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from a Chinese philosopher it. Æsopes fables in verse 280



Letter to the Duke of B. 279

PLAYS and POETRY. Regeneration, a poem 223

Rape of the vineyard 560
to H. F. Efq; ib,
to the Duke of N. ib.

The Reprisal 112
- . Age of dulness 56

Secret expedition, ode on 616
Answer to ditto 328 Antigallican spirit 223

State-farce ib.
- to Lord Blakeney ib. [299.]
Anti-Lucretius 328

The Times, an ode 223
Answer to ditto 560 (464.] Aristippus's epistles 616 Trial of the time-killers 672
from the E. of H. to the D. Bally's day of judgment ib. Triumph of time and truth 223
of D. 440
Boyce's poems 280

Verses on harh truths 328
upon the militia 560
Britain, a poem 112

Virtue the source of pleasure 560
to the officers of the army ib. Britannia in tears 280

Voice of Britain 280
- to the gentlemen of the army Byng in the Elysian fhades 223 Voltaire to the King of Prussia
-- to the admirals ib.

(ib. - epistle from, to Ld A. ib.
from the ghost of Mr S-tib. -ghoftib.

Whitehead's elegies 112
- from Lewis XV. to Sir J. M.

Verses relative to ib.

Youthful amufements 616

Cambridge, a poem ib.
- from D. of Richlieu to a D. in Collection of new songs 560

England it
Comedies 223

Alfton on quick-lime 672
on the abuses of bakers ib. Complete songster 560

Battie on madness 616
Leybourne's trader's fure guide The Deposition, a tragedy 168 Baylies on Bath waters 280

Douglas, a tragedy 168. 280 on the Bath confederacy 672
Mably's principles of negotiations Thould be burnt 56 (168 Bromfield on nightshades ib.

Apology for the writers against Coe on biliary concretions 440
Marine society, letter from a - Letter to D. Hume concern- Dropsies, a treatise on 280
member of it 222. [232.] -analyzed 222 (ing.222 Farmer's cases in surgery 672
officers, their hardships 279

- weighed in the balances 280 Fever, method of treating it 280
Militia, essay on 56
Dodd on the epiphany 672

Haller on the motion of the blood
- Inquiry concerning it 112 Dyer's fccce, a poem 223

Objections to it 222 The Epigoniad 280

Heister's practice of physic ib.
- Reflections on it ib. Expedition, fecret, mock-stanzas Herring on the plague 616
- act considered 672. (344.]

ode on ib.

(on 560 Hill on the sleep of plants 440
Minorca, State of 279 (672

Huxham on the fore throat 56
Motives for a peace with England Fall of public fpirit 328 Jenty on the human structure 440

of the Hanoverians taking Foote's author, a farce 112 Inoculation, a letter on 56
arms ib. (651.]

Frenchified lady, a comedy 223 Layard on the cattle-distemper
Observations on the late admini- Geminiani's art of accompania 328
stration 279

ment 280

Lindon preserving seamens health
Pitt, W. a letter to 112 Glynn's day of judgment 560 280. (354)
Political truths delineated 280 The Great Shepherd 223

Lisbon diet-drink 222
- freethinker 560
Hackett's select epitaphs 1 12

Mooney on the gout 440
Portrait of the E. N. 328 Hervey on the night verlified 56 Pharmacopæia Mcadiana 280
Prisoners and debtors, of their in on a flower-garden versified Rupture, account of 222
crease 280

Horace's odes in Italian 280 (440 Rutty on mineral waters 440
The Protest s6

-ode 10. book 2. alluded to 328 -Lucas's analysis of it ib.
Pruffian system stated ib. Isabella; or, The fatal marriage Touch on a medicine against


loosenelies 672
King, remarks on his mani- Law triumphant 280
feltoes confuted 616
Maie coquette 672. [637.]

Reflections on the state of affairs Marce:lo's psalms 280
Serious reflections 279
(672 Melpomene soo

BElifarius, by Strange 328
Smith, Adm. letter to 222 Militia-bill, a poem 280

Cato of 1757 ib
Test and Contest, thoughts on Muse on her knees for Britannia Coriolanus, by Boydell ib.
reading ib.

Dilrefled Itatesman ib.
Thompson on victualling the na- North America, a poem 280 European cricket-players ib.
vy ib. | 228.]
The Oculift ib.

Plan of Louisburg ib.
Too hasty censure 222 (ib. Ode to the Deptford 223 of the battle of Prague ib.
Trial of Lady Alurea Luxury - to Mr Pitt 280

Print of Lord Drummore 280

of Lord Craven 328
War, propofals for carrying it on Oriental eclogues 56

of Lord Mansfield soo
The Patriot 560
-Thoughts occafioned by it 222 Philander, a pastoral 672 Routes of the Prussian armies328
Observations on the 12th ar- Philosopher's opera 223

Shabear's administration ib.
ticle of it 279

Pooke's odes 560
Webster on places and prefer- Pope's universal prayer 56 Views of the Duke of Argyl's
The Prayer 328

house, b'c. at Whitton id.

a farce ib.

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Trcary ib.

iments 222

The End of the Nineteenth Volume.

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