advocate, Judge-Advocate for Scot.

Gordon, Alexander Mackenzie, Roderick Mac- land, in the room of his father, who has resigned. kenzie, William Macdonald, George Munro.

Commanders of men of war : Capt. Faulkner, Captain-Lieutenant : Alexander Macintosh.

of the Marlborough; Capt. Rous, of the Arc-enthe

Lieutenants : Alexander Macdonald, James Grant, ciel; . Capt. Samuel Drake, of the Achilles; Capt. Robert Grant, Colin Campbell, -Macnab,

Harrison, (of the Otter Noop), of the Greyhound; Duncan Bayne, Joseph Grant, Nicholas Su and Capt. Tucker, of the Stork sloop. therland, Hugh Gordon, Charles Farquarson,

New Member : Thomas Thoroughton, for Cosmo Macmartin, Donald Campbell

, Alex. Boroughbridge, in the room of the Earl of Euander Mackenzie , Roderick Mackenzie

, James Aton, who has made his election for Bury St

Duff, William Mackenzie, Alexander Mae-
donald, -Macdonald, Henry Munro, Archi-
bald Robertson.

The London bill from Dec. 28. to Jan. 28. 1757. Ensigns : William Hagart, Alexander 'Grant,


5197 Ronald Mackinnon, James Grant, William Christened



Maclean, Macrah, Lewis Houston,

Macdonald, George Munro.


Females Staff-officers :

- Chaplain; Allan Stew-
art, Surgeon; Donald Stewart, Adjutant;

Haddington Prices, Feb. 4. 1757.
Alexander Montgomery, Quartermaster.

Best. Second. Third.

Wheat, 131. 16 s. 131. 10 s. 131. 45. SECOND BATTALION.

Bear, jol. 16s. 101. 8 s. Licutenant-Colonel Commandant : Simon Fraser Oats, 91. os. 81. jos. [eldest son of Simon late Lord Lovat]. Pease,

91. 16 s. 91. Io s.

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1060) 2104

jol. os. 81. os.

101. 45.


(Mark-lane, 44 to sis. quar. 22 to 28 s. gr. 17 to 20 s. 6 d. gr. 23 to 26 s. gr.
Basingstoke, 151. 15 s. load, 25 to 28 s. 17 to 21 s.

26 to 34 S.
Reading, isl. 10 s.

19 to 26 s.
18 to 22 s.

29 to 32 s.
Farnham, 131, 19 . 24 to 27 s. 16 to 18s.

20 to 29 S. Henly, 151. 09. S. 20 to 32 S. 17 to 22 s.

24 to 35 S. Guildford, 141. 10 s. 19 to 27 s. 16 to 19 s. 6 d. 24 to 34 So Warminster, 60 to 66 s. quar. 26 to 30 $.

18 to 20 S.

30 to 40 S. Deyizes, 56 to 58 s. 29 to-32 s.

18 to 20 S. 30 to 42 S. Gloucester, 19 s. 6 d. bush, 3 s. 6 d. buih.

2 s. 6 d. to 3 se

35. 10.45. 4 d. bush. Birming. 8 s. od. bula.

25. 6 d.

6 s. 8 d.


4 5. 6 d.


the game.

Within the readers 42} 118





Prices of Stocks, &c. at London, Feb. 5. 1757. The opposition. 6 d.
Bank-stock 116 1 half. India ditto 134 1 91

The revolutions of modesty. 2 s. Cooper. a r half. South sea stock Inut. Ditto old ano

Du Plessis's memoirs; or, Variety of advennuities, ift subscript. 88 7 8ths a 89. Ditto, ad tures, 2 vols i 2mo. 6s. Reeve. fubfcript. Thut. Ditto new annuities, ilt subscripc.

The evening-walk. 4 d. Lewis. 88 a 1 qr. Ditto, 2d subscript. 7 i half. Three Essay on the nature and use of the militia. I half Bank-annuities, ist subscript. 88 3 qrs

6 d. Sandby. 7 8ths. Ditto, ad subscript. 88. Three per cent.

A discourse on the establishment of a national Bank-annuities 87 i qr a 1 half. Ditto 1726

and constitutional militia force in England. 1 s. Ditto South-sea annuities :751 87 3 qrs.


Griffiths. India annuities 87 i qr. Three i half Bank-an

An alarm to the people of England, Thewing nuities 1756 94. Bank circulation 11. 175. 6 d. their danger from the affociation for preserving prem. India bonds 2 l. 2 s. a I s. prem.

I S. Scott.

The Protest, a new political pamphlet. i są Edinburgh, Feb. 18. 1757. Oat-mcal 13 d. Corbet. halfpenny. White pease-meal 10 d. Gray

The Equipoise; or, The constitution balanced.

To be continued occasionally. 6 d. G. pease-meal 9 d. balfpenny. Bear-meal 9 d. half. No .

Woodfall. penny.

A letter to a member of parliament, propoThe Edinburgh bill of burials for January 1757.

sing amendments to the laws against forestallers, ingrosfers, and regraters. 6 d. Longman.

Proposals for carrying on the war with vigour, city Fem. 66

I s. Cooper. In .

DISEASES.No. The age of dulness. A satire. I s. Brotherton. 37

A letter to a friend on the subject of inoculam

Aged 8 tion. I s. Meadows. Increased this month 22. Apoplexy

A dissertation on the malignant, ulcerous fore 155

Asthma 3 throat. By Dr Huxham. I s. Hinton.
No. Childbed

The Prussian system and proceedings stated, Under

59 Chincough 9 in letters from a Saxon general in the Prussian r2 & 5

Consumption 21 army; containing answers to the several papers, &

Convulsion 12 published by the K. of Prussia. Hooper.

Confiderations on the revenues of Ireland,

Fever 19 Thewing the necessity of applying the duties grant-
30 &
18 Flux

ed there to naval services. Cooper.

Mr Pervey's contemplations on the night, &

9 Pleurisy done into blank verse, after the manner of Dr 70

40 Young. I s. 6 d. Rivington.
& 80 3 Suddenly 8 A letter to LDA

I s. Bizet.
80 &

The irretrievable abyss. 6d. Owen.

Tympany Food for the mind; or, A new riddle-book.

6 d. Newbery.

The Rhapsodist; a new weekly paper. 2d. Corbet. NE W BOOKS.

The trial and account of the execution of Ravaillac for the murder of K. Henry IV. of Fance.

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10 20

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Small pox

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I Ş. W. Owen. by John Smith, L L. B. 2 vols 4to. il.

A new English dictionary. By J. Buchanan. II s. 6 d. Faden.

Remarks on the affair of the Hanoverian fol. An examination of Mr Young's dictionary dier. By Edw. Lancer, Erq; 6 d. Cooper. [xviii. 471.). I s. Robinson.

Mr Pope's universal prayer, Latin and English. The history of Miss Katty N-
By Sayer, A. M. 410. i s. Owen.
Oriental eclogues.. 15. Payne.

Mr Bower's answer to the fix letters from A. B.

An argument to prove, that the tragedy of to father Sheldon, &c. 2 s. Sandby.

Douglas ought to be burnt by the hangman. 3 d. Bower and Tillemont compared. I s. 6 d. Mor- The Moderator, No 2. 2 d. gan.

The morality of stage-plays seriously considerMr Bower's answer to Bower and Tillemont. ed. 6 d. 6 d. Sandby.

N. B. The last is serious, the other two are A further address to the public, containing Sumorous. Besides these, there have appeared a copies of letters between A. B. and the S. of the great many other pieces, occasioned by the tra. A. with remarks. I s. Baldwin.

gedy of Douglas, and the admonition of the A friendly cpistle to neighbour John Taylor presbytery of Edinburgh, mostly satirical ; poems, of the city of Norwich. · 68. Wilkie.

advertisements, &c. at a penny price or under, The Centinel, No. 1. to be continued weekly. and some given gratis. [18.46.] ad. Cooper.

5 s. Millar.

3 s. Noble.

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C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν T S.
Abstracts of Acts of PARLIAMENT, to dis- History. C. Bestucheff's letter to the sena-

continue the duties upon corn imported 57. to tors, &c. of Poland 95. The princes of the
prohibit the exportation of corn from our colo- empire who declare for and against the King

nies 58. and new clauies in the recruiting-act 61. of Prussia 96. Accounts of Damien, and of POLITICS. Speeches in the debate upon the mo- his attempt to assassinate the French King 98,9.

tion for leave to bring in a bill for the encou- -Scheme of the lottery 102. Acts passed ib. ragement of seamen, by L. Trebonius Afper 63. Mesage relating to the electoral dominions ib. C. Numifius 66. and Sp. Ligustinus 69.

-Adm. Byng's trial. Admiralty-order for the INOCULATION proposed to be rendered more trial 83. Instructions to the Admiral when general 74.

sent to the Mediterranean 84, 5. Result of 2. Poetry. Verses written under the first exa- council of war held at Gibraltar, and other

mination of Damien 74. Stanzas written by papers produced 86, 7, 8. Substance of the Lord Capel when a prisoner in the tower ib. depositions of Adm. West, Lord Blakeney, To the Lords of the Ad

-Y 75. On Mr

and others 89.-94. Memorial by the Lords Pitt's being indisposed with the gout ib. Ex- of the Admiralty to the King 103. tracts from Mr Davis's poem on the barbarities titions of Lord Torrington to their Lordships of the French ib. Prologues and epilogue to 103, 4. Report of the judges 105. Order for Douglas 76. Epigram ib. Written under the execution ib. Message concerning the oath Gen. Blakeney's picture 94.

of secrecy ib. Bill for dispensing with it 106. The morality of STAGE-PLAYs seriously con- Examinations of the court-martial 106,7.

- Proceedings of the presbytery of Edinburgh, The REPENTING-STOOL indicted 80.

on the complaint relating to the essays on moQUERIES on the minutes of a council of war rality, &c. 108. held at Gibraltar 94.

LISTS, TABLES, &C. 199.--112.

Two pe

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Gidered 77

An abstract of the a&t tricesimo Georgii II. fore the 24th of August next; nor upon intitled, An af to discontinue for a li- any corn: grain, meal, bread, biscuit

, or mited time the duties upon corn and four from the enemy, and brought into this

flour, which have been or shall be taken: imported; and also upon such corn, grain, kingdom, at any time before the said meal, bread, biscuit, and flour, as have been or shall be taken from the enemy, modities may be imported duty-free; and!

24th of Auguit; but that all such comand brought into this kingdom.

may also be carried coastwise, under fuch Hereas the discontinuing of regulations as corn of the growth of this.

the aforementioned duties kingdom is now allowed to be carried for a limited time, may be coaitwise, at all times before the faid 24th.

of advantage to his Maje- of August. Aty's subjects, be it enacted,

Provided, That a due entry be made, That no duty, or imposition whatso. in such manner as was used before the ever, shall be demanded or taken, upon making of this act, of all corn, &c. any corn or flour which shall be import, which Ihall be so imported, at the cu.. ed into this kingdom, at any time be- ftomhouse belonging to the port of imu VOL. XIX.




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