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portation ; and in default of making fuch load or procure to be loaded on board entry, such corn, &c. shall be liable to any veslel in order to be so exported, fuch duties as were payable upon the any sort of corn, &c. whether the said importation thereof before the making commodities shall or shall not be the of this act.

produce or manufacture of the colonies Enacted, That if any action Mall be from whence they shall be designed to commenced in England against any per- be exported, under the penalties and forfon, for any thing done in pursuance of feitures after mentioned, viz. all the said this act, the defendant may plead the commodities so exported or loaded shall general issue, and give this act and the be forfeited ; every offender therein hall fpecial matter in evidence; and if the forfeit at the rate of 20 s. for every plaintiff Mall be nonfuited, or discon. bushel of corn, grain, meal, malt, or tinue his action after the defendant shall four, and at the rate of 12 d. for every have appeared, or if judgment shall be pound weight of bread, biscuit, ftarch, given against him, the defendant fall beef, pork, bacon, or other victual, recover ueble cotts. And if such action which shall be so exported or loaded; shall be connenced in Scotland, the and the vessel upon which any of the coure before whom the action Thall be said commodities shall be lo exported or brought, ihail allow the defender to loaded, and all her guns and furniture, plead this act on his defence; and if shall be forfeited. All which penalties the pursuer shall not infiit on his action, and forfeitures shall go, one moiety to or if judgment shall be given againit the King, and the other to the prosecu. him, the detender shall recover the full tor; and they shall be recovered in the and real expences he inay have been put high court of admiralty, or any other to by that action.

chief court, civil or criminal, in such co. An abstract of the aêt tricefimo Georgii II. lonies and the master and mariners of intitled, An uct to probibit for a limited any vefiel

, wherein such offence shall be time the exportation of corn, grain, meal,

committed, knowingly affitting thereunmalt, four, biead, biscuit

, starch, beef, such courts as aforesaid, shall be impri

to, and being thereof convicted in any pork, bacon, and other victual, (except fifth foned three months without bail or mainand roots, and rice to be exported to any

prise. part of Europe foutbward of Cape FiniJierre, from his Majesly's colonies and plan- of the cuftoms, or any persons lawfully

That it shall be lawful for the officers tations in America, unless to G. Britain or

authorised in this behalf by the treasury, Ireland, or to fome of the said colonies and

to seize all fuch of the said commodities plantations; and lo permit the importation of corn on. fiour into G. Britain and ire- fca, in port, or in any navigable river, to

as they shall find on board any veffel, at land, in neut al frips; and to allow the the intent to be exported, and also the exportation of wheai, barley, oats, meal, veffel in which the same shall be found; ard fivur, from G. Britain to the inte of and to bring the goods to the King's Mur, for ike use of the inhabitants ibere. warehouses belonging to the customW

fort of corn, &c. from any of ther safe place where there are no fuch his Majesty's colonies * in America, may, warehouses, in order to be proceeded.aat this time, ise greatly prejuicial to his gainit according to law; and, in case of Majesty's subjects; be it enacted,

recovery, to be divided according to the That no person whatever, during the directions of this act. continuance of the preient war with Provided, That this act shall not pro. France, Mall, directly or indireally, cx- hibit the carrying out, in any vessels, so port os procure to be exported, from any much of the said commodities, as shall of the British colonies in America, or be necessary, in their respective voyages,

* [colonies in the abftract, ji ands for colonies or for the fuftenance of the crews, paffen, plantations in the aft.

gers, or others on board; or for the vic


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tualling any of his Majesty's ships of blith any such, he fall forfeit 2001. war, or other ships in his service; or for and the cocket or certificate shall be his Majesty's forces, forts, or garrisons. void : which penalties thall be recover

That this act shall not prohibit the ed, for offentes committed in America, exportation of any of the said commodi. as the other penalties inflicted by this ties from the said colonies to G. Britain act are recoverable; for offences comor Ireland, or from any of the said colo- mitted in England, in any of the courts nies to any other of them, or from any of record at Westminster, or before the port or place in any one of the said co- jufices of assize, the great fefions in lonies to any other port or place in such Wales, or any general quarterfeffions of colony resp Etively; so as the exporter the peace for the place where the offence do, before shipping the same, declare thall be committed; for offences comthe kingdom, island, or colony, and the mitted in Scotland, by action, or fum. port or place for which the faid com. mary bill or information, in the courts modities are respectively designed, and of session or exchequer; for offences take out a cocket for the same ; and do committed in Ireland, in the couris of become bound, with two sufficient sure. record in Dublin, or at the general quarties, of known residence in the said co. tersessions of the peace for the place lonies, in treble the value thereof, to the where the offence shall be committed; chief officer of the cuttoins, or the naval and for offences committed in any other officer, or some other principal officer at of the British dominions in Europe, in the port where the same are Dripped, or the high court of admiralty, or any o. to such person as shall be appointed for ther chief court, civil or criminal, in that purpose by the treasury, (who are such dominions respectively: and fuch hereby impowered to take such securi. penalties thall be divided equally bety), that they shall not be landed or sold iween his Majesty and the informer: and in any parts other than those for which upon all such suits entered in the said they thall be so declared ; and that a colonies, the offences may be laid to certificate under the hand and seal of the have been committed in any colony or collector, comptroller, or other chief of. county within the said plantations, at the ficer of the customs, or if no such, of the pleasure of the prosecutor or informer. naval officer, or some other principal of. That in case che officer to whom

any ficer of the port where the same thall be certificate shall be returned, fall have landed, or such person as shall be ap- caule to suspect the same to be counterpointed for that purpose by the treasury, feit, the bonds shall not be cancelled or Thall, within the respective times after the security vacated, until he ihall be inmentioned, (the danger of the feas ex- formed from the person in whose name cepted), be returned to the officers to the certificare shall have been granted, whom the security was given, that the that the matter and contents of it are just said commodities have been landed at and true. the place for which the same shall have That this act shall not prohibit the been fo declared ; and for taking such transporting any of the aforementioned security, and giving such cockets and commodities, by land, or across rivers certificates, (which the respective officers by common ferries, or up or down the are hereby on demand required to give), said rivers, or across harbours where no fee or reward shall be demanded or clearances have not usually been taken, received : And if any officer shall make from any one of the said colonies to any a false certificate of any such commodi. other of them, or to any part of the ties being so landed, he ihall farfeit 2001. fame colony. lose his employment, and be incapable That the said bonds, if not prosecuted of serving his Majesty in any ofice re. within three years, shall be void. lating to the cuftoms; and if any person That nothing in this act shall extend fall counterfeit, rase, or fallify any to any of the commodities ak resaid, cocket or certificate, or knowingly pu- which fall be cleared out of any custom


house in any of the colonies before the meal, and flour, from G. Britain and 25th of March '1757.

Ireland; and they are now in great Provided always, and enacted, That want thereof, no saving having been in case his Majesty, at any time during made in the said act for supplying them the continuance of this act, shall (in his therewith: be it enacted, That the said royal discretion) judge it to be expe. act Mall not extend to any wheat, bardient to permit the exportation of corn, ley, oats, meal, or flour, to be transand other the comniodities aforesaid, ported from the ports of Southampton or any of them, from the said colonies, or Exeter only, unto the faid isle of that it fhall be lawful for his Majesty, Man, for the only use of the inhabitants by his royal proclamation, with the ad. of that island; so as the exporter, before. vice of his privy council, or by his Ma- lading such wheat, & co do become jesty's order in council, from time to bound, with other suficient security, time to permit all his Majesty's subjects (which the customer or comptroller of (but not any particular person or persons) either of the said ports respectively hath to export from all or any of the said co- power to take, and for which no fee or lonies, in any veffels duly navigated ac- reward shall be given or taken), that cording to law, all or any of the com- such wheat, &c. Îhall be landed in the modities aforesaid, 'to any place, upon said island, (the danger of the seas only or without giving security for the landing excepted), for the ule of the inhabitants thereof, and returning certificates of there, and shall not be landed or fold fuch landing, as to his Majesty shall in any other parts whatsoever, and refeem meet, and as in such proclamation turn the like certificates of the landing or order of council shall be expressed. the same there, as are by the said act

Enacted, That all certificates of the required on the exportation of the said landing of such commodities shall be commodities to the British colonies in returned within eighteen months after America, and within the time for that the date of the bonds, 'in respect of ex. purpose therein mentioned; and so as ports to G. Britain or Ireland ; and the whole quantity to be shipped after within 'twelve months after the date of passing this act, and before the said the bonds, in respect of exports from 25th of December 1757, shall not ex. any of the faid colonies to any other of ceed 2500 quarters ; one moiety wherethem, or from any place in any one of of to be exported at Southampion, and the faid colonies to any other place of it. the other 'at Exeter.

Provided, That this act shall not pro And whereas by an act made this ses. hibit the exportation of rice from the fion, to discontinue

-the duties upon faid colonies directly to any part of Eu• corn, &c. [57.), corn and flour is al. sope fouthward of Cape Finiterre. lowed to be imported into this king

That this act shall not extend to any dom, duty-free, during the time in the fish or roots which shall be exported, or said act inentioned; and whereas it is. carried coastwise.

necessary that such importation should And whereas by an act passed this be allowed to be made in ships belongo session, no probibit, for a time to be limited, ing to any state in amity with his Mathe exportation of corn, &c. [xviii. 583.), jelty, as well as in British ships, and it was enacted, That no person, at any from any place whatsoever ; be it entime before the 25th of December 1757, acted, That it shall be lawful, during should export from G. Britain or Ire. the time and under the regulations menland, any sort of corn, &c. under the tioned in the said act, for any person penalties and forfeitures therein men- whatsoever, to import into this kingdom, tioned; but with several savings in the in any fhip belonging to G. Britain, or said act contained ; and whereas the in- to any kingdom or state in amity with habitants of the isle of Man have, for his Majesty, from any place whatsa. feveral years last past, been supplied ever, corn and flour, with confiderable quantities of corn, And whereas, if the importation of


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corn and four into Ireland was permitted Enacted, That the warrants to be illuin ships belonging to any state in amity ed for the encouragement of voluntiers with his Majesty, the same may be of as aforesaid, shall be satisfied by the readvantage to his Majesty's subjects ; be ceivers general or collectors of the landit enacted, That it shall be lawful, at tax, without any abatement for fees or any time before the 24th of August next, any other pretence whatsoever, and shall for any person whatsoever to import in- be allowed upon their accounts; and the to Ireland, in any ship belonging to any faid receivers.general, and their depakingdom or state in amity with his Ma- ties, and the collectors of the land-tax, jesty, corn and flour, from any place upon the sumniods of the commissioners, whatsoever.

fhall attend at the meetings for receiving In actions for any thing done in pur- voluntiers, and duly pay to them the resuance of this act, the defendant is inti. wards prescribed by this act, as they will tled to treble costs, in the cases specified answer at their peril any delay or obin the act preceding. [58.]

struction to his Majesty's service which

may happen by their defaults. An abftract of new clauses in the recruiting

[ 16. col. 2. 2. 4.] The men to be imall for this year; and some alterations.

pressed are thus described, viz. “ all [The places of the abstract of last year's act able.bodied, idle, and disorderly per[xviii

. 113.), at which these clauses, &c. fall to be sons, who cannot, upon examination, inserted, are here marked.]

prove themselves to exercise and indu[P. 114.col. 1. after l. 39.] Enacted, Ariously follow some lawful trade or ema for the encouragement of fit and ablé ployment, or to have some substance persons to inlift, That every such person sufficient for their support and maintewho shall, on or before the ift of May nance. 1757, voluntarily enter himself into his [P. 115. col. 1. l.31.) Instead of Majesty's service, before the commiffion- 5 s. 10 s. is now the minimum to be paid ers, shall receive 3 1. out of the land-tax for every new-raised man who shall have 3756 or 1757; and the commissioners a wife or family. Ahall forthwith cause such voluntiers to [16. col. 1. after l. 40.) Provided, be delivered to the officers appointed to that the commissioners are impowered, receive them; and shall cause such entry out of the 20 s. to be paid to the officers to be made, and copies thereof transmit- of the parish or town employed in rai. ted to the war-office, as the former act_fing men, to allot such sum as they shall directs. [xviji. 115.]

think fit, not exceeding 2 s. to the reDeclared, That the pay of every such spective high conftables within their ju. voluntier shall commence from the time risdictions, for their pains in the execu, of his entry; and that after he shall have tion of this act. continued in the military service of his (16. col. 1. after 1.52.] Enacted, for Majesty three years, if the war shall then preventing disputes about paying for the be ended, or otherwise at the end of the subsistence of those persons who, having war, he hall be at liberty to demand his been apprehended and detained, may discharge from the commanding officer afterwards be discharged upon examinaof the regiment or company to which he tion before the commiffioners and mili. fhall belong; and such Officer fhall grant tary officers, That if any person, being such discharge to him, gratis, in writing, judged by the commißioners not to be on pain of suffering the penalties usually within the description of this act, shall inflicted for disobedience to orders.—be by them discharged, the officers of Impreffed men are intitled to their dif. the parish or town shall be intitled to do charge at the end of five years, if the confideration for their expences in keepwar ihall then be ended, or otherwise at ing such person; and if any person, be. the end of the war. By the former act ing judged by the commillioners to be there was no exception as to the war be- within the description of this act, shall ing ended. [xviii. 117.]

be rejected by the military officer, such VOL. XIX.



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officer shall pay to the officers of the pa- quired to certify the same under their sith or town 6 d. per diem, for the whole hands and seals to the secretary at war ; time they shall have kept every such who, on the receipt of such certificate, person, to be charged to the account of shall cause the man to be forthwith disa his regiment or company: and every charged, upon his paying to the officer officer who shall object to any person de. to whom he was delivered over, 6 d. for livered to him, mall specify his objec- his maintenance for each day he has tion, whether it be to his age or fize, or been detained ; and the commissioners bodily disability; and the grounds of clerk Mall repay to such officer (without such obje&tion shall be forth with (as far fee or other deduction) the several fums as may be) inquired into by the como received from him, and Mall give back misijoners, and they shall proceed accor- the receipts taken as above directed, in dingly: and every officer who shall re. exchange for a copy of the man's disfule or diłcharge any person delivered charge: and in cafe no such discharge to him by the commiffioners, as fit to fall have been obtained, the clerk fhall, ferve liis Majetty within the description after the expiration of fourteen days, of this act, shall without delay transmit from the time that such man was deliverto she fecretary at war, his reason for ed over, pay över, without fee or deducsuch refusal or discharge, in writing, at- tion, to the persons intitled thereto, the teited by himself.

several sums deposited in his hands for [ib. col. 2. after 1. 8.] Enacted, for that purpose. encouraging inhabitants and others to

[P. 117. col. 1. after l. 31.) Provided, allift in discovering and apprehending That his Majesty, when he hall judge it perfons described as aforesaid, That if expedient, may at any time fufpend or any person shall discover and give infor- enforce the execution of this a&, in any mation of any able-bodied man within county or place of G. Britain, by notice the description of this act, so as he shall from the secretary at war. be apprehended and inlisted as aforesaid, [ 16. col. 2. after l. 42.) And whereas such person shall, for every man fo in- it may often be expedient, that the comlifted, receive from the officer to whom millioners fhall execute this act in cities, be shall be delivered, 10 s. out of the towns, or other places, when it may not 20 s. directed to be paid to the officers be convenient to enforce the execution of the parish or town as aforesaid ; and thereof through the county in which such the remainder only of the 20 s. shall in city, &c. shall be situate ; enacted, That that case be paid to such officers. the mayor or other chief magistrate of

[P. 116. col. 1. after 1. 7.1 Provided, every city, &c. fhall, upon notice from That it shall be lawful for the commis. the secretary at war, immediately profioners who shall have been present at ceed to put this act in execution within any meeting where any new-raised man their respective jurisdictions, as if such Mall have been delivered over as afore. mayor, &c. had received such notice faid, or for the major part of themi, op- from the theriff of the county. on the demand of such man, or of any [P. 118. col. 1. after l. 48.] That the other person on his behalf, signified to several entries of the names and descriptheir clerk within four days after such tions, together with the other particunieeting, and by him notified to each of lars before directed, be made according the faid commillioners, to appoint a fur- to the form annexed. ther meeting within fix days after ma This form consists of eleven columns, the third king the demand; and if, upon further subdivided; titled, Recruii's name.- Parish. and more certain information, the com. Height: Fezt, Inebes. — Age.- Difcription of the missioners, or major part of them, at fuch recruits. -- For what corps prejed. - For what further meeting, mall find that such corpsientered voluntarily. - Sum paid. ---By whom new-raised man was not, at the time of ard on what day: - On what grourids refujed.

paid. -- Officer who received or refused the recruit, his being delivered over, within the de.

The act continues in force till the end of the fcription of this act, they are hereby re. next (fion of parliament.


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