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Mecænas, George, afterwards Sir George Lyttel- Sp. Rutilius Crassus, Lord Raymond. ton, now Lord Lyttelton.

C. Sallonius, Lord George Sackville. Q. Minucius Rufus, Robert More, Esq; L. Sallonius Sarra, Dr Sherlock, Lord Bishop of

Mucius, Hon. William Murray, Esq; late Salisbury, now of London. Attorney-General

, now Lord Mansfield, Lord C. Sallustius Crispus, Horatio Walpole jun. Efq; Chief Justice

Scipio Africanus, Lord Noel Somerset, afterwards C. Mucius Scavola, Earl of Scarborough, decea. Duke of Beaufort, uecealed. L. Mummius, Earl of Morton.

(led. A. Sellius, Majo Seluyn, deceased. L. Murena, John Morton, Esq;

A. Sempronius Atratin S, John Selwyn jun. Efq; A. Nonius, William Northey, Efq;

T. Sempronius Gracchus, Lord Percival, now Earl Cn. Norbanus, Norreys Bertie, Esq;

of Egmont. T. Numisius Prifcus, William Nocl, Erą; P. Sempronius Tuditanus, Sir Thomas Lumley C. Numisius, Robert Nugent, Efq;

Saunderfon, late Earl of Scarborough, L. Nimilorius, Sir Roger Newdigate. (Oxford. L. Sergius Fidenas, Sir Jobo »t Aubin, deceased. T. O&acilius Crassus, Dr Secker, Lord Bishop of Servilius Prijous, henry l’elham, Esq; deceased. Cn. Oftavius, Robert Harley, Esq; afterwards Servius Sulpicius, Sir George Lee. Earl of Oxford, deceased.

Sextus Tarquinius, Robert ugent, Efq; M.Ogulnius, Gen. James Oglethorpe.

T. Sicinius, Humphrey Sydenham, Elg; Q. Opimius, James Oswald, Esq;

T. Statius, Opiter Virginius, Sir Francis Dalhwood.

Earl Stanbope.


2 Stotorius, C. Oppius, Loid Onflow, decealed.

L. tertini s, Sir William ita hope. L. Oppius Salinator, Arthur Onbow, Esq; Speaker C. Sulpicis, Edward Southwell, Ely; deceased. of the houle of Commons.

L. Tarquinius Collatinus, vir Charles Mor aunt. L. Papirius Cursor, Nicholas Fazakerley, Esq; A. Terentius Varro, Dr Maddox, Lord Bilbop of T. Pedunius, Peregrine Poulett, Efq;

Worcester. C. Petillius, Henry Penton, Esq;

Titus i'omposius, Penyfton Powney, Esq; deceased. L. Pinarius, Thomas Pict, Esq; deceased. Lart. Tolimnius, sir cdmu' d Thomas. L. Piso, Earl of Chesterfield.

C. Treboniins, George Townthend, Esq, C. Plinius Cæcilius, Earl of Hardwicke, late Lord L. Tretoni's Ajper, Charls Counthend, Efq; Chancellor.

C. Triarius, Robert Tracy, 19. Pomponius Atticus, Horatio Wal , senior, Efq; M. Tullius Cicero, Sir Robert Walpole, afterafterwards Lord Walpole, det ud.

uards Earl of Orford, deceasid. M. Pomponius Matho, Earl of Pomfret.

M.Valerius Corvus, Sir John Barnard. C. Popilius Laras. Lord Strange.

L.Valerius Flaccus, Sir William Yonge, deceased. L. Poriins, Duke of Pirilard.

Valerius Lavinus Thomas Winnington, Esq; dec. A. Pofthumius, Duke of Bedford.

P. Valerius l'ublicula, Walter Plumer, Esq; dePofthumius Cominius, ílenry Fox, E fq;

P. Veriidius, Earl of W'cltmoreland (ceased. T. Potitius, Thomas l'otter, E.q;

T. Veturius Geminus, James Welt, Ely; Proculus Virginius, i homas Prouse, Efq; L. Veturius Philo, Robert Vyner, Esq; M. Quintilius l'arus, Lord Quarendon, now T. Vetufius, Adm. ernon. deceased. Earl of Litchfield.

T. Villius Tappu!us, Mr Ald. Willimot, deceased. T. Quintius, Lord Talbot.

L.Virginius, Earl of Hillsborough, and Lord HarL. Quintius Capitolinus, John Talhot, Ffq;

wich 2. Quintius Cincinnatus, William Shippen, Esq; T. Virginius Rutulus, Thomas Wbichcote, Era; T. Komilius, Matthew Ridley, Efq; (deceased. L Volumnius, Edmund Waller senior, E12;

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E R R A T A. Pag. col. lin.

47 for Capt. Philip Durell, oc. read Lieut. Durell, a naval officer. It was not the Capo

tain, bui his brother that died. 150 12 after good add is matter of duty 158 21 for it read first Tuesday 383 8 for firlt read fecond 431, 1 for 19th in fome copies read 9th 482

45 for garrisoned read ungarrifored In the description and character of the King of Prussia, fronting p. 685. col. 2. lin. 2. for five read lixi. His Majesty was born Jan. 24. 1711-12, and so entered into the 47th year of his age Jan. 24. 1758.




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To the B IN E R. UT off all the blue covers ; and place the Geveral Title-page, and the list of the Speakers in

the POLITICAL CLUB, before the Ming zine for January, Place the PLATE, fo as to front the following pages. The map of Cermany

Pag. The chart of the camwelt vetween ingiand and France, C.

497 Tlc fmall print of the King of praia, 667


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All men

C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν T S. HISTORY. A lummary or recapitulation of the || POETRY. Mr Cibber's ode for the new year public affairs of last year 1.-18.

19. The machine 20. -The Czarina refuses to mediate between The history of ANGRI A. His descent, and the the courts of Vienna and Berlin 41.

gradual advances of his family 21, 2, 3. Gein Saxony between the age of eighteen and riah, his chief fort, taken by Adm. Watson 24. thirty-two ordered to be registered 42. In- An ANSWER to the defence of the ministry testine disputes in France ib. Accounts of an Of our demanding the release of our prisoners attempt to assassinate the French King 43. as a matter of right 25. Of the grant to the

Ads paffed 44. Adm. Byng's fentence ib. Quaker ib. Of our conduct in the war, and A recommendation to mercy by the court- of our capture of the French merchantmen 26. martial 45. The 12th article of war 46. Of our expeditions to intercept the French Letters concerning Adm. Byng by M. Richlieu fleets ib. Causes of the sickness in our fleets ib. and M. Voltaire ib.

Minorca not intended to be kept 27. -Proceedings of the presbytery of Edinburgh, || A journal of the siege of St Philip's 28. A in relation to the author of Douglas, and some lift of the killed and wounded, and of the amministers who were to see that tragedy acted munition expended 3 8. 47. Their admonition against stage-plays 18. POLITICS. Speech of C. Decimius, on the moA resolution of the presbytery of Glasgow on tion for leave to bring in a bill for the encou, these subjects 47. Sessions of the spring circuit- ragement of seamen, &c. 39. courts 48. Edinburgh aslize of bread 49. The Lists, TABLES, &c. Captures 52, 3. Marbaxters dissent ib. The persons to whom the riages 53. Births and Deaths 54. PreferEdinburgh society premiums have been ad- ments 55. Mortality-bills for London and judged 49.52. Premiums for the culture of

Edinburgh 55, 6. Prices of grain, meal, and. potatoes this year 52.

stocks ib. New books. 56.


· A summary or recapitulation of the PUBLIC AFFAIRS of the year 1756.

URING the year whose hifto. himself master of the whole empire.

ry we are to recapitulate, very There were other competitors for the few advices have arrived from throne, who in different parts of the

Persia. From what is come country assumed the title of Shab. Our to hand, there does not appear any rea. last accounts were, that one of them, son to conclude, that the affairs of that named Karem Kan, had been defeated, distracted country, even after nine years, and driven from Ispahan, by Hessein of destructive civil wars, have yet settled Kan, who pretended to have with him into tranquillity. At the beginning of one of the royal family, in whose name the year we were told, that Prince Hera- he took possession of that capital and all clius of Georgia, besides his own here- the adjacent country. It is generally ditary dominions, which are tributary to supposed, however, that the line of the the Turks, was in possession of Persian ancient Sophis is quite extinct; nor do Armenia, and was waiting a favourable we hear that there is one of the race or opportunity for endeavouring to make near relations of the late famous Kouli VOL. XIX.



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Kan now alive so much as to claim the ving the remainder of the Silesia loan in succession.

his hands, there was no coming at more In reviewing the affairs of Europe we of it than he was willing to pay, without shall begin with GERMANY, which has an open rupture; which was not judged to been the scene of some very interesting be expedient on account of such a subject, transactions, that have in good measure as matters stood. Every one knew, that altered the system of several nations. France had been long and eagerly bent Some years ago a coldness arose be upon humbling the house of Austria, and tween the Empress of Russia and his that those two powers had a kind of hePrussian Majesty, which produced an reditary grudge at one another. There abrupt retreat of their ministers from was also a coldness so remarkable be. one another's respective courts ; nor have tween the courts of Versailles and Pe. any public marks of friendship sincetersburg, that neither of them had sent passed between them. Differences had any public minifter to the other for a also sublisted between his Britannic Ma. considerable number of years. France jefty and the Prussian monarch. The and the court of Berlin had been closely latter being in poffeffion of East Frief- allied ever since the beginning of last land, and the former, as Elector of Ha- war, had by particular treaties guarannover, claiming it; after much alterca- tied one another's poffeffions, and ftipution before the diet of the empire at Ra. lated succours in case either of them tisbon, the case was referred in 1753, should be attacked. On the other hand, much contrary to the liking of the court there was a connection no less strict be. of Berlin, to the decision of the Empe. tween the courts of Vienna, Petersburg, ror's aulic council. It was generally and London. Great Britain, and in parfupposed that tribunal would have de- ticular his present Britannic Majesty, termined in favour of Hanover; but had done so much in support of the house difficulties in putting its sentence in exe- of Austria against its ambitious enemy, cution being foreseen, the decision was that no one could doubt of all the refrom time to time postponed. There turns to which interest and gratitude was another contest between the King could jointly prompt. Such alterations of Prulia and his Britannic Majesty in of politics and measures happened withhis regal capacity, on account of ships in the course of last year as justly surbelonging to the subjects of his Prufiian prised the world. Majelty seized by British privateers du- Disputes having arisen between the sing the last war, and some Prussian pro- British and French about the limits of perty alledged to have been taken by their respective poffeßions in America, îhem on board other neutral vessels. the former acted with some vigour at Upon those captures, and proceedings in sea, in order to put it out of the power consequence of them, before the famous of the latter to hurt them. It was geBaron Coccejus, in his own dominions, nerally supposed, that, as one means of the King of Prussia founded a claim of being revenged, his Moft Christian Ma149,725 Brandenburg crowns, as an in- jesty would attempt an invasion of Hademnification to his subjects; which he nover; and it was suspected, that the stopped out of the last moiety of the King of Prussia would join in the scheme, lums borrowed from British subjects, by with the view of forcing a renunciathe late Emperor Charles VÍ. upon tion of all claims to East Friesland. His mortgages in Silesia, that had been ce- Britannic Majesty, for the defence of his ded to his Prussian Majefty by the present dominions in Germany, after what his Impress-Queen, with the burden of pay- own electoral troops could avail, det ing that loan. The British lawyers, who pended chiefly on the Empress-Queen are at least more versant in maritime af. and the Emprefs of Russia, the last of Tairs than Cocccius, after a strict inquiry whom was to have a very considerable into the affair, gave their opinion clearly fubfidy on that account. When the King against his *. But the King of Pruflia ha of G. Britain, thinking his electoral do. -126


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* (xp. 105.

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