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were not very anxious about, for which corps under Nadafti ; and the enemy, Jeafon it has cost them about 8000 men. who gave the battle


for loft, thought On the irth of November, they made only of a retreat. But some regiments a general assault; but the garrison made in our right having fuffered greatly, the so vigorous a resistance, that the Au. Duke of Bevern judged it fit to return to ftrians loft a great number of men in it, his camp, and to pass the Oder at Bre. and only carried two redoubts, without flad the following night. The Auftrians making any confiderable breach in the not seeing any thing to oppose them but ramparts of the town. The generals that city, returned to the field of battle, who commanded at Schweidnitz judged which we had quitted to their great fur. it proper, however, to capitulate the prise. Our loss is small; that of the enext day, and to give themfelves up nemy, on the contrary, according to prisoners of war, with the garrison, the best accounts, and by the interceptwhich consisted of about 4000 men. It ed letters of their own officers, amount must be acknowledged that the Austrians in the whole to 20,000 men. found in this place a great quantity of On the 23d we remained behind Breprovisions, ammunition, and money. flau.

The garrison, who had seen the ca- On the 24th, at four in the morning, pitulation with the greatest discontent, the Duke of Bevern going to reconnoitre and who had more than once offered without escort, and accompanied only to force their way through the besiegers, by a groom, was taken by an advanced learned by chance, while they were party of Croats, a small body of which conducting them into Bohemia, the had passed the Oder under the command great victory which the King had ob- of Gen. Beck. tained near Rosbach; which news ani. After we had in vain expected the remated them so far, that the greatest part turn of the Prince on the 24th, Lt-Gen. forced the escort, which was but weak, Kiau took the command, by virtue of and escaped, and rejoined his Majesty's his seniority. Lt-Gen. Leftwitz, whom troops ; so that the Austrians have scarce the King had ordered to take, the comkept 200 men of the prisoners they made mand at Breslau, not being able to at Schweidnitz.

maintain himself in a place so extensive, When that place was taken, the corps and so ill fortified, capitulated, on conwhich had belieged it, rejoined the dition that the garrison and wounded main army near Lissa, and the enemy should have free leave to march out, resolved to attack the Prince of Bevern but that they should not act against the without delay, and before the King Empress-Queen during the course of (who they knew was marching, and had this war. passed Lusatia, in spite of the corps un- The King, who could not have any der the Generals Marshal and Had. news of all these events, as the enemy dick) could come to his assistance. It were between him and the army in Si. was on the 22d, at nine o'clock in the lefia, arrived in this interval on the 24th morning, that the Austrians attacked at Naumburg on the Quiefs, and the the Prince of Bevern, with a force three 29th at Parchwitz, times fuperior to his; a fuperiority of Our corps, commanded at present by which they themselves boasted in their Lt-Gen. Zeithen, has repassed the Ojournals, and in all the gazettes which der, and happily joined the army of the copied them. Gen. Nadatti had even King at Parchwitz, on the ift of this placed himself with a separate body on month; and by this junction his Majesty the flank of our right wing. The at- has again assembled a most respectable tack was not advantageous to the Au. army. ftrians. Their right wing was entirely We are but two marches from the ebeat, and forced to retire towards New- nemy, who at present occupy the admarck. Lt-Gen. Zeithen, who com- vantageous camp we had before Bremanded our left wing, beat also the fau. These misfortunes, considerable

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as they are, ought not to be attributed express set out, they reckoned above to our troops, (whose spirit and activity 40 pieces of cannon taken from the ehave never Nackened), but to causes nemy. Our lofs is computed at 2000 which time will not fail to discover. killed and wounded. There is no geHowever it be, the whole army is full neral killed on our fide. The battle of ardour to march againg the enemy began about one, and lasted four hours. under the King's immediate command, The King, after the battle, took up his and to restore things to their former state. quarters at Lissa, intending to march

Magdeburg, Dec. 10. The day before next day towards Breslau. The day yesterday in the evening, Lieut. Baron before this great event, our troops feized de Purlitz arrived here, and brought to at Newmarck a considerable magazine, her Majesty, the Queen, the agreeable with the enemy's ovens, and two pieces news of a complete victory, which the of cannon, On that occafion, 300 King gained, on the 5th inftant, be. Croats were killed, and 600 taken pritween Newmarck and Lifsa in Silesia, soners. over the Austrian army, commanded by Prince Charles of Lorrain, and the nary, dated Dec. 30. we have the fol

And in a London gazette extraordi. Marshals Daun and Nadati. As it lowing, dated, Berlin, Dec. 10. is not possible yet to give a circumftan. ftial account of this great event, the

An authentic relation * of the march of the press having come away from the held Pruffian corps, fence the battle of Wéiffenof battle, it will now suffice to relate fels, out of Saxony, into Silesia, till after some previous particulars of it. The

the battle of Lifa, which the King gainKing had begun to march, on the 5th, ed, on the 5th of December 1757, over in order to go and attack the enemy in

the grand Austrian army, commanded by their strong camp between Lissa and

Prince Charles of Lorrain, and Marshal Breslau, the very fame which the Prince

Count Daun. of Bevern had lately occupied. But After our troops had pursued the arafter having advanced a little way, it my of the empire as far as Erfurth, was found that the enemy was coming and that of the French to Querfurth, ic to meet our army, the Saxon general was resolved to march to the relief of Noftitz forming the vanguard with three Schweidnitz, which was besieged by Saxon regiments of dragoons, in order Gen. Nadasti. The King set out from to conceal the march of the Auftrians. Leipfic on the 12th of November, with Those three regiments were instantly 19 battalions, and 28 squadrons. Whilft broke by the Prussian husfars, and almost this corps was marching towards Lusaall cut to pieces or made prisoners. Our tia, M. Keith got into Bohemia through army then attacked the enemy with so the defile of Passberg. He took at Leutmuch vigour, that, notwithstanding meritz a considerable magazine, which they rallied four times, presenting a the enemy had there, fet fire to the new line each time, by means of the bridge over the Elbe, and marched on great number of troops of which it con- towards Prague. We continued our lifted, they were nevertheless forced at march with great diligence. Upon our laft to fly; and the rout was fo general, coming to Groffen-Hayn, we received that the two wings, being separated and the disagreeable news of the furrender dispersed, one retired towards Breslau, of Schweidnitz. Gen. Marshal was eathe other towards the town of Kant in fily drove out of Lusatia ; and the corps the way to Schweidnitz.

which the King commanded, got, on The loss of the enemy, in killed and the 24th, to Naumburg upon the Quiess. prisoners, is very great. Three entire We heard there, that, on the 22d, regiments of infantry laid down their there had been an action between M. arms; and the infantry of Wirtemberg Daun, and the Prince of Bevern, which, suffered extremely, by our cavalry break. it was said, had ended to our advan: ing through that corps. At the time the • Said also to be written by the King.

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tage ; but, the next day, it was known, forced them. Then the cavalry of our that Bevern's army had been forced in righe charged that of the enemy, and its intrenchments, and had retired to the beat them ; but were checked by the other side of the Oder ; and, soon after, enemy's cannon fuing upon them with that the town of Breslau had surrender cartridge. Not. Our cavalry, however, ed: We made forced marches, and, recovered themselves presently, fell upon the 28th, got to Parchwitz near the on the enemy's infantry, and made a Oder; where our vanguard surprised a great number of prisoners. During all detachment of 1100 Austrians, 50 of these different attacks, the right of the which were killed, and 150 made pri. Auftrian cavalry and infantry came up. soners. The Prince of Bevern's army Dur left of cavalry charged that of the had crossed the Oder at Glogau, and enemy, and broke them ; after which joined us the ad of December. On the the regiment of Bareu took the Austrian gd the troops rested, having been great- infantry, which was posted on an emily fatigued with the toilione marches nence, in the rear, at the same time they had made. On the 4th we marche that the left of our infantry attacked ed to Neumarck, where we made 6.0 them in front. The whole of this

corps prisoners, most of them pandours or huf- of the enemy was entirely broke, and fars. We heard that Pr. Charles had the King pui sued them as far as Lissa. left Breslau with his army, that he had The action began at one o'clock in the advanced beyond Lissa, that his right afternoon, and ended at four. It daywing was covered by the village of Nei. lighe had lafted another hour, their des pern, and his left by that of Golau, with feat would itill have been greater. the rivule of Schweidnitz in his rear.

On the 6th we pursued the Imperia. The

army marched on the 5th very ear. lists as far as Breslau. ly in the morning Our vanguard met

The 7th we invested the town, and the eneniy’s near the village of Born, all the necessary dispositions have been confitting of two regiments of huffars, made to besiege it. The same day Gen. and the Saxon dragoons ; attacked Zeithen was detached with a large bo. them, drove them back to their own dy of cavalry and infantry in pursuit of camp, and took fix officers and about the enemy. He soon after took above 500 men prisoners As soon as our 300 o waggons of their baggage and proarmy had got to the high grounds, it visions, lome cannon, and a prodigious was resolved to attack she left of the number of prisoners. He is still at their enemy.

We extended ourselves to the heels. The Austrians are marching right as far as the rivulet of Schweid. towards Großburg, without its being yet nitz. The attack began in a wood, possible to know whether they are taking where the enemy had poited some in the road to Schweidnitz or to Moravia. fantry, and which however we foon We have taken in this battle 291 offiforced The enemy, who found them. cers, . amongst whom are the Lieuteselves turned, were obliged to change nant-Generals Odonel and Noftitz, the their pofition. They had lost the polt Colonel Count Brown, and others, of that covered them ; which put them un. which a lift will be given as soon as time der the necessicy of taking precipitately permits *.

The number of prisoners th- first rofs that came in their way, in taken in the battle, and in the pursuit, order to prevent our raking their whole amounts to 21,500 men. We have bearmy trom one wing to the other. They fides taken 116 pieces of cannon, 51 posted fome brigades of foor on an emin colours and standards, and 4000 wagnence that lay behind the wood ; which * [P. S. This list is in the London Gazette of was attacked by our right, and carried Jan. 3. The numbers are, 1 lieutenant-general, after an obftinate resistance. The ene- ral, Count Odonel, an Auftrian officer; 7 colo

Couot de Nottitz, a Sason officer; 1 major-genemy formed a new line near the village neis

, 9 lieutenant-co!onels, 6 majors, 67 capof Leuten, where they defe ded them- tains of foot and horse, 159 lieutenants, só en. selves with great bravery, but shere we figns and cornets, 1 officer of stores; in all 307,}

gons cers,

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2300 wounded.

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gons of ammunition and baggage. We order of battle, to the enemy that fol. reckon on our side 500 killed, and lowed them. The first time, which was

We have not lost any on the 6th, our troops cannonaded them general except Maj. Gen. Krokow of from the camp near Breslau, where they the dragoons, who was wounded and ta- waited for them some hours, and afrerken when our cavalry were first repul- wards retired in good order, at mid-day, sed. The officers, and even the com and in the face of the enemy; which mon soldiers, have behaved to admira- seems to contradict their exaggerated retion in this battle.

lations of the affair of the preceding day. Very superficial and improbable ac- According to the advices from counts of this affair and its contequences Prague, the delertion continues so great arrived from ine Austrians. Such as we among the Prussians, that they arrive have got run thus.

there to the amount of fifty at a time.” Vienna, Dec. 10. The King of Prus- · Vienna, Dec. 14. By a courier just sia in perton baving with bis army join- arrived from Silesia, the court has great ed that con manded by the Prince of Be. hopes of foon repairing the disadvan. vern, and thereby increased his forces tages our troops sustained in the battle so as to equal ours in number, that mo

of the sth.

The enemy have not forces narch marched direct y to face the as

suilicient to undertake the fiege of Bremy of the empire, which was likewise slau, and at the same time make heada. marching to attack the enemy On the gainst che troops who may attack them 4th the two ai mies were near one ano. during that operation : and besides the ther, so that a ba tle was thought to be numerous garrison which that capital unavoidable; which accordin ly happen- contains, her Imperial Majesty reckons, ed on the 5th, about one o'clock, be- that the hearts of the greatest part of tween Nypern and Lieren. The

the inhabitants are attached to her. A

enemy made their chief attack upon our left reinforcement of 5000 Croats is expected wing, a great part of which being com. at our army in 15 days. posed of foreign troops, gave way from Prague, Dec. 14. According to an the beginning of the engagement; and account received from Gen. Clerici, the this unhappy event having occafioned lois of our troops at the battle of the 5th some disorder among the other troops,

initant amounts to 6000 ,men killed, more than was expected, and though they wounded, prisoners, and miiling; buc were rallied several cimes, and behaved all the private letters make that of the with great bravery, it was in poflible to Prussians much more considerable.” recover this misfortune. The

engage The following letter, from Andrew ment lasted till night, when our ariny Mitchell, Esq; his Britannic Majesty's retired under Schweidnitz and Lob We minister to the King of Prussia, addressare in expectation of the particulars of ed to the Earl of Holderneffe, and da. this event, our loss, as well as that of ted, Leipsic, Dec. 24. makes a sublethe enemy, being at present unknown. quent London gazette extraordinary,

Vienna, Dec. 13. Since the battle viz. My Lord, I have the facisfac. of the 5th inftant the Imperial army tion to acquaint your Lordship, that marched towards Schweidnitz, in or. last night an officer arrived from the der to preserve a communicacion with King of Prussia's army, with the news, Bohemia, from whence they draw their that Breslau surrendered on the 20th in subsistence, and at the fame time cover the morning ; that the garrison, confifta the heavy artillery which was employed ing of thirteen or fourteen * general offi at the siege of that place, and likewise the field-artillery and baggage. The ar. [According to a subsequent gazette their my obtained the ends proposed, having names are, Lt-Geo. Sprecher, Major-Generals fixed its head quarters the och instant at and, wounded, General of Artillery Keil, and

Stabrenberg, Beck, Wolffersdorff, and Brown; Bogendorff behind Schweidnitz.. Du

Major-Generals Breisach, Haller, Wolff, Nostitz, ring their march they drew up twice in Gumming, Meyer, Dutia, and Ruchlin.)

cérs, and 10,000 men, bearing arms, that the vanguard of the Pruffians onder besides between 3


sick and M. Lehwald was entered Pomerania, wounded, were made prisoners of war. than they thought proper to retreat.

As the officer set out before the Wollin was retaken from them by force, King made his entry into Breslau, he and in it 210 men were made prisoners does not know the names of the generals of war. According to late advices, the that are made prisoners ; but he tells Prussians were masters of a great part of me, the Pruflians lost only twenty men Pomerania belonging to Sweden, where in the approaches they made to Breslau; they had raised a contribution of 160,000 and that, on the night of the 14th, a ma- crowns; all the Swedish troops had regazine of powder was set on fire by a tired as far as Anclam; and it was bomb, which occafioned great confufion thought they would also foon evacuate among the besieged, and greatly dama- that place, as they had begun to send ged one of the balions. I have the their tick and heavy baggage over to the honour to be," &c.

illand of Rugen. Upon notice of M. Keith's irruption into Bohemia, formerly taken notice of

According to our last, the Hanove. in the Prussian accounts relating to that rians, Hesians, and Wolfenbuttlers, who quarter, the Audrian generals ordered had for some time been posted at and a. the corps under the Generals Marshal, bout Stade, in consequence of the conHaddick, and Campitelli, which had vention concluded in September, had been in and near Lusatia, to march to begun to be again in motion, and Prince wards Prague with all diligence. The Ferdinand of Brunswick. Wolfenbuttle Prusuan account of that expedition is as

was arrived to take the command of Follows. " Berlin, Dec. 20. After ha

them. On this event, M. Richlieu, the ving dislodged the Austrians from the commander of the French army, sent his tircle of the mountains of Saxony, M. Serene Highncss the following letter. Keith entered Bohemia the 25th ult. and

SIR, eftablished his head quarters at

. Poftels Although, for some days past, I have berg, in the circle of Saatz; from perceived the Hanoverian troops in whence he sent detachments, who laid motion, in order to form themselves in: ander contribution all the neighbouring to a body, I could not imagine the ob, cantons to within a very little distance ject of these movements was to break of Prague. Gen. Itzenplitz was detach- the convention of neutrality, figned the ed with three battalions to Leitmeritz, 8th and roth of September, between from whence he chased the garrison, his R. Highness the Duke of Cumberburnt the bridge on the Elbe, and de- land and me. The good faith, which froyed a very cornerable magazine at I naturally supposed on the part of the that place : after which he rejoined M. King of England, Elector of Hanover, Keith. The Auftrian general Marshal and of his son, who signed the said con. made forced marches, with six regiments vencion, blinded me so far as to make of infantry and fix of cavalry, to save me believe, that the assembling of these the magazine of Leitmeritz; but was troops had no other design than to go too late ; so he retired to Prague ; where into the winter-quarters that had been the alarm was very great. But as the aligned them. The repeated advices, feason was too far advanced to under which came to me from every quarter, take any enterprise againit that place, of the bad intentions of the Hanove. and as it was necessary to quit Bohemia rians, at length opened my eyes, and before the passes 0:1 the mountains were at present one may fee very clearly, that blocked up with snow, the Maríhal be. there is a plan formed to break the are gan his march the i ft of this month, and ticles of convention, which ought to be arrived the 5th at Chemnitz, without sacred and inviolable. having lost a single man.”

The King my mafter having been in. No Tooner were the Swedes informed, formed of these dangerous movements,


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