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subscriptions for the presentee, under whereof 8 1. to the manufacturer, being the name of a call from the parish; the proprietor of the cloth, and 2 l. to when the whole parish, except five, are the workman, whether apprentice, jouropenly declaring against him. They neyman, or master ; - the competition cannot make out a process of transporo was held Nov. 2. and the prizes were tation, without reasons to support it ; adjudged as follows ; of which notice was when they cannot find one for it, and given in the Edinburgh news-papers, by all the reason in the world against it. an order of the trustees, dated Nov. 18. When he comes to be admitted, he [xviii. 568]; viz. must make a folemn declaration of his A piece of broad sheeting, belonging {tedfast adherence, not only to the doc. to John and Walter Biggar manufactutrine and worship, but the whole disci- rers at the Siennes near Edinburgh, wopline of the church of Scotland, as ven by John Niven, and bleached by founded on and agreeable to the word John Miller at Grays green. of God; when it is evident he could ne. A piece of holland, belonging to John ver come there but by the breach or and Walter Biggar manufacturers at neglect of some of the most important Siennes near Edinburgh, woven by Roarticles of it: That zeal for the glory of bert Dalgleish, and bleached by Mr God, love to Jesus Christ, and a desire Neilson at Rollin. of saving fouls, are his chief motives and A piece of damask linen for table-cloths, inducements, and not worldly designs belonging to Robert Barbour and comand interests; when, to say the thing in pany of Silver Craig factory, Glasthe softest terms, no body will believe gow, woven by Charles Gilfilland and him: And that he has had no undue William Penny, and bleached by John hand, either by himself or others, in Miller at Gray's-green. procuring his transportation; when all A piece of diaper linen for table-cloths, the world sees it is owing allenarly to belonging to William Cheap linen-mae his absolute acceptance of and resolute nufacturer in Edinburgh, woven by Aadherence to his presentation. He must lexander Stewart and Alexander Ramafter all this be gravely asked, Whether say, and bleached by Hector Turnbull, he closes with this cail, and is willing for William Sandeman and company, to take the pastoral charge of that peo at Luncarty. And ple? and they muft be asked, Whether A piece of thin or clear plain lawn, they receive and submit to 'him as their belonging to Nicolas Dassauville caro. minifter? and if they will permit, it line-weaver at Picardy, woven by Jacque must be taken for granted they do ; when Charlette, and bleached by John Milall present know they do not. But this ler at Gray's-green. is not all: This must all be done in the There was but one piece of thick or name of our Lord Jesus Christ ; folemn long plain lawn presented at the compe• addresses must be made for his blefling tition, which being judged neither suffion his own ordinance, and his blefling cient for fabrick or colour, the prize on him whom he has thus fet over that for this kind of linen was not gained. congregation ; and he folemnly admo A mealmonger in Stirling having latenished to feed the lock of God, over ly refused to sell out meal to the inhabi. which the Holy Ghost hath made him tants, though he had a quantity on hand, overseer. What will profane scoffers the magistrates ordered him to expose it fay, and what will serious Christians to fale immediately, and saw their orthink of such proceedings ?"

der put in execution. Another meal. The trustees for promoting manufac- monger in the same town, was detected tures, &c. in Scotland, having publish. in uling false weights ; for which he was ed prizes to be given on the different put on the pillory. kinds of fine linen cloth under mention. P. S. The nine new-raised highland ed, for the year 1757; -- the prize for companies failed from Greenock for the best piece of each kind being rol.; Corke, Dec. 1.

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Captures, &c. by British men of war, &c. The Unicorn, of 24 guos, Capt. Moore, on Taken from the London Gazette. the 22d of November, engaged a French frigate

five hours, and after dismafting her, took her. By (John] Lockhart : The Melampe, a priva- fect, in number 22 ships

. She is as fine a frigate teer of Bayonne, of 700 tuns, 36 guns, and men, taken Nov. 2. after a chace of near thirty

as any in the French service, and mounts 26 kours, and an engagement of three hours. The thirteen-pounders and 2 nine-pounders.oTartar, when she firit began the chace, was in ther accounts fay, that this frigate is named the company with several of the King's Chips; but Hermione; that so of the crew of the Tilbury, when the privateer struck, she was hardly in light that was lost in the late storm near Cape Breton of them from their maft-heads. During the {540.], were found on board her; and that in the chace the Tartar retook the Princess-Amelia, for engagement many were killed on both sides. Halifax, with provisions, which the privateer had

Taken from other papers. taken. On the 29th of October the Tartar also took the Countess Gramont, a privateer of 18

By the Amazon: A French privateer of 18 guns and 155 men.

-Capt. Edgecumbe, who guns and 115 men, carried into Antigua. gave the account of this action, fays, Capt. Lock. Louis, a privateer of Dunkirk, of 8 carriage

By the Southampton, Capt. Gilchrift: The St hart's gallant behaviour cannot be too much exfolled, for that this last action far furpalles all guns, o swivels, and 63 men, carried into Ports

. he has done before.--In gratitude for the fignal serviçe done by Capt. Lockhart to trade, in

By the Garland : A snow from St Domingo, taking so many Fiench privateers, the two pu

brought into the Downs. blic companies of insurance, the underwriters,

By the Dunkirk: The Levant, Derby, from and merchants of London, have ordered a rich Plymouth for Newfoundland, retaken, lent into

Dartmouth. piece of plate, value 2001. to be presented to him as soon as he comes to London. The present is Breton, carried into St John's

, Newfoundland.

By the Gosport: A schooner privateer of Cape 4 masly gadrooned table, supporting a handsome cup and cover, both of exquisite workmanship. Bourbon, from Bourdeaux for St Domingo, va

By the Bristol, Capt. Lelie: The Duke de On the 23d of November, the magistrates of Ply- lued at 12,000 l. carried into Antigua. mouth presented the Captain with the freedom of their corporation in a Glver box. This gen- a French privatecr, of 4 carriage-guns, carried

By the Pallas and the Shannon : The Hazard, tleman is fourth son of Sir James Lockhart of Car

into Portsmouth. Nairs, Lanarkshire, deceased; of whom the cldest is the present Sir William Lockhart, and the

By privateers, &c. second, Col. James Lockhart, now Ross of Bal. By the Victory of London, Cain : The OriHagown. Lockharthall

, the family-feat, is within fame, a privateer of 20 guns and 125 men, cartwo miles of Lanark, and about eighteen miles ried into Portsmouth; and the Buchanan, Steel, west of Edinburgh.

from Maryland for Glasgow, retaken. By the Antelope, Capt. Saumarez : The Mo. By the Defiance of London, of 22 six-poundras, a privateer of Bayonne, of 22 guns and 120 ers and 200 men, Edmonds: The Provost of men, sent into Portsmouth. -Another account Paris, a privateer of 24 nine-pounders, 26 swifays, that the privateer fought the Antelope an vels, and 325 men, carried into Falmouth. The hour and a half, lost her mizenmast and all her engagement lasted fix hours; in which the De. rigging, and had 32 men killed and 20 wounded. fiance had 11 men killed and 22 wounded, and

By the Lyme : The St Joseph and the Fleyron, the French 70 killed and wounded. This is the from the coast of Barbary for Marseilles, carried twenty-second prize taken by the Defiance since into Leghorn, Oct. 29.

the commencement of the war ; four of which The Hussar, of 28 guns, Capt. Elliot, and the are privateers. Dolphin, of 24 guns, chased a large French ship, By the Black Prince, Crichton, in company Nov. 23. The Huffar got alongside of her about with the Medway and Unicorn men of war: Á cight o'clock at night ; and had not exchanged privateer of Dunkirk, of 14 carriage-guns. above two or three broadlides, when the Dolphin By the Fox-hunter of Corke: A St Domingo came up. About ten, or a little after, the enemy ship with sugar and coffee; a ship for Martinico; lost all his masts, and sunk with his colours Aly- two Noops of St Eustatia and Curassao; a schooner ing. She was judget to be a two-deck ship, with privateer of Guardaloupe, of 12 swivel-guns; one tier of guns mounted. The Hussar could and a Martinico ship; all carried into St Chriftonot get a boat out to save any of the men, her 'pher's. ļifts, braces, and tackles being all thot away. By the Fanny letter of marque, Riddel: The The Dolphin sent her boai, but could find no Young Catherine, a Dutch Thip, from Rochelle body. The Huflar having 21 men killed and for St Valery, fent into Falmouth. wounded, her mast and ftanding rigging a good By the Hercules of Bristol, Bishop: The Gamdeal damaged, with ibe loss of the mizen-top- bia of Liverpool, rctaken. She ran on shore near mast, and part of the top, returned to Plymouth Bridgewater. found, Nov. -Other accounts lay, that By the Penelope letter of marque of Bristol, ihis ship is supposed to be pne of the French fleet Graham : The Fame privatcer of Guernsey, car


fian Tanithin

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ried into Plymouth; and che Hopewell, from The Hankinson, Dodgson, for Lancaster; the Corke for Antigua, sent into Bristol; both re- Dorothy, Addison, for Whitehaven; and the taken.

Mary-Anne, Myles, for Dublin; all from PeBy the Thistle of Liverpool, Foster : La Jeune tersburg; the Rowland and Jane, Stores, from Anna, of 350 tuns, 8 nine-pounders, 2 tours Riga for Chester; all carried into Bergen. poonders, and 49 men, from Bourdeaux for The Mattadore, Camphin, from Amsterdam Martinico.

for New York, carried into Norway. By the Duke William : The Young Peter, The Royal George, Stevens, from Falmouth from Rochelle for Nanız, sent into Dover. for Genoa ; the Charming Betty, Dubal, from

By the Hester of New York: The Legere and Newcastle, the Nelly, Roach, and the the Debonnaire, from Hispaniola for Bourdeaux, Buns, these three for Gibraltar ; the Nancy, esteemed the richest prizes taken in America this Macauliffe, and the Otter, Miller, from Placenwar, carried into New York, Oct. 2.

tia; all carried into Cadiz. By the Phænix of Jersey: A new frigate from The Earl of Loudon, Erskine, from Virginia Dunkirk for Brest, having only four guns mount- for Glasgow ; and the Caslàndra, Smith, from ed, but

ports for 16, and 40 men, carried into Glasgow for Virginia ; both sent to Cape Breton. Jersey

The William, Wilson, from Whitehaven, was. By the Bristol galley letter of marque: The taken at the same time, but given back to the Nancy, Pool, from Newfoundlaod, retaken, car three crews. ried into Bristol.

The Norwich of Yarmouth, Pye, from Mil-. By the Osborne, Johnson: A Dutch snow ford for Yarmouth; the Swift, James, from from Marseilles for Havre de-grace; and the St Neath for London; the Hannah, Coates, from Famille, from Sula for Marseilles; the former Maryland for London; and the St Andrew, Rancarried into Gibraltar, and the latter ransomed. dall, from Plymouth for Exeter and Portsmouth;

By the Revenge, Carey: The Juno, Lesley, all carried into Dunkirk. from Georgia for London, retaken, carried into The Unity, Bell, from Philadelphia for JaGuernsey

maica; and the Hampton, Dashwood, from JaBy the Harlequin of New York, Doran, and maica for London; both carried into Hispaniola. the King Henderick of Rhode Ifand, Tomkins : The Matty, Douglas, from St Kitts for Lon. Le Triumphant, of 8 guns and 35 men; Le St don, carried into Brest. Francis, of 10 guns and 40 men; and Les Qua The Mercy, Bass, from North Carolina, but tres Amies, of 12 men; all from Martinico for last from Dartmouth, for London, carried into Bourdeaux, taken Aug. 20.

Boulogne. By the Matty of Glasgow, Douglas, from St The Thomas, Smith, from London for Bon 7 Christopher's for London : A French snow from Aton, carried into Bourdeaux. Martinico for Bourdeaux.

The Figuera Packet, Pulling, from GibralBy whom taken not mentioned: L'Hereux tar for London, taken by a French frigate, the Rencontre, and the Content, from St Domingo, cargo taken out, and the ship burnt. and le Comte de Provence, from St Louis, all Taken, but ransomed: The Three Brothers, for Bourdeaux; carried into l'rovidence, Smith, from Milford for Yarmouth, for 340

guineas; the Helen of Bamff, Duffus, for 360l.; Captures, &c. by the French.

the Lovely Cruiser, Therden, from Milford for # THE Stretham, Wells, the Little Pompey, London, for 300 guineas; and the Prudent Dilek

Seward, and the Diamond, Rings, all from Hannah, Voss, from Amsterdam for Rhode Piscataqua for the Leeward islands; the Sally, Iland, for 700 l.

Coffon, from Barbadoes for Virginia ; the Charm Taken, but whither carried not mentioned : di ing Nancy, Beates, from New York for St The Providence, Henderson; the Lovely Jane, Kitts; the Prince George, Lear, from Piscata- Fofter, from Belfast for Jamaica; and ihe Cya

and the Matty, from New England, both prus, Macreon, from London for St Kitts. for St Kitts; and the ships of Capts Humphreys, The Dorset privateer of Pool, of 28 carriagefrom Boston, Mackey, from Philadelphia, and guns and 210 men, Penny, was taken Oct. 24. Strachan, from Ireland; these three for Antigua ; by the Melampe privateer, (the same that was all carried into Martinico.

afterwards taken by the Tartar), after an engageThe Dragon, Bampfield, from Bristol for Stment of three hours. She was twice boarded, Kitts; and the Peggy, Wilson, and the Carlisle, had her main and fore malts shot away, and bea Owen, both from Africa for the Leeward islands, tween 70 and 80 men killed or wounded. As with Naves; all carried into Guardaloupe. The received a large shot under water, and it was.

The Cato, Remick, from Hull for Jamaica, thought she would soon fink, the French, after carried into Zant.

taking out her crew, except fix that concealed The Dolphin of Marblehead, from Corunna, themselves below, let her adrift. About the beand the Lark, a Swedish Tip, from London, both ginning of November she came on shore on the for Lisbon, carried into Havre-de-grace. black rocks near Girvan, on the west coast of Scor.

The Cambridge of Ely, from Dylart for Camp- land, with the six men on board. She was in fa vere, with coals, taken Nov. 21. off Buchan- bad a situation, that it was thought she would go ness, the crew taken out, and the ship pillaged to pieces,

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Nov. 24

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were ministers of Inverkeithney, Aberdeenshire.

About the year 1734, he lost his fight, and was Advocate, Judge of the high office. Afterwards he was couched of a cataract, court of Admiralty, married to Miss Peggy Mon

at Edinburgh, by the late Mr George Lauder, fure to, only daughter of Dr Alexander Monro renior, Professor of Anatomy in the univerfity of geon, by which he recovered his fight.

16. At Dresden, suddenly, of an apoplectic fit, Edinburgh.

Maria Josepha, Queen of Poland, and Electrols BIRTH S.

of Saxony. Her Majesty was eldest daughter of Nov. 12. At London, the Lady of Lord Fe- Joseph late Emperor of Germany, who died Avershan), delivered of a daughter.

pril 20. 1711, and consequently cousin-german 13. At London, the Countess of Ellex, of a son.

to the present Emprefs Queen of Hungary. She 13. At London, the Lady of Lord Hyde, of a

was born in 1699, and married to Augustus IHI. Con.

the present King of Poland, and Elector of Saxo27. The Lady of the Rev. Alexander Home, ny, in 1719; by whom the has left isfue five Efg; brother to the Earl of Home, of a son.

fons and five daughters. The Queen of the Two At Acton, the wife of Mr Camfield, of three Sicilies, the Electress of Bavaria, and the Dauphifons, baptized Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, all nefs of France, are the three eldest of these Likely to live.

daughters. (iji. 494.] P.S. Dec. 5. At Dunkeld, Lady Charlotte

17. At Edinburgh, in the 64th year of his Murray, only child of the Duke of Athol, and


Mr William Lawson, teacher of mathemawife of the Hon. John Murray of Strowan, Esq; tics in that city.---This gentleman had an exof a son.

traordinary memory; one remarkable instance of DEAT

which he gave, upwards of twenty years ago, while Aug. 31. At Elisabeth-town, New Jersey, Jo- he was preceptor to three fons of a gentleman in Fathan Belcher, Efq; Governor of that province. the neighbourhood of Edinburgh. Upon a wager The adminiftration of that government devolves laid by his patron, that the numbers from 1 to upon John Reading, Esq;

40 inclusive, could, by memory alone, be multiSept. 2. At his feat on Potomack river, in Fair- plied continually; i. e. i niulplied by 2; the fax county, Virginia, Col. William Fairfax, Pre- product thence arising, 2, by 3; the next proLdent of the Council of that province.

duct, 6, by 4; the next, 24, by s; and so on, 07. At Albany, Capt. James Mercer, of the 40 being the last multiplier; Mr Lawson was, 48th regiment of foot.

with reluctance, prevailed upon to attempt the - In his partage from Halifax to New York, talk. Fle began it next morting at feven o' Major Dougal Campbell, Chief Engineer in clock, taught his pupils their Latin lessons in the North America.

forenoon as usual, had finished the operation by 18. At Paris, in the 77th year of his age, M. fix in the evening, and then told the laft product to de Reaumur, member of the royal academy of the gentlemen who had laid the wager; which they sciences, of the royal society of London, &c. took down in writing, making a line of 48 figures

, well known by his treatise on infects.

and found to be just. The shortness of the 25. At the abbey of Senones, in France, aged time rendered the work the more difficult, as 86, Father Augustus Calmet, a Benedictine. He each multiplication was in its turn fo far to be publised vear lixty volumes in his litetime.

forgotten as not to interfere with those that fuc29.

At Constantinople, Sultan Osman III. ceeded. When the operation was over, be could Grand Signior. He succeeded to the throne of perceive his veins to itart, like a man in a nerTurky, on the death of his brother Mahomet, vous fever; the three following nights he dream. Dec. 13. 1754. He is fuccceded by Sultan Muita-' ed constantly of numbers; and he was often pha, who is said to be in a languilhing condition. heard to fay, that no inducement would ever 2

31. At Hammersmith, Mr David Millar, a gain engage him in a like attempt. A fair copy disenting minifter,

of the whole operation, attested by the subscripNov. 2. At London, the Lady of Sir Thomas tions of three gentlemen, parties in the wager, Brand, gentleman-ulher to his Majesty.

was put into a frame, with glass, and hung upia At his feat ncar Drogheda, Lord Gormanstown, the patron's dining-room. [xvi. 325.] an Irish Peer.

19. At London, of a dropfy, Henry Swayf9. At Loudon, Edmund Charles Blomberg, land, Efq; a Rear-Admiral on half-pay. Efq; Avenor, Clerk-Martial, and one of the E 19. At Edinburgh, Mr Archibald Eagle, merquerries to his Majesty.

chant, fcediman to the agriculture-fociety. 10. At Canongate, Edinburgh, Mrs Eleonora 19. At Comb-hay, near Bath, aged 107, Anne Dunbar, daughter of Sir James Dunbar of Moch- Gay. She retained her fenses to the last. sumi, decealed, and widow of David Lidderdale

21. At London, in childbed, the Lady of of Tors, Efq;

Lord Feversham. [xviii. 524.] 13. at London, John Waller, Esq; member 24. At Edinburgh, in the 66th year of his for Wycomb.

age, Dr George Young, physician in that city; At Pennyburn, in the 75th year of his age, author of a treatise on opium. Mr David Maitland, a minister of the Episcopal -25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Katharine Hepburn,


kuchaf Scorland.

His father and arondacher

Elq; deceased.



I 2 S.

91. OS 81. O so


4 S. 4 S. OS.

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5 10 20

Small pox

s 4



The daughter of Adam Hepburn younger of Humbie, Edinburgh, Dec 13. Oat-meal ud. Pease

meal and Bear-meal 7 d. halfpenny and 8 d. 26. At St George's workhouse, London, aged

Haddington Prices, Dec. 2. 104, Mary Davis, a pensioner. She had the use of all her faculties till a week before she died

Beft. Second. Third. 27. At Craigleith, near Edinburgh, William Wheat, 1:01. Morison of Craigleith, Elg;

Bear, el.

81. At Chelsea, Lady Harriot Lumley, aunt to Oats, 81. 8 s. 71.

71. os. the Earl of Scarborough.


71. 45o 30. At London, Edward Digby, Lord Digby, an Irish Peer, one of the Lords of the Bedcham The Edinburgh bill of burials for November 1757. ber to the Prince of Wales, and member for Within the Wells.

city Fem. 28) P. S. Dec. 7. At Gogar, Mrs Erskine, wife of In the West- S Males 11 Capt. William Erskine of Torry, and daughter 'kirk-yard ? Fem. 12


DISEASES.NO, of Sir Robert Myrton of Gogar. A duel was fought at Perth, Dec. 2. by Meff. Increased this month 5.

86 Robertson and Ever, officers of the artillery.

Aged The latter died of his wounds an hour after, and



Ague the former was fecured.


16 Chincough 7 r 2

Consumption 28 P R E F E R

5 &

Taken from the London Gazette.

10 » &

& The King has been pleased,



& Nov. 26. - to constitute Henry Hill, Elg,

40 6 Swelling

50 Rouge Dragon Pursuivant Windsor Herald at Arms,


& 60 in the room of Thomas Thornbery, Esq; de

60 & ceased.


P.S. Dec. 3. to appoint Sir Robert Rich,

80 Richard Lord Visc. Molesworth, and Sir John Ligonier, to be Field Marshals of bis Majesty's

The London bill from 08.25. to Nov. 22. forces; and Sir John Ligonier to be Colonel of the first re Christened


578 Females 489

1067 giment of foot-guards, [in the room of his Royal


Males Highness the Duke).

762 Females

1500 Taken from other papers. John Buller, Esq; Comptroller of the Mint, Prices of stocks, &c. at London, Dec. 1. Secretary to Henry Legge, Esq; , as Chancellor of

Bank-stock 119.

India ditto 141 14tir. the Exchequer.

South-sea stock 104 1 4th. Ditto old annuities, William Chetwynd junior, Efq; one of his Ma- ift subscript. 90 1 8th. Ditto, 2d subscript. 90. jesty's Equerries, in the room of Mr Blomberg, Ditto new annuities, in subscript. 91 i 8th. deceased.

Ditto, 2d subscript. 91. Three i half bank-anAlexander Earl of Galloway, Grand Master; nuities, ift subscript. 90 1 9th. Ditto, 2d subGeorge Fraser, Esq; Depute; Mr Richard Tod, feript. 90. Three per cent. Bank-annuities 91 Substitute; Mr David Ross of Inverchalley, and I 8th a 1 4th Ditto 1726, 90 i 8th a i 4th. Mr William Macghie, Grand Wardens, of the Free Three per cent. bank-annuities 1757, 90 5 8ths. Masons in Scotland; and Col. John Young, Pro- Ditto South-sea annuities 1751, 91 1 8th a 1 4th. vincial Grand Master of all the lodges in America. · Ditto India-annuities 89 i 4th. Three i half All elected on St Andrew's day, Nov. 30. bank-annuities 1756, 99. Bank-cireulation il

Lieut. Edwards (of the Tartar), Commander of 15 s. prem... India bonds 21. 15 s. prem. Navy the Favourite poop.

and victualling bills i 5 Sths discount.


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Mark-lane, 50 to 60 s. quar. 20 to 27 s. gr. 19 to 20 s. 6 d. gr. 23 to 30 s.
Basingstoke, 121. 12 s. load. 25 to 28 s. 21 to 26 s.

32 to 34 S.
Reading, 131. 10 s. 26 to 28 s. 22 to 27 S.

29 to 36 s.

25 to 30s. 18 to 28 s.

37 to 59 S.
20 to 30 S. 19 to 22 s.

24 tQ 35 s.
Guildford, 121. 10 s. 19 to 23 s. 16 to 19 s. 6 d. 24 to 34 S.
Warminster, 42 to si s. quar.

26 to 30 S.
18 to 23 s.

27 to 30 S.
50 to 60 s.
22 to 30 S. 17 to 24 s.

20 to 32 S.
Gloucester, 8 s. od, bush.

3 s. 9 d.
2 s. 4 d. to 3 s.

4 s. to 4 s. 4 d.
Birmingham, & s.

2 s, de


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